Prayer for American Children’s During COVID-19

Today I am going to talk about prayer for American children during covid-19, prayer for children’s during covid-19, and prayer to pray for children’s. I can see the kids are interested in hearing about it. They are whispering among themselves in a corner. The portion of my sermon will interest them. Please listen attentively as I am going to tell you about it.

Prayer for American Children’s During COVID-19

We pray for our hungry that they may be fed. We pray for our prisoners, that they may be set free. We pray for our elderly, that they may live out their years with comfort. We pray that the needy would receive their needs. Bless this each of us with a love of goodness and truth.

Please help the American Children’s institutions to be a great place where the children that need protection the most feel loved and keep growing and developing into wonderful people who will bring their full potential and make our country a better place.

Please send angels to be with them through the night, so that they may sleep peacefully, but most of all, send an angel to protect them always.

Protect them from drug dealers and evil pedophiles. Bless people’s hearts and minds to know that raping children is evil. Even though more than 50% of child sexual abuse is done in families but please protect all child abuse that happens outside of family homes as well.

Please Help and protect people who are in need and any kind of danger, on earth today. Keep all the bad people out of our city and off the street, keeping everyone safe. Pick something that is special to you and pray with it every night for God to always bless our country and leaders everywhere around the world.

Please guide them and strengthen them as they grow into adulthood. Let them know that you are watching over them and that you love them. In the lord’s name, I pray, Amen.

Please protect my child from any harm or danger. Forbid any harm that would come to his precious body and mind.

Help us in your time of need to seek and find you, Jesus, so that we can flee to you as our refuge from evil because we know that there is none other who can save or deliver then you. Bless my family and friends. Lord also bless my country, grand America

We long for the day when war and terror is no more, and everyone lives in love, peace, and freedom. Help us see beyond our differences to the beauty that all people share. show us the value of each life entrusted to us and how to protect it.

Bless the parents who strive earnestly to fulfill this important task, that they may have courage and endurance and a love that forgives; strengthen those who labor faithfully in Thy name, lead them into Thy wisdom and truth; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Let them know that You are with them and will lead them through their trials. Guide the leaders during these trying times so that they may do good for the people.

Bless each of our precious ones with a good family and friends, plenty of food and water, and a safe place to live. Teach us all to love one another as our Savior loves us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Please bless the children in America, who are our future. Please bless those that are alone or frightened today and those whose hearts are heavy with sadness because of the events at work, school, or home. May they be soothed by kindness from friends and strangers alike.

Grant peace to all involved and help those who have suffered feel Your mercy. So we pray, humbled with thanksgiving for Your many blessings on our homes and families.

I ask that you bless them with your mercy and love and let them know every day how much they are loved by my family and me. I love them with all my heart, mind, and soul. We pray that you keep them safe and in your arms at all times, preventing any harm.

protect our children from harm. guide them through their lives and protect them from wickedness or bad people so they can be active in your work and efforts to help those in need. Lord, please.

God, you are great, the children’s prayers are the needleways behind your glory. Help all the American children. thanks to your prayers and blessing please answer your child’s prayer.

Dear God, I pray for all the children that live in America. I pray that you comfort them and grant them protection through their time of crisis. Let them know you are with them now and forever.

Dear Lord, please bless the children of our country. Help them to honor and respect each other. Help protect and guide each one in need. And protect our great country as well. With your help, we will make this world a better place for all those we love to live in.

Dear God, children are the hope for our future. Their minds are able to be shaped in many ways. Every day I see a child smiling, thinking that life is good and carefree.

Lord, as we see the news about the child separation policy by our government on TV, let us pray out loud for each child who is separated from their parents in detention. Let us pray for families to see each other again. Give them the strength to survive this difficult time.”

Help us, Almighty and Merciful God of the children, from the utmost dangers of evil and ignorance. Please bless our children. Protect them from the enemy. Give them health and happiness in this life, bring them to an eternal home for endless rejoicing and joy. Amen

Dear God, Please help America’s children. We pray for our children and for the leaders who make decisions for them. We pray for our sick, that they may be healed.

Thank you for these wonderful children, Thank you for giving us the tools to help them keep the faith.

Dear Lord, as I go to bed at night I am grateful for the day that I have had and the time that I have been alive. Especially thankful that I have so much to be thankful for. But, please Lord protect them especially those who are far away from home and new to their environment. Bless them with your love and make them safe until they come together again.

Dear Heavenly Father, please help my little brother Matt (boy)to stop smoking. Protect him from smoke. Bless him with health and happiness! Amen

Our Heavenly Father, we acknowledge and praise you for the many blessings you have given us. Bless our children with health, good food, warm clothes, and a safe home. Empower our teachers in their efforts to nurture and encourage them. Let them know that even when they fail you still love them…Amen

Lord, I pray for families throughout our great nation. I pray that they have peace and good health. I pray for the strength to get through the hardest times. I pray for those who are mourning their loved ones because they are no longer a part of this Earthly form. Lord, help them get through those difficult times with your grace and mercy.

I pray for children in America during covid-19. I pray that the peace of God will protect them and that the knowledge of God’s love be instilled in their hearts. May they know the joy of Jesus, thus experience true life, love, and freedom

Dear God, Please bless all American children with peace, safety, and an open heart. Help them to feel loved and help them understand the importance of giving love without expecting something in return. You are great and I pray that you watch over the children of America.

Dear Lord, we pray for America’s children, help them to stay healthy and safe. We pray for all children whose lives don’t allow them to have a home or to eat regular meals.

Dear God, Please help America’s children. Many kids live in poverty or on the streets. Please guide these children to have a better life than their parents and protect them from any danger.

Dear God, Please protect children in America. Those who are about to become victims of the mentally ill, pedophiles, the drug dealers. Please bless those who live a life of crime upon the innocent.

Dear God, please take care of our children. protect them day and night, give their families love and comfort, we ask of you…

Dear angels above, please help us all. Protect our children from all evil. Let them know the love of Jess’s Love, the Creator, and His infinite mercy and kindness. Bless the children of the United States of America. Amen

Dear God, protect America and keep this country safe. Please protect the children in America. Help them have a peaceful day. Bless their families and friends. Protect our soldiers, please. Amen.

Dear Lord, Please protect all the children in America and help the kids to have a good time when they are outside. Please protect all women’s rights, immigrants, and LGBT rights.

Dear God, I pray that America will remain a beacon of freedom and peace. Please help us in this world of terror and violence to soothe our hurting hearts with your love, acceptance, and compassion. Protect every human being on our earth and grant them the right to a loving future.

Dear God, I was so angry with my sister Emma. I was mad at her for no reason. I drove her to her tennis lesson and back, but I didn’t say one word. I just sat in my car. Then I drove to school and then home. When my sister got home she looked tired and sad. I felt bad, so I cooked her favorite dinner, Fried Rice with chicken! She ate it all up and asked for more!!! Thank you, God!

Dear Lord, please bless all the children in America with health and happiness, give them enough food to eat and a place to live, help them grow into caring and loving adults. Protect them from harm every day. Thank you!

O Lord, our heavenly Father, we come before thee humbly to ask that thou wilt bless and protect thy children of America. Watch over them in the night and day. Give them the joys of heaven that they may overcome their fears. Be with us all now and forevermore, amen

Heavenly Father, please bestow upon the young children of America the love of the lord. Help them to be the light in this dark world that so desperately needs hope and love.

Dear Michael, You are such a gift to our family. Always remember that you are special and that your Heavenly Father loves you very much. Nighttime is a great time to talk to him. I know you are having hard times, but I have faith that everything will be okay. Love, Mom

Dear God, please hear my prayer. I am a caring and loving mother of a 5 year old son. Since he was born, I have wanted the best life possible for him. As he gets older, it is getting harder to keep him safe.

Dear God, I get so much allowance to buy chocolate and toys for my friends. Everyone loves my gifts. I want everyone to have a friend like me! Let us be happy and make the world better! amen.

Jesus, today I come to thank you for all the blessings you have given me and my loved ones. Thank you Jesus for protecting us from all danger and harm. Keep us safe as we go about our day.

We pray to our eternal Lord, the God of Israel (Psalm 83:18), of old, the Lord and God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; We entreat You as well, O God Our Saviour Jesus Christ for the sake of our Saviour’s return and His great mercy.

Children of this country, never give up your faith in God. Never lose your obedience to His Word, and make the Bible your number one book! Pray without ceasing!

Dear God, I know that my ideas are still not the best. But this year’s march was very important to us. Now we ask with all our heart that you come and lead us, into the time which is to come.

Dear God, Because children’s is important we send you a prayer to pray for all children’s and that you bless them and let their lives be full of joy and love. I send my prayer up to heaven so it can reach your ears. Please have mercy on children.

Dear Lord, please help America’s kids too! They are suffering so much and are hurting. Please remove their pain and please hear my prayer.

Dear God, please help all of the sick children, who are in the hospital and fighting cancer and other diseases. Please let them know that they are always in my thoughts. I pray that they will get better soon. In your name, I pray, Amen.

Dear Father, we ask that you will be at work in the hearts of all Americans. We pray for safety, protection, and peace for all of our children. Show us how to be good citizens and light for You in this dark world.

Dear God, please keep my family, friends, and all citizens of the United States safe from harm in the days to come. Thank you for giving us strength and helping us to protect each other. Please give us peace in our thoughts and hearts so that we can protect each other with love in our hearts. Let’s make a difference for those in need.

Lord, Watch over the children of the United States. Let them to be strong and courageous, fair and just, tolerant and loving. Give them the wisdom to know right from wrong, the strength to do what is right, the grace to accept what they cannot change, and the compassion to always love.

Dear God, Please let everyone that reads this letter know that they are special in your eyes! Pray for them to get things through life and help them to know that you love them more than anything. I also pray for school, people and animals. I pray for the people to stop fighting and animals to stop dying. And I pray for everyone to have a good day. Amen!

Lord, thank you for this beautiful day! Thank you for the sun that shines on us. Thank you for all the bushes & flowers where we can sit in peace. Thank you for smiles that we see along our way. We love you God with all of your heart. We love you Lord forever.

O Blessed Lord! We pray for the guidance of our children’s heart, for careful teaching and training, for the forming and strengthening of their character.

Dear God, Bring peace to this world. Make us love our neighbor as ourselves.

Dear Heavenly Father, please hear my prayers and those of millions of others around the world. Please protect America’s children and those of our allies during this difficult time.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for the blessing that our nation’s children are. We honor them with grateful hearts and ask God to make them self-reliant, productive, and upstanding citizens.

Dear God, I just want to thank you for all the joy that you have given us. Not just me and mommy, but children across America as well. Thank you for this great day in which we celebrate how much joy children bring our lives. I pray that they always remember that they are loved and care for Always. In the lord’s name, amen.

Dear Lord, we thank you for this great nation. We thank you for all that you have given us. Help us to remember all that is good in the world and how we can share it with others.

Dear children’s God, please help all of my friends who are in around the world. Please give them a good education, safe place to live and good food to eat. And PLEASE let them know about YOU!

I pray to God for you, Lord surround my child with love. Love and support come to you. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Dear God, I am writing to you today because I have a concern. In light of the recent events in our country and around the world, there are many of my friends and classmates in our country who do not have food to eat, aren’t sure where their next meal will come from or don’t even have a house to live in. Their families don’t always have a safe place to sleep at night either.

Dear God, please give my grandson health and strength, To live a long happy life. Please watch over him, From the time he’s born, Until he dies and goes back to you. Amen

Dear Heavenly Father, please hear our prayers. We pray that in these difficult times, You will guide us and our children safely through. Help us to understand the importance of forgiveness and the gift of life.

God, I just pray that our children and those like them will have some common sense in the future when they become parents in their turn. I pray that they’ll remember to always teach what you have taught us; Love… Mercy… Kindness and Humility.

I pray for the wellbeing, health, and peace of (country). I pray for the welfare of leaders and citizens alike. I pray for a just legal system, a fair judicial system, and all those who are called to enforce the law. I pray for the protection of the innocents, of children, and families.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. And may tomorrow be sunny and bright.

Dear God, Please protect the children of America in their recovery from the recent tragedies. We say a prayer for them, every day and every night.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you today and ask you to guide our youth and families. We ask that you protect us from the evil around us and that you give us the strength to push through our trials. Please protect those who are less fortunate than us. You are so powerful and mighty God, we ask that you hear our prayers.

I ask my lord, us together this way, thank you for the gift of our child. You know how much it will mean to him/her. They will depend on that gift for their future.

Dear Heavenly Father, our children are in great danger from evil people. Please let them know that You are the only one who can save them. Please help us to let the children know about Your great love for them and of Your desire for them to live a life of love and purity. Let us be the arms of your love that each child can reach out for; let us teach them about you… …I now pray for special intentions:

Dear God, please give our children a safe passage to school today and every day. Please grant their parents the patience and energy needed to take care of them. Please help us all remember to spend more time with the ones we love. In your name, we pray, Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, Please bless our children. Bless them with a strong faith in You and with the hope to do great things in life. In the lord’s name, I pray, Amen.

Dear God, I pray for my friends, my family, and others I don’t know. I pray that you will keep them safe. Help them to stay nice, healthy, and always happy and hopeful. Bless them with a long life. Thank you for everything you do for us every single day!

Dear God, please bless my friend Nathan. He is 9 years old and has ADHD and OCD. Thank you for your amazing work in my life and the lives of everyone you inhabit. I’m sure he appreciates your amazing act of grace every day. amen

For our children, we pray….. Lord, please help them to know that You are with them every day. May they also know that You have blessed them with a father and a mother who love them. Help them to open their hearts to Your love. Amen

Dear God, wherever you are, please protect our children on the way to and from school. Help them to listen for road safety advice and do their best to follow it. Help them make the right choices about mobile phones and other electronic devices. In the lords’ name, we pray. Amen

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. I thank you for giving us the strength to meet these challenges. Please guide us in our decisions and help us to do will. Give us faith. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

God bless America, a land that I love. God bless America, my home sweet home. God bless the USA, nation under God. Bless America, land that I love.

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