Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 2

Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 2: We hope that we’re not the only ones to whom this will happen. Maybe your daughter is turning two and you are amazed at how quickly the time has passed. Maybe she’s grown up before your eyes in the past year and now seems like a young lady and not the sweet faced baby. Or maybe you just want to say thanks for all that God has done for her and to her and in her life. Whatever the case may be, here are some prayers for your daughter of any age on her special day, whether she’s celebrating it with cake at home or attending a party with friends and family.

Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 2

I pray that the Holy Spirit will help you to develop your God-given gifts and be a blessing to others. As you grow into adulthood, continue believing in God and His love for you, so that you can have a life overflowing with peace, joy, hope, and love. Sincerely, mom

I bless this little one with the best possible knowledge and friendships. Grant her innocence so that she would see only goodness all around her. Lord, help me raise a good person in you name. Bless us with long life and happiness together today, tomorrow, and forever.

I have always respected you deeply, but if there is anything else that you could do, it would be wonderful. I love my daughter very much and she deserves more than this life shows.

I am so thankful for you that I want to cry! May your day be filled with tons of fun and laughter and may it also bring out that twinkle in your eyes which teaches me how to love you even more than ever before!

Dear daughter, as you turn two a prayer is in order to thank God for blessing us with you. You are an exceptional kid. I am sure that the adult that you become will be even more awesome than the one we have now. Happy birthday!

May this day find your face aglow in the radiance of love and friendship. May the candles on your cake multiply your happiness. Birthday wishes for your daughter!

Dear Lord, we give you this child that has turned 2 today. We ask that you keep her in your arms and watch over her as she grows up. Guide her throughout her life and protect her from harm. Thank you, Lord, for this precious daughter, who thanks to you is getting another year older. AMEN

My sweet daughter it is that time of the year when God sends down his blessings and provides joys in abundance to all. For my little muffin, I wish you all the happiness of this world on your birthday and pray for your success. You are the sole reason why I am breathing, bringing light into my life and love back into my life.

God, I know you have a plan for my baby girl. Let her lead a life full of love, success, and peace. Thanks for bringing her into this world and giving me the greatest gift in my life. On her second birthday, I thank you for giving me the best thing that has happened to me in life.

Dear Lord, I pray that you give my daughter the strength to overcome her struggles, the courage to conquer all her fears, and the wisdom to learn from each experience she encounters. Pls, help me give her an amazing birthday today. In Your name, I ask for many mercies and blessings for my precious blessing!

My dear sweet little puppy girl, the day you were born was the happiest day of my life. I remember very well how we brought you in our loving arms and placed you on my tummy for the first time. since that day your smile has lit up my world! and today when I look at myself in the mirror, there you are beside me looking at me with your beautiful eyes and it makes me realize how much I love you! Thanks for brightening up my life baby!

Dear daughter, on this day, may God fill you with joy and happiness. We pray that you always be a blessing to this world and remember that your mother’s love is present no matter the distance.

I pray for health and long life and for you to achieve all your dreams.

It’s my prayer that God will help you to understand the ways of the world, protect you from danger and bless you with wisdom in all you do.

Lord, accept our humble prayer and bestow on you a wonderful life.

Lord, bless my lovely daughter on her 2nd birthday. Let your love and protection shine around her always. Bless our family with good health and a prosperi…

Our dear daughter, it has been two years since you were born. You are a mature little girl now, smarter than all other kids, though you still need some more years to learn some lessons and become a good human. Today is your birthday! We love you very much!

Birthday is not just a day but an occasion to show your love and affection to your beloved daughter by making him or her feel special. A little effort on your part to make her feel loved and cared for will be greatly appreciated. You are the most precious gift of GOD bestowed on us and we always will be thankful to God for blessing us with you in our lives.

Baby Ava, you are 2 today! I pray that God will bless you with long life and keep your heart healthy always. I hope that your life is filled with happiness, love, and all the joy you deserve on your great day. Happy birthday!

Today is a special day! It marks the beginning of your life. So, I can’t help but tell you that you are the best thing that has happened to our family. You are a big part of everything we do. We love you so much and we pray for many blessings for you. Happy birthday, daughter!

I wish you a life filled with many achievements! May you achieve whatever comes to pass. In return, I hope that you will return the favor and make me very happy. Please know that in your eyes, I see my future self, which is the reason why I love you so much. Have a wonderful birthday and forever remember that I am thankful for a wonderful daughter like you.

Dear God, thank you for understanding that she is still so young and needs your protection. Without it, I know she will grow up quickly. Grant her a wonderful day and keep her in good health and happiness. Please bring the memories of today to the deepest corner of her heart so she can treasure them forever. I pray this in Lord’s name, Amen

Dear Lord, I thank you for allowing me to meet my daughter. I am sure there is a special place in heaven waiting for such a glorious soul. Help her to see the value of life and be good to yourself and others.

Please, (goddess name) protect my daughter from all harm and permit her to be successful in her pursuits. Make her a healthy individual and keep her away from all diseases. Have mercy upon her, help her learn the ways of the world, and help me do my duties as a father well.

You are the highlight of my life you have brought me a sea of joy that I never knew before you. Thank God for letting me be your father and thank you for being my princess!

A Funny Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 2

You are the most precious gift in my life and I am sure I will carry you in my heart forever as a token of your love for me. Happy birthday to my beloved daughter! I pray that you grow bigger and smarter every day to keep your mommy on her feet. May you be blessed.

Today she officially becomes two years old and therefore needs an upgrade. Please gift her with intelligence, with compassion, and with a greater wisdom. Should there be anything missing in her life?

Dear daughter, you are turning two years old today …..which means that it is now appropriate for you to be able to discern what the needs of this family are and start acting on them before being asked. I know you can do it, your mother has taught you well… Please let me know if there is anything special that I can do for you…

Dear ‘Little Miss Independent’, our darling daughter, we wish you a fun-filled birthday. May you always do what you want to do. May you be very independent in every aspect of your life, and enjoy the struggle of learning to be who you are. May you love being a kid, so that when the time comes for you to be an adult, it will not scare or hurt you as much as it does us, parents.

The time flies by so fast. Before I know it, you’ll be 5 and making me proud to be your mother. Happy birthday to my darling daughter, I love you and I pray God blesses you with a fun, adventurous, and successful life.

God was so sure that the world needed you, that he put you on earth a year before you were ready. God knew if you waited until you were ready, you’d never leave the house. Have a happy birthday!

Lord, help my sweet little princess to always know what it feels like to be loved by Mom and Dad. Help her to never forget to pray every night before bed. Please keep her kind and pure-hearted when she is down on earth. Please look after her when she is in Heaven with you!

Dear Lord! I pray that my daughter’s outward beauty reflects her insides. Give her a kind heart so she can be a blessing to others. Let her eyes sparkle with love, let her face always beam with joy. Protect her from envy and jealousy, hate and bitterness. May she be happy at all times, may laughter surround her forever.

Dear Lord, send your beautiful, perfect angels to guide my daughter through this day with all kinds of happiness and blessings. Please, Lord, make her wishes come true today. Amen!

Dear Lord, this past year I have been busy making bells and whistles, curly cues, and roly-polys. Please bless the food I eat today. And keep your watchful eye on Daddy and make sure he always stays within the speed limit! Thank you for my many blessings!!!

May the Lord smite you with wisdom, that you may be eager to learn whatever may be profitable for life; and the Lord grant you this favor.

Dear Lord, I have a young child named (name of your daughter). She is turning two years this month. She is quite mischievous, daring, and has a large passion for life. You have already blessed her with a good sense of humor and numerous talents. Please make her enjoy her birthday as well as all the other days of her life. Amen.

Lord, thank you for the privilege of giving my beloved daughter a second birthday. Please dearest one, keep reminding me that life is a gift from you and I should never take it for granted.

Dear Lord, Thank you for creating my daughter, and Thank you for this day. I have never seen a cuter 2 year old than my own. If I could have anything in the world, I would ask that she grow up to be a caring woman who showers kindness around her.

Dearest daughter, you are growing up much faster than I expected. You have made my life so much more interesting and beautiful. You have taught me to be cheerful and happy, a trait that I did not possess before you came along. I pray that you find happiness in every phase of your life. May the joy of life fill you to capacity today and always.

My darling daughter, I wish you all the best for this special day of your life. May you be the happiest kid in the whole world.

Throughout your 2 years, you have been a ray of unconditional light in my life. I love you like I have never loved before. You make my heart smile with your innocent laughter. I wish you all the happiness and peace in the world, especially on this special day.

Our family cannot imagine life without you. You are a blessing to us, and we are so grateful that God saw fit to give us such a bright and cheerful daughter.

Dear God, I have a problem, and it’s my daughter. She has been hanging out with the wrong crowd. Boys! Will you please tell her to stop hanging out with those street thug boys over there? I know she is a toddler, but she should start socializing somewhere else. If that’s too much for you, give me wisdom so I can convert her into a good girl.

May the Lord ask you if you are planning to have a third child.

A Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning Two

Make her feel that she is always well-loved, joyful, and contented. Let this be a day our dear little girl would never forget in all the days to come. I pray that you promise to protect her for me just as You protect us.

Lord, help her to develop a strong bond with god so that she grows up to be a great person, just like you. Father Joe, I wish to thank you in advance for your prayers at all times. May the merciful and benevolent God grant you a very joyful year ahead.

Prayer to my daughter turning 2: God, I know you can hear me, please cover my daughter with your holy arms. Let nothing and no one hurt her. Keep her protected always. Amen. Love you, baby girl!

Lord, I thank you for my precious gift of a daughter on her second birthday. I pray that you bless her and make her grow in wisdom and maturity. Lord, I implore you to guide me when she walks along the path of life, so that we may journey together as mother and daughter. A special thanks to You for giving me this wonderful gift at a time of my life when I needed it most!

Lord, our daughter is two years old now. I pray that you protect her and answer her prayers. Let her be able to sleep inside her crib and not cry. I pray for her good health, always let her mind be sharp.

Dear God, words are hard to wield when it comes to the gifts you have given me. You have been a special daughter who has brought me great joy and taught me how to be a better parent; I look at your beautiful face and see the future of the world. I pray that one day you will fulfill your destiny. Happy birthday, my dear one.

Dear Lord, see the smile on her face, a glimpse of Heaven! See her excitement and hear her laughter as she ignites a new sparkle in the eyes of everyone. For our dear daughter, bless her with health and happiness.

Daughter, on this special day we are ending the old year and starting a new one. We hope you continue to make us proud with the decisions you make. Remember to cherish every moment as this day draws closer to your last.

Dear child, I pray to the Lord that your future life will be protected and guided by Him. I hope that you grow up happy and healthy. God bless you, my dear daughter.

Lord, I pray that you will always guide my daughter. May her life be free from all the challenges of the world. Give her the ability to find happiness in all situations. Her bright smile may light up your life forever.

Our loving heavenly Father, thank you for guiding my daughter through this critical period of life. Wipeout all of her negativities and ensure that she heads towards the path of success in the career she chooses to pursue.

Father, we thank you for this special opportunity to celebrate the preciousness of life that is my daughter’s; growth, development, and maturity. We pray, Lord, that your wisdom would control all the events of her life that she may fulfill her destiny in Christ Jesus. In his holy name, I pray. Amen!

Dear Lord, I pray for my daughter to be all that she can be and to have the wisdom and grace to use her God-given talents in a positive way. Do not let rough roads keep her from her destination, but help her find alternative routes when necessary. Amen

Thank you for being in my life. Happy birthday. A prayer for my beautiful daughter who is turning two today. I pray that you grow up to be a loving and forgiving girl, always considerate of others and respectful towards them. May God bless your day and help you always keep the faith in Him; may He shower you with His grace, love, and mercy. I love you so much, my dear princess!

Dear Lord, as you turn two years old today, be with her wherever she is. Give her your protection, especially from the cruelty of men’s heart. Let your guiding hand assure her that she is special and that everything will always be alright in the future. Please let her know that we love her very much! Amen!

We thank God for all he has done as we celebrate the birthday of your little Angel. We pray that God will continue to guide her and protect her all through life. I hope she and you always enjoy being with each other and share lots of love in the coming years. Wishing you both a lovely Birthday!

A birthday is one occasion everyone has to praise God for the gift of life and living. It is a day when both young and old come together to celebrate their loved ones. I can’t wait to share in your special moment of joy. I wish you lifelong happiness, peace, and prosperity. Happy birthday, my love!

With two candles burning bright, your birthday wish to me is a special one. That’s why I am praying that each year you will have all you deserve and even more. Happy Birthday

On this special day, we pray that the Lord will continue to bless you with health, joy, and success. We love you very much and thank God for your presence in our lives. Happy birthday!

Dear Lord, You have given me a beautiful gift of my lovely cute daughter. She is everything to me. Please help her grow up healthy, safeguard her mind and help her ace every exam in school, and to be a respectful person. I vow to reward you with all my love and care. Amen!

Dear God, please help my daughter to be cheerful, smart, and obedient as she grows into a young lady. Better still, make her a kid who will have the strength to face any situation with courage and confidence. She has given me unending joy and I pray your blessings to continue with her family and friends. Amen.

May the Lord’s love be with you and bless you always, through all your days. May his face shine upon you and give you peace. May he guide you with his grace, that you may dwell in his house forever.

Lord, give my daughter the wisdom to know right from wrong. Help her to have faith in you, and the strength to carry on when times get hard. My love for her is deep, and I promise to be a good role model. Please show me how to be a better person every day.

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