Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 7

Today is your daughter’s birthday. You are celebrating this wonderful day and thinking of many things to say about her. This year, you want your daughter to know how much you love her. One of the unique ways to tell your daughter is through writing a birthday prayer for her. Make this moment of your prayer special that it could be remembered throughout the days she spends in this world.

Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 7

• My dear little girl, you have been my pride and joy ever since you were born. You are like a blessing from God. You make me feel like a mother, so proud and yet so helpless at the same time. I hope that you will make the best use of your life and be healthy, happy, and lucky all the days of your life. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

• My dear, you are made from love. That is the reason I can never stop loving you. Your happy smile always lights up my day and your beautiful eyes are the stars that shine in the darkest of nights. Today is a wonderful day for celebrating our 7th year together, full of laughter and joy. Happy early birthday dear, please continue to grow more beautiful and strong both physically and mentally each passing day.

• Daughter mine, a birthday goes by, another year of my life is rolling out. I remember when you were born, now you are seven, growing up so fast. It seems we have just begun and yet, already we must part. I pray for all the good things in life for you, your friends, and all of humankind. I hope that as you grow you’ll sometimes pause and give yourself a hug. You are the most precious gift on earth to me; therefore I LOVE YOU

• Dear Lord, we know not what tomorrow brings, but today we thank you for our blessings. Far from perfect and broken action like ours, your love has made our lives complete and perfect. Today as she turns 7, we ask you to guide her in every little thing that matters to her. We pray that her dreams will come true and her life will be peaceful, full of warmth, and plenty of laughter.

• Dear, Lord, You gave me this precious daughter of mine. She is just so cute and womanly. I am the happiest mother in the whole world. And I believe that her life is in your bosom dear lord. This prayer I ask you is to protect her through all her days and always have a smile on her charming face.

• Child, on this special day, I wish you all the best. You are getting older, grace has taken over you. May your future be bright!

• Feeling so blessed as have a beautiful daughter as you. You look lovely, sweet, and funny. It is a special day for me, for we are somewhere near about having a great time together this weekend. I feel good and worried at the same time too, because I’m happy to see you like a young girl but sad to know that I can’t be with you forever. Only God knows how hard it’s been to let go of your little hands!

• Dear Lord, thank you so much for blessing me with this over-the-top miracle, bringing my daughter into the world! I’m overwhelmed by the joy she brings to my life. Please spare her from all evil and keep her safe. Indeed, not only give her strength and courage, but also a consciousness that makes us proud. I ask for your guidance and wisdom on all the decisions she’ll make in life. We love you always…

• Dear Lord, please bless my daughter and make her strong throughout her life. Make her happy and healthy always so that she can grow up to be an amazing person. Help me to be the best parent ever, ensuring that she understands the meaning of love, forgiveness, and kindness. Also, show me the right way to raise her and help me keep my child safe from any harm. Finally, make her know that though I am her mother, I am still just a human who makes mistakes sometimes.

• Dear God, thank you for blessing me with such a loving daughter. She is my greatest gift from you. I pray that you continue to bless her life and help her fulfill her dreams and aspirations.

• Dear God, I am giving my daughter to you. Be with her today and always and bring her in line with your ways. Let your spirit guide her thoughts, words, and actions. Make her an example for us, her parents. Enable her to be spotless in the sight of everyone so that we can praise you for having such a beautiful daughter. Please use her to make your name known in this world. In Jesus’ Name, Amen).

• Dear God, Thank You for blessing me with a divine angel. She is encouraging, giving, and loving. She helps in solving problems, strengthening faith, and building character. Please; keep her as an angel in my life forever. Banish all evil from my life and let Your strong arms hold me up and carry me.

A Funny Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning Seven

• Oh Lord, your grace fills heaven and earth. We take it for granted and ask for more. You have given my daughter the best of everything and yet we get irritated when you do not answer our prayers. Please accept this birthday prayer as a sign of gratitude for the most important thing in my life; my daughter.

• Dear Lord, if you do exist, I plead to you to wish my daughter Damaris a happy birthday. I am sure she does not believe in you, but then again neither do I. She is wonderful, kind, and thoughtful. I know that she can achieve great things in life and that is why I pray hard for her to make it through today’s challenges.

• Dear God, you are 7 years young today, and you should be rewarded. I hope you like the birthday cake that dad made for you. It’s certainly not your favorite flavor of course but he’s been trying really hard to please you … and keep away from mine! May all your dreams come true today! Enjoy life!

• Dear God, thank you for my seven year old daughter. I am hopeful that you will raise her to become loving, kind, and sweet like her mother.

• Dear God, I heard you are good with that so today on my daughter’s birthday, please make sure she doesn’t ask me for a pony, or why we can’t get a washing machine with cup holders. Or why the bills are so high again. Or when she stops growing and therefore, stops needing new clothes all the time – then we won’t have to buy her so many birthday gifts. Then please make sure she gets at least one gift of her own choice.

• Father, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift of a pet she has turned out to be. She’s the only creature in the world that loves me truly and selflessly. When she was born, my biggest concern was how I would raise her. Then, time passed, and with that came many bittersweet memories of the days gone by. Now, as I welcome a brand new year, memories flood my mind.

• Dear Lord, please give my daughter a large brain, For she has not used this one since birth.

• Dear God, I ask that you bless my daughter with patience. Help her understand the importance of hard work. Help her grow in strength and keep her mind positive. But one thing you must do, please don’t let her speak with a New York accent!

• Dear Lord, thank you for giving me such a precious jewel. From your wisdom, I appreciate her mind and I cheer at her laughter. Lead her down the paths of righteousness, may she never be tempted to abandon it for evil or perilous ways.

• Dear heaven above and dear me below, please see and grant my wish so that my daughter may stay seven years old forever. Amen.

• Dear God, please bless my daughter just as I want her. I want a daughter who is sweet and kind, who can adorn the world with her mesmerizing smile. At seven she is must be brave to face the world. Please give me a kind and honest daughter who will show me the path to heaven with your love and affection. I pray in the name of God!

• Dear daughter, you are seven now and it is time for you to learn the very basics of being a lady. I don’t want you to look too old, so if you see a man walking past your window, stop him and say: “Hey Dad!”

• Dear son, I hope you have a lovely birthday and every wish you made comes true.

• Dear Lord, after reading this prayer please send to me seven more years of patience so I can continue to give my daughter the gift of your love.

• Dear God, please do not let my daughter keep using her cutest voice on me. I am perfectly capable of thinking that she is the cutest child in the universe without any help from her, and if I don’t say it even once in my entire life, it will be too soon.

• Dear lord, you may not be able to do anything about my daughter, but if something could be done, please bless her with a sense that the decibel level in their rooms needs to be controlled. Amen.

• Dear God, we can’t thank you enough. For this awesome gift of your creation. We mean her, not some other kid that you sent here by mistake. We are very grateful to have her as our daughter. In fact, we love her so much, she’s number one on our list. We don’t know when we will be able to repay you for making this awesome gift for us to share and play with for life!

• God, I am only one life away from heaven but my daughter is three lives away from hell. Help me!

• Dear daughter, thank you very much for sending in your expense sheet. I am happy to inform you that upon review and discussion with the rest of your colleagues, we have reviewed and come to an agreement on the requested expense amount, which has already been approved for payment. – Father

• May the true sense of humor shine through you in the years to come.

 Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning Seven

• I pray that you grow up healthy both physically and mentally, that you are able to reach the potentials the Lord has gifted in you. I pray that you remain righteous and honest to all around you.

• God has blessed you with an amazing mind and a beautiful heart. Your lovely eyes sparkle with wisdom beyond your years. As I watch you grow before my eyes, I am reminded of the precious gift that God has given me.

• You are no less than a miracle to me. I pray that He protects you throughout life and showers you with His fulfillment. When the sun rises far above tomorrow, may God’s glory blesses you in every way possible!

• I pray that Christ will give her a holy, humble, active, and laborious life – so that she may be there not only for herself but also for my salvation and for the salvation of others. Lord!

• Help her, O Lord, find friends with good hearts, who are pure-hearted. Hold her hand through this time, so that one day she will be a good example to those around her.

• I hope she will never think money is her weakness or strength. Make her conscious of the fact that she must make decisions based on feelings and emotions while taking any kind of decision in life.

• This prayer is dedicated to my charming, lovely, and wonderful daughter June who turned seven today. I pray that God will continue to be a blessing to you. I pray that you will always understand that your parents love you beyond measure, and will treat you with care and attention.

• Dear daughter, I send you my greatest blessings as you turn 7 today. And I am confident that in the days to come, you will continue to blossom and put forth your best effort in life. Happy birthday!

• My dear daughter, you are a phenomenon. You have made our world a better place to live in with your innocence and zeal. I am grateful to God for giving me a smart, beautiful, and spirited daughter like you. May God bless you and make your special day filled with loads of happiness! Happy Birthday!

• Here’s a prayer for my daughter! You are such a funny and pretty girl. Your joy is my happiness. You are sweet as can be, always doing things that make me proud to be your mother. I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to raise you, teach you, and love you so much.

• Dearest Daughter, today is a day that you have been eagerly waiting for; seven candles on your cake to blow out presents from everyone around you, your very special day has come.

• May God bless you as you celebrate your 7th birthday. Because of your strength, I have faith in your ability to overcome the world’s challenges. May God’s love and grace surround you with hope, light, and joy today.

• Dear Lord, thank you for my daughter. Bless her with wisdom to guide her steps and the courage to face all challenges in life. Make her a happier person who will touch the hearts of many people. Amen!

• Lord, we thank you that You have made us worthy to enter into the kingdom of our Savior; by all the benefits of a sanctified and heavenly birth, and that You have given me this daughter, now in her seventh year.

• Lord, bless my daughter with a healthy body and mind that she might grow to be a woman of grace, character, and wisdom. You have given her life and I pray that you continue to watch over her. Amen

• Lord, you gave me this special gift, one that fills me with pride. I give her to you, cherish and guide her. She has been an irreplaceable joy in my life.

• Dear God, I pray for my daughter Angela to grow in faith and I ask that you guide her in all of her ways. This coming season of change is when she will start to move away from her family and seek security in friends.

• My daughter, you are seven today. My wish for you are not just your wishes being fulfilled, but also that life will help you appreciate the opportunities and become a wise person. Wish you a happy birthday!

• Dearest daughter of mine, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. my little girl is not too little anymore as she had become a young beautiful lady. My pearl, your mother and I are getting old and we want to be there for you forever. Make sure that you stay healthy so that we can be there for you on your wedding day and in the future.

• Dear God, thank you for blessing this lovely daughter of mine and making her one of a kind. I appreciate all the things you have done in her life. Enable her to never forget the foundation on which she was built. May your spirit always be with her, bless her, and keep her safe from harm. Happy birthday! daughter

• May you be the happiest girl in the world, my darling daughter. I hope that you are protected by the angels who bring you unexpected smiles, love, and joy. May God bless you in abundance and show you how special and unique you are. Have a spectacular day!

• Dear Lord, thank you for blessing my daughter with such a lovely face, the ability to pick up new skills quickly, and a kind heart. I pray that she will become a wonderful wife and friend to many.

• Dear Lord, you are the one that made my daughter indeed an angel. I pray that you let her grow up to be a good person and a blessing to the world. Have mercy on her and let her become an instrument in your hand. I know you will take care of her always no matter what. In Jesus name amen

• Thank you, Lord, for everything. You have brought the most precious little girl into my life! I pray that you continue to keep her safe, healthy, and protected from all ills. Enable her to use her intelligence in your service and help her understand the responsibilities of being a daughter. Help me make life interesting for her and prosper our relationship.

• Dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with this day. I pray that you will continue to bless my daughter and guide her in all that she does. Amen.

• Dear God. I stand before you to ask for one simple favor. Please let my daughter understand that life is not about expensive stuff, but about being with her family and friends. Help here to be a kind-hearted person.

• Oh, queen of my heart and life. Today is a big day full of opportunities and challenges. I pray to God that you make the right choices in this jungle of life. We do not want you to be eaten alive by trouble, which is why we keep on praying for your safety and protection.

• Father God, please let my daughter be filled with the knowledge of your word and wisdom. Lord, fill her with your spirit and guide her in a way that will lead her to heaven’s glory. I pray you would give me the strength to accept all the responsibilities that fall upon me and make sure she is proud of me, who must ensure her future. Amen.

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