Prayer for American Youths During the Pandemic

Our teens and young adults today are in a tremendous amount of pain and pressure. They need our prayers…we need to gather together as one and plead for God’s mercy on our young people during this time of the pandemic, to the utmost exertion of our power. We will never be able to live long enough to do all that is needed, but we can do something – by fervently praying.

Prayer for American Youths During the Pandemic

I hear your voice in the wind as it whips between us. I feel you in my heart, even though it feels like half of it is missing. I look for you until my legs ache because you were my very best friend.

Dear, beloved American youths. I pray for your safety during this pandemic. You are the future of our great nation. I want to thank you for all you do and thank you in advance for all you will do in the future. Our nation stands on your shoulders and with your generation!

Heavenly Father, please help our American children to wake up to the fact that the current generation is ill prepared for a viral threat and unaware of how to handle it when it happens. They are using social media at a fast pace, but they are losing their sense of morality.

The Almighty God, father of all mercies, who hath taught us that all things work together for good to them that love Go, to them who are the called according to his purpose;

Dear lord, we leave you this evening to reflect on our faith. We ask you to watch over us and protect us, regardless of what may come in the coming days. We pray for all the families that have been affected by the spreading virus. Stay safe, may God be with you!

When all of us our heart, that they may flourish. Bless the Young People in America. Let the love of the Lord be upon them, and let them be without sin. May they always love you with their whole hearts and serve you only.

Dear Lord, I pray for the children of my country. May you watch over them, fill them with your love and guide their heart. In Jesus’ name Amen.

… America faces a time of crisis thou art not prepared for. As we face our uncertainty I ask that you put all your trust in God and let his plan be revealed to us. Let us trust that he will provide a way through this time of distress. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding…

God, open our eyes and help us to see You. Open our ears and help us to hear You. Open our hearts and help us to trust You. Help us to serve others as Jesus did. In Jesus’ name, we pray, A-men!

May God bless and keep you. May your Heavenly Father hold you in the palm of His hand. As I walk down the street, I see a beautiful young lady with long shiny hair blocking her face from the sun. She is singing at the top of her lungs and walking down this blessed and free land. She is not caring who sees her, or what she looks like. All that matters to her is being comfortable and happy.

I don’t know what to say. You’re gone, but I feel like you’re still here. You are everywhere and nowhere at once. I see you in the flowers that line the roads on a lonely journey to nowhere.

Please help them to realize that when each one of them gives time, money, or effort they are making a difference. So much is at stake but there is still hope. God knows what we face and He is their only true for us.

Help them to build an inclusive society so that all of humanity can live together with equal opportunities for success. [This simple prayer can also be written for any epidemic or crisis situation in any country.]

As you do so, we are one step closer to making this a country where individuals have the freedom to dream big dreams, experience new things, and make a difference in their community. Nobody is perfect, but with your help, we can make sure that future generations never forget.

You know how many times we’ve lied, how many times we’ve taken something that isn’t ours, and how often we’ve been proud. You can hear every word we say and every thought we think. You see everything!

You know every word we say, heard each thought that we thought, and everything we’ve ever done in our lives. You will judge us with justice if we don’t obey your commandments while reminding us to fear you by announcing your wrath.

Thank you for all the bright lights in the sky, as well as for the large moon which shines so beautifully at night. Thank you for every opportunity you have given us and everything else you have done for us.

Thank you for the stars and moon that show us your glory, and the sun that lights our days, and the planets that orbit around stars. We thank you for the air we breathe and the food we eat. We are truly grateful for each day, for everything around us, and for all that you give us to experience. We thank you, Lord God, from the deepest depths of our hearts!

A prayer for the American youths, who have discovered and cultivated the true meaning of love, it is, “to have and to hold forever.”

Dear Lord, please protect our children from the flu. May they be safe from harm and plague. Please let their souls find healing and peace, in your time and in your way. We ask for this out of love for them, your children, and for a brighter future. Amen

O dear God, please help every single one of our Youths to realize that they are beautiful and loved by so many because they fill our lives with love, laughter, and compassion. Please help them to understand the power they have to make positive changes in the world.

Lord, please spare us from the pandemic! Don’t take our children away! We are depending on You! We are depending on You!

O Lord, please hear my prayer from the depth of your heart. Please give our youths wisdom to cherish and love one another despite the racial, ethnic, and personal differences that often create barriers in our communities.

Almighty God, comfort and relieve the minds of the people of the United States on account of the present prevalence of epidemic diseases; take away all fear, and grant that all who are sick may be restored to health, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Dear God, Will You send a plague that will kill young people who are mean to their parents and to other people? Just kill all of them. Amen.

God, watch over the young men and women of today. They will be our leaders tomorrow. Guide them with your wisdom and let their soft hearts learn from the past. Protect them from harm and bless them in each of their endeavors.

My heart aches for you. I’ve been praying for you and thinking of you every day. While I can’t always be in your life, know that I am praying for you and will continue to do so. Know that the heavens await you and that I am right here with God knowing how much pain you are in. He loves you even in your darkest hours. Never forget that!

God, you made the heavens and earth. You created every living and non-living thing on this planet. You know each hair on our head and the number of hairs we have on our bodies.

You made the skies and the earth! You created every living and nonliving thing on this planet. You know each hair on our head and the number of hairs on our body. You know every word we say, heard each thought that we thought, and everything we’ve ever done in our lives. You will judge us with strict justice.

You made the skies and the earth, a flawless gem. You created every living and nonliving thing, with precision. You know each hair on our head and the number of hairs on our body.

You are God, the Creator of everything in the universe. You made all of us, only you know all about us, and will judge us.

You made the universe and everything within it. You know all that’s happened in our lives, what we’ve said, and even what we haven’t said yet. When we finally come before you, we need your mercy.

You are an all-powerful and majestic God that rules over us. You are infinite in power, wisdom, and might. We will trust in you to take care of us through the good and bad times.

You are holy and worthy of praise! You gave us everything!

You know everything about us. We may think we’re masters of this earth, but we won’t get away with anything in front of you.

The God that I am talking to, knows everything we do and say.

Thank you for the bounties of nature and the blessing that is our life. We thank you for bringing us together to unite us before you and thank you for all the lessons you have taught us thus far. May we continue to learn from your wisdom and grace.

All the praise and glory should go to the true King of kings.

We are your creation. You made us. How can we live in a world where you will be the judge of our actions?

You’re all-powerful, merciful, and utterly powerful. You can do anything at any time.

God, you’re amazing! You are awesome in every way. You created the world and everything that’s in it. You know how many hairs are on my head, how many times I’ve lied, and how often I’ve been proud. You can hear what I am thinking and see what I am doing to the very second. You know all about me!

This is a personal branding statement written to promote your faith. This tone is bold and sure of itself as it speaks to your readers.

God, we’re so grateful for the way you live in us and love us unconditionally. You have big plans for our lives, and have already started to bless us financially!

God, we just wanted to let you know that we are thankful for all you have done for us. You gave us this wonderful planet in which we live and we really appreciate it. From animals, plants, and humans to the stars and moon, they all make our lives worth living. We thank you for everything.

We would like to thank you for this amazing planet that we live on. You gave us space and time to explore and enjoy. We are thankful for the animals, plants, and humans that make our lives worth living.

We are thankful for everything you have given us. The universe you created has blessed us more than we can even imagine. Thank you for all your creatures, including humans, who bring boundless joy into our lives.

We are thankful for everything you have done for us, God. We hope that you will continue to bless us with the amazing planet Earth.

Dear God, We are thankful for all you have done for us. Without your divine intervention, this world would be an obscure place to live. We thank you for all that we have, and everything you have given us. Everything about our lives is the best it could possibly be. Praise the Lord!

We are thankful to have this planet and all that is on it. You are so good to us.

And God said, “Let there be Earth,” and there was Earth. God saw that it was good, and He separated the land from the water and called Earth ‘dry.’ And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

Like a muscle, the more you exercise gratitude, the stronger it will become.

We want you to know that we can be trusted. We’ve been in business for over a decade and each year we strive to deliver an excellent service experience.

Keep them warm and fed, keep them happy, and bring to them a chance of happiness. Help our great nation find harmony once again. We give thanks for your protection and mercy here in America.

Keep them away from harm and watch over them in their travels. Protect them during the times they are home ill because there is no way to tell who has contracted the illness or who might be a carrier until it shows up on a test.

Let our country be proud, strong, and free. Help us lead people to Your love, compassion, and mercy. Teach us to forgive each other and serve as You have directed so that we may come together in peace, justice, and respect for all our brothers.

If we love ourselves we will think about our lives and others around us, and thinking only of ourselves harms other people..And loving ourselves, we will be selfish in this way or another. Thank You.

Please watch over those that accused not loved, scolded, or harass. Please put on those who have lost faith, hope, and love for life.

We humble ourselves before you and thank you for all the lives that have been taken away too soon. We pray that everyone will find peace within themselves to live a normal life and to be as joyous as they

Give them a glimpse of hope and joy so that they may be able to make it through this tough time with a strong faith in you. Please be their guiding light, their safe haven, and their confidant when no one else is there. I am grateful to have an awesome God like you.

Dear Lord, please help our American youths fight off this pandemic. Please watch over their friends and families and give them the strength to make it through these hard times.

God, we thank you and praise you for watching over us in these dark times. You are the bright sun that brings light to our darkest hour. Keep American youths safe from harm.

Dear Lord, please heal our sick children, and give us the strength to deal with this terrible epidemic.

Dear God, we beg you in the name of our Lord. Please help us in this time of trial. We ask for your help with wisdom, selflessness, and courage. We pray for everyone that is in danger of contracting this deadly disease.

God bless every Mama, Papa, Sister, and Brother in America. Keep them safe and healthy. Give them the courage to do what is right, but remind them to not judge others because they don’t know anything about their struggles.

Lord, cover our nation’s youths with the [courage] and [bravery] of a lion. Let them persevere through the difficulties of this time. Hold steady their heart, mind, and soul. [Protect] them from harm.

Dear Lord, I pray for all the youths of America. Help us to remember that we are not the most important thing on this earth. We must take a step back and see where we are going in life, and think about our lives and how we spend it.

Almighty God our heavenly father, may the children of America–our dear country–love you more and more. May they be happier and may they respect their elders. May they sing and dance more joyfully, to praise your kindness and mercy. Please bless them all. Amen!

God, help our children. It is their hands that will create new ways of living. Help them to be fruitful and help.

May the Lord watch over and protect you from all harm. May your heart be sheltered with Divine Love and Light. Amen.

O LORD our heavenly Father, high and mighty King of kings, Lord of lords! Your ways are holy. Your Name is HOLY, and Your KINGDOM is HOLY and RIGHTEOUS and true. The greatness of your power cannot be understood, for your RULE is an everlasting RULE.

Dear Lord, Watch over American Youths, they are the future of our country. Give them a strong heart and mind to fight this deadly disease. Put down their heart and only love if you see them fighting with pride with the rest of the family to survive.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for our loving friends and family. We thank you for our safety and the people that have died from this virus, who in the end are safe in your arms. We ask that you help us through these days of panic, terror, worry, and grief.

Dear Lord, please guide the hands of our American youths through these upcoming tumultuous times. Watch over them with your loving hands and pray for health and safety daily. Be there for your people during this difficult time.

Dear God, We thank you for the gift of our beautiful country. We pray that you bless every single American youth with a special blessing, healing, and love. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Send angels to protect our youths, Touch their hearts and open their minds with the compassion of God, Guide them in the wisdom of love, Enfold them in the arms of your mercy. Heal them, Lord, they have gone astray; Help them to find the path that leads to you.

O God, Father of all mankind, look with mercy upon the young women and men of the United States, that they may be preserved safe from disease which is destructive to life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God, please protect our youth. Bring peace to their mind and let them be able to sleep tonight if it is your will. Protect them from all the things that can hurt them both emotionally and physically.

Dear Lord, We ask that you protect our children from the evil of this world. We pray for the innocents who went before us and for those who are yet to be born. Protect us from disease, violence, and a life of sin. It is in your name we pray. Amen.

Lord, spare our children and grant them the gift of health, grant them wisdom to make good decisions and the strength to stay off drugs. Please help us all spread the word about purity.

Lead me, Lord, in every direction that I may have the courage to follow. Point the way and provide a steady hand to hold. Forgive me of my sins, cleanse my soul and help me to understand why love must truly be shared and given freely and readily. Grant me the wisdom to know right from wrong and the strength to do what is just.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name! Thy kingdom comes, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

My brother, God has given you another day. Your weary soul is longing for rest. You are overworked and are facing insurmountable odds. You are fatigued from the battles you face daily. The constant demands of life keep you without rest. And the temptation to give in.

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