Traffic Marathon Captions for Instagram

Traffic marathon game is a fun running game in which you race through the streets of Paris collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. That’s it! It’s a simple game but there are many twists and levels to keep you entertained.

If you’re looking for captions for a traffic marathon game, our ever-growing database of funny photo captions is the perfect place to find great ideas for more funny pictures. Using your imagination can lead to hilarious jokes that are sure to make everyone laugh.

Traffic Marathon Captions for Instagram

The traffic marathon game has started! Make it to day 26 without crashing your car and you win! Good luck!

Congratulations, you won the traffic marathon that means you #wonthegame …

Go! Go! Go! Step on that gas pedal, cut off that old lady and try to beat your best score in this fun traffic marathon game. Traffic racing never felt so good.

On your mark, get set, go! The Citywide Traffic Marathon is on this weekend. Don’t forget to download the free app to see traffic in your area and alerts on any accidents or delays. Here’s to a safe and fun weekend for all! #madisonmayfairmarathon

Oh boy… it’s traffic marathon today. This is going to be fun. With the help of our sponsors and this amazing traffic jam we are expecting, we can get through this with our sanity intact. Let’s go guys. Keep Calm and Pass.

I ran the whole marathon and didn’t take any of your hints! Now I want some traffic themed prizes.

We all gotta do what we gotta do: stop at every traffic light on the marathon commute home.

Start your engines, we’re off and running! Run through traffic to see who can cross the finish line first.

Let’s countdown these #EpicInstaGame moments. 2️⃣: 👍, of course!

Don’t play this command game–it’s actually just a bunch of adorable ducklings who are trying to get to school. Comment with your fav!

This video was sped up by 400% so you are able to see it in 7 mins. Here, you’re going to meet the most dangerous drivers on our roads 🚗

Running through all the spots you know and love. Collect, race, repeat.

Going for the gold!!!😀😉

Have you had trouble finding the best places to play traffic marathon games? Check out this space and feel free to let us know what we could do better.

Are you ready for the Traffic Marathon? Move fast, set a high score, and challenge your friends! 🏃💨

Let’s get this traffic marathon started! 🚗🌌

Use your runner skills to avoid traffic 😀. Collect coins and avoid the vehicles with your unique skills! Beat the traffic!

The streets are electrifying in this new racing game. See who can beat the distance for the ultimate prize. #my_game_moment

Good luck everyone. Oh, and I know what you’re thinking, that the people aren’t moving. The only way to get traffic is to keep trying 😉

Time to cash in your virtual winnings—this weekend is the #TurkeyDay Marathon when you can score big in events like the Thanksgiving Day and Turkeys on Parade Events.

Here are some quick tips to avoid holiday traffic jams caused by last-minute gift procrastinators:

🏃‍♀️How fast can we hit a million likes?! 🏃‍♂️

Good luck to everyone running the National Marathon today. Running is a great way to help those in need. Good luck and enjoy the run!

And the winner is…🥇 Congrats!

You beat the champion! Congrats! 👏👏

We’ll be providing you with tips and tricks all week long. Check back tomorrow, we’ll have a few tips for making your morning commute a little easier! #HalloWeekend

Pick up a head of steam and build up speed. Keep moving forward. And don’t stop moving until you reach your destination.

Protecting the line ⏺

Share this photo on Instagram with #TrafficMarathonGame and see if your city is a winner!

Feeling like you need to ditch your desk job because the afternoon traffic is going nowhere? Follow us at @trafficakl #trafficmarathon2017

Are you a traffic master? 🏁

Looking for a little outdoor fall fun? Tag your selfies with #TrafficJam, and you could get a shout out on the app, our website, or Facebook.

Let’s make this city our marathon. Tag a runner! @oo_games

Get ready for the ultimate car game!

Let’s try to beat ___’s score in the ___ marathon. Come join our team and make your road rage work out for a good cause 🙂

The odds are never in your favor: you’re racing against the clock, and the more photos you Instagram, the higher your chances of winning.

Stop planning. Start playing. The 2018 Marathon Weekend is here—Tune in to cheer on your friends, family, and community! We hear it’s gonna be a real nail-biter…

🚗First cat: I’m on a road game to get 3x more impressions than my opponent does.

Are you running a marathon? Let the Uber app be your own personal race planner.

Just keep on running 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️💨

How many orange cones can you hit before time runs out? 🎯🎯

Are your eyes ready? 👀

It’s like Fresher cars are worth more! If the traffic marathon game ends, you’ll be the freshest of them all.

Hey guys! We love a friendly competition here at Traffic Marathon. ❤👯 If you are up for the challenge, click on the link below to play now!

Turn up the fun and challenge your friends to an epic #trafficmarathon this #comingweekend on @donut_io

It’s a mad dash to the finish line. And by the finish line, we mean your couch. Let’s play #trafficmarathon!

We’re running a traffic marathon and need your support 🏃

Celebrate your Labor Day on the go with a marathon of traffic-free roads.

Marathon traffic is just a speed bump.

We’re doing it guys! On our way to the top and winning this game marathon is going to be a breeze with this new app‼️ It’s just amazing! Play free games here:

Hey! We’re coming to your city next week with some new friends – come join the fun, post a screenshot on Instagram for your chance to win 2 tickets for you and a friend

Are you feeling close to your weekly personal best on Instagram? Which hashtag do you use for the most tags on a post? Let’s connect this week with “#socialmarathon” #like4like

Say hello to your new best running buddies: our super soft crew socks that give you extra power on those long runs

And the winner is… you! 🎉Time for bed. 😴We’ll see you at the finish line. 🏃🏻When it comes to your health, every minute counts. That’s why every 10km counts a lot! 😎

Identify all the cars that are seen in the traffic marathon game and get rewarded🚗😎☝🏼 . . . #trafficmarathon #carcolonbandi #trafficjams #boredinoffice #officeclickbait

Traffic marathon this weekend? Make sure you have the stamina and endurance to get through it by fueling up with our Ultra Energy Drink! 😀

Oh hey, there…start your engines for the 7-day traffic marathon!

Did you get your daily fix of Tricky Traffic? There’s no better time to play the! It’s a great way to stay in Bedlam shape.

If you love driving, follow @globaltraffic. They’ll share captions like this one.

Weekend marathon games?? 👦👧 Let’s play a game together 🤗

It’s the right time of year to get a jump on winter road conditions. Let’s play our way to better weather! #winterweatheradventures

What are you waiting for? It’s time to be a part of the fun and #PlayTheWinner

Who can resist a good long weekend road trip?

If it was a marathon running against traffic, how many miles would you have run? 😮

Almost done for the day. Hang in there and keep your eyes on the road!

Fuel up for the road with low-calorie, nutritious beverages from SoBe Life Water. #sobelifewaterpants

Can you beat today’s record of 83,556 namers?  Come play Traffic Marathon and see if you can!

Hey there! It’s time to get busy and compete in the biggest traffic marathon game yet. Get a chance to win amazing prizes!

If you don’t know how the marathon works. Here you go One month, five characters, unlimited creativity. Race day is May 27th. The official hashtag is #trafficmarathon2018

Today is the final day of the #TrafficMarathon competition: #TMCK vs. #TMDIB. We’ll post a #tweet for every time TMCK or TMDIB is mentioned in a message, plus we’ll award one of you a prize! Keep it up and know that #TeamGator is telling all our friends about your great ETA updates. Let’s make this the closest finish ever!

It’s the home stretch with these traffic-reducing tips that’ll help you get to your destination on time #nomakeupselfies

The race is on! Hashtag-CrossCountryThe USA run begins today until May 16th. Register and challenge your friends to play along. #runCTRUN

We’re all in this together. Calling all runners, walkers, and cyclists: complete a marathon or race of any distance between September 22nd-October 14th for a chance to win up to $15,000. Link in bio!

You’re looking [w]aaaaaay too slow on the finish line! Get your [r]eady, set, and start running to win!

Your marathon is about to kickoff! Go for it. 😃

Jump, slide, zig-zag, or dive into one of our custom runs and show ’em what you got!

In honor of the FIFA World Cup, you’ve got a month to run as many miles as possible and participate in the #NikeMarathonMiles. Meet us at the starting line… #runbetter

Beat the traffic and feel the rush with HOV Lane – Traffic Marathon Game!

We are playing Traffic Marathon. Click here to join our game! 🙂

Traffic marathon is here and we’re ready to get served 🤓

We may have taken ad-blocking to the next level. This is gonna look good on your Instagram Story 😉 #TrexTrafficMarathon

Get ready to power through your day and slay the traffic with this awesome marathon game!😎

So you think you’ve got what it takes to control the traffic? Let’s test your skills

Beat the traffic rush with this exclusive insight behind the highway that received a 5 out of 5 stars approval rating from Google Maps!

The roadrunner competition starts now! #whatsyourroadrunner

OMG😱😱We got your back with unlimited free photo storage 😍🙌😘❤️

Get ready to cross the finish line and celebrate your brand new car 😃

Have you started your engines, 🚗🏎🚌✌?

So close to the finish line, we can taste it!

Going the distance with family and friends is what these runs are all about. Hope you have an awesome run, this week! #bobafamilyfunruns

Do you know that feeling—when it’s Friday and you don’t want to wait for the weekend so here are some captions for the Traffic Marathon game. 😘

It started with a few cars and ended with a thousand of them. Traffic Marathon— available at Google Play now!

Are you ready to take on the legendary # Traffic Marathon on @AppStore ??

Are you looking for the ultimate way to spend a daycation? Grab your friends, download Stampede Rush and test your skills with our new Traffic Marathon. 🏃🚗

Tired of using the same old emoji to describe how you feel while sitting in traffic? Check out our #TrafficMarathon game to express your feelings in creative and fun ways.

Start, run and never stop. We’ll handle the traffic, you can simply focus on running through all the streets of the world! 😎

On your mark, get set, go! Only 2 hours between you and your next GCR bonus—race to win it. Good!!

Who will beat the week’s highest score? The player with the most picture likes wins!

Don’t forget to [link hashtag], you still got the whole weekend!

Congrats!!! You have won the consolation prize. The best is yet to come!

Walk, run, drive and bike – stay safe everyone and go green 🌳 🚴‍♀️ ✈️

You can do it in a motivational tone: Here’s to the ongoing quest for high scores, badges, and achievements. 😉

One more level and a trip to [Place]!

Start your engines! It’s time for the traffic marathon game. The challenge? To make it to work on time without getting stuck in any of these notorious traffic jams. Good luck!

Who said traffic marathon is always a boring game? 😀😎👌🏻

How’s your #trafficmarathon game? Don’t miss out on being the first 1000 to enter the new Unicorn game!

We’ll see you on the roads, runners! #TrafficMarathon—Get ready to see some familiar faces and epic costumes as we come together to share the road during the #TrafficMarathon. The selfies and pictures are gonna look good this weekend 😎

Couldn’t get a cab to save your life? Why not try carpooling? Tag your friends to help them along on the traffic marathon!

Running a marathon is hard but traffic is harder!

If you love this game, stand in front of a mirror and try to survive on the streets for five minutes without getting hit by any vehicles.

Join over 2 million of your closest friends and drive together to win!

We got you beat. Come on down to the #MallOfAmericas tomorrow night for the #LoftedTriviaSportsClassic, where we just might take home that fancy trophy. RSVP at [email protected]

It’s 3 o’clock somewhere…why not here?#TGIF #winnerwinner

You can move, but you can’t hide! 🏃‍♀️ #tacklegame

Which city will claim the #1 spot? Shout out your pick in the comments.⏲🌍

Summer’s almost over, but we can still play our Traffic Marathon virtual game to win prizes! Show us what you got!

The easiest way to win the traffic marathon game: just refresh the page until the next traffic marathon starts.

Beat traffic, get ahead of the crowd, and unlock this St. Patrick’s Day themed game. #theWayToPlay

If the marathon is a race against traffic, save time with Zomato Rush. Get your order faster and even score freebies 📲🔝

Tired of traffic? Ready to get somewhere fast? Set your GPS for a new world record with Waze.

Don’t miss this chance to win tons of prizes, including tickets to our biggest marathon yet! 🏃🌍 🎉

These lanes are closed for the #londonmarathon today and tomorrow, enjoy your commute 🙂

Hit it in traffic and cross that finish line every day!

Let’s get ready to race! 😀 Let’s play at:

Driving all over the place today? Stay fuel-efficient and get to the next power level.

Everyone should have a friend like you—the kind of friend who celebrates your twenty-second place finish with a trophy just as big as theirs! ❤️

Gather your team and prepare to hit the road with our new game: Traffic Marathon. 🚗😋

Looking forward to a walk in the park? So are we. Play Traffic Marathon this weekend and you could walk away with $500.

The best way to learn US geography is by experiencing it! Play Traffic Marathon, the ultimate US road trip! ☀

Enjoy the sights and sounds of fall in this free online traffic marathon game!

How am I going to get through this traffic marathon without a game on my phone?

Start your engines and see how long you can drive without hitting traffic. Avoid this road 🚧. However, if you’re taking a long way, you may get the 🍑 🍆 🌰

It’s game on! Sign up for #GTMarathon starting October 1. Use the hashtag to find more info, register your team, and join in on the fun! ©️2017

Hey! Are you also crazy about this game? Then share your score and win $5-worth gift certificates

Enjoy & win big in @gamebybit’s BAT token bounty special!

The rules are simple: Tap the screen 🔓 as fast as you can. 😁

Running through the streets like ___! 👈🏾 #sundaysfunday …

Are you ready to join the Facebook challenge and develop your mental strength? The time starts now! #crazybraingame

What is her strategy? She’s going up, she’s turning right, she’s pushing into him a little bit—I think this girl has got an unfair advantage

Get ready to be the first to your friend’s wedding and shout YES WE DID💃👰😁🤺😜😝👱🏾‍♀️✨☝️

The best way to beat the traffic on the long weekend? Round up your friends and play traffic marathon!

Join the ultimate traffic marathon and win our biggest variety of prizes in just 7 days! We’ll also be giving away exclusive prizes every week to social media winners.

These are some captions I wrote while I was in a traffic marathon during my commute to work. The idea is that the runner has limited time to cross the finish line, and if he passes out or gets hit by an obstacle, it’s game over.

So you think you have what it takes to outsmart traffic and finish the marathon? Here’s how to beat the traffic along EDSA this rainy season.

Time to make your move! Race through traffic, get the green light, and catch all the action on the road. Get ready to blow some horns. 🚗

GT Marathon running! We’re counting down to the launch of GT MARATHON BASEBALL, an all-new, free-to-play mobile game from @GT_Mobile on Sep. 17! comment for a chance to win prizes every day 😄

Run a marathon and see how far you can get! The bigger your city, the better!

We’re on a mission to bring you the most delightfully bizarre, absolutely addictive, and captivating game around.

Congrats to everyone who made it to the game this morning. We got you to work in time for the commute home 🚗 🎉

Can you beat the record? 😱 Let’s play a fun game of driving as fast as we can 🚗

Beat the Rush and save with this Fast Pass.

C’mon, Raccoons: let’s all meet for some drinks and hotdogs, or we’ll never get to the top! 🌈🥩

It’s time to hit the road! 👍👍

We’d all be a lot better off if we love where we live and want to share it with others.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint so pace yourself. -Yoda

The traffic marathon game is ON! Watch in real time as races are created from across the country, and try to get as far as you can before time runs out!🏃💨

It’s time for a traffic marathon game! 👌🏿Come on… let’s see who can come up with the craziest caption for this beautiful picture!

Hey there, traffic racer! 👋 Tap the buttons below to show your love for Car Town Traffic Marathon. 😊

Running this game solo, like I’m really trying to get it today. #trafficmarathon

The weekend is here and so are you! Thanks for joining us for our traffic marathon… ☺️😊

Count down the days till your next ✈️ trip in style with these tips to endure the traffic marathon 👋🏽😤

Fun game alert 👻- When u see someone post a pic of them in traffic 😁, repost it & add the city you are in and something about why you are in traffic ( Have u ever used this? )

Don’t play it safe. Play Like a Girl. And get home before your family does!

@_Rndm says the morning commute isn’t a rush hour. It’s the only time she can talk on the phone and sneak in some work 👍🏼

When you spot a #BMW on the road, take a pic and tag it with #BMWMovement. Take a selfie with your friends, cuddle an Ape and share your time with us.

👋 it’s a marathon – not a sprint 😎 Get a boost from our team of friends to cross the finish line.

Let’s break some records together–share this post with friends and we will donate $1 to the Red Cross!

This time last year I was sweating my little heart out in the Boston Marathon. Last week I got to run with the best of the best in the new Nike Women’s Marathon London. My name is #LovinaRaj and I like to run.

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