Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 15

Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 15: A birthday is another milestone in life. And as parents, we don’t have the liberty of celebrating each one with a party or gifts. The best thing you can do is celebrate it with a prayer. Here’s one I wrote for my daughter turning 15.

Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 15

Since you are the Almighty God, I now make a birthday prayer for my beautiful daughter turning 15. I hope this birthday will make you more beautiful, healthy, and full of wisdom. You are my flame of hope, my angel, my sunshine in this dark world today.

May this be a great year where she will learn so much and grow with you on her side. Make her a beautiful lady that everyone will adore; make her an intelligent woman who will do wonderful things for your glory and may she be a blessing to others! Help her fulfill all your plans

Lord, she is so precious to me. She is the best gift you gave me. Please continue to guide her on the right path and help her realize her goal in life. I know with your divine order, everything will be alright.

Dear daughter, today you turn 15. I pray that you grow up to be a woman of grace and wisdom. Keep in mind the values passed on to you by your parents. Today focus on the positive aspects of your life and remember that everything happens for a reason. Enjoy each moment of your life and stay strong!

Thanks for choosing me for your mother, you have been a blessing in my life. I wish you are the best daughter in the world. Happy birthday to the girl who makes my life worthwhile.

You’re another year closer to having a driver’s license, ma! Sorry for the reminder… I’m grateful to God for all your accomplishments over the years. You’ve grown into such a beautiful young lady. I can only pray that He guides you throughout this next year and beyond. I hope the following 15 years are as wonderful and meaningful as these last! Happy Birthday!!

I pray that things go your way as you reach for the stars in your life. I pray that you will always be happy and never moody. I pray that you get all that you desire in life, and sometimes beyond. Happy birthday to my only child, I love you!

I pray Lord, to keep my daughter safe in all that she does. I pray that she be successful in reaching her dreams. Let her serve as an example to others and be a good moral guide. Today is your special day. My heart wishes you all the joy and happiness you so richly deserve. Please accept my humble gift and it is my earnest prayer that together with this gift comes peace, health, and everlasting life.

I pray that you always find your voice, and use it to speak the truth. I pray that you seize every opportunity that comes your way and make the most of it. I pray that you find a love so big it lasts a lifetime. You may not believe in fairy tales yet, but they are only just beginning. Happy birthday!

Dear God, please continue to watch over my princess and make sure she has a wonderful and blessed day. I ask that you bless her with all the happiness in the world و may his day be remembered for years to come. I love her so much that there are no words to express it. Thank you, God, for blessing me with such a beautiful daughter

God, in all my life, you have given me the best gift ever. I am thankful to you and forever grateful to your divine intervention. Lord, please fill her heart with peace, love, and happiness.

Dear God, please make my daughter happy through her journey on Earth. Treat her with the same affection you treated me. I am forever grateful that you blessed me with a sweet daughter. I pray this day will mark a new beginning in your life.

You started opening your eyes to the world when I was just turning 2. You were there for me every step of the way. You fought for me every time. You were there for me even during my worst times. So here I am today thanking God that he gave me a wonderful daughter such as you. Happy birthday, mommy!

Goddess of the skies, earth, and seas, Greet your beloved daughter with joy and happiness. May her life be as splendid as ravishing swans’ cries. Grant her success in all she sets out to do. May she always stay close to you and follow your path.

Dear daughter, you’ve been through it all. Every tear you have shed and every mistake you have made, I wish that your tears and pains can be erased with happiness and love. Never forget that Papa and Mommy love you very much. You’re a princess in our eyes, so let us make your dream come true! Happy 15th birthday, my love!

To my darling daughter, I hope you remember this day for a long time. May God guide you to the right path and help you to achieve all your wishes quickly. You have been a wonderful child, making me proud on every occasion. May you always continue in your ways and live life to the fullest. Happy birthday!

My darling and beloved daughter, May God keep you safe always. I ask and conditionally bless your birthday today. You have been my precious and special pearl, a jewel that keeps on giving me joy, one that meets my needs and makes me feel loved every day. I thank God for your life.

Lord, smile on my daughter today as she turns all grown-up. Let her celebrate this day in great joy and I pray that you guide her through the days to come. Bring her everything that she desires and help her see things through a clearer mind.

Oh, Lord Jesus! I pray for my daughter’s good health, for her to advance in her studies. May she bring honor to me and my family. May she be strong and creative.

Baby girl, I thought my heart would burst with pride when I saw you, dressed up and walking towards me. You looked beautiful that day, and your smile could have lit up the darkest of nights. God bless you daughter. I am so thankful to him for giving me a daughter like you. You are now one of the women in this world, but you will always remain an angel in my eyes.

Dear God. I pray that you keep my daughter, Ayaan safe and healthy. Help her to be at peace with herself and the world at large. Help her to have many good friends and guide them in their lives. Protect her from evil influences, keep all unexpected bad from happening to her, make all her dreams come true, in Jesus’ name I pray with all my heart. Amen.

Lord, thank you for blessing my daughter with a beautiful name. I know she is not always on the right track, but that wasn’t her fault—it’s the time we live in. Help her to know that she can be better than what she is today. Guide her and protect her from those who wish to bring harm upon her. Guide me as I embark on the next chapter of my life. Amen!

Dear Father in Heaven: Help me to grow up as a child of God; to stand firmly on the solid rock of your promises, and resist the tides of temptation. I want my heart to be pure and clean so that I can meet you someday where there is no pain, suffering, or death. May I bring joy and happiness into people’s lives And make a difference in this world.

Lord God, I will always remember the day when you gave me an angel in the form of a daughter. I thank you for blessing us with your wonderful gift and may she live with love, joy, and peace under your watchful eye. And if it is your will, help her become a strong, independent woman who is able to stand on her own two feet. Amen.

A Funny Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning Fifteen

Dear God, I pray to you that my daughter knows how beautiful she is and what a wonderful person you are. To be able to turn fifteen and be as special as she is and with the promise of many more great years yet to come. Bless her with your healing hands, that she may continue to live a long fulfilling life full of love, happiness, and peace with friends in short supply.

May your birthday be as beautiful as a rose, and as pleasant as daffodils in May. May the Lord bless you with his choicest blessings, now and always. Happy birthday my dear daughter!

Dear God / I promised to guide and protect my daughter until she turns 18. However, at 15, I am asking you to take her immediately and enjoy your time with her because I can’t. God, it was so peaceful until she started looking like you … J.

Dear princess, I am so glad to see you all grown up. The past years have been hard, but it is a joy to see how you’ve matured into a beautiful young lady. As I watched you grow and blossom into the amazing person you are today, I grew and blossomed as well. Now that you are growing up, I will miss those days when you would hand me your dolls and ask me to play with them for you.

My dear child, how you’ve grown! Probably more so in height and built than in maturity. I couldn’t be prouder of you if I tried. Just remember to take care of yourself and make the right choices. Never give up, as your dreams they can come true as long as you believe. Above all, enjoy your teenage years, but most of all, have fun! Love your Dad

Dear Lord, please answer my prayers and let me have another 15 years with her. Amen.

Dear God, please make my daughter grow up to be a supermodel and not some bank teller.

I’ve always been puzzled by the general lack of knowledge people have in their own bodies. Everyone thinks that if you look in a mirror and your eyes are open, you should see the back of your eyeballs — but what if you’re lying on your back, looking at the ceiling?

Dear Baby, I’m getting old. Fifteen used to seem so far away. Back when you were 5, it seemed too old. And now you’re 15 (15),? It seems a little young(young). But best of all, you’re still my baby(baby). So wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Lord, our Heavenly Father, we ask you to bless my daughter on her 15th birthday.

Dear God, please make my daughter sweet sixteen, beautiful seventeen, and a wonderful eighteen! P.s- she is already a terrific thirteen!

Thy fifteen birthday ought not to be a stumbling block, by any means.

15 years ago, David promised me he’d create a loving and obedient daughter. Thanks to God, the promise has been fulfilled. As a birthday gift, I give one warm wish for her future: may you be happy and lead a successful life!

Dearest daughter, how well I remember when you were a gentle little girl with golden ringlets in your hair. Now you have grown into a young lady and I am still as much in love with you as I was then. The years have flown by quickly like petals on the wind, but they have left indelible memories—happy, hap-hazardous memories of a sacred bond between a father and his daughter.

Dear Lord, I do not ask for wealth or success, because your daughter has already given me plenty of both. I wish only that she will always stay this way because she is a terrific kid!

Dear God, please give my child patience; make it easier for her to hear the word No. Help her make a lot of good friends and grant her the wisdom to choose good friends from bad. Please remind her to tell you everything that is on her mind, so we parents don’t feel that we are losing the war with hormones.

Oh Lord, there are no feet in this room, more than 4 feet tall for me to stand on and curse. God, I am guilty of parenting a 13 year old girl. I know the buck stops here! Please help me to remember that Lord, nothing is always my fault. Though it feels like it sometimes! God help me by giving me strength and patience through this trial. If you could give me a gray hair or two (Lord if possible) I would be very grateful right now!

Father in heavens, I know that you have created the world and everything in it. I also know that you can do anything you set your mind on. Super hard to believe that everything was possible by thoughts alone but still, here we are!

A Cute Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning Fifteen

GOD has blessed me with an angel! I wish to say a heartfelt thank you to you for your support, care and goodness. For I know that you have gone through many trials, tribulations, and hardships just to make this world a better place. Here is a small prayer to celebrate your Fifteen birthday in style. On behalf of everyone who cares about you, let me say words of love, peace, and joy!

Dear daughter, you are becoming a young lady now, making us proud in each and every step you take. We pray for God’s grace and wisdom to help you in all that lies ahead of you. Happy fifteenth birthday.

Dear daughter, as you turn fifteen today, I am reminded of how miraculous your life is. A miracle is so great that there is a planetary system named after you. You look like me but have your mother’s heart. Thank you for being my angel and blessing me with immense love. Happy birthday!

Sweet daughter, now your age is double digit, you are facing different challenges. I wish that you continue to have faith and believe in yourself. And take this opportunity to study hard, so when it’s time to go to university you will be ready for it. I hope that one day you will grow up, a good doctor or lawyer who can stand on her own two feet. Wish you happiness and joy. Happy birthday my sweet child!

This birthday, I wish you live a great life and find true happiness. To have the strength to be yourself, to have a great time in school, to have the best park of your life. You are just like a diamond that is not polished yet. The more you try to make these diamonds sparkle, the better they become. Love you, sweetie

Dearest child, seize this day and make the best use of it. Use it to make yourself a better person than what you are on the day I gave birth to you. You made my life meaningful and blissful, even though we might be separated by miles; you’re always in my heart and my thoughts. God bless you and your family. Happy birthday.

Lord, thank you for gifting me with a wonderful daughter who has brought immense happiness and joy to my life. More than anything else, I have always been proud of the fact that your priorities have been right during this coming of age journey. You are very thoughtful, kind, and caring. I pray to God that the best years of your life lie ahead. Happy Birthday!

With every breath, I take, thank you Lord for you allow me to live another day of my life. My baby girl is getting older, and as she does, my love for her grows bigger. You know what it’s like being a father; every time I see her grow up, I cannot deny the fact that she’ll soon be stepping on her adulthood. To make things easier for her as well as myself, I want to always be by her side to support whatever decisions she makes.

May you always be humble, and wise beyond your years. May all bad things miss you, and all good things hit you. My dear daughter, God of all mercies grant that, as thou growest in years and in grace, thou mayest he his living image on earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Lord, I pray you to guide my daughter to make the right decisions in her teenage years. I pray that she will be a follower of wisdom and not popularity. Help her to resist peer pressure and navigate through the tumultuous teenaged period as a better person than she is now.

Lord, I am asking that you keep her safe and comfort her during her times of trial. Please help me to always be a good parent, guide, and friend to my daughter. Let us always maintain our close relationship and be as loving and close as we are today. Bless my daughter with the ability to make good decisions and the wisdom to learn from their consequences.

Oh, what a day it is today! Your sweet fifteen is here and you have entered adulthood. You are an attractive young lady and I am proud to say that I could not have wished for a better daughter. Wishing you good health and everlasting happiness. Happy birthday!

GOD has been so generous in blessing me with such a beautiful daughter. You make my life worth living and my heart begs to beat for you. I pray for your long life, may all your dreams come true, and may you enjoy the best of all that this world has to offer. Happy fifteenth birthday, darling!

Lord, we ask for your blessing upon my daughter as she turns fifteen today. Please lend her the strength to face all the challenges of life and grow up to be a virtuous lady. Give her courage and faith to overcome obstacles in her way and guide her so that she may succeed in all her endeavors. Bless her with intelligence and wisdom for making good choices in life. We thank you for giving us this day another wonderful gift of life. Amen.

Dear daughter, I have been so lucky to have you as a child. You have grown into an intelligent young lady. Years ago when I had you as a baby girl, my greatest dream was that you would reach this age and be happy, healthy, and safe. Today that dream has come true and it is all because of you. No matter how old you get or where life takes us, I will never stop loving you. Happy Birthday, dear!

I pray every day for my sweet girl and thank God for blessing me with such a lovely daughter. Today, I pray sincerely that you stay innocent and live life to the fullest. I love you, my beautiful daughter!

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