Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning 12

If you are looking for the right words to a prayer for my daughter, I’m sure you will find what you are looking for within this prayer. Remember that God loves your daughter, just as He loves you. A daughter is a blessing from God. She is unique, one of a kind, and irreplaceable. Our Heavenly Father can help us express our appreciation in prayer for her as we ask God to bless her with health, wisdom, and good friends and always remember that He loves her even more than we do.

Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning 12

The way you bring love and joy to our lives is endless. I want to wish you many more birthdays so that we can continue the journey that has just begun. You are our princess and the apple of our eye.

I know that she is blessed and that blessings will come pouring in to fill your table more than you can even imagine. Please continue giving her safety, health, good grades in school, as well as purity of heart.

Please guide and protect  my daughter/son always with warm arms of love as she/he grows into adulthood and goes through life’s challenges and opportunities.

I also know she doesn’t deserve parents as imperfect as we are. But, Lord, thank you for giving us this special child to be our very own. Without her, I would not have known what true happiness is.

An angel God sent from heaven, blessed with ingenuity and a given dose of wisdom beyond your years, you have grown into a strong, intelligent, and compassionate woman.

Dear daughter, you are getting older and your responsibilities are growing. I pray that you will always remain a sweet girl, with all of the charms of a little girl…that no matter how much you grow up, you won’t let go of your doll, that you will never matriculate from nursery dresses and from being a good girl. I pray that you will forget all the mean words that have been said about you for having done nothing wrong.

I have always thought of you as a special child, sent to me as a gift, but through the years you have shown so much love and care that it has become hard to imagine life without you. Thank you for the wonderful way that you are! Happy birthday!

Dear Daughter, You are about to embark on the journey of your life – middle school. I wish you to be happy and healthy for that journey. You have a lot of good years ahead of you. Allow yourself to grow, learn, and mature. When you do so, focus on these three things: know yourself; have faith in yourself; understand the gift God has given you. Most importantly, remember that we are always here for you and love you more than words can say.

Dear daughter, we have been to the moon and back, but we have never gone farther than that. Wherever you are in the world, may today bring you closer to the stars! I wish you a very long and happy life!

I love you and am grateful to the Lord above for giving me the chance to be a mom. Happy birthday.

Lord, thank you for the gift of this beautiful child you have given to me. My little girl is growing into a lovely young woman full of energy and life. Surely, the gift of angels bestows her with generosity, kindness, and compassion.

Dear God, I pray for Trista’s [my daughter] protection, alignment with your principles and teachings, and excellent health. Help her to be a great ambassador of your kingdom. This is all I ask you, Father. If it’s not too much to ask, please help her become just as beautiful on the inside as she already is on the outside!

Dear God, I give thanks for this joyous moment. I thank you for the way you’ve made her rich in spirit. Thank you for the people she could rely on throughout her life. Above all, I pray that you’d continue to keep your arms around her when times get hard in the future.

Today, I am proud to call you my daughter. God has gifted you with so many amazing talents and skills. My heart is full of happiness to see your eyes light up with a new idea. Mom and dad will do everything to help you get there. Just remember, it’s not how big the house is and how fast the cargoes. It’s how big the love is.

Dear Lord, I come before you today to give thanks for the beautiful daughter you gave me, and for all the love, support, and knowledge You have given her. Lord, I know I don’t deserve such a wonderful daughter.

Darling, I am so proud of the young woman you have become. I remember rocking you to sleep in my arms as a tiny baby, picking you up from school every day, watching you perform on stage when you were young, and just seeing how much you have grown into the woman I always hoped that you would be. I know there are many struggles you will go through in life but I want to give you some words of wisdom that may help in your journey.

A Funny Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning Twelve

Dear Lord, it is not just a new year but also the day when my daughter turns twelve today! Please let her be as lucky and smart as you… Amen

O, Mighty Lord, for the first time in her life my daughter turned twelve, today. She is already so grown up and soon will go out into the world. Please let her remain as beautiful as she is now an even more beautiful! Don’t let her take any wrong turn in life such as drugs or boys. Let her be a good girl. Amen!

May the clouds be in your eyes, may the breeze be always at your back. May you be poor in misfortune and rich in blessings. May you have plenty of everything that makes you smile and lots of love to share with those who bring out the best in you! You are a delight – thank God for giving me a child like you. Happy Birthday!

Dear God, please remember that my daughter is a child, below 12 years of age. For this reason, I am not asking you to grant her the wisdom of an adult.

Dear God, Protect my daughter, Melissa, as she undergoes her transition from being a child to a teenager to a woman. Please don’t let her own arrogance ruin her. And please don’t let boys distract her from the beauty of your creation!

Dear God, please help my daughter to always have a sense of humor because without it she is nothing.

Dear God, please let my daughter be a perfect child. Let her be obedient, respectful, and very loving. Please help me to teach her how to be a good Christian, teach her about your love for us and for our lives. Amen!

Father God, please let my daughter, (name here), be a chocolate chip muffin. Not a bran muffin, or one of those horrible Swedish coffee cake muffins. Let her be a chocolate chip muffin!! Let her enjoy life and never get too mature too soon. Please make her smile every day, because if she smiles every day, she will stay happy all the time.

Dear Lord, I have only two requests. Please let this process be over and send me my daughter back the way she was!

Ok, you are no longer a little girl or pint-size. You are now a woman and I accept it. I wish you all happiness and good health in life.

My daughter is 12? She started walking on her own at 11, talking in sentences at 10, started adding and subtracting numbers at 9 and beating my record in games at 8. With adorable looks and a loving heart, she is the girl of my life. Happy birthday, Baby!

May the twelfth year of your life bring you a happy spirit and calm heart, made strong with love, gentleness, and understanding. May you learn well to live and laugh out loud, to grow and keep beside you friends who know the need for your loyal pride. And if these prayers of mine are answered, may happiness always be with you on your birthday and all the days to come.

Dear daughters, the time has come for you to take advice from me. I am writing those words that will guide you in making choices and decisions that will make you a woman. I hope that on your twelfth birthday you follow them in order to grow up into a lady full of wisdom and good character. I know it’s not easy to be a grown up but I trust that with these following tips, you will make the right decision at the right time.

Dear God, these kids are at that age where they start questioning everything. I pray that you will help my daughter overcome this phase with ease. You know how hard it is to be a mom. So for this special day, I want to ask you for some grace and give her the wisdom to understand life. I also ask you to help me keep patience so that my unconditional love for her could reach her heart and mind in ways she would never forget.

Dear Lord, Please let my daughter be a child. Since she has to grow up anyway, I’m asking that you allow her the time to be a child in the way I have always hoped for her. Thanks. Amen!

Today is your birthday and I’m both sad and happy. Sad, because I know this is the last year that you will be my little girl but happy because you are finally growing up. I’ll never forget the day when you came into my life. It was a sunny morning. The birds were singing and the chirping form of beautiful butterflies filled the air.

Dear God, thank you so much for delivering my daughter…just in case there are other parents out there who haven’t seen her lately, please return her shortly. God, thanks again for our family. Here’s a prayer that I hope you especially like: Dear God, thank You for the best daughter ever! We love her so very much, and everything she stands for. Yes, Lord…and here is another one: Oh Lord, my daughter has so many friends, she doesn’t have

Dear Lord and Master, please give to my daughter the wit to see, the wisdom to do, and the wealth to become. And hopefully, be done before I die! Blessed be.

You are no longer just a baby, but now on your way to adulthood. If you have grown wiser this year and must learn to stand on your own legs in life, I hope my love shall always support and encourage you.

I am really proud of you and the wonderful person you have turned out to be. Today, your age is further proof that heaven and earth are at peace, love is everywhere, and that God, who created it all is great! Happy Birthday.

Let it be every day, let it be always and more forward. Thank you, God, for this day specially for my little sweetheart Shivani and my beautiful daughter. Many happy returns of the day sweetheart.

A Cute Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning Twelve

Thank you for sending us daughters whose purity is never dented with mud quotients. You are a great God! Thank you for my daughter who makes me laugh and keeps my spirits high. I love her desperately;

I pray that she will always count on your guidance and protection as she navigates through life’s journeys. And Lord, when she is ill or sad or lonely, please lend her a helping hand. In Jesus’ name, I pray amen.

I detest the thought of saying goodbye to my lovely daughter as she turns twelve. I am going to try, though… I know, you are all grown up now. But please remember that my love for you will never die. As a father, it is hard for me to express what you mean to me.

Happy Birthday to my beloved daughter! You make my life a lot easier, with all the great things you give me, and all the joy you bring me. When I look at your face I see strength, hope, and most of all, love. As your mother, I have to let you know that you are an amazing girl, not just because of your fantastic nature but also because you are humble and faithful.

Dear God, thank you for this special day; making it a day to remember. Thank you for bringing us together, that we may celebrate my daughter’s 12th birthday. My heart is full and I hope she remains true to her God-given destiny.

My dear daughter, because you have lit up my life with your laughter, I wish you a very happy birthday! When I look into your eyes, I see a smile. Your presence has made me realize how soon time flies.

Dearest and beloved daughter, I wish you a very happy birthday. You are my greatest accomplishment. The planet was created, the birds were created and now the greatest creation of all; you!

Lord!! Let a lot of happiness come to my daughter. Let her wish not to be in vain, I pray. Lord! You know best. You can hear the pray at least without fail let me see a smile on her face when she gets up in the morning.

Dear God, to you I commend my daughter Maura. She is a good girl and always puts others before herself. Don’t let her get spoiled by her cousins who are also celebrating their birthdays today. Be with her always; protect her and guide her. And if you ever have time to spare, please be as sweet to my husband and me as Maura has been to us. Thanks so much!

Oh please dear LORD, let this be a year where my daughter starts learning about matters of the real world. Please let her grow up to be a woman of character and virtue who will never stop reaching for the stars. Every day I pray for my daughter’s welfare. Thank you for all you do.

My beautiful daughter, today you are growing not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. I pray that you will develop your God-given talents and utilize them to enrich the lives of others. Your success in life is my success as a mother. I love you so much, darling!

Dear Lord, I just want to say thank you for blessing me with this incredible child of mine. She is so bright and has a beautiful heart. I love her very much and I hope that these special moments of growing up will give her an edge to compete in this tough world.

God bless my beautiful daughter and make her a light in the world.

Lord, we pray that you always keep us as a guiding light so all our actions will reflect your wishes. We also pray that you protect our daughter from harm and that you fill her with your love, peace, and happiness.

Darling daughter, you have grown so much and I feel lucky to have been at your side every step of the way. May your twelfth year be full of fun and laughter. Happy birthday to my dearest daughter!

Dear God, I thank you that my daughter is turning twelve today. Thank you for providing her with strength and wisdom, compassion, and understanding. Please continue to guide her in all her ways.

Dear Lord, please let the twelfth of December be a perfect day for my daughter. A day filled with fun, laughter, and smiles. Unless if you carry her out of here. Let her have a great day with all the people she cares about. Allow her to do the things she loves like dancing and singing around the house, going to an amusement park and doing other things she loves

Lord, as I look into my child’s eyes, I see the sparkle that twinkles within them. I see a young girl who is blossoming into womanhood. Now at twelve years of age, my little one is ready to stand on her own and face the world on her own terms. Through this prayer, I pray that she always will know her mother’s strong arms are outstretched with love and support to help when she needs it.

Dear Daughter, the time is here for you to spread your wings and fly. I hope that you will enjoy the new opportunities that life has created for you. May all your dreams come true and your wishes be fulfilled. Happy birthday!

My dearest daughter, you have grown so much over the years. You are smart, beautiful, and a great friend to all. Happy birthday! May you continue to be all that you are now, and become even more than what we imagine. I love you so much.

A birthday is one day that comes to everyone and brings hope and the feeling of renewal into our souls. Let this birthday be a milestone not only in your life but also in the path you have chosen. May today bring much happiness, joy, success to you, and love to your family!

Dear daughter, you are no longer a child, you’ve stepped into your teens, now every step you take matters. I’m happy and proud to say that you have been doing wonderful in school.

Dear Lord, open her eyes to the beauty of nature, nurture her imagination and help her to see herself as a part of this enormous universe. Guide her hands to fulfill the purpose you have assigned to her. Help her keep her feet firmly planted on your holy word and always follow the right path, no matter how lonely it may seem.

Lord, I commend my daughter to you. As her prayer, prepare her to live as a model of your Word in this generation. Empower her to celebrate and thank you for the gift of life. As she grows up, give her wisdom and knowledge to make sound decisions. -Amen

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