Wave Energy Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Wave Energy technology is the use of ocean surface waves to generate electricity. Wave Energy technology can be used in both marine and freshwater. Like any form of energy, Wave Power harnesses a natural resource; in this case the kinetic energy of waves. Current projects for Wave Energy take advantage of surface waves, these are the waves that we see when the sea looks like it is flapping or rippling on the shoreline or around buoys at sea.

Wave Energy Quotes and Captions for Instagram

To protect the coastal communities we love, we need to be part of the solution. Wave Energy for us is one of these solutions.

Wave Energy makes the sea an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional power sources

Wave Energy is the most powerful and sustainable energy source available in Australia.

Wave Energy is a Commercially demonstrating Wave Energy Converter called Oceanus.

Wave Energy is powering the world’s first wave-powered desalination plant to make fresh water in a remote corner of Western Australia.

Wave Energy – The future is limitless.

Wave power is the cleanest and cheapest way to produce electricity. Help us raise awareness of this technology and end our reliance on fossil fuels.

We aren’t just making waves, we’re creating new energy.

We promise to make waves in the energy industry.

The energy of the ocean. Fueling our planet.

We’re all about making waves. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Transforming the world of energy. Not a drop is spilled and no emissions are emitted.

Let your hair down this summer & enjoy a splash of freedom.

At Wave Energy, we believe that the ocean can provide us with an endless source of renewable energy.

We’re taking on the world’s most powerful ocean forces and using them to let us do more with less. Join us: waveenergy.com

Wave Energy. Forever changing the world as we know it. #waveenergy

Why wave energy? Ask our new friend…

Wave Energy is changing the definition of renewable energy.

We are a scientific and engineering company using the power of ocean waves to meet the world’s growing demand for renewable electricity.

Waves are powerful. That’s why we use them to power your home, quickly and cleanly for over 30 years.

Energy that’s as limitless as the ocean.

We are moving ever closer to our goal of becoming an energy company.

Stand proud in the face of a rising tide.

Wave energy can help power America.

Wave makes it easy to pay your electric bill.

Come ride the Wave and join our clean energy revolution. The future is bright – Let’s go!

Wave-powered electricity is coming.

Harnessing our boundless ocean for cleaner, affordable power #wavesareenergy

We’re making the world a better place one wave at a time.

A wave is the epitome of clean energy. This ocean wave can be converted into electricity without harming the environment.

If you want to get serious, start by getting serious about the power of waves. Because they are strong.

Our solar-powered surfboard is here to show that clean energy can be fun.

Invest in alternative energy sources now! The future of energy is here.

We are doing more of what’s never been done before.

Introducing Wave Energy, the next wave in renewable energy. It’s about time.

Wave Energy is about to change everything . . .

The world’s first wave energy farm is ready to power the island nation of Malta.

Let’s Create a Wave of Renewable Energy in the World.

Smile. You’re catching energy waves 🌊

New clean energy that fuels the future. Be ready. Be sustainable.

Revolutionizing energy production and making renewable energy a mainstay. #GetOnBoard

We are ready to become the energy of choice in your home.

Wave Energy is the energy of the future because it’s clean, renewable, and local. Support Wave Energy to power your life.

Wave Energy is the future of clean and renewable energy.

Goodbye fossil fuels. Hello, wave energy.

Wave Energy Changes Everything

Wave Energy from the ocean can be harnessed and it turns into clean renewable energy.

Wave energy: the future is now.

Wave energy is a source of renewable energy which converts the motion of ocean surface waves into electricity.

Wave power is the natural solution for Australia’s energy needs.

Fill up on a natural source of energy.

Our energy is bigger than yours.

We are leading the energy charge

If you can feel the ocean’s power, you can harness it. Wave Energy is here.

Wave Energy is clean, safe, and profitable.

Wave Energy – A new way to produce electricity off the coast of every country in the world.

Wave Energy Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Wave energy 🌊 is the most abundant, clean, and renewable source of energy.

Recharge your wave energy with freshness and a burst of refreshment.

Our passion is using wave energy to bring the world unlimited, clean power. It’s time to harness energy from waves.

The clean energy revolution has begun. Utilize wave power to generate electric current for your home or business.

We are changing the world one wave at a time.

Clean energy for a cleaner future.

The (not so wavey) future is here.

Surf’s up with Wave Energy Technology.

Wave Energy Empowers the World.

Wave Energy – Clean and reliable energy source, built right here in WA.

Wave Energy. The wave of the future in renewable energy. #oceanenergy

Wave Energy Reimagining the Ocean Economy.

Wave Energy: The Future of Renewable Energy

Our mission is to become the first company to generate electricity from waves.

We believe that we can harness the motion of ocean waves to generate renewable energy. We’re talking tsunamis here, people.

We are driving a clean energy revolution by using ocean waves to create next-generation renewable power plants.

Historical waves are being harnessed in a way never seen before. Stay tuned to see how.

Wave Energy. Wave Energy is clean, reliable, affordable, and abundant.

Wave Energy is the power of the ocean, captured in a bottle—each one as powerful as Mother Nature herself.

We’re the Wave, and we make renewable energy more accessible than ever with our floating wind turbines

Wave Energy: Redefining the way we produce and consume clean energy #waveenergy

Our wave energy technology converts the power of ocean surface waves into renewable electricity.

We’re building a new kind of wave energy technology to reshape the future of clean, renewable energy.

Wave energy is the least expensive source of renewable energy in the world, with a cost-competitive with coal.

This is how you harness the power of ocean waves.

We’re bringing clean energy to your home this fall.

New Era of Clean Energy is here.

Propelling the world forward through oceans of potential.

Rolling into the new year with a strong wave of new insights and ideas to power your next business move.

Clean, safe, Australian-designed Wave Energy.

Let’s #GoBeyondGreen and together usher in a new era of clean energy. www.waveenergycorp.com

Wave Energy is a premier provider of ocean power technology, based in San Diego

Wave Energy: The clean, affordable, abundant source that we have been waiting for.

Wave Energy is the next big thing in sustainable energy.

Surf’s Up! Wave Energy Brings Cleaner, Cheaper Power to Hawaii

Powering the World’s Largest Wave Energy Project

We unlock energy from the oceans

Everyone has a wave. Select one and join us.

Breaking free from fossil fuels and creating a cleaner, better future Starts Here . . .

No running on empty, Wave Energy.

Wave Energy: The next big thing.

Wave Energy is the essential ingredient for powering tomorrow’s world.

Wave Energy is limitless and we are harnessing this natural resource to power our world.

Wave energy has the potential to provide a source of clean, reliable, and sustainable energy for Australia.

We are passionate about getting renewable energy from the ocean.

Pushing the boundaries of clean and affordable energy.

Clean energy from where you only imagined it.

The ultimate ocean experience has arrived. Come for the weekend and feel the energy.

Wave Energy: It’s like surfing a power wave.

Wave energy is the next big thing. Don’t just swim in the ocean, surf it! 🌊

Wave Energy: the future of clean and limitless energy is here.

Wave energy isn’t something we can see or touch, but it’s right in our backyard and is the most powerful, sustainable energy source in the world.

Wave energy is the most abundant source of renewable energy on our planet.

The first large-scale wave energy project in the US is set to launch this month

Harnessing the endless power of ocean waves to create renewable energy to power our homes and businesses.

A wave of ocean power could soon be lapping at our shores.

We dare to dream of a world powered by renewable energy.

Green energy for a better world

Be bold in how you energy the country.

Innovation is at the heart of our business. It’s what has made us a global leader, and that will never change.

Don’t wait. Change the future today. Support Wave Energy.

Wave Energy is the best alternative energy source invented by people.

Wave Energy: The world’s first tidal stream energy device.

This summer, wave power is in full force.

Clean energy for the world, being made available by waves—we’re making it happen.

We’re creating something new out of the ocean’s energy.

We are leading the evolution to a greener and more sustainable future.

We’re not like the others. We’ll take you where you want to go, even if it’s deep into your own consciousness.

Wave Energy is the best! For example, Wave Energy saves you money and is 100% renewable.

Our Wave Energy solution breaks the limits of traditional renewable energy.

Wave Energy: Changing the wave of the future

Delivering next-generation wave energy to power your life.

Wave energy is the new, clean power source of the future.

Wave power for the people by the people.

Clean energy that’s always there. #alwayson

An Australian technology company dedicated to providing clean, reliable, and affordable renewable energy solutions.

The future of surfing 🌊 🏄 🎣

We’re drowning in a sea of electricity. Wave Energy will change that.

Electric cars are changing the world. Find out how at www.waveenergycorp.com

Wave Energy is ready to power your world.

Wave Energy, making renewable energy a reality now.

Wave Power. Harness the power of the ocean’s waves.

Breaking wave energy technology will change the world.

Meet the wave of the future. This thing is going to blow your mind.

We’re riding on the wave of technological innovation, social consciousness, and sustainability.

Imagine a world free of fossil fuels and with a healthy environment.

One wave. One woman. One wave energy company.

Installing our wave energy technology, you can swim in the sea and power your underwater lights.

We’re going to make the waves of energy accessible and affordable to everyone. 🌊☀

We are now producing energy from waves. Let us show you how to make the most of this clean energy source.

Discover a new way to save electricity and money—by using the power of ocean waves.

bringing the power of the ocean to your home.

We’re the power behind a wave of change.

We’re taking the first step in a wave of change to reduce emissions and create a cleaner way to power the world.

We know what you’re thinking, and we’ve got the perfect solution to make you feel confident.

We are tackling the climate crisis with Wave Energy. This is environmental impact, at its most innovative.

The future is powered by Wave Energy. Stay tuned.

Wave energy is the new way to power your life.

Wave energy harnesses the power of the ocean, tides, and waves for sustainable and affordable electricity.

We’re harnessing the most powerful and plentiful source of energy there is—waves.

Giving more people access to clean-energy wave power.

Waves of clean, renewable energy for all.

There’s a new wave in renewable energy, and it’s coming for you.

We are here to revolutionize the energy industry by leveraging the forces of nature.

It’s time to break free. Stand up for what you believe in and fight for your dreams. 🌊

With Wave Energy, we’re starting to generate electricity from the same ocean that brings us so much joy.

It’s a wrap for the last of Wave Energy Australia’s wave energy converter development program, just in time for Christmas!

Wave Energy: a non-polluting, green source of energy from nature’s most powerful force.

Wave energy fuels the future.

redirecting the wave’s energy into usable electric power and desalination.◉

Generating off-shore power that’s ready when you need it, as you need it.

The ocean is the best place to take a wave. #SimpleWave

Dispatching sea energy through the greatness of nature.

We’re not talking about surfing here. We’re talking about the energy that moves the Earth.

Next wave: zero-carbon energy.

Clean energy for a brighter future.

Be bold. Push boundaries. Create change.

100% made in Australia, Wave Energy is a technology company using the power of the ocean to make renewable electricity.

Heads up! Wave Energy is here. Coming soon to a wave near you.

Wave Energy is coming for you. And it’s not going to be pretty.

We’re the first company to bring wave energy from the sea to plug into our homes and businesses.

Wave energy is a renewable energy source that is sustainable, reliable, and cost-competitive. That’s clean power from nature—waves. So cool!

Wave energy is the power of nature. We tap into the powerful ocean waves to create clean, sustainable electricity ⚡

Wave Energy is the future of renewable energy.

Wave energy is the future because it’s renewable, consistent, reliable, and affordable.

We’re on a mission to power the world with renewable wave energy. Catch the wave.

The world’s biggest wave energy array is generating clean electricity for the first time

We believe clean and affordable energy is a right, not a privilege.

No matter how far the wave travels, it always returns to its starting point. That’s why we’ll be here when you need us.

Wave Energy Innovators. Leading the wave toward a clean energy future.

Wave Energy is a clean, secure, and sustainable source of electricity that uses waves as a power resource

Wave Energy: a new renewable source of power that produces no carbon dioxide.

Feel the power and potential of wave energy.

Wave power is here, and it’s Big.

Wave is the future of renewable energy.

The world’s first surfable wave energy machine—read more about how it works.

If waves are crashing on your mind, we’re about to harness their energy for you.

Come join us in the fight for a renewable future and demand 100% renewable energy by 2040.

Powering your home into the future.

On top of being eco-friendly, Wave Energy also gives back to communities.

Wave Energy, the new frontier of renewable energy.

Wave Energy is the future of energy. We can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Wave Energy, the future of clean energy.

Wave Energy is the future of renewable energy. Be part of it.

Wave energy at your fingertips.

Wave makes electricity so clean you can swim in it.

We’re ready to make waves. Be part of the revolution.

Dancing with the waves while riding this view. 🌊📸

Finding the place where your life and work intersect.

Introducing Wave Energy. The wave of the future.

Wave is a new energy company and we’re bringing you big waves of electricity, every single day. #Waveitforward

Wave Energy is the real deal, powering homes and businesses along our coastline—more clean energy.

Wave Energy: Harvesting the Energy of Waves 🌊

Wave Energy is the wave of the future

Wave Energy is clean and abundant

Harnessing the energy of waves to power homes and businesses. Here’s how 🌊

We are an energy company harnessing the power of the sea 🌊

We’re serious about energy—but we’re not “serious” about it. 😎

I’m on a mission to save the planet. If you are too, join me. 👌

Energy that is clean and endless.

The world is full of moving water. Can you feel it?

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