Prayer for American Prisoners During COVID-19

Pour out your heart to the Lord in prayer for our nation’s prisoners. America is a nation of law and justice. We have turned away from God in many ways. Pray that God would open our eyes to see the people behind bars and not just the crimes that separate us from them. Pray for those who are serving their sentences, for their families, for those who are let out of prison, for victims and their families, and for the guards.

Prayer for American Prisoners During COVID-19

Please let them feel your love and guidance. And please help them to be rehabilitated at a facility where they will have the tools to rejoin society and be good people again. Dear God, thank you very much.

I pray this with God’s love shining down on each of you and releasing blessings Your way right now. Amen

May our Creator watch over you and protect you. If possible may peace be brought out of this tragic time in your life? Is there a change of heart? Perhaps the Creator can bring that peace and make something positive?

We all have our own way of praying. I’m not saying that anyway is better than another, just different. There will come a time when you too need to find your own way of praying. Here is some information about different ways you can pray for the prisoners.

I pray for all prisoners, the innocent and guilty alike. God bless you all during this time of the Holy Week, I pray that you are comforted by your families who have been here in your stead.

Let this be a new beginning of life without crime, drugs, or alcohol. Guide them through the legal processes. Let them learn their true value in your eyes. Show them that they are more than just a number in a prison cell. Help them to see the light.

They are countless who are locked up today in United States’ prisons and jails who have been betrayed by the American Justice system; awaiting a trial and a second chance in life, but seeming as if no one is listening to their tears.

Show them that their hope is not gone. It is hidden deep within the walls of their cell. Let them know that there is a God who loves them and has been watching

Pray for a speedy get out from these prison walls and pray for our people who are still in the prisons of fradulent controlled nations around the globe. We hope that something good is going to be done. Many thanks for your great deed in praying for us.

I pray for those incarcerated, their families, and their loved ones. I pray for my family and friends who are imprisoned and to those outside the prison walls fighting for them.

As someone who has done your time, live each day with knowledge and application of God’s word. Peace comes with submission, peace comes with forgiveness.

Please send Your mercies to them and to their families, release them from bonds, restore their freedom and reunite them with their loved ones. Help us to make sure they are cared for and loved while they are in prison, and bless their continued growth in You when they leave prison.

May the Holy Spirit rest on each of you tonight as you recline on your small, hard bed; may He bring peace to your mind. Lord Jesus, You protect those who are being kept from free movement by physical restraints

I pray for the safety of American prisoners in Cuba during my covid-19, that g-d will protect them and give them a path out. In the Chabad language, the Hebrew word for prisoner is “ur” which contains letters from the word “rez’hu” which means redemption. So please pray for their captors that they know that what they are doing is wrong, and may have mercy on them by allowing them to leave safely.

Dear God, please be with the prisoners of America, for their crimes in life. Please bless them and give them comfort and peace. Please give all American prisoners strength to go on living, (because I know many have so little left to live for).

Today is special day of prayer for prisoners! Dear brothers and sisters, the Lord loves us all. That’s why he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for us. When we accept Jesus, God wipes away our sins and we are forgiven. I’m praying that you will accept Jesus into your life too!

Dear Lord, please give courage to everyone who is currently in prison. May they find strength in You during their darkest hours. Please give love and support to all those waiting for their release as well as their families who wait on the outside. Please help to bring comfort, peace, and abundant happiness to prisoners, their families, and all those waiting on them.

Dear Prisoners of all countries, pray for the following: May G-d bless you with strength, courage, and faith. You are precious in his sight. Pray for one another and never give up hope. Do not fear what man can do to you, fear only evil itself. Stand up for your rights as human beings and do not give up hope, no matter how much adversity you face. Always remember that G-d is on your side, regardless of the circumstances.

Lord, I pray for today to be a peaceful one in my word. Help me to give to the prisoners so that their hearts will be open that they may have a strong relationship with you. Let them know that you have forgiven them of all their sin and help them find the true meaning of peace in your word. may God bless America with this truth in his love.

Dear prisoners! Our hearts are with you, surrounded by your suffering; our hands are outstretched to reach you, touched with your pain. The walls that surround you enclose our lives as born in captivity. We have been broken in upon and we struggle for the breath of freedom, the air of human rights, the sunlight of law and justice. Let us reach out to each other here on this day that is yours for the pleading.

May their spirits be uplifted by the prayers and good wishes of the Jewish people worldwide, who recognize the person in every prisoner. May God’s grace enlighten them.

Mashiach, I am crying out to you on this holy day of Yom Kippur. LORD, have mercy and compassion on all the prisoners that are incarcerated in special cells in your honor. Have mercy on their families and loved ones. We pray for them until we are connected with you again. Forgive their sins…

The kedusha of G-d is within you, founds in the depths of your soul. The kedusha of G-d is great, it rises above all else. The kedusha of G-d gives us strength, protects us from our enemies, and guides us to peace.

I promise to pray for prisoners every day until Yom Kippur 2028. Thank you for supporting me in this project and making it a huge success.

My dearest brother, who am I to pray for your release from prison? I struggle in my spiritual life I don’t know much about faith or even the Creator. Yet, I feel compelled to say a prayer for you and your family.

Jews pray three times a day, Muslims pray five times a day, and Sena teaches us to pray our heart every time we see something that needs to be fixed.

Dear God, please watch over the inmates at [name of prison]. Protect them from danger and hardship. Give them hope for a better future. May the light of Your love shine into their hearts and bring peace to their minds. Let it be so!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, That the great prisoner initiative will be a success. Let all prisoners who are participating be blessed with clarity of vision and purpose and let the Holy Spirit guide their hearts and minds as they seek to understand their Creator.

Please watch over all the soldiers, police forces, and other law enforcement officials. Please protect them and keep them safe. Please open the eyes of law-breakers to the evil they’re doing and keep them from destroying their lives in prison.

Bless all prisoners and their families, every father, mother, son, daughter, who is imprisoned or awaiting trial. Bless them with grace, mercy, and peace. They are innocent until proven guilty along with all men and women, who are of good conscience.

If prisoners don’t have friends, they have us. And we will not stand by while they continue to be abused and oppressed.

Dear general, I pray for peace, for your family, and for your country. Your actions are not representative of the American people, who are just and fair with good intentions. May the almighty give you strength. Please return home to your family.

Dear God, From the depths of my heart, I offer thanks and gratitude to you. You have given me a home, a family, and the opportunity to attend Oklahoma State University-Tulsa and to have some of the best moments of my life there.

You are my husband, my best friend. I love you and I will see you again soon. You need to know that I am holding you tight in my heart and I will never let go. Love you so much!

I pray for all prisoners, inmates, and detainees in the United States. I ask you to keep them protected and safe, during covid-19. Bless them with peaceful hearts and minds, even in their darkest hours.

‘Cause I got two little boys, who look up to me. And baby, I will be damned If they grow up to have a father that’s locked in this cell. A COVID-19 prayer, please pray with me!

Dear God, we pray for the prisoners. Don’t let them feel alone, abandoned, and mistreated. Give them strength and courage to keep on fighting. Grant them all the serenity they need to be strong until they come back to us.

Please pray for our men and women behind bars, that they may know the love of Christ and escape the cycle of incarceration. Pray for repentance, rehabilitation, exoneration, restitution, and reconciliation. May God be glorified!

Please pray for our prisoners who are locked away inside their cells, not just in prison but deep within their hearts. Pray for them to find the strength, to be honest with themselves, and in return express that honesty to themselves and others. Teach them to see the good they have done or will do while they are locked away.

Shalom Y’all Greetings from Prisoners in Israel to you, An Israeli Jew, if by any chance you read this please pray for me and other Jewish prisoners being held here in this country of Israhell.

Dear Father, let the truth of my words reach into the hearts of all prisoners. Let them feel your love for them that surpasses any act of violence or evil. Wrap them in your ever-present love, and let them sense your presence with you, as they walk this difficult path.

Lord, I pray for all prisoners and their families. May you comfort them, keep them out of trouble and always give them hope through your healing touch. Be with them in their time of need. Amen!

Jewish World Review___ by Mona Charen___ What do you suppose the odds are that al-Qaida no longer will be training terrorists in American prisons?  Yes, that’s right, there was a time when prisoners in U.S. correctional facilities were receiving terrorist training from al-Qaida instructors paid for by the Saudi Arabian government.

Dear God, please ease the suffering of those who are incarcerated. Give them strength and courage to deal with all their challenges, let them have hope in their hearts, and help them find a positive outcome. May they emerge from their ordeal with new insight and a renewed perspective on life.

Who are the prisoners of today? They are the hundreds, the ones you will never see. Who is often forgotten? The one no one understands. Who gets left behind? Is it someone you know? These people left us behind without a reason to mourn. Pray for our prisoners. Pray for their souls, too. A million people in America are doing time for another’s crime. Pray that they break free from our shadows and walk into the sun.

Our Father in Heaven, please comfort the prisoners and their families with your love. May they be forgiven for their sins, and know that you are always with them, in every circumstance of their lives. And that though this life may bring them pain, you will wipe away all tears from their eyes and make them whole once again by yourself. We ask these things in the name of our Lord. Amen.

Please help those who are in prison to be freed with fair and just sentences. They have already suffered enough while they were imprisoned. Please let them rest comfortably and not feel the sting of execution. Comfort their families, especially those whose loved ones must die! I pray to you for this with all my heart, we can never repay you, but together we can receive your grace.

To my husband who is in prison right now, I am so sorry for your predicament. Please always remember that I am thinking about you and will love you forever no matter what. I choose to have faith that this is all a big mistake and that you will be released soon. God bless you!

We pray to the G-d of Israel, to hear the cries of all prisoners who are kept in prisons today, who have been falsely imprisoned and will be set free. For their freedom will come soon with help from G-D. May they be blessed with justice and freedom.

I pray that you find a renewed fire to fight the good fight and give your life to our Father in Heaven. I pray that you will be filled with the Holy Ghost and use your talents to serve others. I pray that everyone will remember Joseph Smith on June 27th and humbly pray for the blessings he asked for.

God, may you be compassionate and merciful to prisoners. May you give them hope in their distress. May you comfort them in all their troubles. Through your help and protection may they be free from all danger, physical or spiritual. Amen

[[ROACHES]] I want to give you a brief story. If a prisoner was caught with drugs or alcohol and “transferred” to a different prison, they still had their name put in the newspaper according to this form letter. The Utah Jail system is set up so that “guilty” inmates go to one of five prisons and then are released back into society.

I don’t pray or go to church, but I do believe in God. I am writing in hopes that you will find peace and happiness. Use this time to pay your debt for your wrongs and find what you have been missing. Read this prayer everyday and know that there are people out here who love and care about you.

Dear Lord, it is argued that every heart has a breaking point. Some people reform faster than others; for many, time is the only real healer. Forgiveness is commendable, but many people perform acts so foul that amends cannot be made in a lifetime—but this does not mean they don’t repent.

You are a prisoner not made to suffer and be forced to endure pain. We feel sorry for your sadness and pray that you should be released as soon as possible. And as we feel so bad for you, we will pray together in the hope of bringing peace to our country. With this prayer, may all the prisoners in our country be freed soon.

Dear Father, I pray for all those in prison or otherwise detained. It is our duty to care for them as part of Your family.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for every prisoner. I pray for the women and men in prison that they may come to repentance and find pardon and peace through Jesus Christ. For those who have been abused, mistreated, hurt, or have lost hope in any way, please comfort them. Help those that are broken of spirit to find the strength to overcome this point in their life.

My dear brothers incarcerated across this country, I pray that we all may have the opportunity to visit you and pray for your safety and freedom. May our Lord Jesus guide you through every moment of your time behind bars to keep you comforted, healthy, and wise.

May the prison of their minds and bodies be broken open. May the bright light from their hearts dispel the gloom. May all prisoners receive comfort, solace, and peace this Chanukah.

To criminals: I pray that you repent of your evil intentions and come to know Christ. That your heart be softened by the love of God. I pray that you repent of your evil ways and get the guidance needed to bring you to God for eternal life in heaven.

Dear Lord, you call us all out of our darkness and despair. These men and women were headed down the wrong path and in need of a little guidance to help them get back on track. They are sorry for the actions they have done, they now realize that they need your help.

I love you, my dear. I am asking that you don’t give up hope and keep your faith strong. That in the end, you will be very happy. That all is for our good for those who love and trust in God. I want to assure you that I am here loving you with all my heart and soul and I will be always with you because we belong together. I feel bad that your situation has been very hard for you and it has caused me a lot of pain

Thank you for everything! Good luck! One woman in your life.

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You are all of my hopes, dreams, and wishes wrapped up in one package. Your love has filled a hole in my heart that has been present since I was a little girl. You are more than loving to me, you listen when I need you the most. That’s what makes you so amazing to me. You have conquered the battle in my heart, and I am forever yours!

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