Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 14

Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 14: Big day in the life of your daughter, isn’t it? She’ll be entering the teenage era today and will notice plenty of changes! You’ll want to celebrate her birthday and wish her a great year. You may want to pray for her too. Go ahead, read through our lines, and pick the one that is right for you. Happy birthday, darling!

Birthday Prayer for Daughter Turning 14

Help her to discover the meanings of life and give her the strength to become a good human being. May she remember us on this day with tears in our eyes, but smiles on our lips.

You have a soft soul, and there could be many things which prove very enticing for you. Trying to be a good person does not mean that you cannot have fun in this world, be happy and enjoy life. I know that becoming a teenager can be challenging and confusing at times.

I’m so happy that you are easy going, fun loving, and fit in perfectly at home and high school. What’s more, is the way that you make all our friends feel comfortable and welcome in our home! You truly deserve all the blessings coming down your way on your birthday!

Lord, thank you for the many blessings you have given me and my family throughout our lives. Please continue to give us strength, comfort, and wisdom during this time of doubt and confusion.

Dear daughter, on your 14th birthday, the life ahead of you is full of new opportunities. You will be busy learning, growing, and discovering the many wonders of life. In the busyness, you feel separated from God’s presence. May you draw close to Christ and let his words guide your heart and mind. As we celebrate these moments together, know how much I love you!

Your loving soul, kind and compassionate nature makes you an ideal daughter. Your remarkable intelligence keeps you ahead of others while your wisdom and open-mindedness make you accept differences. You are confident and have the ability to meet any challenge that comes your way. You are a blessing from God; may he continue to guide you in life to remain humble, committed, disciplined, and loving. Happy birthday

Lucky to be blessed with a daughter like you. My life couldn’t be any better. Every day, I thank God for the gift of life, because it’s not all joy and happiness, but also pain and suffering. It’s through your eyes that I have learned to value everything I have in life. I admire your intelligence and strength at such an early age. Happy birthday, darling! Stay blessed!

Oh Lord, you have been amazing. You have blessed me with an amazing daughter for 14 long years. Let your light shine upon her and bestow upon her a warm and tender heart that is ready to help those in need.

Dear daughter, I am aware that you have gone through a lot of things and yet you have kept your faith intact. Really bold! I am happy that you are having this special moment today and pray that God endows you with the best. Look up to him, he can do everything. I hope your coming year will be filled with so much fun and excitement. Always keep fighting in everything you do. Reply back soon.

Thank you for the love and care that you have showered on me. Our relationship has seen its ups and downs, but your unconditional love has been a constant. I do hope you will forgive me for stretching my patience beyond limits day in and day out! You deserve to be happy every minute of every day. On this special day, I pray to God to shower you with everything good in life and give your heart strength to make the right choices, whatever the circumstances! Happy birthday!

My sweet daughter, today is the day when you start experiencing a different kind of happiness. I hope you will follow your heart and always choose the righteous path.

All the angels in heaven are singing a hymn of praise to welcome this beautiful soul into womanhood. On her birthday, may the wind of fortune blow favorably in her favor and tomorrow be the day she rejoices. May the light of hope shine within her heart today and forever!

Will be treated to some really cool stuff today. Sweet 16 wishes, we have big plans for you. You’re buddies and family will gather from far away places to throw you a superb day.

Lord, thank you for delivering my daughter to me. I have seen her grow into a young woman who holds high hopes and does not give up easily. She is smart and has what it takes to reach her goals. I pray that she continues to entertain great ideas as her life goes by. So, here’s a prayer for you: may God give your child the strength and courage to overcome any challenge they meet and the wisdom to know when they should quit. I love you dear!

God made parents to help shape the lives of their children for good. With that in mind, I’m praying for your daughter, who is celebrating her birthday. I pray God will give you wisdom and courage to guide her in the days ahead.

Lord, I pray that you give my daughter grace to accept the gifts that you have already bestowed upon her. I pray that you protect her from all evil and harm. I pray that you give her the strength and courage to stand up for what is right.

Today is your day and I am dear daughter, I am so glad to have you in my life. I will always support you in your studies and personal goals. You are the best that God has sent me. All the birthday greetings in the world could not convey what I really feel for you.

Today is your birthday, my lovely princess. I pray that your name grows more and more beautiful every day. I thank god for gifting you to me, making me the happiest mother in the world. I love you so much darling and wish you a very special and blessed birthday!

May the Lord bless you with His choicest gifts, and may he imbue your life with happiness and prosperity. Each year of your life brings delight and fun, I’m so glad that I could be part of it. I hope to see you blossom into a beautiful woman in years to come. Happy birthday, daughter!

Dearest daughter, so that you are here to stay. Bless you, bright and beautiful daughter, with the strength and courage to face anything in life. May all your dreams come true. Throughout my life, you have been my pillar of support, may there always be peace and harmony between us. May you be the leader of the family. May the angels watch over you for life

May the future hold nothing but happy memories, your joys and despairs, successes and failures all together as one. My beautiful little girl, you are growing up so fast. No more toys or books. You are now a teenager. I also know that being a teenager is no easy job. To keep you on the right path I pray… may all you do be done to honor God with your life.

Angelina, you completed the teenage years and entered a new one. I pray that your life turns out smooth as cream. As your mother, I can not ask for more. Enjoy your special day in the presence of friends and family. I love you!

Little girl, your life is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. The thought of you brings a smile to my face…I hope that you have a special day for me, Mom

Dear Lord, please guide my daughter on the path of righteousness and give her the courage to take decisions that are the best for her. Bless her with love and understanding so she can keep a loving relationship with me and be a good friend. Most of all, help her stay safe on Earth and always reach higher in life. May she find acceptance, joy, and happiness in life.

Dear Lord, I thank you for guiding me through the tumult of bringing up a daughter. If it weren’t for you I would have lost my sanity by now. We both fought hard to get her where she is today and I hope with all my heart that she flourishes, even more, tomorrow in your care. Thank you for this day, may your merciful blessings shine down on her always.

Dear Lord, thank you for your gifts to my family. Help me to make her and the rest of us appreciate them. May she be alive when I say this prayer. Bless her with a wonderful life ahead. Amen!

May God guide you through the journey of your life. May he give you all that you need to reach your goals. May he protect you from heartaches, pain, and tears. May he be a pillar of strength in your moments of weakness.

I thank the Holy Spirit for delivering you to me. I made so many mistakes but I thank God that you always forgive me. You were not only my child, but you became my friend. Every day, I become better and stronger because of you. May God bless your entire life!

A Funny Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning Fourteen

I pray that she will be respectful towards everyone and help those in need. Please make it possible for everyone including us to remain safe together throughout the year.

May your evening be filled with many wondrous dreams and remember that the Lord watches over all children on the first night of their life. Thank you for her laughter, her smiles, her tears, and her devotion. Thank you for giving me the best one in my life!

Dearest daughter, if god was the one to create a gift for every little girl reaching 14, he would never be out of ideas. And are you still wondering why you got an iPad? Happy Birthday.

Dear God, I checked how old my daughter is, and I could not believe it: she turned 14 today! So I will be following your advice on this one. Give her all the wisdom to choose a dress that is appropriate for her age. Teach her to believe in herself, instead of believing in those Satan-inspired people. God, please take care of my child while she is still young before she takes the wrong path. Lord, you know best! Bless her!

Hey, Rachel! You are making me feel so old right now. fourteen already. Hey, your dad and I decided to give you the car on your birthday. Do both of us a favor — don’t learn to drive on my BMW! We love you so much!

A few months back, I promised myself that I won’t be writing another one of these messages. Being a parent is not easy and this last year has been the hardest in your life. But with the passing of time, you have become a lovely young lady. Happy birthday my darling daughter!

Dear heavenly Father. Please look over your little girl today. It is her birthday and helps her to be more appreciative of all the things you have given her. Keep my daughter safe, healthy, and as happy as can be. If she needs money for something special, grant her a request. All this I pray in your wonderful name.

Dear Lord, I pray that you will always be there to guide my daughter. Along the way, I also hope that you will permit her the wisdom of making her own decisions. Although she is morally righteous and cheery, I don’t want her to lose her way. Please grant her a healthy life and give her support so she can always be my fourteenth young lady in waiting.

Dear daughter, I thank the almighty for handing me a bundle of joy as you. May nothing going wrong in your life and may you have all the things you desire from others and yourself.

Dear Lord, please let my daughter grow up to have a good figure, plenty of hair, and a career.

Dear God, thank you for this beautiful day And the dinner I’m about to eat. And the little puppy dog too. Thank you for my toys and my bike, And for having Steve as a big brother!

Dear Lord, please bless my daughter on her fourteenth birthday. Make her have fun, be popular and I pray for her safety. Oh yeah, let her pass her driving test too.

Dear Lord, I know that it has been ages since we spoke. I also know that I have been close mouthed – a VERY close mouthed person. I pray that you will forgive me for being so obedient and quiet over the years. As you know, my little girl turned fourteen recently. My prayer is that she turns out to be an angel, so she can stay with me forever!

Dearest daughter, thank God you do not possess the elegance in dressing a woman of your age possesses. I hope that you never get concerned with that and continue to be who are by being yourself and loving everything else in between. Happy birthday!

Dear Lord, on the occasion of her birthday, I give you thanks for her knees which are too big to fit in the dress she recently bought. I also thank you for protecting her from teenage boys who might make fun of her. Touch her heart and allow her to have a clean heart that belongs only to You.

Dear God, as a father I want to guarantee you a safe passage tonight I hope you know that your parent’s love takes shelter in our home, love their children that they miss when they grow up, and love those who give them grandchildren.

Dear Lord, from the heavens where you are, please bless my daughter and guide her in her studies. Give her a steady hand, calm voice, an open mind, to help her make important decisions.

Help her to stand firm, when all around is in chaos. I am grateful that she was born an angel and has always been one. Please protect her and keep her safe as she makes her journey in this world.

Dear Lord, I pray that you let my baby girl become a teenager. Amen.

Dear daughter, may your life be filled with laughter and kindness. May your pains heal quickly and may there be many happy moments in store for you. May all your wildest dreams come true.

God gave us some amazing children, brought you here to fill my life with joy and happiness when I was told that I won’t be able to have kids. You blessed me with a parcel of joy which is you. Mommy’s princess forever, I love you!

My prayer is that you never outgrow your childhood, experience the pain of teenage years, nor ever have to suffer a broken heart.

Dear God, please make my daughter a good wrestler so she can carry me to the home of her future husband! Amen.

Dear Lord. Give her the strength to master driving safely. The humility to admit turning sixteen is not always a blessing. The patience to show courtesy to younger drivers. And the wisdom to know when she is being deceived by the new guy in class.

A Cute Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning Fourteen

On this special day take a moment to reflect on all the wonderful things that brought you to where you stand today. I am very proud of my daughter no matter what happens in life.

Guide her so she makes wise decisions and grows toward maturity with valuable character traits. Guide her in the paths you have mapped out for her life. Stay close to her heart all the way through her fourteenth year old year. Show us how we can help you lead our baby.

Dear N, you are turning fourteen today, I am sure that you have explored the whole world by now. P.S: Not really. I know, growing up is more than just exploring the world. It’s also about making your way through the maze of life and choosing what is right.

Dear daughter, as you turn fourteen today, I wish you faith as strong as the mountains that we both love. Faith that will see you through all odds, and faith that will guide you to your dreams. May your faith be a force for good in the world.

God always delivers cute things to us, at the right time. I could not have wished for a more adorable daughter. Happy birthday, my beloved daughter! You are going to be the most beautiful woman in the world and I know it!

Dear Daughter, I wish you a very happy birthday. As you step into another year of rejuvenation and excitement, may you be blessed with all that is good in life? May you be surrounded by the love and joy of family, friends, and your community, who are so lucky to have someone like you in their lives!

may the right man find you and give you a gift as precious as life itself, until then I will continue to pray that you grow up to be an inspiration to others. The bible says birds are gathered together by their fathers and daughters are blessed because of their mothers. So the next time someone mentions your name, know that you have a whole family who loves you! Happy birthday, honey!

Lord, give my baby girl a lifelong LOVE for Jesus and His Word. Give her the passion to grow in wisdom and stature! Help her to handle life with an attitude of gratitude, responsibility, and a cheerful thankful spirit.

Father, you are the best father to your daughter. You make life much easier for her and me. Thank you for always being there for her. Bless her on this special day. Thank you for all your support. I pray that you continue to make her life as comfortable as possible. Amen

Lord, today is my baby’s birthday. I thank you for sending me a caring and wonderful daughter who brightens up my world. Thank Lord for giving me the most precious gift in life. I pray that you continue to guard her and watch over her in the months to come. Amen!

May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and may nothing but happiness come through your door. I pray that you will be loved, cared for, and protected. I pray that you live long enough to experience the joy of being a mother to a little girl someday.

Lord, Thank you for the blessing of this child in our lives. I pray that you are with her every step of the way as she faces new challenges, and as she matures into a great woman. Amen!

I had this prayer bookmarked on a church’s website. I showed it to my daughter, and she asked me to send it to you. So here it is:

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