Prayer for American Citizens During the Pandemic

“With the crises happening around the world, I believe that God has given us an opportunity to reflect like never before.” “This is a time for Americans to come together and pray for their fellow citizens and those around the world who are unable to fight these infections. We shouldn’t let anything prevent us from praying and telling our family and friends that we love them.”

Prayer for American Citizens During the Pandemic

Dear Lord, please protect all Americans from the swine flu outbreak. Let our children and families be safe. Protect them with your almighty powers. Bless us! In Jesus name, Amen

Dear God, we thank you for the protection you give us everyday and ask that you protect the innocent people of America from the Flu virus. Keep the evil away my child and please keep those who see only love and nothing else in your safe hands.

God, please protect all of America’s citizens in this pandemic. Our country is hurting, our economy is hurting, and we are losing hope by the moment. Please protect our families, lovers, friends, and allies at home.

Lord, I pray that every American citizen is aware of the dangers of being quarantined. They are treating us like criminals and even imprisoning people who have not been exposed to the virus. We need your protection and guidance so we don’t lose hope. Protect us from harm and guide us to do what is right. Amen.

Let us remember to pray for the American citizens. May God bless them, protect them and keep them safe. May God surround them with His love and wisdom. May the Sheppard of the lost be found and returned to his home safely! In Jesus’s name, I pray, Amen

Dear God, please protect the United States of America against yet another deadly outbreak. Please give our scientists the knowledge and ability to create a vaccine that will stop this virus from destroying thousands of lives.

Please pray for our nation, our leaders, and every family who has loved one during this public health crisis.

Lord, we as a nation are at our lowest point. Forgive us. Forgive us for letting down the men, women, and children of this country by not taking enough action earlier to stop this outbreak.

May God bless you, guard you, protect you, guide you in the way of life and love. May he bring peace to our Nation. May God bring back peace and security in the hearts of all American citizens.

As the debate over gun control increases, fear and uncertainty are setting in. I pray for all of you out there, from the good to the bad and ugly. With hope and encouragement, you can make it through these hard times. Stay strong America!

To the military, police, and firemen, I thank you all with my heart. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends. Your bravery and courage has inspired me. God Bless America!

Please God, protect the health and well-being of all the Americans who were threatened with the swine flu. If there is a way to keep them away from danger, I ask that you make it a reality. Protect their loved ones from grief and may we feel safer knowing that You are around us in those difficult times.

I’m praying for a strong president who will listen and care about the country. I’m praying for the health of Americans, that we don’t panic. I’m praying for a nation filled with love, peace, and happiness. I’m praying for Americans who are suffering around the world. And most of all, I pray for an end to this awful flu bug so we can all get back to our lives.

Heavenly Father, we are here today to request your divine assistance in fighting the current strain of H1N1. We give thanks to you for the gift of life and pray that this strain does not take any more precious people away from us.

We are so lucky to live in a free country! If our country has problems and we do not know how to pray for it, then we miss the best opportunities to show our love for this great nation.

We have lost so many loved ones to the influenza. We pray that we will always stay healthy and God willing see each other again. This is a tribute to our dear son Ben, who passed away on November 23, 1918, on his 2nd birthday.

My fellow Americans! I pray for all of you. Please remember to stay home, do not panic, and listen to the instructions from your local authorities.

Lord, help us. Wherever we are, we ask for your strength and protection. We ask that you always be with us. Please bless this land and the people who live here. Let your grace shine upon all those who love freedom and liberty.

It’s been twenty years of age since I got my citizenship in the United States of America, and now that I am thirty years old, I think it’s time for me to show my love, respect, and patriotismto this beautiful country.

Be generous! Be patient! Be brave! Be grateful! Be confident! Be persistent! Be kind and courageous! Know that you are not alone, the world has fallen ill but we must not give up and fight the deadly disease with all our might.

Dear God. We thank you for this new day. We ask for your healing touch to come down upon our…

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Dear God, Please be with the American citizens and keep them safe from the flu pandemic that is striking the world today. Bless them with health and safety and please keep my family and friends safe as well. You are a Good God who loves all of your children. In your name, I pray, Amen!

Dear God, we pray for our American brothers and sisters. Please watch over them as they battle this deadly sickness. We are so thankful that they are trying to find a vaccine and help those who aren’t as lucky to survive. Please keep them strong, healthy, and safe! In your name, we pray, Amen!

Oh Great Lord Almighty in Heaven, please be merciful for your children living in the United States of America. This year alone, more than four thousand people have succumbed to this devastating disease. But if we all put our faith in you and asked you to Bless America with a miraculous cure from God’s hands. All will see that the believers were they who prevailed.

God, please bless all the citizens in our country. Protect them from illness and pain of any kind. Please help heal our beloved country and let this tragedy be one that brings us closer together. Please give us the strength to get through this and pray for those who have fallen ill.

I pray for your safety. I pray for these scared loved ones that you must leave behind. I pray for the frightened citizens of our country so scared that they might do harm to others out of fear.

Dear God, please do not take my life. Please let me live so I can take care of my family and fall in love with a beautiful woman. Please let me travel and experience different parts of the country and world. Please show me the answers to my prayers, be they yes or no. Peace and Love, Americans

Please, please dear Lord protect this little baby. Please please keep him safe. He is my sunshine and I can’t live without him. In the lord’s name, I pray that you are protected by God, that He guides and watches over you always. I love you [name].

Lord help us all. Guide our President, heal our citizens, and give us all wisdom.

God; Creator of this vast Universe, may your Spirit move through the millions of hearts living on the soil which is to become a new country.

Dear God, I pray for your help with the pandemic. Please, bless all of the American citizens, who are depending on you for strength. Protect their families and loved ones, and give them the courage to persevere and endure this trial in their lives.

O Lord, I pray with all of my heart for the people in America. I pray that you protect them from the untimely death and destruction of swine flu! Keep them safe and allow recovery for those who have been struck down.

So, I just heard that there is a bird flu pandemic in America. They told people to stay inside this weekend. I know that you live in America, so if the problem worsens you will probably have to go back to your home country for a little while. I hope everything is okay. It made me think of you though and I wanted to say that I pray everything is okay with you and your family and friends.

Dear God, thank you, Lord, for guiding us safely through this pandemic. Please keep this nation in your loving hands, and give our president the strength, energy, and wisdom to lead us through this illness.

We are protected and guided by the mighty hand of God. We will be protected and we will pray, prepared to stand before Him. This pandemic will pass through our cities, across our nation, through our country, and into this world as a warning for all of us. This is a sign from our Lord that our time on this planet is short. Pray to the Father, because he is the only one who can save us from ourselves . . .

Oh Lord, in these ominous times, we call upon thee. Please help our citizens, guide and protect them. For the country is under attack. May the angels guide us through the darkness. We pray for the sick, the dying, and their loved ones left behind.

May the prayers and holy blessings of Saint Jude bring health and healing to all those suffering from the H1N1 Virus at this time, and for those who have already lost their lives. Amen.

Dear Lord, Forgive us! Forgive our selfishness, our pride. Above all, forgive us for allowing sin to reign in our country. Heal our land. Forgive us and restore the strength of godliness to family and community life.

I love you more than you will ever know. I’m praying for you, for your recovery, and for a positive tomorrow.

America is a great country. I just want to say that I love America and the people who live in it! God bless America!

Dear God, hear our prayer. Give your pity to the wounded and your health to the sick. In the lord’s name, Amen.

With your unending love keep our troops safe and protect them always. Thank you, God, for all you do. We will pray every night that we are not struck down by disease or disaster on our soil.

Protect not only our soldiers abroad but also all those who treat them with kindness so they don’t feel alone. Protect all of America’s animals, countryside, and forests. Let us find a cure soon. Lead us through this difficult journey.

Please guide those researchers and make sure they think outside of the box and find a novel approach to this problem in the short amount of time that it will take to complete. God, I pray for everyone affected by this virus. I pray that your grace and mercy will carry them through these difficult times.

Lord, please heal the wounds of those who are suffering. Give them peace, comfort, and strength. Help those who have been affected the cope with the consequences of a terrible accident. Lord, in your mercy, listen to the prayers of your people. Part the waters and come to our aid America.

God is our father, and as a parent, He wants us to be especially thankful for our country. So how can we show the love of God in a special way? One of the best ways is to pray and glorify God that He would bless the land of America.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing our family with love and happiness and the many blessings throughout our lives so far. We thank you for being with us always. In your name, we pray, Amen.”

We have to stay strong, together, and united, so we can cure this cruel illness together. And remember to always treasure every opportunity that comes your way.

I pray for our leaders and those who are working so hard to help in any way that they can. I have faith that this tragedy will be over soon and ask God to watch over us all through the chaos, confusion, and fear.

May all these people living in this Nation accept for themselves and for all their fellow citizens, our fellow Countrymen, who belong to other races or religions – acceptance and respect can be only one possible way of life.

My heart goes out to all of those who have suffered the loss of loved ones. May they rest in peace. The hardship you are placing on America will bring this country back to good morals and values.

Will you take care of our nation? Bless our country and keep it safe, even in a time of despair, open the hearts and minds of your children so they can be healed by your love and grace.

We are so grateful for the medical professionals in this country that have stayed strong and worked tirelessly to fight off this virus. Keep them safe, heal their bodies of ailments. Allow them a quick recovery. We thank you for these soldiers currently stationed abroad, whose job it is to protect us from foreign.

This is a time of need, a time of sorrow, a time for healing, recovery, and love. Please Lord we ask for your mercy and protection on all those affected. Let our land be free from evil, from terror.

Show them the path to safety and clarity. Almighty we pray for guidance and wisdom in these trying times. We are one nation under you and we put our faith in you. Forgive us for our shortcomings during this darkness, do not take away our hope. Bless America!

I know he must have his reasons, but why not just let it end once and for all? Now I can only hope with all my heart that the victims are surrounded with love from friends and family. Perhaps God has his reasons after all.

God bless them and all their fellow servicemen and women. Bring comfort to those who suffer from anxiety, and may we spread peace throughout the world. Be with us at this time of peril for ourselves and for others who need us.

I pray that you will guide doctors, nurses, and all medical staff to do your work despite any fears they may have. Let them help those afflicted no matter their social or racial background. Let them help everyone that needs it to the best of their ability.

I pray that we maintain our faith in God and God’s plans… I pray that our freedom remains ours to enjoy, that it strengthens us and emboldens our resolve to be good people, to share love and concern for each other as we achieve our goals

Dear God, please look down on American citizens and heal them from this deadly virus that has ravaged their nation. Please let them be strong and courageous in your time of need.

May God bless America. May our prayers and love bring peace and safety to every place in this country. I pray for the troops fighting overseas, their families, and friends who are waiting with nervous hopes and prayers. I hope everyone will be able to survive the new pandemic and that everyone will find some peace.

Dear Lord, please keep your hand on mine while I am in my current situation. Dear Lord, let my family know that I’m ok. Dear Lord, protect me from the disease and let me live another day to see my children again in America.

Our Lord and Savior have given us life and He only takes it away when it’s time. I pray that you are safe and untouched by this virus. I also cannot help but ask my why God would allow this to happen.

Thank you, God, for our Nation’s bravery and strength in times of distress. We pray for our heroes overseas who are protecting us from the terror that is striking our country. Please help guide and protect them as they bring peace to a troubled world.

Father God, I pray for your protection over the American people. I pray for strength in the face of fear and courage in following your guidance towards hope.

Gracious and loving Father, we come before you today in prayer for our two countries. Know our hearts are heavy and confused as to what we can do. This is hard and overwhelming. We come before you with broken hearts. Lord, know we cry out to you, asking for healing and comfort, courage and bravery.

I pray for my country, for its unity, for its peace, and for the health of all its citizens. I pray that we remain united. I pray that the evil that is in our world finds us ever vigilant and ready to defend ourselves.

Dear Lord, please hold our nation in the palm of your hands, dear Lord, strengthen all of our leaders and each of our citizens today and every day. Dear Lord, help us to calm the fear surrounding us. Dear Lord, thank you for being with us during these uncertain times. Amen

In this time of crisis, we hold each other in love. Together we offer solace, a soft place to land. Though the darkness seems to surround us with fear and uncertainty, it is our touch that offers light and a way out of the abyss. Only the strong survive, but together we are strong enough to face whatever may come. We stand tall and proud with the strength of love on our side.

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