Prayer for American Schools During COVID-19

Here are some prayer points I could come up with. I think it’s really relevant to us all. Let’s pray for wisdom, Godliness, discernment, and firmness of heart to teachers and administrators of America’s wonderful education system during the current pandemic. May we not have another outbreak of Columbine on our hands.

Prayer for American Schools During COVID-19

God bless our schools, teachers, and students as we protect them from a potential swine flu pandemic.

Dear God, please help the schools in America so that young children can learn to love and share with each other. Please rid us of the panic and fear that has taken over. And help us remember that this is only a test. You will be with me and guide me all the way through.

Dear Jesus, help our schools be safe places and heal the sick, so that panic may cease. Keep vigil over the sick and dying, give to their families the reassurance of your presence.

Dear God, thank you for protecting us. Keep us safe during this epidemic. Bless all those who are affected by this disease and keep them in your grace.

Dear Lord, please spare my child from the flu. Keep him safe and healthy, let him grow up to do great things, and spread your love in this world. Please bless him with a long and full life. Heal his sickness and ease his pain. Lift him up from his bed of misery and give him back his health and strength.

Oh merciful and generous God, you see all of creation. You are the author of humanity! And, as we look upon your creation we marvel at its beauty, but also at its frailty. For we also see your creatures in pain and despair. We see them torn apart by a vicious pandemic that has already taken so many lives and caused much chaos across the land.

Dear God, please bless our children and keep them safe as we work to improve our communities. Help us and guide us as we change will to wisdom and exchange hate for hope. Please give us the strength to carry on. Amen

O Lord hear my pleas, hear our calls, and grant us your peace. Give us the courage to do the right thing and heal our broken world. Please bless America with your divine protection. We ask for it in the name of the Father, with the Son, and Holy Ghost. Thank you

Lord, I pray that you may ensure the safety of the children and young people in our schools. Help them to see that they are made in your image, and fill them with the desire to be kind to others and helpful too. Remind them that we all make mistakes. Help them to treat each other with kindness and respect and fill them with love for one another. Amen

We pray for the strength of our teachers as they try to ensure the safety of their students. We pray that our children’s immune systems will strengthen and that their hearts can be opened to love, not hate. We pray that God will watch over our schools during this pandemic and bless the lives of all within the walls.

Dear Lord, please look over these American Schools as they mourn the lost of their students and colleagues. Send your Angels to comfort them and to sustain them in this time of tragedy. Please grant the authorities and teachers at this school the strength to continue on and protect the children.

Dear God, please bless our schools in America. Please help protect us from the flu. Let us all be healthy. In the lord’s name, I pray, Amen.

Dear God, please help our schools become flu free zones. I ask that you forgive all the bad things that children have done, and show them true love and how to be honorable citizens. Heal their wounds, give them strength, and help them feel safe again. Thank you. Amen.

O Great Creator, I ask for your guidance and protection for our children, teachers, and staff in the coming days. Please instill through their knowledge, confidence, safety, and understanding during this difficult time.

Dear God: please take care of those who got the swine flu, I will pray for them to get better soon!

Let’s all pray for the safety of our schools, that no new cases or spread of infection develop in our children or faculty. Let us pray for those infected and their families.

Dear God, You have given us many blessings. We are thankful for our families, friends, teachers, and relatives. Keep them safe. Give courage and help to those who are fighting this disease. May we all be brave in the face of this horrible illness. Give us the strength to fight it off and to heal all who have been infected.

Dear God, please give to all the students, teachers, and administrators of our schools and colleges a spirit of health and peace. Protect them from physical and emotional harm.

God, help my school. Keep it safe from harm. Let our teachers and administrators be protected from all evil. Let them feel your peace and the love that you have for us. Please guide us and protect us.

Dear Lord, please help to make the children of America healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen. God Bless Canada.

God, God…please stop the occurrence of this disease that is hindering our friends, their families, and the whole nation. Everyone of us have each other to help us fight this terrible illness. We know you will give us wisdom and courage to face all difficulties we have because you are always with us. Amen

Dear God, please spare us from the swine flu virus and protect our little children. We pray for your divine protection, guidance, and for the return of our loved ones home safely.

Dear God, please protect the principals, teachers, and students of this school. Please also keep their families safe from this virus. Finally, please give all the students good health and happiness in their families and friends. Amen

Lord, please protect all the students in America. And their parents who sometimes don’t have enough to pay the bills, just so they can keep the heat on and so their children can have a proper education. I pray for all students and teachers today.

Dear Lord, please take away these horrible diseases from the students and staff of this school. I ask for your blessing on all those who were hurt during the infections and that your loving hands guide us through until spring break is here.

Dear Lord, we ask for your guidance as our children struggle to understand about people who are actively dying from this deadly virus. Please help them learn about protecting themselves and their friends.

God, creator of all beings, be with us now and guide us to solve our problems in the best way. Lead us away from the disease and from death. Protect our homes and families. Save those who do not have protection. Fend off the virus, please! Please help us get through this dreadful time.

Dear Lord and Savior, we come to you now with a heavy heart. The world is in chaos, the children have no trust. They go to school every day afraid of being shot. We ask that you provide a return to safety and security for our children. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.

I ask for the Lord’s protection to keep our schools safe. Guide the people of this country in their decisions to keep our children calm, and reassure parents they have made the right decision by sending their kids to school.

Dear God, Please give me the strength to stop this epidemic. Protect my friends and classmates, and make me strong enough to finish this part of my life. Thank you for all the prayers! Amen!

I know you’re worried about the state of your fellow students. It’s scary to think about, but there is cause to be optimistic.

Dear God, we pray for America’s schools and students. May they be well and safe. Protect them as they travel to and from school. We pray that there will be no further cases of swine flu and keep the World Health Organization’s hand at bay. Keep the children healthy. In your blessed name, we pray, Amen

Dear United States of America, we pray for our schools, families, and soldiers. We pray for love, peace, and understanding. We pray for health and wellness. We pray for safety and security.

Dear Father, I pray today to help those who are sick with the swine flu. I am really concerned about my friends and family in Mexico, who are suffering the most from this virus.

Heavenly Father, bring your healing to our schools and communities. Heal all those who are sick and comfort all who are in pain. Open up the hearts of our politicians and legislatures to understand the needs of mothers and fathers who have children to raise.

God, our Father, defender of the afflicted and helper of all in need. We implore you to see the anxiety and panic which have gripped all school children in these difficult times, and ask you to bring hope, courage, and peace into their hearts. And grant that all parents may remain calm in your presence, as they pray for a compassionate end to this plague so that hatred is overcome by love, distrust by trust, and fear by confidence in your goodness. Above all, we pray for the health

Dear God, Please help America’s sick children. Heal the hearts and minds of their parents. Help staff members find ways to help them. Show teachers how best to teach them. Give doctors the wisdom needed to treat them. Send angels to help these families cope with this dire situation. Amen

God, our Heavenly Father, Your Son Jesus has given us love that is beyond understanding. A love that crosses time and space. A love of family and community, a love for all mankind. That is the type of love we, as your children and families on earth, ask for all schools here in the United States.

Dear Lord, please send help to America as a disease has surfaced and is killing many people. Please protect the patients who are trying to find a cure. Protect the doctors who are trying to stop this epidemic. We ask that thy be found. Amen

God our Father, Thank you for the opportunity to reach out to those around us. Lord, guide us as we go about helping others. Please bring health and happiness to those you love. We work for YOU! Amen.

God, our Father in Heaven, who art blessed forever, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom comes, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Dear Lord, please help America’s schools. Disease is everywhere and the children are in danger. They need your protection and guidance. Please keep them safe. Let them have time to play, learn, laugh, and grow in knowledge. Give them happy homes and healthy families so that they may learn from examples of happiness and love.

Dear Lord, Please guide the American leaders of this great country as they deal with the swine flu outbreak. Please help us all stay calm in these trying times and help our country move forward. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Dear God, please heal America’s economy and make the stock market rise again for the livelihood of the citizens. Please heal our country, restore hope, and make people feel safe.

Dear Lord, please heal those who have been struck with the Swine Flu. Let them know your comfort and grace. Show them light in the midst of their darkest days. And may they feel your presence in their heart and guide them through this disease.

Dear Creator, we pray that finally, the virus will end. We are afraid and we don’t want to go to school. We live in fear and our homes are being invaded by police officers and coroners. Please let it stop soon!

Dear God, please help our schools and make them safe. Please protect all the kids and adults women and men who work there. Protect them from disease, death, and harm. Help them pass Unseen Tears a good education so they can get good jobs and enjoy this life. <

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray that throughout the nation students, teachers and staff will show kindness not only to their friends but also to those with whom they are strangers.

Lord, there’s so much bad happening in our world today. Bad and evil are winning the fight against right and good. I know that you’ve already saved all of us once, but if you could bring protection to the people and families in West Africa against covid19. If you could make the people healthy enough to go out and stop a few of the carriers before they spread it, Lord, I know you can do anything.

Dear Lord, Thank you for bringing us together to learn every day. Thank you for our teachers who make that possible. Please watch over them and keep them safe while they care for us. Help us always to be good people, to respect our teachers, families, and country. Bless America in this hour of need. We know you are looking down on us with love and blessings today.

Heavenly Father, hear our prayer for the teachers. They must be fearless. Let them feel your strength and know they are never alone. Give them the courage to face their classrooms with faith, not panic. Give them wisdom to understand each child and guide them with your love. Guide each of us as we seek the best solutions to school discipline problems. Amen.

Make us patient in times of trouble and humble enough to listen and care for one another. May we love God above all else and in our celebrations honor him through praise, generosity, and prayer.

As their bodies fight the virus, help their spirits to be strong and to stay secure in Your love. May they be selfless and willing to help others while they get better during this difficult time. Show these children that they are loved by many today and remain in Your embrace forever.

May God protect us and provide a cure as soon as possible. Amen: Let us also support effective prevention measures and teach all children to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, which has been shown again and again by top scientists to kill many germs.

Fill them with hope and appreciation for the ability to learn and live. Give us the wisdom we need to educate our children to love one another in peace filled classrooms. Help us always to understand that self-respect must begin with personal hygiene, hard study, and good manners.

Please let them all heal quickly so we can enjoy our holidays. Dear Lord, please help us spread awareness about this horrible disease so it doesn’t strike here again and help us grow more strong in you. Show us the way and help our teachers.

Help them to understand that just because someone has the virus does not mean they have the disease. Pray for those stricken, their families, the doctors, and all involved in researching a cure.”

I believe that love is everywhere and not in just one place or one person. You’re not by yourself, there is a lot of love in the world and it’s not just from family, friends, or significant others. So take heart and remember everyone is thinking of you and rooting for you.

We pray for our teachers and students, that they may be kept safe from harm. That our schools will be holy places, where truth is found and God respected in all his glory and majesty.

Heal each person who has been infected and let them be strong enough to fight. Satan’s work is at work through this illness, but we will overcome it. Protect my friends from being afraid to go out and help their classmates. We have faith that you will take care of us every day.

Lead them on a path that will satisfy the most basic needs of these families: An education for the young, a living wage for the adults, and affordable health care for everyone. Be with us in this time of crisis. Hear our prayers!

A love for our students and teachers that will not be diminished by words or actions of hate. That will be restored through faith and trust. We ask this in the name.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

Please help our schools to be safe places where kids bring their love of education and knowledge. Please help our teachers so they can always give one hundred percent of their heart and soul to our kids every day. We love you! Amen.

These things are causing many problems. Therefore, we humbly request your help so that good things may always happen in America and all around the world too. Please save the people who have been taken ill with H1N1 and make them healthy again.

We give thanks to you for blessing us with the love and kindness of our fellow Americans. Let each of us strive to be more loving, forgiving, and accepting of each other no matter what race or background. Bless us as we rebuild our country physically and spiritually and show us your power that is beyond all.

For those not in your embrace yet, give them the courage to keep trying and fighting. When their hearts break, fill them with your love so they may know it is safe to fall down and we’re here to pick them back up.

Dear Heavenly Father, help our schools be safe from disease. Help those with flu like symptoms to get better. Please watch over our children keep them healthy and safe.

We must pray for all schools in America, that the outbreak doesn’t continue to grow. Many have been infected and we don’t know of any way to stop it. Schools are still opening, running as usual, and haven’t canceled any classes. Instead, they are trying to keep it a secret, but that doesn’t work when you have hundreds of kids spread across the country getting sick every day.

Dear, Lord, our heavenly father; all mighty God; thank you for this opportunity to be heard. We are troubled by all that is happening in the world today. So many bad things are occurring in the United States and around the world.

Dear Lord, Please help our schools to be safe from the flu and other illnesses spreading. Let anyone who might get sick to get well soon, and let us all do our best to take care of each other. Our thoughts and prayers everywhere be with each other and their families. Help us all feel safe for now and for the future. Amen!

Dear God, Teachers, and students across the country have been stricken by the Swine Flu. Please, bless all of them and keep them safe. Watch over them and keep them safe from all harm.

Dear Lord, hear our prayer! With the recent news that there is a widespread flu outbreak and schools may close up to a week, we humbly pray that they stay open. We thank thee in advance for safety as people travel to get to school. As we pray, let us also prepare ourselves with extra hand sanitizers, tissues, and home remedies. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Dear Lord, please be with our teachers and students. Protect them from the pain and suffering they are enduring. Give them a reason to hope as this horrible day draws on. Bring all the sick back to health and give our teachers the strength to carry on.

Dear God, We ask for your protection and guidance in this time of great need. Protect our people from the spread of disease and violence, bring peace to our hearts, and strengthen to our minds.

Dear Lord, please look over the students at our school today and make sure they feel better. Help them to get better and come back to class tomorrow ready to learn. Bless the teachers that have to stay home as well. Thank you for taking care of us all. AAM

Heavenly Father, thank you for this world you have given us. Guide us and protect us. Bless those who are sick, hurt, scared, and broken inside. Help them to feel your love and find the faith they need to heal.

Just writing to say hi. I am feeling fine and just wanted to check in. Hope everything, and I mean everything is going well with you. Please keep me on your prayer list because I need all the help that I can get. Hope to hear from you soon!

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