Prayer for American Judges During COVID-19

A prayer for American judges during covid-19, prayer for judges during covid-19, a prayer to pray for judges. A prayer which is perfect for any judge who depends upon God’s mercy, favors, and strength and would like to be covered by God on the day of the final judgment.

Dear God, hear our prayer for the American Judges during Covid-19 and wish them the strength, wisdom, and blessings they need to do God’s work. Holy Spirit, help them so they will have the courage to stand up for what is right and restore America to its Moral Foundation. Help them overcome their natural desire and inclination to do wrong, but let their hearts be inclined to justice and mercy.

Prayer for American Judges During COVID-19

Give each judge love, patience, and understanding when dealing with their family, friends, or others during their time of service.

God loves you for what you are doing for mankind. And he does not want any evil spirits to influence or change the righteous work that you are doing for people’

Please help them to always seek justice and not condemn people to confinement in facilities such as prisons, detention centers, or death row. Please touch the hearts of judges when they make decisions and lead them towards righteous judgment…

We pray that you would reveal to them Your love and wisdom, so that they may rule with integrity. Bless them with your Grace and Mercy; give them your strength and rest. Reveal to them the needs of their nation and community.

Give them the wisdom and strength to make the right decisions in all matters. Show them that justice is a responsibility that cannot be swayed by emotions, bribes, or threats. We praise your name for blessing us with judges who are wise and fair.

Guide them as they seek out impartial facts with an open heart and a warm soul. Put thoughts of justice and not hatred into their hearts; give wisdom where they see injustice or inequality. To ensure that all men are judged fairly – and no man is above his law.

Lord, help judge Sadat to end the Syrian War in a peaceful way. Give him wisdom, insight, leadership, and courage to solve problems without military force.

Please give them strength and courage to do the right thing at all times, knowing they will be held accountable for their decisions.

Thank you, Lord, that so many judges uphold your laws and defend the rights of others. We ask Lord, that you please bless those that defend your laws honorably.

These prayer wishes are for judges and their families. I ask the Creator to protect the judges and their families from any harm, illness, or mental distress. Please Heavenly Father, watch over them and protect them from harm.

Dear Judge, you are sworn to uphold the law. You are a wonderful light in this world. Please keep your faith in God and do your best to send out only good and perfect will. This is not an easy job. But you can do it if you put your faith in God and always aspire for Justice above all.

Dear Lord, I pray that judges of the United States be protected and guided by the Holy Spirit. I pray that they may realize the enormous responsibility they have in guiding our citizens’ legal rights.

G‑d, Judge of judges, please protect the judges of America and guide them in their wisdom. Please give them a clear vision. In difficult times they should always do what is righteous and just. Selfishness, evil, and injustice should never prevail on their watch. Judge them with grace and mercy at all times. Any harm which comes to any judge should never be an excuse for wrong-doing or acting unjustly. Amen

Great God and Judge of the earth, we pray for all judges; those who preside in our state courts, federal courts, and other tribunals across the land, that they may see change or any person who is in a position to affect change.

Most High God, we beseech you to send your most blessed and holy angels to watch over the judges of this nation. Shield them from evil and protect them from the sinful.

Those who know you say you are fair, wise, and will remain so far into the future. Steadfast in your word and adhering to your promise. We ask that you bless those who sit in judgment.

Creator and Lord, use your name to help me become a better judge. Give me patience and grace to rule with honor. Help me protect the innocent and lend a gentle ear to the troubled. Make me aware of opportunities I have to do good, and help me rise above adversity, not just for myself, but for all involved. Grant me lifelong wisdom from your word. Amen

May your religious sensibilities be a source of tranquility, confidence, and wisdom as you judge the people and as you deal with other human beings.

May the LORD bless you and keep you. May the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

I pray for our judges and the lack of. I pray for the judges that are getting paid and the ones that aren’t. I pray for the judges that will do an honest judge and not just a politician. May you help Judge Baker, Judge Booras, Judge Carter, Judge Couperin, Judge Gentry, Judge Orrell, Judge Philpot, J D Reinstein, and every other judge in America.

In prayer, oh G-d, please help our judges to establish truth, justice, and fairness in their decisions. Give them the wisdom to make moral choices and the courage to defend what is right. Give them conviction in the righteousness of their cause and give them peace as they carry out your will. Amen

We pray for all the judges in America. May they be zealous to preserve, support, protect and defend the constitutions of the United States and State, and also stand as a shield to protect all Americans.

Om HARIH Om Hari Om! I pray for American judges. May the only law which thou shalt enforce be the law of LOVE. Om HARIH Om Hari Om!

God, we come before you today a nation divided and in great need of your divine guidance. Protect our nation of judges from the attacks from Satan and his cohorts. Strengthen them with the word of God and minister to their spirits. We pray for them this day, we pray in Jesus’ name!

Oh God of Gold, please bless our judges and attorneys. Please help them to protect the freedom of the United States of America. Please help them to be fair and brave in their duties to punish crime and maintain justice. Please bless all judges, lawyers, paralegals, and interns in the United States!

May their hearts be tempered with compassion and may they be imbued with wisdom. May they take my cases and my concerns as seriously as I do and may their judgments be thorough and fair. May every decision that comes from the bench emanate from a place of knowledge and truth.

That judge may be endowed with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. And that they may act in accordance with the law and bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.

Dear God: Thanks to you we can have peace and New Year is coming. We’re in a good condition. We have work and everything we need. We are with our families, friends, and even enemies. Lord, we’ve done so much bad things in the past, but we’re traveling on the right road. We ask you to do us a favor: free us who are judged and show us your mercy! Amen

Judge us not in our weakness, but according to your strength. Help us follow the rules and unite the people under your command. Guide our work and reform the offenders so that we may walk the righteous path again, working for the common good. We rely on you to keep us from falling into sin and guide our hands and hearts in the pursuit of justice. Amen

God, we pray for all person who are judges in America. Give them wisdom, give them strength and courage to do what is right and good. We pray that they be free from the influences of self-interest, prejudice, corruption, and pride. Guide them with your infinite love, Amen

Dear Lord, Be with all judges. Fill them with compassion, understanding, and fairness. Help them make just decisions in each case they decide. Guide them as they issue their verdicts by the strength of reason, tempered by a sense of justice. May You bless the judges of America in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!

Judge, I pray for your success today and as you enter this grand room, filled with lobbyists and attorneys. I pray that you will know; I pray that you will feel God’s presence. Let Him guide your decisions and help you to be the judge that we need in our country. Lord guide your heart and mind to do what is just and fair in this court of law. Help these other judges ​– who may not know You like You know them – ​– to see You

Dear Lord, Please watch over the judges of the U.S. and encourage them to help make wise and just decisions. Speak to them about your love for all us people, for the security of our country, and for the work You expect from each and every one of us.

Dear Lord, please watch over our judges today. Please guide them and help them to make wisdom decisions that will only further Your kingdom. Please protect our judges, and allow them to not only be tough on the criminals they serve but also be compassionate to those who need it the most. Thank you for all that You do!

Lord God, thank you for the freedom and liberties we enjoy in America. Through Jesus, our Lord and Savior, we are given the freedom to worship you freely.

G-d: Please bless the Judiciary and all that it does. I don’t pray much but…. Our country needs them, their courage, and their strength. They face evil each day and hope that justice will prevail. Keep them safe, healthy, and strong in your knowledge, and let them give with honor and respect for all mankind. AMEN

Bless our judges, that those in authority may wield their power with humility, act justly, and speak truth.

Take heed ye judges in every court of law, and maintain the rights of the people by enforcing their laws. Do not lose sight of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Keep your focus on Him and He will guide you down the path of righteousness.

May God grant you wisdom in making your decision, open your eyes for signs of the world, and guide you to the ways of light. May He guide you to love and use the law for a source of truth and not to harm others.

Please pray for the American judges, judge’s prayer, and supporting prayers. This is a time for us to remember our judges in prayer. The nation is full of corruption and violence. The lives of our people are threatened by gang violence, drugs, and atomic bombs. Please pray for American judges, judge’s prayer, and supporting prayers.

God: Please help our judges to transform the people they rule into kind and good people. Help them to give out justice as it is written in the Bible. Thank you for helping America and Britain. Thank you for blessing White House and English houses’ families, God bless Jonathan and Sarah.

May the Lord’s guiding hand bless His judges with fortitude, wisdom, and courage. May He uplift them in their communities with a spirit of service and charity that is beyond praise. May He strengthen them with grace and mercy, compassion and self-sacrifice, so that America’s justice system may reflect His nobility of soul and shine forth as the beacon of freedom throughout the world. Amen.

O Adonai, You know the thoughts and intentions of a single heart within the ranks of American judges. In Your divine wisdom, may they invest in every case a desire to reach a just decision according to the Torah as they see it; and may they discuss these matters with all due care. And may their discussions be carried out in Your might, in Your love, and in Your abundant mercy, for that is how You fashion judgment.

God, I pray for all the judges in America. That you will be with them in times of stress, and help them to make just and fair rulings.

Presiding Judge Edward Chen, your words and actions have encouraged me to pursue justice. With this message of encouragement, I also pray for strength as you and your colleagues on the bench face the daily challenges of a great nation at crossroads.

May our judges always be mindful of the privilege that is bestowed upon them when they don their judicial robes. May they always remember that the systems of law and justice exist to preserve justice and righteousness, not the prerogatives of any particular individual or group. As people of faith, we pray for our judges and ask G-d to guide and protect them in their days of judgment.

Dear Lord, you have blessed the state of Kentucky and its judges with great power. Search their hearts for integrity and give them the wisdom to be a shining example of justice. Shine your light upon each judge by giving them courage to do what is right, even if it is unpopular. Lord, through your grace, continue to help us all to seek truth and justice. Amen

May our judges be just and true. May the judgments made be pure, and the power to do so is granted to you each day. Help us recognize that our role as a judge is to hear both sides and make the best judgment based on what is seen, not based on what we believe, let us respect our duty as judges and make good judgments today and in the future.

Please lead them with your hand, anointing their eyes to see the truth and granting them the courage to make proper judgments. Bless them with this wisdom today, as they set these matters before the court. As they seek wisdom, may your word bring light to the darkness in this case.

Do justice for all, listen to the cries of the poor. I pray that you are guided by love and compassion every day as you sit in judgment over our nation. Keep in mind that we look to you for truth, fairness, and the ability to see through the deception.

May righteousness flow from them as chizuk to all that are in need, and may God take care of those who stand in need before them.

God bless all judges in America. May Your wisdom and guidance be with them. Help them lead with integrity, faithfulness, and fairness. Give them the courage to make decisions which will please You and bring harmony where there is discord. Bless every judge throughout America.

Dear Lord and Creator, with open hearts we ask for the protection of our judiciary today and every day. Guide these judges with wisdom and knowledge so that they may uphold the laws of our land wisely and equitably, protecting all God’s creatures for many years to come.

God, please help the American judges today to do what they promised and uphold the laws that you gave us. Please give them wisdom in their decisions and favor in their trials. Proverbs 3:21-24. Selah! Amen

May their rulings be just in accordance to the laws of The United States of America. May they rule impartially, as a servant of the law; true and faithful; with dignity, and in accordance with the principles of equal justice under law. May good and decent people be rewarded for their virtues, and may evil doers receive their just reward. I pray that no judge will ever bend justice, nor show bias toward any party or entity.

Please God bless my America. Please free Americans from their ‘politically correct’ bondage, from the bondage of lies and death. Please have mercy on us, and bring us back to you, Jesus. Give us judges who will serve our constitutional law, not destroy it.

May the judges of the land know that they are the defense against all that is evil. May they know that they preside over righteous courtrooms, which is more than any other nation on this earth has ever experienced.

May Justices Holmes, Holmes, and Holmes be filled with faith and mercy, courage and love. Bring them wisdom to judge this people in accordance with the laws of Talossa. May they not go astray from the path of Justice for any reason other than the laws of their conscience.

May The Holy One help you, to make decisions in the name of truth and justice; to rule with honesty and mercy for the sake of the public good. For his sake, may you act with uprightness, humility, compassion, and sincerity. May you protect us from those who would do us harm and bring blessing upon us.

Almighty God, from Whom, comes all authority and to Whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hidden: Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of Your Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love You and worthily honor You; through Christ our Lord.

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