Prayer for American Workers During COVID-19

The swine flu was especially dangerous for people who had weakened immune systems. Yet, workers at the plant were frightened to take time off to visit doctors. Some of them even died because they weren’t willing to take off work. The deaths of those workers are a reminder that the danger wasn’t only in the factory; it was also in the line of work they did every day. So below are some prayer points to offer.

Prayer for American Workers During COVID-19

Please help us to take a break from our hand to mouth existence. We are so close to financial independence, but we have to have a little help from our friends. Good friends have helped us in the past and we believe that they will be with us today in our time of need.

I pray that on this day, each of us will allow ourselves to be set free from the blocks and fears that prevent us from walking in love and good faith at work.

Guide those who are using tools and equipment to do their work safely. Protect them from accidents and misunderstandings. Dear God, protect all workers through the rest of this week and into the next. In your gracious name, we ask it! Amen!

May their hearts be strong to do their jobs well without rest and weary, may they be courageous enough to take up the challenge that awaits. Let their hearts be firm that they shall not falter but remain steadfast till the end.

Give them a great love of duty, and a constant fear of offending thee. Endow them with the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit; make them faithful to thy service and obedient to their superiors.

I pray for the American worker during this covid-19 period. With the god of love and justice in my heart, I will pray for America as it struggles to move forward. I pray that the lawmaker’s decisions are guided by pure intentions and made with wisdom. At a time when many income groups are struggling to make ends meet, there should not be additional burdens placed on the backs of workers.

Dear God: Please bless all American workers, especially those who are unemployed. Keep them safe, let them get the jobs they need and deserve, and bring them closer to their dreams. Give our government wisdom in making decisions about jobs for people. May we come together in your name and work together for each other.

G-d, working conditions in America are really tough. Since the past two decades, corporate offices have been laying off thousands of workers. Please help us to unite and fight for our rights! Amen!

We pray for the workers of America. We know that you are struggling with finances, life, and business. We do not take your struggles lightly. Please help this nation to progress through the tough economic times. Please help the small business owners who struggle every day to make ends meet.

I pray for all workers, those just beginning their career, the veteran worker, and the worker who has retired.

Dear God, today I pray for all the hard working families out there across America. I pray that they will receive the love and support they need to do their job well. Let everyone involved with these jobs be blessed with strength and wisdom to do what is right.

God, please hear my prayer and the prayers of this entire nation. America needs you! You were made great by hard working Americans. We need that kind of help now. Thank you, God, for your support,

Heavenly Father, I pray that during the holiday season my relatives that work hard in the cold, get to stay warm and return home safely at the end of their workday. May you bestow upon them good health strength and endurance. And may they return home to those who are most precious to them.

Dear God, I pray that the people of this country can overcome the burdens placed upon them so they may live a more fulfilling life. I pray that there are no more senseless acts of hatred, and instead acts done out of kindness and love. I pray for those who are suffering in war, at home, and in the community. I pray that we are lifted up and shown a path to peace and prosperity. God help us all!

Lord, we thank you for your infinite Mercy and desire to bring us closer to you and your son, Jesus. We thank you for allowing us as a family and a community of faith to get together today to celebrate Hoshana Raba.

Dearest Saint Jude, I pray for the workers in America. Please intercede on their behalf and bless them to have a blessed day. May you help them work with joy, love, and success! Amen.

May prayer surround you as you work today. May God direct your steps from the moment you leave home and bring you back safely when your day is done. May the scourge of labor be lifted from our workplaces, and may all employees be treated fairly for the work they do.

Dear Lord, we pray to you today for the safety and wellbeing of all those who are working today by choice or by force. Help them to be safe and protected from harm.

I pray for prayer for all prisoners of work in the USA. I pray that you will have the opportunity to work in a safe and secure environment where you feel fulfilled and happy at work. I pray you will have time with your family and friends, and time to relax and enjoy the little things in life.

Father, we come before you today to pray for the workers. They are laboring diligently in the harvest.

May our Lord give forth all the workers in America enough strength and support to battle these hard times and gut it through.

Lord, please look over them. A husband’s prayer for his wife on her first day back to work after 6 weeks of maternity leave.

Let your divine love pour down upon me, my family, and all of humanity. Let the pure light of your spirit strengthen our hope, serenity, and resolve for a just world for all.

And don’t forget to remember your creator on the day which is a reminder of Him. While you’re working make davening no less than twenty minutes. Increase your prayers during days marked in anniversaries of tragedies, davening on this day to show your gratitude.

I have seen nothing saving you O god. Neither do I see anyone or anything else. What about those that work for a noble cause and for those who don’t have anything at all? Who will care for them?

Dear God, Sincerely we beseech thee, that thou wouldst inspire with the heavenly gift of thy grace all whom it may concern; wheresoever they be, and in whatever position they are to work; that they may do their duty faithfully in their several places.

I pray that employees would find another way to settle the issues, whatever they may be. May you bless those in power and may they do what is right.

Dear God, Bless the American family. Protect our mothers, fathers, and children. Bless our friends and neighbors. Protect the men and women that toil upon the land and the sea, in factories, and the offices of their employers.

May the Lord give you comfort now and strength for the days ahead. May he fill your hearts with peace and your minds with wisdom as we all try to heal from this tragedy. He will give you what you need to carry on. All you have to do is ask.

Let them always remember that their work for their family is the most important thing in their life. Give them the courage and time to take care of one another, making sure their needs are never compromised. I pray that we at home appreciate it.

May you be filled with prayers for our economy and the work of our hands. May you pray for safe days in our factories, jobs for all, and will to live. I send these prayers on wings of your love into the deeper places where Louisa, Imana, and God meet.

Everyone at work is sick and complaining, while we continue to organize key projects through the chaos. To ensure that we all remain happy, healthy, and productive, I offer this simple prayer: Bless us with good health and the energy and focus to do our jobs for the sake of our country.

All public schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces should remain closed during the crisis. That includes all professional sports arenas. Clergy members and other types of self-employed people, like attorneys, may need to remain home in order to care for their families. The media should remain free and uncensored so that the public can get prompt updates on the disease.

Compassion is a virtue, but it doesn’t seem to be as widespread as it should be. The world has so many sick and starving children, families, and teenagers dying from poverty, natural disaster, and war. Millions of immigrants deal with discrimination. It is up to us to help them.

“Help us in our time of trouble. Give us faith and trust that your plans are in our favor, that we can still be strong. Help us to find our way out of the darkness, offer us a helping hand”

Almighty God, be now present with the men and women who protect, defend and build this land. May your love sustain and strengthen them in their work like a shield, protecting them from all harm. Give them the courage and wisdom to carry out their duties with purity of heart, so that, as they obey Your commandments, liberated from worldly cares, they may live peaceful and tranquil lives in full fidelity to You.

Thank you for all who work day in and day out. Thank you, God, for providing us with the tools to make things easier. Amen!

Lord, we pray for the ill and dying in this city today. We ask You to heal them of their sickness and return them to us. Give doctors wisdom and discernment, and strength. You will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

Please protect them as they face this unknown threat. Dear Lord, let them look forward to coming home again. May they get enough sleep, healthy food, and water while they are helping their patients. Protect their minds and spirits so they may come out of this experience healthy themselves. In your name, we pray.

Be with the doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who are working so diligently to protect us from this disease. Help them understand your Will for this situation, that they might minister to all with love, compassion, and wisdom.

Dear Lord, please keep the doctors and nurses safe in America during the bird flu pandemic. Health care workers around the world are volunteering to go help and take care of those who are sick.

God, we ask for your help and guidance for the American people today. They’re caught in a flood of panic and confusion. They’re hearing conflicting reports on the risk and severity of the illness, and even whether it can be sexually transmitted.

Dear workers, I pray you stay safe in your home and stay away from the infected. Those of you who must travel, pray to God that you live and come back home safe. May God hold you in the palm of his hand always. Amen

heavenly father, I pray to you to protect my family, my friends, and the people of America. treat those who are sick with care and love. but send strength and protection to the millions of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers that work tirelessly through this great epidemic.

Bless the hands of our American heroes. They work tirelessly to fight the pandemic. Please let them find the cure and save us quickly!

Dear Lord, please watch over my fellow workers. Please bless each of them and their families as they are affected by this disease. Please bring health back to our world. In the lord’s name, I pray, amen

Dear Father, as Americans, we are all in this together. We all pray for the health of those who are sick so that they will get better soon. We ask for the doctors and nurses who do what they can to help the sick people to be protected from sickness themselves. Please help our leaders to take good care of us, and help us support each other during this time of need.

I am, unfortunately, one of first people to be laid off in this climate. I’ve been through a lot in the past five years and I can’t take much more. I keep saying that things are going to be great again someday, but it may never happen for us. When things got tough in the past, you were always there for me, but now it is my turn to take care of you. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated.

The workers who are sick but can’t afford to take the time off—please feel better. The workers who have to keep working through pain—please feel better. The workers with young children who can’t get home to care for them—please feel better. The single moms working two jobs—please feel better

May all the workers of our country who are laboring so hard and long be kept safe in health, employed until old age and rewarded with a just share in the fruits of their labor.

O merciful God, in this dark hour of testing grant us your protection. We call upon your mighty power to light our way during this time of uncertainty. Show us the way to carry out the work that you have given us and strengthen our resolve. Give us the strength to persevere, and in your mercy give us a clear vision to lead us out of this crisis.

May God bless us that we may daily become more skillful in our craft. May he give us understanding and intuitive knowledge that we may pursue our trade in cooperation and understanding.

We thank you for the understanding and cooperation from management. Please watch over all of us as we work towards a healthier America.

Let there be peace while they fight their battle. This prayer is in honor of all those who are fighting this deadly flu, but most importantly my son, your son. Please watch over him too and help him get better soon!

We pray for the sick protectors, police, and firemen. Help them to stay strong in their duties and bring them, families, through your love and grace. We thank you Lord; we prayed for our health and safety from disease.

Grant us wisdom in knowing what to do for those afflicted by this disease, that we may prevent more of our people from becoming sick. Hear us, O Lord, as we entreat you on behalf of your children that they may be spared. We pray this in your name.

For those who have been struck down, please know that in our hearts we are thinking about you from across the world and people cry with you. Please hug your family a little tighter and pray for good health so you may recover, then spread this message around to others.

Dear Lord, we pray for our fellow workers as they take the necessary precautions to prevent the further spread of the pandemic. We ask that you send your angels to protect and guide our brothers and sisters in the workplace.

Dear Lord, please watch over our American workers and keep them safe. Please heal and comfort the families of those who have passed away fighting this deadly disease.

Lord, we ask for your help for American workers who are sick. Please give them a speedy recovery so that they can fulfill their duties to their families and workplaces!

Dear Lord, please heal all of our workers who have fallen ill from the deadly virus and are hospitalized. Please ease the suffering of their loved ones, and give strength to their families and friends.

May God bless you and keep you all. May He lighten your burdens and give you strength. May He ease the pain of all our workers dealing with the epidemic.

Take a breath and take a second to pray for the victims and their families of the flu pandemic. They certainly could use all the help from a Higher Power and fellow man that they can get.

I pray that God will look upon the people of the United States and offer his protection. I pray for peace and an end to the H1N1 flu. The world and our great country need the good Lord.

Dear Lord, we pray for all American workers who, like us, are stricken with fear. We’re afraid that if we lose our jobs, we may lose the roof over our heads. With the loss of one paycheck could come the loss of another paycheck. Money is tight and if these layoffs continue in numbers we know not when it will end. So everyone, let’s give our best and help each other out!

I carry you in my heart and pray to God for your safety. Be careful and stay strong. I love you.

God, please heal your children of Kuru, an awful disease found in the New Guinea area. It was transmitted through cannibalistic rituals. I pray for those who suffer from this terrible disease. Amen.”

We the American people give our support to the dedication, the honor, and the courage of all our soldiers. On this day and every day let us remember those we’ve lost. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Lord, I thank you for all the help and support I have received because of my job, but lately, I have felt drawn to work. I feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities and pressure from my boss and co-workers. Some days bring me intense anxiety and stress, I just can’t stop thinking about work. But then other times when something great happens at work, I’m filled with gratitude and excitement.

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