Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 6

Turning six is a big deal, and you’ll want to make sure that your little girl’s special day is extra-special. Give thanks to God for giving you such a special daughter who brightens your life each and every day. This prayer for a daughter turning six will give you plenty to say when the time comes.

Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 6

We love you so much and know that God sent us to be your parents because he knew we could make you happy amidst all the challenges that anyone faces in their lifetime. We shall always cherish this moment! Happy 6th birthday my dear sweet daughter!

I had so far neglected many of her needs and now I realize that it is not just me, she needs to be her true self. Oh God, allow her to explore her talents so she can thrive on all fronts. This birthday is all about happiness and joy. Let this day be a celebration that brings lots of smiles to her.

Dear daughter, you are an angel from heaven. I will never forget the day you were born. From the day you came into my life, you have been nothing but pure joy and happiness for me and your father.

Dear daughter, I wish for you to be as sweet when you turn 7 as you are on your 6th birthday. Continue to grow in wisdom and the grace of God. I wish for your mind to be sharp and your thoughts to test the boundaries of your creativity. I pray that you become an architect with such brilliant designs that they can change the world forever.

You are such a beautiful child. Every year you are becoming a more and more beautiful person. Today is a special day for you and I am proud to be your mother. Even though you will always remain a little girl in my eyes, know that this day marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. It is also the day when I come to understand how much my love means to you, and that makes me feel so happy. Happy birthday, darling.

Dear daughter, I am celebrating this day with you, because today you are six years old already. This is a great accomplishment for an early morning girl like yourself to be up and full of life this early in the mornings. I am so thankful that I have raised a child like you, who loves to walk long distances and never tires of doing it. You are my pride and joy.

Hi sweetie, I wish you the best day ever! May God bless you and guide you always! Enjoy this special day with your family and don’t stop dreaming big. Continue learning new things because that helps to grow. You have made my life complete, I hope I can live up to your expectations as a parent. Happy birthday my little girl!

Dear daughter, I just want to let you know that I love you so much. You make me proud every day with your courage and strength. I wish you the best birthday ever. May God guide you in all your adventures, be they as exciting as sky diving or as simple as baking cookies.

Dear God, please help my daughter to blossom into a beautiful and successful person. Please let her become the best in everything – school, family, and friends.

Dear Daughter, you are so sweet that you made my eyes bleary because of all the sweetness trailing behind you. I’m grateful that your Father and I have been a part of one another’s life. Every special memory goes through my mind as I think about how much we have shared. I’d like to thank God for blessing us with you. Happy Birthday!!!

Darling, you have come a long way and over time, your mom and dad have been able to see you grow into the young woman that you are today. We love you so much. May God continue to bless you. Happy birthday!

Prayer is a humble and spiritual appeal to the creator of all and if anyone deserves a prayer today, it is my little darling! May she be blessed with good health and an intelligent mind, may she grow into a responsible and loving woman. I ask for all these in your name.

I always pray to Mary that she gets you to be the kind of woman I never allowed her to be. The earth has no greater beauty than a daughter’s smile. Happy birthday, honey!

A Funny Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning Six

Dear daughter turning six, thou art old enough to understand that I was once young too. And yes, even though the world would tell you the contrary, it is possible to be both a friend and a parent. On this special day of your life, I wish you all love, luck, and fun. You deserve each of these as you fight life’s battles often with one less arm than your enemies.

Daddy is not a perfect man, I know for sure. But no matter how imperfect we are, you, my dear are the dearest. And I will always love you. We were always close, nobody could separate us and I know it never will. People may say we are so different but they’re wrong – you’re my beloved daughter and that makes us the same. Happy birthday, joke is on them!

Dear daughter of mine, you are still young and oblivious to the real world. You believe that fairy tales and magic exist. I’d like you to know that when I look at you, I am pleasantly surprised at how mature, confident, and strong you are. Keep being strong and positive. I wish you a very happy birthday filled with all the love in the universe!

Let’s pray: Dear God, I know that you are busy, but please would you do me a small favor and help my daughter to not ask for something all day; she only turns six after all. Amen!

Dear daughter, Baby you are now a grown up woman. I am so proud of you dear not only for the things that you have done but also for your achievements throughout your childhood.

Lord, I thank you for gifting me with my daughter. She is the reason why I love being a mom more than anything else in the whole world. I have no idea how my life would be like without her. Today she is 6 years old, but she has grown into a wonderful girl that puts everyone around her smile. Please continue to bless her and protect her always.

­­may you always have the courage to follow your heart and your dreams, and may you know that you are loved more than you will ever imagine and our love is unconditional. Have a blessed birthday!

Lord, I ask you to always guide my daughter in her decisions. Let her be a kind and loving person. Give her an open mind, so that she can befriend everyone easily. Bless her creativity so she will never run out of ideas. And give her a good sense of humor so that she will always have someone to laugh with.

Dear daughters, I wish you a beautiful birthday, and may God bless you as much as he blessed me. May he give you the gift of peace, joy, love, and the wisdom to know how to use these gifts. May God guide your path towards better things.

God, what a journey it has been! All the pain, struggle, and setbacks have taught me that love is greater than anything else in this world. My daughter, I pray that you keep the faith alive and never lose your passion for life.

Oh Almighty, this is our beloved daughter Crystal for whom we have prayed for a lifetime. Not only did she return to us after a prolonged period of separation, but above all, she has brought along with her countless blessings and an abundance of happiness. She has become our father, mother, and friend. We are grateful to you Almighty for this child who is more beautiful than the most beautiful flower in all your gardens.

Dear Lord, I thank you for blessing me. Thank you for the gift of my daughter. My prayer is that she will be the happiest person on earth, happy about her work, her life, and her family.

Dear daughter, God is the fountain of all love; may it flow through your life abundantly. God is the ocean of peace; may your heart be permeated with oceans of it. God is the mountain of strength, a refuge in times of despair. May you have a lifetime to benefit from its shelter and security.

Lord, I don’t have many material riches. But I do have a treasure in my dearest daughter. Nothing in this world could ever come close to comparing to the gift of life you gave her. May she use that gift wisely and with purpose. Guard her from all evil and harm, and help her to find all the gifts you have in store for her on her beautiful journey through life.

As a mother, it is my dream to see you shine in whatever path you choose to take in life and that God will continue to use your love, generosity, and enthusiasm in everything you do. Go out there and make the world a better place! Happy Birthday baby girl.

Hey kid, on your sweet 6th birthday! I hope your cake has 6 layers. If it does, then I know it will have at least 3 cherries; one for you, one for you, and one for me.

Dear God, please don’t let the cake fall off her face when I turn the camera to record it. Also, I hope she keeps eating it and doesn’t play with it with her hands. Please don’t let her ruin the celebration by touching anything with her bare hands or making a mess. She is still very young and that’s why she is happy for every little thing.

Dear Lord, I have asked for many things, especially for my daughter. In your lengthy list of requests from me, I do not think you accepted this request from me. I wish my daughter be a 6 year old forever.

Darling! I pray that you are blessed on your special day. May you have a wonderful year and all the good things you wish for will come true.

Father, can you hear the laughter of a little girl? Can you feel her anticipation? Then make her feel worthwhile. Let her shine like the star she knows how to be! I am proud to call you my daughter.

Today is your day and it is all about you. I want to exploit this special occasion so that I can ask for something: can you please try being a little bit more like me!

My darling girl will grow old before my eyes. When I was 6, I had yet to reach my dreams. While you just turned 6 today, the road ahead of you is flat. Allow me to guide you along the path. Happy Birthday!

Dear Lord, I got this prayer ready for my daughter, who is turning six today. Please accept these candid words and make her understand that she needs to be humble and modest. Thank you!

Dear daughter, I want to thank you for making my life meaningful and colorful. You’ve taught me what it means to be in love with a child, and how to be strong when facing challenges. I am most grateful of all for the spiritual bonding we share. May your sixth year bring out the best in you.

Dear daughter, I don’t mind that you are six years old. After all, you can now read books (that mommy can’t) and you now play with toys (that daddy loves to throw away). You might now be a primary six educated daughter but you are definitely a daddy’s girl. Daddy loves you.

A birthday is an event which reminds everyone of your grace, your beauty, and your goodness! We have found a new joy in life after you arrived in this world, we are proud of everything you have achieved and wish to see many more shining stars appear on this earth.

Dear daughter, you were always my little baby. No matter how old you are now, or how independent you are getting, I will always see you as the toddler in her favorite purple frock who used to run into my waiting arms at the end of every day. The only thing that’s changed, is that now you run into my waiting arms at the end of every day, saying “Mommy, I love you very much.” Happy birthday!

I cannot bear my daughter growing up baby. Your tiny hands have become hands that pick up the phone and dial my number when you are feeling sad. The wild and crazy girl I used to stuff into her baby cot is now the girl who rather spends time with me than go shopping with her friends. Happy birthday to you, my Cindy Lou!

Dear daughter, it’s been four wonderful years since you came into the world. You have brought us so much joy and laughter. Sending the next few decades are gonna be awesome with you around.

Dear God, thank you for sending me the most beautiful gift I have ever gotten. This child is going to be so special and grow into a fine lady that I will be proud of. Please God, please just let her listen to me. Amen!

Lord God, let me take this opportunity to thank you for bringing my daughter into my life. Thank you for blessing me with a beautiful and lovable girl who is not merely a closed book or interesting novel but a whole knowledge compilation.

Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning Six

Dear daughter, you are no longer just five years old; in fact, you are six today. My birthday wish for you is that you should mature mentally, physically, and spiritually. I hope that one day you would be able to carry yourself like a smart lady and be a good person through and through. May God be always with you my dear!

Tomorrow, you will be six years old and I will not have to buy diapers for you anymore. With that in mind, I can remember an incident about some candy a few years ago. Since you haven’t turned four yet and it is best to start early, here are some two-dollar words to let my worries drift away: -Birthday card messages

Dearest daughter, as you grow older, you become more beautiful in mind, spirit, and heart. May your lips always speak wisdom. May your eyes always see the best in people. May your ears always hear the best in words. May your hands always reach for opportunities. Love you and happy birthday!

Dear daughter, it has been so long since we first met. It is the most wonderful blessing in my life. From the time in the womb of your mother to the current moment, we have traveled a long way together. I am extremely grateful for being blessed with such a cute daughter. I hope you will grow up to be a good human being, be an independent adult one day, and lead your life happily.

Dear God, bless my daughter on her birthday. I mean…you know that she is a little crazy, right? Oh well….what can you do! Anyway, thanks for giving her to me, and let her be childish for just one day more. Maybe this party with all of her friends will help. And God…please do not mind the sugar induced hippieness that will follow in the next few days. Please!

God, on your arms you have placed hundreds of stars. But if you give me one wish, I will ask for her (daughter’s name) as my best friend.

Dear Lord, you have been a friend to me and my daughter in many different ways. Please see good for her, bless and protect her always. As she grows up, may she be just like You; always caring for others. Amen!

May God give you the power to stand by your prayers and to keep your six years well lived! May he spare you from all bad blood, the imminent evil lurking around you. Also, let him give you the power to never forget your mother’s prayers and your dad’s regrets.

Dear Lord, I give my daughter Kathy to you today as a gift. Please secure her from all harm and danger. Looking over her with your loving eyes and keeping her in your arms as you have done with her before–keep her in your love and protection–this is my prayer.

Dear God, please grant her the knowledge of good things as well as the knowledge to live for herself after she learns what is good. Amen

Hello, God! We all know how busy you are. I hope you can find some time to look at my daughter… Today she turns six. She has been a fantastic daughter and will only get better. May all her endeavors be fruitful in your sight! Long live my little angel!

Dear daughter, you are six now. It is a very exciting age because you can dress yourself, feed yourself, and curl your hair! I wish you a happy six years and many more to come.

My dear daughter, I pray that God shows you how amazing and beautiful you are. I also pray that as you grow older your beauty would radiate even brighter to touch many lives around you. May the love and joy of this day fill your heart forever.

Another year has gone and yet another beautiful little girl is celebrating her birthday. You are a gift from heaven, a treasure of untold value. I could not be more grateful for all your love and affection. May your heart always be filled with joy and happiness.

My darling daughter, I am sure you are aware that all your mother wants for you is happiness.  Mommy loves you beyond words can express. From the moment you were born, you became the sunshine in my life, filling every minute of it with joy and laughter. On this special day, I just want to say; “I love you and always will!” I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Dear God, like a magician You gave me a gift in the form of a daughter. Despite the big amount of trouble she puts me through, I am grateful because You have made her such a delightful charming person that everyone loves to be with.

Daddy likes you so much. Even though you are still little, I know you can make the world a better place. Oh Daddy’s little girl, I want you to be happy always and be very successful in your life!

May those pieces of cake be a million, the candies a billion, and the wishes you make come true some magical day.

Dear Lord, I have born a special lamb. Thank you for blessing me with this gift. You are the greatest giver I know and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As we reach the end of our journey today, I hope it is in your best interest that a newborn day begins. As the sun shakes off its slumber, whispers the east, and wakes up to greet the new day, I pray that my baby will share the same zeal with you and have a year full of blessings.

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