Prayer for American Civil Servants During the Pandemic

There is a great deal of prayer needed for the civil servants affected by the current flu pandemic. This page details many messages from famous people and prayers from various denominations to stay safe and healthy during this hard time.

Prayer for American Civil Servants During the Pandemic

We pray for American civil servants during the pandemic in such a way, as we pray also for you and all who are dear to you in every risk they have to encounter day after day, and everywhere on your continent.

Guide them in their efforts, protect them from harm, and return them safely home. May all their days be filled with goodness and may their families know peace and prosperity. We ask this in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

I pray for the healing of all sick people. And I pray for an end to discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or social status.

Give them peace and guidance as they protect the citizens of this country. Bless them with wisdom and strength. May your protection be upon them. With all my concern and love.

A hardworking civil servant doesn’t ask for much but wants a paycheck he can live on so he can provide for his family. Thank you civil servants for all you do!

We ask for strength for those who treat these patients; that they show compassion and respect as they care for their fellow man. God gives us wisdom in learning of this new flu; which is unlike any other known.

Then, the reports started coming in from around the world. New cases were being reported in Canada and Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. As soon as we realized it was not just a rumor, we masked up and donned our personal protective equipment.

Turn their hearts towards ruling as it is written. Our country needs you now more than ever. Make your presence known to our elected officials. Let your voice be heard. We know that God will deliver our nation from its.

Please be safe, but if the worse does happen and you are brave enough to give your life for the many of us who depend on you for protection, please know that our prayers will be said for you and your family.

The Christian faith teaches us that God loves us and there is always hope of curing this deadly virus. In all situations, whether it be disease, war, or natural disaster, we should look up to God and say a quick prayer.

Government workers will pray, that our government cares all day. With the things they deal with on a daily basis; They should know God is always watching, there’s never a need to worry.

There is nothing more beautiful, nothing more divine, than service to others. Let us be inspired by the teachings of Christ, St. Francis of Assisi, who urges us to live simply, love generously, trust humbly, and hope fervently.

As we trust in your mercy here on earth, we pray that your angels make their way through this pandemic faster than we can imagine. Their jobs must be done and lives must be saved no matter how deadly the virus is. So act swiftly dear God and may your angels guide us through.

God guides them and keeps them safe as they work to keep our world free of this pandemic. Bless them dear Lord and keep them safe as they work hard to help everyone stay healthy and safe in our community.

We want change now! We want to feel safe again. We want you to fix our streets and bridges and airports. We want you to stop the chaos and madness that comes from telling Americans they can’t buy guns but we’re going to give them to immigrants here illegally. Please hear our cries.

For American civil servants during the pandemic, we pray for their safety. May God’s goodwill and mercy be with them as they fight for the people of this country against the spread of this deadly disease.

bless all our civil servants during this pandemic. keep them safe from harm and give them the strength to face this challenge. let the heroes of our time be home safe with their families, where they belong.

I pray that the civil servants of America are kept safe, healthy, and in their families. That the new swine flu will remain nonlethal and the quarantine of those affected will only be for the absolute minimum amount of time.

Dear God, please keep all the civil servants safe, who are doing their best to keep all people safe. Please remove the hatred from the hearts, so we can work together, and be more united as a country. We appreciate what they do for us to save lives and we will always remember their kind hearts. In the lord’s name amen!

“For civil servants, our awesome God— you meet their needs and rescue them from death. You do this through your own Spirit within them.” Isaiah 26:3 May their prayers be answered and the virus spread no further!

I pray for all of my friends who are civil servants that you all stay safe and out of harm’s way. I hope this situation resolves itself safely and quickly. We are praying for you!

Courage, my friend. You did what had to be done. You killed the diseased and saved lives. Now you must pray for a miracle of your own. God will not abandon us in this time of need. He is the one true God.

Lord, hear our prayer to remain safe and healthy as we strive to keep our country safe and healthy. Protect those who have fallen ill and give us the strength that we may do our jobs well. Amen.

O, God of the night and of the day, we thank You for having brought us together under Your loving care. We ask that You watch over us today and always, protect us from harm, keep those who love us close to our hearts and bring to those who are without hope the joy of a bright new day.

“Civil servants, be courageous and calm. Make no statement of individual preference or prejudice against anyone.”—Irish Times.

As all civil servants struggle against the flu currently, may they find strength. May the great spirit guide them and in their comings and goings. The great power that I am is with you. And where I am, there is God.

The American Civil Servant wishes you well. Although this card is anonymous, rest assured that there are many people who care for you, your health, and your family.

WE, as fellow Americans, from all religions pray for you as you bravely serve your communities. Relieve and protect people who are ill. Be wary of the threat to your own health and lives in service to our country. May the divine powers be with you all. Amen.

God bless all civil servants who are dedicating their lives to save others.

I AM PRAYING FOR YOU! I cannot imagine the fear you must have right now, but please remember that my family and I are with you in prayer. There are millions of people across the country thinking about you during this time. The love of God is with you!

God have mercy on you and your family. We are all praying for you.

The Lord is my shepherd and I want him to help you all.

Pray for America. Pray for civil servants, especially firemen and policemen. May God protect them and their families as they risk their lives to protect others.

o lord, my God, I come to you today in this time of great sadness. I ask you to watch over our civil servants as they work diligently to give to the people of America.

With endless love and admiration, we pray for the speedy recovery of the stricken civil servants. We are recovering from our pain, but their wounds are deep. They have always protected us, fought for our rights and freedoms, and stood ready to help at any time. We will not forget them or what they do for us. We love you!

Prayer. Prayer to save our nation’s civil servants and emergency responders who are working so hard to keep us safe. Let them be protected, cared for, and loved. They are our heroes today and every day!

“ I pray for civil servants who are protecting our homes and families, seeking to root out the threat of terrorism and to safeguard our freedom. Through the provision of food, water, and medicine, they give aid to those unable to help themselves. May their labors go forth in safety with your protecting hand guiding them. “

The civil servants in America are praying for you. You are the reason they have food to eat, a home to live in, and clothes to wear. If it weren’t for your hard work, determination, and dedication this great country would not be what it is today.

We pray for all infected with the virus, and their families. We pray especially for the medical professionals who are treating them. We ask for your guidance during these difficult times. May those affected by this new flu find healing and safety during the time of confusion and anxiety it has brought about.

Pray for America. Repentance and humility are necessary to avert God’s wrath. Your children, kindred, homes, and businesses are not safe if you do not turn from the commandments of men and the doctrines and precepts of demons.

We were waiting for the first wave. There were no signs of any sickness or changes in health or behavior that would be obvious indicators. It looked like we were going to be the lucky ones.

Thank you for your bravery. May God bless you and keep you safe as you protect us in our time of need.

We are forever grateful for the selfless people of this nation who put service over self. We lift them up in prayer and move them to take on a larger role in the direction of this nation, that they may help us move forward even when things seem at a standstill.

Dear valued civil servants: I want you to know that as an American, I appreciate all that you do every day to protect us from harm. And when a crisis hits, like the current pandemic, I am confident you will do your very best in a brave and noble way.

Dear God, please hear our prayers during this time of crisis. Protect our American civil servants. Lead them to safety and let them return to their families. Please heal the sick and infect everyone else with renewed faith in God.

God, we come before you to ask for your mercy on civil servants in the Bronx who are quarantined in their homes. We pray that they return to their families soon. In the lord’s name, we pray, Amen!

I pray for: For those infected and affected by the H1N1 virus. Dear Lord, I pray for the victims. I pray for those who died during the 2019 H1N1 pandemic of the H1N1 flu that was going to be a “category four” pandemic.

With the African Ebola virus outbreak escalating, we all must pray for the brave civil servants who have volunteered to help in West Africa. They are so courageous!

Pray for their health, some are sick with this and that, Pray to God they don’t get burned out, so they can continue their great job. Jesus Christ blesses every single soldier in white, To continue to do their great job right.

We must give thanks for the service and sacrifice of our public health workers. We pray for their health, protection, and strength in their work.

God bless the men and women who are working hard to help those in need and to protect their country. They’re people just like us, they have families and they just want to come home to them. Our prayers are with you!

I am praying for you to stay alive and healthy. I’m so worried about you I can’t sleep anymore, keep us in your prayers.

Hands that work have never held a weapon. Let them do their job today and tomorrow, let them cleanse the earth of disease, let them free the oppressed from those who would cause misery. Bless those who cure our ills, those who nurse us back to health, those whose gentle touch releases us from anguish.

May God bless you, keep you, guide you and fill you with His greatest gift to us all: Peace.

Our Ours is a calling that was given by God and most of the duties we perform are very much aligned with the will of God. We are on earth to be of service, to help our fellow men and women, and not ourselves.

So, God, you know the duties of all civil servants, especially those who are needed in the most dangerous situations. May they all be given protection against disease and disaster so that they may run swiftly about their tasks at hand.

As I have been thinking about the officers who are out there working their asses off to protect and serve the citizens of this community I feel inspired to pray for their safety and protection.

The pressures of daily life and the stress of getting through another day can take a toll on people of all ages. Our civil servants are no exception. These agents are out in the field day in and day out trying to protect the American people from a pandemic that they could not control.

In America, some civil servants (police and fire departments) take a vow to protect and serve. During this time of crisis, we are relying on you to provide us with the relief of your presence when we need it most. Many thanks for your sacrifice.

Be brave! As America prays for you and your family; we pray God will grant His divine protection to everyone in the USA.

If you are a civil servant–a man or woman of government, an elected official, or an appointed executive–please hear our prayer. We are frustrated with your inability to get the job done.

O Lord of Hosts, God of all armies, you are a shield for those who take refuge in you. Grant strength to your servant who, as a civil servant, works to protect all Americans from outside enemies.

Lord, please keep those who work to keep us safe, safe. Keep their family members safe and first responders safe too. Bless them in their efforts and remind them of the important role they play in society. They get it, but we need to remind them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

O God, our compassionate Father, who are ever ready to hear the cry of your people and to forgive their sins: Deliver us from the evil that is around us; fortify us against the pestilence that stalks among us; strengthen us in such sorrow and pain that we may minister with compassion in our nursing homes and health facilities, protecting both the ill and those who care for them; grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thank you for your service. We appreciate everything you do for us to keep us safe and free. You are heroes in our eyes.

I want to thank you for all you do for this country and for constantly putting your own lives at risk in the name of freedom. THANK YOU!

The Fellowship of the Ring is our inheritance, an heirloom for all generations to come. Bearded, wise, and fair the wizard Gandalf leads the quest….for freedom in Middle Earth.

Please hold them close to you and grant them wisdom and courage as they work tirelessly during this epidemic. They are not just young adults or elderly citizens, but mothers.

Rest in Peace civil servants who died during the pandemic. You put your trust in me, through you I found peace. Accident prevention means three things: care, caution, and courage. Next is the civil servant memorial day speech [Civil servant memorial day speech text]

I pray for our civil servants and first responders who are courageously upholding their responsibilities during this national flu pandemic. God bless you all! I’ll be saying a prayer for all of you everyday.

Gracious and loving God, please be with all of the U.S. civil servants across our country and ensure they are safe in their line of duty. Keep them at work and away from sickness, keep them working hard to keep this country strong, safe, and secure.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. I pray for the firefighters, police, teachers, and nurses. Please keep them safe as they serve their communities through this pandemic. Bless our country and our homeland security with your holy protection. In peace, I pray to you, amen.

God of Trust, who gave life and breath to all, hear the cry of your people in this time of distress. During this time of panic, please grant safety and protection to those who are risking their own lives to serve others; from the city, county, and state civil servants, doctors, nurses, and all who help keep our country safe.

Lord, hear our prayer. We beg you to hear our cries for help. We know that you are God and that nothing is impossible for you. For those who were rescued from the influenza, thank you for your mercy. But we beg you that there would be no unnecessary deaths among the people of this country. The wounds of war have been too deep and no one will heal quickly.

It’s been a long night but you keep on pushing. You do your best and I pray your efforts are rewarded. Stay safe, be healthy, and always know that we are in prayer for you. We know it’s stressful out there, we wish you nothing more than the safety and peace you deserve.

Hear our prayer and help us in our hour of need. Shield your servants with your mighty hand so they may do the work of love, caring, and compassion to their fellow citizens.

Dear fellow victim, I am sure you are thinking it can’t get any worse. But do not lose faith, my friend, for many of your brothers and sisters are still in the fight, from coast to coast.

I am proud of you! Safe travels and godspeed. Your country owes you a debt of gratitude for the service you render. May God bless you and keep you always.

So I do not pray for easy lives but for the strength to bear difficult ones. ~Mother Teresa

They are the true heroes who rise to meet the demands of their country.

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