130 Funny Dog Pics with Captions for Instagram

Have trouble coming up with funny dog captions? These funny dog quotes and puns for Instagram might help you out.

You’ve just got home from work, tired but eager to walk the dog before it gets dark. Not so fast you two! I think a little fun is in order first. I mean really, who doesn’t love a little doggie humor? So what could be better than some funny dog caption with photos to bring a smile to your face?

Funny Dog Pics with Captions

1. A good friend #dogsofinstagram #funnydog A caption to capture the funny, playful, and smushy feelings a dog can bring out

2. It’s #NationalPetDay, so it is the perfect time for a bath. Who’s ready?! 🐾❤️🌲 #‎FallIsHere”

3. It’s hard being a pup. But life is made better when you’re snuggled up under a cozy blanket. And remember, if you sleep enough, you’ll always feel fresh and ready to seize the day. #dogsofinstagram

4. What dog doesn’t like to party? 😮

5. The most Instagram caption you’ll ever read.

6. Whether it’s in the subway, at the vet, or just trying to sleep – Murphy never fails to crack us up 😆 🐶

7. Who let the dogs out? 🐶🐶 #LifeAtPetSmart

8. Happy hump day. . .#forthepawstogethere

9. We are so happy, we’re crying like puppies. 😻

10. I think this dog is trying to tell you something… like I’m ready for the weekend. 😳😜‼️‼️

11. Do you remember me? No, you don’t. Because I was so small back then. #dogsofinstagram #dogs_of_world #dogstagram

12. Barking back at you from their dog-friendly offices

13. Most doggone things can make your pet want to come home and lay down beside you.

14. Oh, the places you’ll go to! #dracutestank #dogsofinstagram #dracuteastie

15. We do it our way because there is no other way. ( from the dog’s point of view)

16. A caption for a pet’s company about the funny dog, that may appeal to pet lovers

17. Hi, we’re at the dog hair salon for a quick touchup. Don’t mind us! #lifeofadog

18. The dog park is the only place he’s more popular than me. #😉

19. It’s a dog’s world. We are just living in it. 😍

20. This feels like one of my true forms. #dogsofinstagram #whaticoouldwearifidoctor #wiw #martingaleandcompany @xxxxxxxx #‎dogsofinstagram

21. 🤑🚶‍♂️ #newyork #birthdayboy #dogsofinstagram

22. This little guy before bedtime… #dogsofinstagram #funnyDogMemes

23. Dogs don’t need social media, they are social media. 👀 #dogsofinstagram

24. When someone comes to your house and your dog attacks them… and then licks them.

25. Barking orders all day and getting nothing done is not what this pooch signed up for.

26. Hump day! – A #doggo happy to be out of the #petstore and seeing his owner again.

27. Dreaming of this Lil dog’s big personality. 🐶

28. Being a dog is so hard… When will they finally invent the bacon-flavored treat?!

29. If you can’t get out, get up. And if you can’t get up, then just lie there and think about all the ways you might someday be able to get up again. Had a bad day at work?

30. Funny dog doing funny dog things ✔

31. Beware, we can see you rolling your eyes from here. ​ #dogsofinstagram

32. This is the face of a dog who just remembered he’s super-rich and about to hang with Jay Z.

33. That awkward moment when your dog thinks it’s following you but you stop and look back. 

34. We’re barking up DQ’s scent tree because we’re so thankful they made a dog-friendly 🍦 flavor just for us. 😻 💗 | #ad

35. My dog’s favorite things:

36. Up, down, and all around! Watch @xxxxxx work his way through this obstacle course. #eukanuba #adventurewithtuck

37. Let this handsome fella tell you how proud he is to run Chore Monster while you’re away. 🐶

38. If this was dog jail I would never leave #lol… that would be a dog prison .. and then the doggies would riot!

39. You crack me up 😂– Dog

40. Let me tell you about my best friend… #dogsofinstagram #dog #pet #petstagram

41. If you yodel, we can too. Happy Yodel-day ❤️ @xxxxxx! #PresidentialDog

42. Cute Caption” My name is Wilson and I will be your waiter today. Have Questions? Please do not hesitate to ask me…I will answer with my paw!”

43. What do you call a dog that won’t? Bark.

44. Ahh, naptime. Like a good book, it’s best to savor it. _ #dogsrule

45. Beware of the dog

46. Haha, this is literally me when I go to the groomers.

47. I’m literally the cutest thing that ever happened to this planet 🤱

48. My Dog is More Excited Than Me When My Girl comes over.”

49. If you want the best seat in the house, you’ll have to learn how to give it up. *Dog willing* 🐶

50. When you’re happy and you know it, bark! 🐶

51. You look so handsome!” Said no wife ever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

52. Cuteness overload!” wow.. 🐶

53. I found it! My forever home. And it includes my human. 😊 #adoptdontshop

54. What is this? This is not my dog 🙄 #funnydog

55. Alright boys, let’s do this! Time for some treats. #dog #animallovers#petstagram

56. Life hacks for living with a puppy.

57. Squeaky clean! Our fur babies deserve nothing less than the best pet shampoo. 😻😆

58. What’s up in my world? I’m chilling at the dog park and just can’t 🐶 with it.

59. This picture was taken when Benjamin was a very, very tall puppy ⏳ 😍

60. If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

61. One time when I was younger I ate a piece of human food and my dog ran around in circles. Hehe, don’t worry it was just corn 🌽

62. Sometimes when they say walk your dog, you overthink their command… 😉

63. When you’ve got a tongue so talented, it deserves its own Instagram page.🎥

64. What’s more American than drinking a cold one on the 4th.🍺#merica

65. Hey. Whatcha doin’? I’m watching dog videos on Instagram. It helps me be less lonely when you people aren’t around all day.

66. What’s up with that?!” – me after seeing just about any dog on #NationalDogDay. 😉😋 Share what’s funny about your two-legged best friends using the hashtag #DOG in your posts! s

67. I love every dog 🐶, especially mine. 

68. Squirrel! Ah, oh no, Squirrel. *pant pant* #dogtraining #doggylaughs #funnypuppy

69. Life is too short to take yourself so seriously. So, if you’re a selfie-snapping, cinnamon bun-eating dog, we salute you.

70. Oh hi, I just wanted to let you know that my dog is…well, let’s just say, she’s kinda a big deal. #Makethesunshine

71. So, just remember my name is Spot. And yes, I can do that with my ears. *Repeat until further notice* #dogsofinstagram

72. This is my dog in sunglasses. She looks ridiculous, but this isn’t the first time someone has said that about me too.

73. Being a dog owner comes with some responsibility, but it’s all worth it in the end. (We promise!) 🐶

74. No, your eyes don’t deceive you… it’s a dog with a hotdog 🌭 stuck in its mouth 🤦🏻‍♂️ #funnydog

75. Dogs might be man’s best friend, but sometimes it feels like they’re our only friend. #funnydog

76. I can’t believe I spent this much at the Dog Store. No, really, I mean I can’t even look.”

77. When you realize that your dog can read. 😂

78. 🐶 I’ve done nothing all day but sit in front of the fan because it’s so hot, but I still don’t want my owners to leave me. Help. 📸: @xxxxxx

79. When you’re stuck in a rut, it’s important to remember that you are essentially a dog with legs ☝️

80. I’m a dog and I’m scared of my own shadow by the light of the firefly. Oh wait, it’s just ketchup 🍔.

81. I’m cute and I know it. Throw me a bone and go to. #dogsofinstagram

82. I’m a bad dog who wants to get fresh with you @xxxx

83. Dogs living their best lives: chasing squirrels, snoozing on the couch, and eating table scraps. 😸 #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram 

84. Yes, I am a dog. And yes, people talk to me like that because they say dogs always look sad when they’re with their owners. But how would you feel if you were at home and someone randomly started having a conversation with

85. Boots on a dog, dog in boots. The shoe game for your dog. You’re welcome 😜 – @xxxx

86. My pillow came to life and is asking me to fetch for sticks!🐶 #dogs_of_instagram

87. I love my human, but she really knows how to take a good 😜 photo. Tag your humans below! @xxxxx

88. Got a favorite dog? Tell us what makes her special and tag the photo #barkmash

89. My soul mate😍 #funnymemes

90. I whisk the night away in my dog-shaped space pod. /end transmission #ifihadglass #whiskersonthewind

91. What is this dog trying to do and why is it so nice to humans?

82. Ever wondered what it would be like if dogs had human jobs? Let us introduce you to the perfect example of a dog-gone office worker

93. A corgi pup🐶 that never wants to stop wagging its tail. #corgilove #dog #dogs #puppy

94. My mom still thinks I’m a puppy!

95. I think I’ll just chill out here on the couch until the humans figure out where I should sit. # DogsAreCuteButStinky,¯\_(ツ)_/¯

96. Awesome 😊

97. If you live to bark, you will never die.”

98. Life is short. Bark burpees.

99. Better than male models, dog models.

100. 🐶 🐶🐶 #dogsofinstagram

101. Being a dog is hard sometimes. But you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. 📷: @xxxxxx

102. My ears are up if you’re ready to catch some waves 🌊 #dogcrush#dogsdeservebetter#rescuehachesofinstagram#jellybeanushe#dogsofinstagram

103. 🐶 when you roll in something weird and funny-smelling and your owner makes you keep it on”

104. Ha! Nice catch, Dad 🐶🍂 #corgimoment

105. How to tell if #YoureADog by @xxxxxxx You say you’re a night person and absolutely hate housework. Basically, be like Scrappy …

106. An inglorious dog who is ready for a wild adventure and hilarious caption for this dog photographer.

107. I have stars in my eyes for the cutest dog I’ve ever seen.

108. 🍩☕️🌲☀️😏 #👋😻 #poodlesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram

109. She’s just like, “Yeah I’m great, thanks for asking.” 😂 #dogsofinstagram #puppy

110. I’m a well-behaved dog in public, but once the door is closed, watch out 🐶

111. Well, I said I liked surprises and this is the ultimate one! 😱😱😱 #ADOGCOULDNTHANDLEIT #HISEYESAREALLVASELINE

112. Honey, I Shrunk The Dog!

113. I’m gonna tell the mailman you said that 😉

114. He doesn’t even know I’m taking a picture.

115. The best part of waking up is a face full of dog kisses.

116. Me and my (dog’s name) thank you @xxxxxxxxxx for the new bed- it’s already slept on every day. 👍

117. The more I see of men, the more I like dogs.” – Madame de Stael 18th century French socialite

118. This summer, you can dine with your furry friends! #DogFriendly #DogFriendlySummer

119. It’s a stairway to heaven when you can find a dog who will carry your purse 🐶

120. Sleeping through the sunny days is a reality of life with a Dachshund . . I can’t even blame her, she’s just living life to its fullest.

121. They’re here. They’re adorable. And they’ll be gone in the time it takes to say “awww” 🐶

122. That awkward moment when you try to fit in at the dog park.

123. I’m not obsessed… I just really like you.

124. Looking for some good dog puns? We couldn’t help but go to the dogs with our caption for this post. 😍

125. Fido wants to express his appreciation for the whole #BarkBox addiction. Our little puppy caught wind that we were able to get him a box and was really excited about it! Who’s excited?! 🐶 😊

126. I stayed in bed all day, so my dog thought I died. If I could just lie around like this all day, maybe I would too… 😴 #happyfriday

127. My favorite… barks. 😍

128. The dog said “woof” and the cat said “meow.” The cow said “moo.” AND THEN…they all had a tea party, cuz they were best friends now.

129. I’m a dog, not a sweater”, said no dog ever.

130. One good snort deserves another. 🐾

131. Uh oh! We broke the internet! What are we going to do now? LOL man, that was a good one. 🐶

132. On days like this, we wish we were a dog: #noooooooooooowork 😂

133. I NEED TO GO OUTSIDE. I NEED TO GO OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW!” because every dog thinks and feels in extreme caps lock 😂 . . . #pomsky #sleddog #mixbreed #we

134. Cats may look down on you, but the world will look up to you when you use the puppy filter.

135. Dear dog park, I’ll be there shortly. For the dog behind me. #justwait

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