Prayer for American Politicians During COVID-19

In America’s time of crisis, millions fervently pray for our political leaders. This is for all politician supporters in the USA who believe this nation can be com-promised no further. Intercessory prayer during Covid-19 should be more than just a demonstration of support for America’s politicians standing firm in crises, but rather a strategic, focused prayer that can accomplish things God desires to do through those who call upon His Name.

Prayer for American Politicians During COVID-19

Dear Lord, I ask that you please help our elected officials of this country to put aside the hate and bickering and find ways to compromise to pass legislation because politics is better served by compromise than by divisiveness.

Above all else, I pray for those who sit in government, that you would guide their thoughts and actions and give them wisdom, discernment, and the fortitude to make decisions on behalf of the people they represent.

Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom comes, your will be done. On earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. AMEN. God bless all politicians that serve our country and keep us safe!

God, help the leaders of this great nation. May they love their country, and may they learn to work together in harmony, honor, and love to make decisions that benefit all of the citizens and the country. Please help those who are in charge today to make just choices that will lead the people of this country down a better path.

Oh World, hear the cries of the people! The time is now, to face our demons and change the way we are as a Nation. Let’s put aside our differences and work together to build a stronger America, one that is full of compassion and acceptance.

I pray they come together and stop the nonsense, I pray they find solutions to situations with solutions, not pointing fingers and making empty threats, I pray they work together, find common ground and fix what is broken before it all falls apart.

For the leaders of our nations, I pray you make decisions based on logic and not party lines. For those who are senile/ mentally ill, in order to protect our citizens, I plead with you to step down. For those who know what is best for our countries, I ask you to guide them to the right path.

May the heaven, who created us, return blessings, and may the supreme judgment, who judgeth us, give to you good rewards. I ask that my prayer will be granted and let you live with success and prosperity in the world. I am asking God to give me a blessing that never ends and avoid disasters.

Lord, increase our faith that we might believe in miracles. Forgive us for not being able to forget the past or forgive others for it. Help us to see that forgiveness is not weakness but is a sign of strength. Help us to trust God and stand up for those who need help.

To the Congress of the Federal Union: We are asking for a National Day of Prayer for American Politicians. Please use your authority and power to declare a National Day of Prayer for our politicians so that they can turn back to God so that America can be great again.

Dear God, Please help all the politicians of America including mayors, governors, and Presidents Martin van Booy and Jillian

Dear God, with heavy hearts we turn to you for guidance in the midst of our country’s political madness. Please bless us with real leaders who put their country first and listen to the voices of their communities and work together for the common good. We pray for your wisdom in guiding the leaders of our nation as we move from this election cycle toward a brighter and more united future. In your Name, Amen.

Dear God, please watch over each and every one of our representatives and put forth your blessings. Please go out of your way to help them reach their goals. Show them the light, teach them how to operate in their new positions, and guide them properly.

For today, I pray for our leaders in Washington as they work to solve the issues that divide our country. I pray for greater understanding and more meaningful dialogues as they seek solutions to the challenges we face. I pray for wisdom in times of great decisions.

God, please help our politicians to have the right intentions in their hearts and minds, full of wisdom and good leadership so they can make the right decisions that will lead us to safety, happiness, and peace.

For politicians in a positive tone: for the government and for President Snow. To grant them a clear vision and hope to fulfill their duties with love and compassion as well as wisdom and reason. To grant them the strength to stand up against corruption, bring peace to our super nation, give courage to bring reforms which will benefit all of its citizens.

Dear God, please speak to them and give them the wisdom and courage to do what is right. Give us the strength to endure. Give us the wisdom to discern who deserves our trust. Amen

Dearest loving and patient G-d, on this day of covid-19, please help the giants of Washington DC to put down their swords and have a moment of honesty. Please give them understanding, courage, and strength to do what is right.

Hear my prayers during this special time of the year to pray for politicians. Give them a clear focus and help them in their decision making during the important deliberations of country’s affairs.

Lord, we beg you to end the injustice in Washington. End the destructiveness of the people’s representatives. We pray for those who are taking away freedom, depriving Americans of health care, and allowing corporations to run roughshod over our economy.

Dear politicians of the Heavenly Kingdom, Please have mercy on all the people of Earth. We live in sorrow and pain every day our family members are taken by the enemy’s force.

The politics of each and every lawmaker should be completely honest, fair, and devoid of any and all corruption. May they serve their people with their whole heart and give freely to the less fortunate without prejudice or ulterior motive.

“Oh Lord, we pray for America. Guide our leaders; may they serve We the people with a humble spirit and willing hands. May this land be a beacon for all who seek freedom and peace. Guide us; we pray to you, Almighty God.”

God in heaven I pray that politicians will get their acts together and stop dividing themselves and try to work together. We need people in office that say what will help the country, not what will get them more votes! When more people are saying what is good for the country, then we will all be united.

O Great Lord: give to our leaders, the wisdom to guide us in resolving the great challenges at hand, politically and economically. Give us your strength so that we can support those in need and defend our citizens from all harm.

Dear God, in this world of many needs and endless demands we pray for our leaders. Grant them the wisdom and sense to know your will in all things.

Dear God, please remember those influencing decisions on American soil. Pray for a more peaceful outcome, protection of all people and country on its land. In your will and word may there be peace on earth and goodwill to man. Amen.

May the Holy One Who watches over and guides us, lead you to do good unto His people and His nation Israel. Protect and guide Congress, Guide the President, Guide the Supreme Court, and Guide all branches of government for the benefit of our people, nation, and land.

I know that taking these steps won’t be easy. Because in order to change you must be brave. Wise enough to make hard decisions. And strong enough to take a stand.

I pray for all politicians during covid-19. May you wake up, turn towards the light of God and start to do what is truly best for all. I pray that your leadership will be guided by love, wisdom, and truth. May we stop fighting and find peace with each other.

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It is our right as Americans to pray for the people we elect to represent us and lead our country. We may not always agree with their views but we should also remember that in order for there to be peace and compromise in our great nation, it takes people from all sides of the political spectrum coming together to solve some of the problems we face.

Oh God, hear our prayer, we pray for all politicians. That they would seek your wisdom and guidance. Father, we pray that your blessings would surround them and the great nation they represent. Shew forth thy truth in them, that their minds may be directed in thy rule and their hearts rooted deep in thy love.

May the wisdom of God grant our leaders from the President to congressmen and women the strength, courage, grace, and humility necessary to govern with righteousness, honesty, and integrity during this time of great turmoil. And may You deliver us all from wickedness and protect us as we stumble toward better days. I pray in Jesus name, Amen

May the G-ds put into the heart of our politicians (both sides) to do what is right and true for all. May they work together with integrity and courage. May the Great Mother protect our land and the people who live here. Bless the USA!

O master of the universe, please let our men and women in Washington be granted the wisdom, good judgment, and forethought to govern this country with integrity, honesty, and compassion for all its citizens. Lead them in their decisions, shield them from corruption, greed, and self-dealing; help them govern for the benefit of all its citizens.

May the chosen few of this country’s leadership to heed Your commandments, O ETERNAL GOD, and apply them to the citizenry in common and in public gatherings. May they govern this nation in the best interest of its citizens as well as worldwide. May they freely expose and penalize all those who trample on the rights of others.

You have an important duty and that is to carry the weight of this Country on your shoulders. It is so different from family and friends, but it also has its own rewards. I pray that you be strong, tough and never back down from what you know is right. Our Nation needs you and I know you can do it!

Great and Holy Saint John, your life is filled with immeasurable suffering. You were imprisoned and exiled, tortured, sentenced to death. Your patience with those who wronged you is a great example for me to follow. Teach me how to endure the hardships of life with dignity, respect, and peace. Teach me to forgive all those who have hurt me in any way.

May we all come together as Americans and talk through our issues rationally and with a spirit of understanding. Please open our hearts. And may all who fulfill the duties of elected office be blessed with your guidance and with the strength and wisdom to lead us.

Teach them to be responsible with the power and authority placed in their hands. Help our elected officials to cultivate a garden where love stands as a shining example of your ways. Guide them into a place of awareness that we are all your children, living together on this planet as one humanity.

I pray for the courage to resist making things worse by hastily passing laws or taking actions that might prove harmful over time. And lastly, I pray that our country will continue to see a path toward greater unity and higher purpose than has been

Please guide them in seeing the needs of their people, and make them understand that we are all united in purpose. Please help us all in our country to take responsibility for ourselves and reach across the divide of a political party to help each other.

Forgive us for our mistake and corruption, we will cause to you as well. Save our planet from danger and make it peaceful to the enemies. Cover us with your protection and kindness. In the name of the Lord, Amen, amen !!!!

May they vote for what is moral, just, and good and put country above party. May every American have access to quality, affordable health care and be free from the hands of those who would limit that access for personal gain.

God, please help us to weed out politicians that are just trying to be selfish instead of trying to do what is right for their country and its citizens. A peaceful world with governments working together.

Bless our President and Commander-in-Chief George Walker Bush and every leader, every member of Congress, the Supreme Court, Governors, and Mayors. We ask for their protection as they work to strengthen this Nation in times of war and difficulty; pray that they turn never from you or forsake your ways. Open their eyes to the conditions.

We know you establish governments, give the authorities they need to succeed, and help them out of hard situations. Guide these officials to be able to serve you, help their constituents, and lead them well. Let them have wisdom on how to resolve issues and peace.

Please give them the wisdom to serve the needs of the people with wisdom and compassion. We need unity and healing in this country, not more division or miscommunication. May we take time out from our conflicts to focus on bettering ourselves emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

Help them to remember the greater good and the greater love we all share. Give us leaders who are brave enough to speak honestly, accept honest answers, work together, and give this country positive leadership in order to move forward. I can’t wait for that day, so let’s make it happen faster!

May our leaders rise above the level of mediocrity into a new realm of greatness that is worthy of this magnificent country.

I pray for these politicians and wish them the best at their job. We need someone that is brave like a knight and kind like a saint. Hope for America in his or her hand, and courage in his or her heart.

I’d like to say a special prayer for all of our American leaders, Republicans and Democrats alike. Please, Lord, keep us safe from outside forces and prideful politicians, who have their own agendas set before them. Keep our nation strong. Help the leaders realize that we need unity at home before we can be strong abroad. Let there be peace and love among us all.

Lord, I pray for our government officials. Please guide their thoughts and decisions in this upcoming election process. Guide them to what is right in your sight, to make decisions in the best interest of our country’s well being.

Lord, we are facing more politics than ever before. Please help our politicians to work together for the good of all. Please help us to be more tolerant, generous, and understanding of each other.

Let us all take a moment to pray for our national leaders. Let us pray for peace, prosperity, and unity. For a time when our leaders will work together to build rather than destroy. Where words of healing and hope come first instead of inflammatory accusation.

God, please help the politicians of our nation to remember that they were elected to do more than promote one political party.

I hope and pray that we get through these insane world changing days. I pray that you have the wisdom to lead our nation forward no matter what party you belong to. You are elected leaders, pray for guidance and strength from God. Pray for each other, pray for your enemies, pray for the world in which we reside.

God, in your infinite wisdom you have given us crossroad moments in history that challenge us to look within our souls and make crucial decisions on where we will go as a people. It is during this time that I turn my eyes to you, O Lord, and ask for your guidance, strength, and inspiration to do your will and make the right decision for myself and my countrymen.

Dear politicians, with all due respect, what the hell is wrong with you people? The media goes berserk for three minutes on the Rob Ford crack scandal yet murders by gun violence and human sex trafficking get only a tiny fraction of that attention. These are more important stories to focus on. This world needs less drugs and more love, not more guns. end of prayer

Thank you, god, for helping us pass the healthcare bill. It is a truly miraculous sight to see cross-party support! We have never witnessed such progress within Washington. The health of our citizens has never been so well protected. I hope this will be the start of something great and wonderful. I praise the Lord and ask for his protection for my country!

May the hearts of all who lead this great nation be enlightened by the wisdom required to ensure a just government for all people. May we work for justice across our nation and throughout the world, protect human life, protect religious liberty, protect our environment, ensure peace and freedom for every citizen with honor and compassion.

May the almighty bless the U.S.A. His plan for our country is perfect and it will be done!

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