Prayer for American President During COVID-19

As Americans, we have the power to change our country for the better, and this begins with the leadership of our President. It is not easy choosing a president, but once it’s done, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that he or she protects our rights, our freedoms, and secures freedom around the world. Check out this prayer that you can pray for your President.

Prayer for American President During COVID-19

I pray for those wounded and suffering at war and ask that you would provide healing to those families who have lost a loved one. Forgive us for standing idle in this world where so many are suffering. Guide us in our daily lives.

If you hope to lead this nation in an effective manner, then inspire the public and gain their trust. The road ahead is hard but if you are willing to take on a challenge then this country needs you. Following true faith and principles will help push you forward as well. Godspeed President!

Bless this president for the long hard journey ahead, for the children who are looking to him for refuge and shelter from their troubled land. We pray for all that needs to be said, for someone we can believe in – A man of strength, compassion, and true patriotism.

May the ideals that made this country great be protected and preserved for generations to come. There is much more to being American than simply being born here. It is about having a love for the country, for what it stands for and what it represents. With that said.

May this president guide us through these difficult times and fulfill our desires for change. We pray in the lord’s name and thank God for hearing us during covid-19. Amen

Help us all as a nation to remember that we are one people under one God so that none shall perish and that every family will be safe and free from unjust violence

May America come together in love one day and may it be under his leadership. Forgive us our sins, our greed, and selfishness.

For the president, this means the protection of life and liberty for ALL people regardless of age. Let us pray for peace for all of God’s children everywhere and let us pray for a president who will protect the sanctity of marriage and ensure that children are born into married families.

God, please be with our president and those who surround him as he tries to do his job. Please help him stay sober and enforce a sense of peace in this country. Let us always remember that you are the one thing that binds us as Americans, so let our government reflect that.

Dear God, I pray for our President Barack Obama. I pray that he be given the strength to help guide our nation through troubled times and the wisdom and knowledge to show us how best to help those who need it most.

I believe that you can be a great leader for the United States, but I also believe that the people have lost faith in you. Nonetheless, the country needs someone that has your capabilities.

Dear God, please help our elected leader (current president) make better decisions for the future of our nation. May we all learn from the past, and grow together with a deeper respect for each other and love for thy neighbor as ourselves. May he guide us with honor and integrity as he leads us into a new century that is bigger than anything we can imagine.

Lord, please help Joe Biden and all who represent the United States of America. Help them to make the right decisions, the ones that are best for this country.

May the Lord bless our president and his/her family. All the Nations to be with him and her, Helping him and her to carry on in righteousness. May they be given the strength, wisdom, and patience to do what is right by our immediate help today Amen.

Oh, God, the source of all truth and justice and compassion, you have blessed your children with political freedom. Grant our president wisdom in the exercise of that freedom, and strength to resist more than human frailties.

All the people who are suffering in America need a Miracle to manifest!

You are my rock, and I am your champion. Let us continue fighting together so that we may bring good and justice to this great land. Let us continue doing things the right way to change America for the better.

Dear God, We pray for 45th President of the United States Donald Trump, We pray for his wisdom and protection. And for him and his administration to bring prosperity and peace.

Dear God, Please watch over our president. I pray for his wisdom, strength, and bravery. So many problems and dangers are on his shoulders. He has my full support, for all the best for our nation.

Lord, I pray for President Bush and our country. May he continue to have wisdom, peace, and healing ahead. I praise the Lord for the freedoms we have in America and I pray she will stay strong and be for all those who live here. Let us stand together as a nation, God bless America!

Now’s our chance to shine a light and unite what’s been divided. May we do our part, and make a better country. Lead us with pride, unyielding courage, and compassion all around.

O G-d, our god and god of our fathers, today you are requested to strengthen this house and its residents from every evil and danger that may come upon them. Protect the president of the United States and his family from every trouble. Save him from any attempts on his life. As you brought him success in all areas, protect and save him…

Barak Obama, President of the United States, I am asking you to step up on behalf of God and our country and move the nation back into a posture of freedom and hope. Please bring revival to Jacksonville Florida, Texas, and California areas – refresh the churches and give our nation bold prophetic voices like Dr. Bill Winston, Lance Wallnau, Cindy Jacobs, and others.

We The People say it is time for the president to leave. We The People have spoken with one voice and we will not be ignored. As citizens of this great country, we are bound together by history, in a spirit of fraternalism and shared purpose. We have every right to express our grievances as long as we do so in accordance with the law of this land as legislated in our constitution.

Dear Lord, please help me begin this letter with a heavy heart as my heart is saddened by our nation’s current state.

I pray that the president will find his way and become great again, I pray he will continue to be a role model for our great country. I say a prayer each night that he finds his path and I hope you will do it with me. Prayer for president during covid-19, prayer for president during covid-19 flag, prayer to pray for the president.

Oh God, today we ask for your protection and guidance for the new president. May you bless his/her heart to act in the best interest of our great nation. We also ask that you guide and prepare the people around him/her to give your wisdom, strength, and leadership.

I’ve never prayed for a president before, but I felt like praying today so I did. I ask you to give our leader the strength, wisdom, and courage needed to make hard choices and be peaceful. Please help him bring us together, help us love one another, and become the greatest country in the world. Thank you.

Our president Donald Trump, we the people of America will pray for you. Just as you prayed for us during the election. We are asking our creator to Watch over you, guide you and protect you. We want to see our President make America great again. We ask God to protect our president and his family. May God show mercy on us as a nation.

Dear G-d, please be mindful of President Obama and his wife. Protect them and guide them in their journey as the leader of our country. Keep them safe and guide them to make the right decisions for America. Let them have the courage to make the right decisions for our country and let this be truly a time of hope for Americans. Thank You from all of us, Amen

Dear God, Since our current leadership is unable to lead with humility and integrity, we ask that you provide us with another leader who will meet our needs. Bless our president and country. May God guide America and protect it from all evil during this period of uncertainty and instability. Amen.

God of nations, hear our prayer. For President Obama, Lord, give him the wisdom to lead this nation. Bless him with patience and let him turn to you in difficult times. Give him the strength to make tough decisions. Grant him health and long life and protect his family that serves with him.

God Bless the President. I break this prayer into weeks praising each day thanking you, God, for the blessings you have given this man.

Thank you, God. Help our leaders as they make very important decisions today. Protect them and their families. Bless our communities, America, and the world with your unending love. I pray this in your name, Jesus. Blest be your name forever. Amen.

God Bless America: Our President, our country, and our military, amen!

Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen

Dear God, I pray for President Obama and all the leaders of this nation. I pray for wisdom, understanding, and compassion. May they have the courage to know that we are better united than divided. May they let go of grudges, conflicts, and harsh memories in order to live with a pure heart, mind, and soul.

God of Abraham, God of Moses, God of David, True and Living God, hear my plea and be attentive to the cry of your people. Grant our president with your grace, guide him with Your wisdom, and keep him safe from harm. Strengthen him with Your holy presence and give him the courage to lead our country as one nation under God so that we may live in glory forevermore. In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.”

o the creator I pray that the leader of this country will do what is right. I pray for guidance and ask that you show our leader the right path and right decisions to make, let him see his way through all obstacles to lead this country with true honor, integrity, love, and respect for all who live in it.

Heal this country dear God. Heal this land, please God of Abraham. Heal our hearts and open your ears to those prayers of the faithful. Bring dignity and bring peace. Do not falter or be swayed by the wicked ways of the world. Please dear God cleanse us from these fears and heal us from these wounds inflicted upon us by your creation.

I love you more than I can explain, but I will try. You are everything a man would want in a woman and more. I pray to God everyday that you are safe and well. May God Bless You and keep you safe from harm so you may continue with your work here on earth.

May The Creator, Lord, and God of Israel, the Lord, and Savior of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, God the Father, God the Son, and God the holy spirit.

Dear Donald, Protect our men and women in uniform. They are willing to lay down their lives to protect the freedoms we hold so dear. Your job is to see that they have the resources they need to accomplish their mission and make sure they come home safely.

When we pray to the living G-d who knows each of us by name, and for whom all our concerns are important beyond compare, he knows who should serve next in his government and he will bring about their placement. Our G-d is a kind and loving G-d. He hears our prayers, and he gives us what we ask for.

we have shed our blood, we have spilled our soul, and we have spent our defense. Now it is your turn to take the burden. Take the steps you will to bring us out of this war. The path may be hard, but you must do everything in your power to overcome and bring about peace.

Dear God, Please Bless American President Donald J. Trump today in his role of leading and guiding the country, as he is a father of America, President of the United States of America, Leader of the Free World, and future Nobel Peace Laureate for his great accomplishment. Please bless him with wisdom, sharpness, leadership, and purity to bring true peace, unity, and harmony among American people…

Let Us Pray Lord God, that our president would be outstanding, wise, and considerate as a President of America. May his/her ideas prevail in every election to come for the betterment of this great land. We pray for the President to be one of love, wholeness, and respect. One whose word is true, heart is pure and intentions are good. Help him/her guide the nation to peace and prosperity with the judicious use of his authority and power that you have bestowed

Please pray that America embraces the values of liberty, justice, and human dignity that America was founded upon. That America ceases to be a materialistic nation and focuses on building character, honesty, and personal responsibility.

God protect my president and all elected officials. Fill them with love and wisdom. May they be blessed with direction and common sense. Give them perseverance and courage to fight for all that is good […..]. May they be perfect in every aspect of governance, now and forever. Baruch Atah Adonai.

Oh, God! We pray for your divine guidance for our great president and his cabinet. Bless them with wisdom. Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven and lead them to the victory.

As a citizen of this great nation, I ask for your strength, guidance, and wisdom during your time in office. It is an honor to be led by you. The security of our fellow citizens is your first priority. May our sovereign God protect you and guide you as president of the United States of America.

President Trump, You are God’s chosen leader for these times near the end. Just as the Lord took us through his new testament, you have been chosen by Almighty God to bring our nation back to its heritage. The shame of abortion is over, and we are bringing back all that made America great! Thank you for following God’s will and returning this country to its glory!

Protect our current and future president Mr. President. Put your guiding hand upon them, and in your mercy protect their leadership and the entirety of America.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Your kingdom comes, let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen!

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