Prayer for American Doctors During COVID-19

Listed below are prayers for doctors and medical professionals to use during the swine flu pandemic. It is believed that the swine flu was created in a laboratory by health officials, who infected unsuspecting patients at a teaching hospital. These doctors now have no hope of surviving. Their only chance is if they can get help via prayer. So below are some prayers you can use to appreciate their efforts.

Prayer for American Doctors During COVID-19

Please heal the sick, give them comfort and strength. Protect the nursing staff from the illness that is going around. comfort those who have died from this sickness, save those that are sick. Please give them hope – please help them to find a solution.

Please help their patients fight this deadly virus and get well again quickly. Guide this special group of people who are studying and helping others. Help them to be confident that YOU will watch over them as they serve others in need. Thank you for blessing us with these kind people in our lives.

Bless the doctors who walk among the sick and give them strength and courage to continue their fight against this outbreak and save the lives of those who are dying. Be with all the mothers, fathers, and loved ones whose hearts are breaking for those who have lost their loved ones.

Help the doctors everywhere to keep in good health, so that they can take care of their patients in need. May these doctors find the sweetness of serving others around them and may they feel from all their hearts how much we need You to survive. Dear God!

Please heal the ones who are sick and comfort their families. And please Lord provide a cure for the ones infected with the virus so they may be healthy again. We pray these things in the lord’s name Amen

Help us all put aside our differences and band together in unity to fight this plague. Protect each doctor from the disease and from any attacks from those who wish ill will upon us all. May their protection come from above, so that we may live another day. Amen

As they leave their families to care for patients, protect them while they’re gone. Keep them alert and attentive at all times. Give them wisdom to do diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment. In your mercy, hear our prayer for them.

Help me to do no harm while seeking to make the world a better place. Teach me humility, so that I can remember those I serve are greater than I.

Let the people they care for recover more easily than others. Help my doctor know every step she has to take will lead her patients back to health. Please secure this during this time of pandemic flu, let our doctors be well and work hard to save your children. And let them save our country from harm. Amen

And I pray that the doctors will put their families first and enjoy them completely. I pray that families will stop turning on each other during the stress of man made sicknesses and enjoy the healing process together with love and faithfulness.

Give them strength and courage to hold fast in good faith to that which is right, and true, even in circumstances which tend to obscure the vision and confuse the mind.

Please keep them in your thoughts. There are so many that have been infected by this flu or are caring for those who have been. Protect them, comfort them, heal them. Allow for medicine to flow freely, let it reach those who need it most, and be able to cure this disease before it is too

Dear God, You see everything taking place on earth, You see it all in real time. You know the secrets of many hearts and minds. Please, please hold our doctors before, during, and after the pandemic or outbreak of co-virus 19.

Protect and surround us with your love and goodness. Guide our hands and minds as we help in the campaign to protect the people of our nation from the flu. Lovingly hear us, O Lord, as we join together in prayer for doctors as they fight this fatal infection.

GOD, I pray for all the doctors fighting SO hard to fight the H1N1 virus. GOD, keep them safe and strong as they treat others bravely. Help them to take care of themselves.

Dear God, protect the doctors who are working tirelessly to contain this virus. Thank you for the chance to serve and continue the legacy of healing.

Dear Lord, Please watch over Doctor Name and heal him as he heals his patients. Defend him as he defends his patients. Guide him in the decisions he makes for his patients and relieve him when he is overwhelmed by the burdens of care.

Dear God, Let our doctors be healed and healthy. Let them not get sick in these times when all of us are exposed. Please, please guard their bodies, minds, and souls so that they may always be there to help others, heal others and be a doctor to all of us in need. Help them to be excellent, brilliant doctors to those who require their skills. We love them and we trust that You will protect them always. Amen.

Doctors are worthy of our admiration and should be respected. They save people every day. I pray for you that you may be protected from the god of death who carries the deadly virus in his hands. I pray for your good health and happiness. – 1 Peter 2:12

Our Lord, hear our prayer. Help the doctors everywhere and everywhere, who are ill. Send your holy spirit to heal and fill them with courage and joy.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your fellow doctors and pray that you guys are okay. As I read some of the posts on this thread and realize how serious this thing is, I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. I will pray for a quick recovery and every success in all your future endeavors.

O great spirit, please let the doctors find a cure. Let there be enough willing doctors to help with this new virus, and please deliver them from evil in all its form. Let them be able to help their patient’s pain and lead their patients onto the path of wellness. I ask these things in your great name! Amen

I pray that God will give you strength and courage, but most of all, I pray that God will help you to understand all the emotions you will encounter when your ‘friend’ or patient/client dies. Although we are not present in their lives, these emotions are our burden to bear. These emotions have an element of guilt attached when it shouldn’t.

And when I call for help, he hears me. I wait in expectation for the Lord; my whole being waits for his word. . . . The Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. . . . In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise—in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?

God, please help the American doctors who are fighting the bird flu pandemic across the nation and around the world. Please keep them safe and healthy I pray to you, Lord.

Please pray for doctors working today to save lives and ease the suffering of patients. Pray for doctors at work in emergency rooms, intensive care units, operating rooms, and elsewhere children or adults who have sudden illnesses or attend to those who do. Pray that they will not become infected by disease. Pray that their families are in the very best care possible.

God bless all doctors who are taking care of the sick. Protect them from all evil and harm, watch over them with loving care. Watch over their families and loved ones while they struggle to help your children. Bless each doctor with special courage, strength, and an innate desire to help others. Watch over them when they are sleeping, and protect them always. The world needs this now more than ever before.

Dear Lord, please help the doctors and medical staff who are working day and night to save others. Please put the patients who are suffering at ease, comfort them in this time of need.

Lord, guide these doctors as they work to protect and heal your children. Give them the strength and endurance to continue on as they battle this epidemic.

Above all, my God, protect your children, the doctors, and nurses. In your mercy, hear our prayer for them. Strengthen their hands as they care for the sick. Protect them from harm and injury.

Dear God, please keep a watchful eye on our medical staff as they work to bring patients back from the very brink of death. Bless them and keep them safe with your mighty hand on all that they do. We thank you for their service and ask that you always guide them. Amen

Dear LORD, I know that my gift to study medicine is a blessing I am to thank you for. It is an enormous privilege to be a doctor. I know this, and hope that others see it too! As a physician, please give me the strength of character to serve patients with compassion and integrity.

When doctors in the world started working at the top of their pay scale and signed up for 80 hour work weeks, and a year ago many still drove used cars but enjoyed their family time, I figured it was time to draft a prayer.

Your job is not an easy one, you take on the challenge of people’s lives in your hands, and yet you are met with skepticism, fear, and uncertainty. I pray for you to never lose sight of what your true calling is. To always know when to push yourself, but to stop if you need to. I hope that your journey is exciting and filled with discovery, but that nothing out there changes the wonderful man I see before me.

May you Mercy, Help, and guidance in profiting from the snowflakes that fall from above. Their soft, beautiful touch comforts you where a prayer used to be. They glisten and sparkle when the moonlight hits them just right, just like the eyes of your mother as she looked down at you for the very first time.

Dear Lord, please bless doctors that are working hard to help your children feel better. Grant them protection and strength. Give them guidance and wisdom in the decisions they make.

Hail Mary, full of grace! May this prayer be for American doctors and an act of contrition for each of us; Each one is a gift from God, A hope in our humanity. Every life is sacred, Every human being created by God. Bless our doctors, watch over them leading thousands in hope. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.Amen.

Dear God: I pray for the overworked and underappreciated doctors in America. I pray that they can slow down long enough to take care of themselves so they can continue to heal the sick. I pray for a complete recovery for patients and their families.

Dear God, We ask you to look with compassion on our physicians and healthcare workers. Please relieve their anxiety and stress that they may view the current burden of work as an opportunity to make a personal contribution to the world not be burdened but strengthened by uncertainty. May they feel Your love and grace in their work. Amen

To the nurses, doctors, and caregivers at my local hospital. You are all such wonderful people, always thinking of others before yourselves. Thank you for everything that you do and for being there when we need you. God bless you.

Dear God, bless my husband with patience, his atremor with faith. Bring him strength and wisdom, remove his fear and doubt. Lord, please help him remember that it is our job to serve the sick and injured; not the other way around. Give him strength so that he may be courageous, wisdom so he may be wise, courage so that he may have heart, mercy so his hands are soft, and faith because you are faithful to those who call on your name.

O Almighty God, who has given to physicians the patience and skill to heal the sufferings of the sick and the dying, Grant to them the wisdom and fortitude to accept with tranquility the difficulties inherent in their heroic work.

Lord, let me be the one who listens. Let me be the one who heals. Let me be the one to pray and care. I want to give hope where there is no hope, to help when it is needed most. Let my skills and talents be used to heal others before they succumb to this horrible disease. Let me bring a smile to those who are afflicted and let me ease their pain as best I can. Let me go well beyond my call of duty and give so much more

Please pray that American doctors will have the wisdom to realize that they should be using only proven methods of medicine. And that they realize that the MMR vaccines (and other Flu and pneumonia vaccines) are not even close to being safe or effective for young babies. Things are about to get worse for them now with this new outbreak.

Oh, sweet angel of mercy, please watch over the doctors and nurses; keep them safe from harm. You see the world through a different lens than we do. You see their human spirit.

We pray to the Lord our God and ask Him to protect our doctors. By day, they care for and heal the sick. By night they fight deadly viruses.

God, we pray for America’s Doctors. May they be a blessing, and comfort to the sick. Give them peace in their hearts and skill in their hands. The wisdom to know when they can help and when they can do no more. In Your name, Amen.

Dear doctors, be at peace and heal. Be at peace and heal. Be at peace and heal. We are here to support you, we pray for your safety, healing, and love.

Lord, be merciful to me a sinner, save me from all evil and protect me from all illness. Drive away from me all bad and negative thoughts. Lord help doctors and nurses during this time of crisis and despair; bring them healing medicine and grant them good health and strength in helping others without fear.

God, please guide the doctors and nurses out there to do their best at the task you have given them. Help them to give the best care they can to those who need it. Make their hands steady, their minds clear, and their hearts full of love for those in need. Bless them all with safety in this time of danger and division. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

For all the good doctors, thank you for your selflessness and devotion to your patients. We are so thankful for what you do. For those of you who were lost, we sympathize with their families. You will always be remembered with love and admiration.

Help them be successful, help them heal today, let their hands touch their patients with love and healing power, for this, I pray for each physician will you not answer the prayers of those praying for him.

Enable us to feel their vulnerability and compassion as they battle with their own human frailty but also with a crisis situation to heal, save and console those who are in pain and investigate those who have been attacked by evil. Guide the doctors and educate them so they may know how to save a life while respecting human dignity. Help them face the risks.

Let their hands be swift and let their hearts be strong. Bless them with your love so they will warm when they touch the skin of these wounded people that come to them for healing and comfort. Let no doctor’s bedside manners be lost during this hour of need.

Bless those who are ill and comfort their families during this time of uncertainty. Enable us all to commit ourselves to your service and be a source of light and peace in this world. Through the power of your love, we pray these things.

Our lives are infinitely linked to yours, the heart of my family thanks you from the bottom of their hearts. We couldn’t do it without you…so thank you for always being there when we were in need of a helping hand.

please pray for American doctors during covid-19, to give them the strength, courage, power, and ability to heal their patients with kindness, compassion, love, and mercy.

I pray for all doctors and medical professionals for abundant health, for protection from diseases and terrorists, for quick recovery during emergency cases, for strength and perseverance, for love and gracefulness to smile during difficult times, and for good work of their hands.

For the doctors who have risked their lives in order to save others, I pray for a swift and complete recovery. You are heroes in our eyes and we are grateful.

Bless the hands of my family, doctors, and friends. Bless those who care for us and all people in the medical profession, For their work, is often thankless, Their lives dedicated and hard. God have mercy on those who comfort the sick. May they do so in love, And with peace of mind!

May the hands of all physicians be healed in the Name of God, I pray and call upon all the angels that surround me and watch over my life, the Holy Immanuel the giver of health, purity grace, and love to lift up your hands to Heaven and do their work today.

I am sending a prayer up for you so that you can be healed of the sicknesses that have been placed upon you. Each time one of you has a surgery to correct one of these sicknesses, I am praying extra hard for your speedy recovery! And I will continue praying each time you have to be in surgery or an emergency room until these things are no longer plaguing your health!

Lord, now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep if I should die before I wake may I be born again a doctor and pray the Lord my hands to make.

O G-d Almighty and Merciful God, Who alone knows the pain, suffering, and fear that so many of our doctors experience as they care for us.

We pray for doctors who are dealing with a difficult situation. We ask that you lend them, your peace, wisdom, and clarity to make the right decisions. We ask this in Jesus’ name. AMEN.

Dear sweet Lord, look down on all the doctors who perform miraculous surgery. Please surround them with your love and protection. Help them in their time of need, guide them to the correct diagnosis.

Grandfather, thank you for blessing all who heal the sick. I especially pray for our doctors. Grant them the wisdom and strength to heal the scars of war. Protect them as they protect others. Enable them to care for their patients with compassion and courage.

Dear God, please give strength and courage to all doctors, caregivers, and staff in hospitals around the world as they serve their patients. …

Prayers to all the doctors – God bless you. Thank you for your selfless help to other humans, animals, and this planet. Without your help, millions would have no care at all.

Bless my doctors and heal those in pain. And protect them from the dangers associated with their jobs. Heal those who have been injured and give them a quick recovery time. We pray for all hard working medical professionals who put so much effort into helping others every day!

Lord, please bless the physicians of this country with great wisdom, endurance, and courage. Guide them in their difficult tasks and support them through their journey so that they may serve their patients with excellence.

God, Healer of All, you know the work of every doctor. In each person’s life, your loving care extends to each patient. We ask that you protect doctors and their patients as they bring healing to body and soul. Thank you to all devoted men and women of medicine. Amen

Dear Aaron, you are a gift and a blessing to the world. Thank you for being our health care provider — without your skills and wisdom, we’d be lost. You’ve guided us at the most difficult moments; thank you for helping us through.

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