Prayer for American Cleaners During COVID-19

Family of God, pray for this nation to return to you. Cleaners who clean our homes and businesses, please be in prayer for God to move quickly to ward off the curse laid on us by the prophets of Baal in Washington D.C. As we are about to enter into the season for cleanness and letting go of filth, we must acknowledge that there is filth everywhere, almost unbearable to some.

Prayer for American Cleaners During COVID-19

Take them into your healing and loving arms. Let no one be forgotten nor left behind, but guide them in your ways and bless their work with plenty for all. Use their work as a bridge for good, for joy, and for prosperity.

Forgive them for whatever drove them into their destructive ways. Make them realize that money does not bring happiness. All we can ask for is your forgiveness and for you to protect them from negative influences.

I pray that all of our troubles in this nation will be lifted away, that the politicians will cease their fighting and infighting and become a peaceful people once again. Please keep those who work hard to make this country a better place in your heart.

I pray that all of our troubles in this nation will be lifted away, that the politicians will cease their fighting and infighting and become a peaceful people once again. Please keep those who work hard to make this country a better place in your heart.

I pray to God these workers succeed in their mission through prayer, meditation, and divine intervention. Amen.”

We pray that all cleaners will have a change of heart and begin to love again. That they will find a way to forgive and forget what was done to them in the past. We ask that they will put aside their hatred and their ungodly behavior.

God, protect our guards and detectives, who give their lives everyday to protect us and help us take back this country. Let everyone be safe, and let everyone get to go home to their families every night without getting hurt or arrested.

Please send your angels to clean this mess up. Bring justice to these people who destroyed our community and for those who still haven’t been found.

Please protect them all day long and send them only good things. Please send these intentions to all those who work as cleaners during Covid, 19th of Tamuz. May they all be written in the book of life and be sealed there forever.

May the Lord above give you his guiding hand to help you achieve all the goals and dreams you have set for yourself in life. I will pray for my family, friends, and our dear countrymen to find unity, peace, and stability in their lives.

May the Lord above give you his guiding hand to help you achieve all the goals and dreams you have set for yourself in life. I will pray for my family, friends, and our dear countrymen to find unity, peace, and stability in their lives.

We pray that their lives may inspire us all to change our lives so that we might overcome injustice, inequality, and exploitation of women workers throughout the world. Let us work always for a just wage for everyone, and an end to sweatshops where opportunities for education and advancement are denied.

I pray that you will be able to look past the mess of this world and be able to see just how much grace and mercy God bestows upon us – even during our darkest hours. I pray for all American cleaners and for the families of anyone currently undergoing surgery.

I asked for no particular reason except that I needed some prayers for us. I felt lost and hurt, and prayed for your family and all the rest of the cleaners in our situation so we can keep going on. I’m thankful for this job, not just because of the money but because it keeps me where I need to be. God bless you all!

I pray for all cleaning staff around the world. May you be blessed with love, health, and happiness.

I pray that the Almighty God keeps you safe, fills you with joy and strength to face each passing day. That you go on your journey this week filled with love, understanding, happiness, and prosperity.

Dear God, I need your protection. Send angels to help me and allow nothing to touch me today. Help the cleaners succeed. In the name of Jesus, amen!

There is a great power; our Country’s prosperity relies on its strength for the maintenance of the freedom and democracy. We pray for those who protect this Nation with their lives; those who are unable to make it home to celebrate with their family, their friends & their Nation’s people!

Dear friends, cleaning the body is a great mitzvah. If you do that, you will merit to be shown G‑dly light! If you must work during this holiday, please do not be embarrassed. Know that it is a mitzvah we are asking!

My only hope is that one day I will be able to repay you because what you do here is greatly appreciated by many. With so many terrors in the world, it’s great to know we have someone like you guys out there keeping us safe. God bless all of you and your families.

Hello. I have used these services for many years and they are always great. My personal favorite is the guys who work on Sundays, they’re always super-friendly. Thanks so much to you all! -Adam

Been wanting to send you this for several weeks! It’s dedicated to those with severe memory problems and the loved ones who are close to them and care for them. Hope it will cheer you up a little. May God’s love, light, and healing surround you always, Doris.

Pranamaya Namaha! I pray for the dedication, competence, and wisdom of the American cleaning Association. The member’s willingness to serve people with professionalism and kindness. Thank you for your hard work on behalf of the American people. I humbly pray that your organization be blessed with continued success, as you continue your efforts to clean up America.

Dear Hashem/G-d, please pray for the American cleaners in Gaza that they can find peace and happiness and suffer no more.

please pray for the hard working Americans and their families who clean our buildings and are afflicted by this poisonous (sic) air and debris. I have no doubt that our country has the best cleaning services in the world, but I do believe that those workers will be blessed once the crisis is over.

Dear Lord, please help our country’s leaders to reach a fair and just solution to this ongoing dispute. Almighty God, almighty and loving God, hear our prayer for the hard working people in this profession. Please, let us live in harmony in your all-powerful name. Amen.

Dear friends, G‑d’s covenant with our ancestors was always open to the sages of their generation. They never lacked for Torah guidance, even when their society had become totally depraved.

It is with complete conviction that I ask for your protection and guidance. Protect those around me who are in need of aid, the elderly, mothers, and children… I pray that you will help us clean the world and make their lives better.

I am only a sub! Truly, I don’t know why I write this. But this is to say thank you for whoever cleaned my classroom today. You did a wonderful job! I’m so glad there is still someone (or many people) out there who put in an honest day’s work and really cares about making the school look nice for everyone. Thanks again!

I am so proud of you! This past year has been an emotional rollercoaster, but you’re still the strong and courageous person I fell in love with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. God has a wonderful plan for your life and he loves you so much!

Thank you so much for your visit to our website. As a gift, we send you the following love poem. We hope that our website will make the relationship between men and women better.

Dear Shemsu – Emet to the American cleaners during covid-19. Thank you very much for cleaning my house. I thank you for all the good work you have done in cleaning my home, and also wish you would continue to do well every time.

I would like to have a prayer for American cleaners now. I really don’t know why people or even other companies or any other partners or anyone else would want to help American cleaners like this. However, everyone should realize that as long as the dust and dirt are kept at bay, every American cleaner will be happy…

Dear Aleph, please bless all the cleaners in America, that they may know your love and kindness and may learn to share it with others.

When my husband of 25 years began doing drugs and beating me I got terrified. And also afraid to leave. Being a Christian I remembered praying during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as we had been homeless in New Orleans at the time, so I prayed to God to take care of us. God took us through that rough period and now I’m asking Him for help again.

Lord, I pray for the janitorial cleaners who spend long hours cleaning offices and other buildings. Help them to be safe and not to do anything that might damage their body or health. Help them to do a good job.

Dear Holy Mother, as we pray together today, with St. Lucia and the Holy Women Martyrs, remember also our sisters and brothers working in the textile industry.

I could not sleep last night, so I had a chance to pray for you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please remember that Jesus loves you and is always with you. I ask that the Almighty guide you, protect you and restore peace in your home.

Dear God, Thank you for the gift of family and friends. My prayer today is for a lazy neighbor. These people just don’t want to clean up their homes! It’s making my home look bad. I’m afraid if these people can’t clean up their homes then they won’t want to clean anything more important later in life.

Dear Lord, please help us to see and know the message you want us to understand. Let your light shine on those trying to do right. In your name, we pray. Amen!

Prayer for love of g-d, Prayer for American cleaners during covid-19, prayer for cleaners during covid-19, prayer to pray for cleaners.Amen

I pray that you may find comfort in the fact that God is bigger than any problem you might be having right now.

Dear God, I thank you for blessing hard-working cleaners not only in America but throughout the world. They need your blessing and guidance to do a good job in caring for others’ homes, buildings, offices, factories, and other places requiring cleaning services that you created. Please help all your cleaners with health, strength, support, and guidance.

Dear I AM, I have done my part to clean up my corner of the world. Please help my friends who have this week cleansed their homes, offices, and businesses. Please watch over them and protect them through the rest of the week. I ask for your blessing and spiritual protection for all those that are cleaning right now. Amen!

Dear God I pray for the people who work in commercial buildings and clean offices. They have to clean a lot to do their job, often wear overall type suits and have to apply chemicals that smell harsh. Let us pray for them. Amen

Thank you for the chance to pray, If any money would be shared all that’s done is to help those who need cleanups from their basement from water, mold, and other types of damage, money shares goes to all churches in Alberta Canada.

Dear God, please let all of your people in America be safe, I hope that nothing bad will happen to them, please help me, Amen.

I just want to thank you for doing the work that no one else wants to do. Restoring things back to their original condition is a tough job and I applaud your efforts. I pray that you are treated well by others and that you will have an easy time finding work. God bless you!

Please pray for my husband’s job. We are really struggling this month and I fear we may lose our home if he does not get help soon. I have prayed to every god I can think of and nothing has happened. We need help…

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, and colleagues, I pray for your welfare, for your entire family is well, know that I am with you in spirit.

I wish all my cleaners a happy and healthy Covid-19, and also I hope they will have a great time! Good luck to every one of you!

I pray to God of Israel all day today. I ask for him to show mercy on the American cleaners in your city, and keep them from accidents. Also, I ask that you share this prayer with others so that it reaches as many people who might be able to help.

Dear God, please keep all cleaners in the USA safe from all harm. Please watch over them and keep them safe from all danger. We love you, God, thanks for everything you’ve done for us. Amen.

I pray for workers and cleaning professionals, that their work will be blessed and holy, and lead them to God. That all the cleaning professionals may know who you are, The true God; and that you may be known to them in your truth. I ask this through Christ our Lord.

Dear G-d, please let all cleaning people find a good job. I am willing to fast for you and talk about you at school. amen

There are millions of cleaning professionals in the USA suffering from addictions and trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction, these include, maids, carpet cleaners, construction cleaners, professional cleaners, etc. Their families are also part of their habits.

When you are working at a self-checkout, the price of items comes up on the screen. Customers immediately try to scan everything they look at, without even looking at the price. They must believe that their first price is the right one! I have watched people go through each item scanning it the same. I feel like yelling — “Stop it!”

I pray that you find peace and understanding during these difficult times. I am lucky to have a place to go when I feel lost and afraid, please find such a source of comfort. May all your hardships come together and just lift off like a soft breeze.

You are my greatest blessing from Hashem. Without you I have nothing. Thank you for all the love and support you give me everyday. I appreciate your thoughtfulness; it means more than you know. You mean everything to me and I love you so very much!

May each be the substance of a great idea and the destiny of a happy path. May they not stumble on the dark stairway but instead may they ascend with their eyes wide open. May they not break their bones but instead may their souls remain intact.

Prayer to pray for American cleaners during covid-19, prayer to pray for American cleaners during covid-19, Prayer: Prayer to pray for American cleaners during covid-19 is currently addressing God.

Cleaners pray for America during covid-19 is the short prayer for American cleaners everyone can pray for during covid-19. The Covid-19 prayer for American cleaners will connect all people across the world who care about the cleaners across America.

The coven of witches has to pray for all good cleaners and pray to the old god’s Covid-19 in order to clean a spiritual house and make it happy, clean, and prosperous. You can read the prayers of the Covid-19 here:

My dearest cleaning workers and sanitation workers, please know that I am praying for you on this very special day. Not just for your success in getting wages, benefits, and working conditions up to par, but also for your safety, happiness, and peace of mind.

My dear, we have a number of cleaners in our region. I ask for you to pray for that whenever there is a competition, that all our cleaners win by at least one lilypond, and never by more than two lilyponds.

Dear God, I pray for the cleaners. I pray that they keep alive and do not give up. I pray that they can pay their bills and buy formula for their crying babies. I pray that they are able to feed their families with food on their own table and not at a shelter. These hardworking women need more than just prayers.

Dear God, please protect all the people and finally remove all the risk from their work. They have enough to do, they have a family to support and we need them in our country. Dear God hears my prayer and helps them. May this happen soon Amen.

May the Holy One brighten your face. May you be happy. May you have a family, may you have the strength to do the work, so that we are proud of you and can rely on you.

I can’t properly express all the joy your friendship has brought me. You are my friend and I want to thank you for being there, for listening, for being so open and engaging. You brighten my days and warm my heart, especially when you ask me if I have been praying!

I know I have said this before and I will say it again. I really admire you and value what a great person you are. You are the type of guy people dream of meeting!

May our Good Lord grant them health, a long life, and great success at their spiritual and physical labors. May He also grant them patience and perseverance in the

Prayer for American cleaners during covid-19, prayer for cleaners during covid-19, prayer to pray for cleaners that clean our offices. Dear Hashem, please help me rise above my worries and take care of all the details necessary to keep us organized at work. We are overworked and underpaid. Please have mercy on us and give us strength. Amen

Dear Lord, please send your best protectors to all cleaners during covid-19. There will be thousands of dirty floors, toilets, and windows that need so much cleaning. To help these workers I pray you bless them with plentiful supplies of soap, gloves, and nice smelling cleaners. They are such hard workers and they deserve a clean place to work!

Dear God, please watch over our American cleaners during the maintenance period. We pray for the cleaners for their safekeeping and the safety of their families. If there is anything that we can do to help you during this time, please feel free to ask. Thank you. Amen, amen, amen.

Help our friends who clean up from Hurricane Irma, Maria, Harvey, and all the other cleaning crews they see to their jobs every day. Protect them from injury, help them return to normal as quickly as possible. Our country is great because we clean things up.

Dear, Lord. I pray for these women and men that work hard, hauling our garbage…That they may find their dreams and make them happen, that they may live in peace and that angels will watch over them and walk with them on the earth…Can you help me make the sign for my new Quilt Guild? Please!

I don’t know what you do in your free time, but try to do anything that takes you out of the house and gets you out from under stress. You really need some fresh air and sunlight every now and again. You are doing an excellent job and I can see how hard you work each day. Thank you for all that you do!

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