Funny 16th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Funny 16th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Instagram: If you’re looking for funny 16th birthday captions and quotes for Instagram, then you’ve come to the right place! We have everything you’ll need to make your party laugh. From silly rhymes to comprehensive collections of jokes that we have hand-picked for you, the results are endless.

Funny 16th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Instagram

• Reaching your 16th birthday is just the start of showcasing your skills, talents, and abilities to the world.

• I only wish for one thing on your 16th birthday: that you always return to being this sweet.

• Do you have 16 yet? “No, I’m only 15,” Why?” Wanted to make a date with you.

Happy sweet sixteen! Never let becoming older get you down. To the happiest years of our lives,

• The best age is 16, hands down. You can legally get a tattoo with permission and are in the prime of your life.

Happy birthday, my little one. Your sixteen years on earth have taught me a lot about adaptability and patience.

• Today is my sixteenth birthday, and I can’t wait to start driving my folks crazy!

• I’m currently 16; I’m not sure what I did to earn this many years on earth.

• I am no longer a baby. Although I don’t like it, that is the case.

Why You shouldn’t cry on your sixteenth birthday. Only a few more years will pass until you may legally purchase booze.

• Since you turned 16, enjoy a reward. Birthday greetings!

• Congratulations on turning 16 and being able to legally date boys.

• You discover that your parents are not as perfect as they appear when you become 16.

16 years of being the coolest kid in class, here’s to you!

• Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee or wine whatever is closest. Happy sweet 16!

• Happy birthday to me! And to the sweet 16, I am about to legally consume!

• You can parade around with a sash around your waist, a crown on your head, and a “don’t even try it” attitude.

• You better have my money by the age of 16 or I’ll get angry.

• I’d want to wish my favorite youngster a happy 16th birthday.

• To the sweetest 16-year-old I know, happy birthday.

• Happy sixteenth birthday! I’m so happy you’re still alive at 16 years old.

Sincerity dictates that I don’t believe you’ll ever be too old for the Disney Channel. Happy 16th birthday!

• 16 characteristics that best describe a 16-year-old:

• Being self-assured at age 16 is important because you can now drive and can be sued. Cheers!

• It looks like you’ll have a wonderful birthday.

• Your stories are all known to a good buddy. They were written by your best friend.

• Make an educated guess as to my age right now.

• I’m too young to drink, but I’m certainly too young to go out.

• The best choice I’ve made this year has been to go with the flow rather than resisting every stream.

Enjoy your 16th birthday! Start carrying out whatever the h

Happy sweet sixteen! You are now of legal drinking age but old enough to drive and attend prom.

• My mother claims that I am in the prime of my life. Cheers to my birthday!

Happy sweet sixteen! As they say, things only get worse from here.

• Happy sweet 16! You’re going to have to start thinking about what you want to do with your life.

• It’s not easy being this cute and sweet all the time.

• A big shoutout to my parents for being the proud sponsors of my Instagram.

• Growing up is overrated. Just ask any adult.

• Do you know what I like best about 16? Nothing!

• The world is going to change, I guess that’s the only thing you can count on.

 Funny 15th Birthday Quotes and Captions for Son

• Son, I’m more and more happy that you’re my son as each year goes by. Cheers to 16 years old!

• Son, we think you’re really awesome and it’s your sweet sixteen. When you turn 30, we’ll check to see whether your feelings haven’t changed.

• Happy birthday to your son! Your 16th birthday is today. You’re old enough to learn from your mistakes now, so allow me to explain what you ought to have done last year.

Enjoy your birthday, son! Your legal age is now 16… while still behaving as if you are ten.

• My son is 16 years old! Where the time went is a mystery to me. He did one thing years ago, but can he still be grounded for it?

• My kid, happy 16th birthday. I’m very happy with the young man you’re becoming into.

• Our son, happy 16th birthday. For you, our hearts are racing.

• As soon as I laid eyes on you, I knew you had my heart for life. Our young son has turned 16 today.

• To my future U.S. President, a happy 16th birthday.

• “I carried you in my arms 16 years ago. You’re standing tall right now. Happy birthday to the young child who transformed my life into a heaven.

• The big 1-6, your 16th birthday, has arrived! You have sixteen candles to blow out, and maybe a sweet sixteen will come after.

• You are still my baby, but as of your sixteenth birthday, you are also a licensed driver.

• I’m growing taller every year, and you’re catching up! My son, happy birthday.

• Although you are no longer a child, you are not yet an adult. Congratulations for finding yourself in a bind!

• The birthday boy is now old enough to legally consume alcohol. Everyone is welcome to the party in your mouth!

• You can now receive a grounded period for acting foolishly.

• My kid, happy 16th birthday! While it is your wonderful sixteenth birthday today, I am the one who is most grateful to have a child like you. I used to hold you in my arms, but look how much older you are now.

• Time to put away the toy box and bring out the toolbox. Happy 16th birthday son!

• Happy 16th birthday to the most amazing son in the world!

• It’s hard to believe that you’ve grown from a sweet little baby into an amazing young man. Happy 16th birthday!

• You know that you are old when your friends start sending you happy “over the hill” birthday wishes. May your 16th birthday be sweet and filled with laughter.

• Happy Birthday, son! I hope you’re ready to start practicing your fake ID skills.

• I’m 16 today and so officially old enough to know better… but young enough not to care.

• You’re now a teenager. The days you can walk on your hands are over!

• It’s like I’m always stuck in 2nd gear. Well, it hasn’t been your night. But why should that mean it wasn’t been your life. Don’t stop believing!

 Funny 15th Birthday Quotes and Captions for Daughter

• Taylor Swift’s sensible advice is “It’s a love story baby just say yes” Daughter, happy 16th birthday.

• Happy birthday to the most wonderful daughter a parent could ask for, who is turning 16 today.

You are my heart and soul, daughter. Cheers to 16 years old!

• Happy birthday to a child who reminds me more and more each day of why her father left because she is intelligent, attractive, hilarious, and amusing.

• Happy birthday to one of my sweetest little girls, who may not be of legal age to become an adult but is one of my coolest, most attractive, and most lovely daughters.

• Happy 16th birthday to my miniature self, who is unquestionably maturing far too quickly! Because time passes so fast, make sure to savor every moment.

• A very happy birthday to my lovely 15-year-old. You are no longer a baby! Time to find you work and stop using my credit card without my permission.

• Sixteen is the legal drinking age; it’s time to start paying your own alcohol costs. Happy Sweet Sixteenth Birthday!

Enjoy your sweet sixteen! You are extremely fortunate to still be in your teens because I remember how wonderful it was for me.

• Celebrating my wonderful sixteenth birthday and looking forward to my rebellious seventeenth.

• Your sixteenth year may be the best of your life. Embrace it!

• Woo! My daughter, who is 16, is applying for her driver’s license. And that means I don’t have to bring her to the mall and bring her back.

• Having a daughter is a marvel that never gets old.

• I’m sending my darling daughter, who means the world to me, all of your birthday wishes. Best wishes for your daughter’s birthday!

• Your daughter, happy 16th birthday. You’re becoming a woman!

• The world’s most amazing daughter turns 16 today!

Happy Sweet Sixteen! The ideal daughter I could have hoped for is you. I am so happy for you.

• Happy Birthday, Daughter! It’s your 16th birthday, and that means driving. Great. Now there’s more people on the road to worry about

• My sweet sixteen, I wish you more laughter, more joy, and more love. Happy Birthday!

• Happy birthday to my sweet sixteen-year-old daughter. Enjoy your freedom, but don’t get too crazy…

• Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet 16-year-old you.

• Many things have changed over the years, but you’re still my little girl.

• Why do I have to party like it’s my 16th birthday? Because it is.

• Stop making eye contact with me. I’m a teen now.

• The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.

• Happy 16th birthday my daughter! Now you’re of age, you can remember what it was like to be a child and have fun!

• Happy 16th Birthday to my sweet daughter. The following are the rules for your 16th birthday:

• Welcome to the most complicated time of your life baby girl. Happy 16th birthday!

• Happy Birthday to my sweet 16 daughter! I wish for you lots of presents, kisses, hugs and many birthday parties. Happy 16th Birthday!

• 16 things I want to say to you on your 16th birthday: 1. Happy Birthday! 2. Don’t drink and drive.

• Happy 16th birthday! I hope that you are as happy with your life as I am with my parenting.

• 15 was rugged but 16 looks glamorous. Happy birthday, Honey.

• My 16th birthday was a huge milestone for me. I got my driver’s license and a boyfriend.

• Happy sweet 16! Remember, the clock is ticking and your curfew is not an option.

• Happy Birthday to my little daughter, who taught me that “I love you,” is the second most important thing to say before breakfast.

• I’m only sixteen. But I’m not sweet, so I think that makes it okay?

• Being 16 is the exact middle of “being a child” and “being an adult”, it just means your old enough to get grounded but still young enough to cry over spilled milk.

• Sixteen candles make a lovely light… But not as bright as your eyes tonight!

 Funny 16th Birthday Quotes and Captions for Grandson

• Make your grandson feel good by putting a funny 16th birthday caption on his special day.

Grandson, happy 16th birthday. Yes, 16. Although it may be difficult to comprehend, you are in fact 16 years old as of today.

• Happy 16th birthday to the world’s greatest grandson. Hope you achieve all of your goals.

• You are the first thing I think of when I count my blessings. Grandson, happy 16th birthday.

“Happy Birthday.” I actually went to the store and got this card for you, so you must be a special grandson to receive it.

• You still lack basic washing machine knowledge. Cheers to 16 years old!

Happy birthday to my favorite teen, who is 16 years old. I love you so much!

• My boy, be audacious and crazy. It’s only a number, age.

• Since you are one of my greatest accomplishments, your milestones serve as a helpful reminder for mine. Birthday greetings!

Happy Sweet Sixteen! You’re aging, but don’t be alarmed. You’re still young enough to choose poorly.

• You and I should cut the cake together. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I adore you.

Such a significant achievement leaves me stunned.

• Grandson, happy 16th birthday! You are now free to date, drive, and err on your own. Congrats!

• 16 years ago today… I was wishing my Grandson a happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

• Dear Grandson, for your birthday I wish that you multiply a little more and add some more joy to your life. Happy Birthday!

• Happy 16th birthday to a wonderful person whose smile is contagious. May you always shine like the brightest star in the sky.

• 16 years ago I gave birth to a little baby boy. Today you are a man and I still feel proud. Happy sweet 16!

• Happy 16th birthday! Being a minor is so hard. You go through life being told what to do and what not to do. I hope you have fun despite the fact that it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

• You are 16 today, that means you can do almost everything legally except vote. Now you will be able to learn from your own mistakes. Congratulations!

• Happy Birthday. I hope you feel distinguished now that you’re 16.

• Hooray! You’re on the cusp! Happy sweet 16th birthday.

• Happy birthday! Now that you’re 16, the world is yours. And so is the electric bill.

• Happy birthday to the coolest kid that I know. May your special day be full of fun and never-ending joy!

• Happy sweet sixteen! I hope the next year of your life is as sweet as you are.

• May you live for a million more birthdays, and may each birthday is as sweet as the last one.

• Happy Sweet 16 Birthday, Grandson! You are funny and smart, and you have a bright future ahead.

• Happy 16th birthday to my amazing grandson. This year marks the beginning of your new life. Enjoy it!

• Happy sweet 16th birthday to the best grandson in the world!

• Happy birthday, grandson! You are so special to me. I hope you know how much we love you!

• Happy 16th Birthday to my favorite person in the world! May all your dreams come true!

• You’re not getting older—you’re just becoming a classic. Happy 16th birthday!

• Happy Birthday to the coolest kid on Earth from your number one fans.

• The luxury of a 16th birthday is that you never have to wait for a table at Denny’s

• Today is your 16th birthday. Officially drive without supervision from parents, be eligible for a job, get your driving license, and be allowed to vote.

• You’ll always be my little man, but I wish you great success in becoming a big man. :p

• Turning 16 is a great feeling. You’re no longer ‘a kid,’ you’re almost an adult, and you can now drive your first car!

• Welcome to the adult world, your birthday cake looks like it’s drowning in a pool of alcohol.

 Funny 16th Birthday Quotes and Captions for Granddaughter

• Happy 16th birthday to your grandchild, You’re a Queen, Not a Princess!

• Granddaughter, happy birthday at 16! You are not a child, nor are you an adult. That is why we are giving you an ice cream cake and juice box for your birthday.

• Grandchild, happy 16th birthday! You are now my reality and not just my teenage fantasy. I cherish you.

• My cute granddaughter has turned 16 today. You are no longer a baby!

• The coolest girl I know turned 16 today. Happy birthday. Your father, mother, grandmother, and I are all quite proud of the young person you’ve grown into.

Happy Sweet Sixteen! You are now able to drive. But make sure to contact Grandma as well.

• Happy birthday to the cool as an ice cube grandchild!

• As of right now, you are 16 years old, making you mature enough to take care of yourself. Birthday greetings!

• Reaching the age of 16 is a significant accomplishment. Now you can take a selfie in front of the mirror without looking strange! Happy 16th birthday!

• I’ve been anticipating this birthday for the past 16 years, and it has finally arrived.

• Happy Sweet Sixteen. Keep in mind that you are too attractive and that life is too short. Have fun!

• You are of an age now to fall in love, have a cup of coffee, and remain up late. Hurry and start expanding right away.

• My parents suddenly cared about EVERYTHING I did after I turned 16 and obtained my license.

• You don’t care about anything when you’re 16 years old. At the age of 16, life is full of “What ifs” and “Maybes.”

• Happy 16th birthday to my intelligent, funny, and lovely granddaughter. I am so incredibly proud of you, my sweetheart! I hope you have a successful future!

• Granddaughter, happy birthday. 16 is a lovely and significant age. You’re the tops.

• A remarkable grandchild who is destined for greatness and a lot of legal trouble celebrates her 16th birthday today.

• Today you are 16! You’re such a beautiful, amazing, and wonderful person to me. Happy Birthday my sweet granddaughter!!

• Happy 16th birthday to my favorite person in the whole world.

• You’re 16, you’re beautiful and you’re mine. You’re everything I hoped for. Happy birthday.

• You are now a big girl, our beautiful princess. For this birthday of yours, we hope you will always remain as happy and beautiful as you were when you were just born.

• “My dear granddaughter, I am so proud of you, but I swear you didn’t get those genes from me!”

• You’re a sweet 16 and you’re never gonna be younger than you are right now. Happy Birthday, love!

• 16 is not a bad age. It’s a blessing. Stay blessed, dear granddaughter!

• Happy 16th birthday. It’s time to go and get a driving license, and we will be ready with our insurance papers.

• Happy Sweet 16! You’re only young and gorgeous once so live it up!

• Only 16 more birthdays until you’re 30. Which, let’s face it, is the new 20. So really, you’re just 10 years old. Happy birthday!

• Teenager is the only time of life when you have to be careful of your thoughts because they become words.

• Happy 16th Birthday Granddaughter. You are now old enough to take care of yourself and you’re still young enough to have us take care of you. Enjoy your day!

• I don’t know where you got your sweet looks from, but I do know where you got your boldness from. Happy 16th birthday, granddaughter!

• I’m so proud of you and all that you’ve done these past 16 years. I wish for your future and for you to continue being an awesome kid, my granddaughter!

• Happiest of sweet 16’s to the most intelligent, beautiful, and loving granddaughter any grandparents could dream of having.

• Daughter, the day you were born I decided that I would not only love you endlessly but also annoy you to your heart’s content. Happy 16th birthday!

• HAPPY SWEET 16TH BIRTHDAY. You are officially old enough for a driver’s license and a curfew!

• Happy 16th birthday, sweetie! May all your dreams and wishes come true on this very special day.

• Happy Birthday to my sweet, beautiful daughter. I hope you have the most amazing day!

• You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I wish you a very happy birthday.

• Happy Sweet Sixteen, live it up! We’ll let you do all the things we did when we were 16.

• Congratulations to the best birthday girl. Happy sweet 16!

• At your age, I couldn’t imagine life without the Internet.

• Happy 16th Birthday to our beautiful Granddaughter. You are a brilliant and shining star in our lives!

• Happy 16th birthday, my granddaughter. May your life be always filled with joy, love, and happiness. I love you so much that words can’t express how I feel about you. Happy 16th birthday!

• One doesn’t simply reach 16 without learning a few things about life. Happy Birthday, Granddaughter!

• Happy 16th birthday to my sweet and beautiful granddaughter!

• Happy Birthday to my Amazing Granddaughter Daughter. You’re too old for Barbies, But you are young enough to still be spoiled.

• You are my sweetest, loveliest and silliest granddaughter. Happy Birthday to you!

• My granddaughter is turning sweet 16! Oh my, what an exciting time for us all.

• I am so proud of you for being 16. I hope you have a good day and enjoy the sweet sixteen party.

• I am sorry if I will not be able to celebrate your birthday with you. So, just close your eyes and imagine me singing happy birthday to you!

• Sweet Sixteen: Because being fifteen was soooo last year. Happy birthday!

• OMG! Life is about to get so exciting for you. Don’t forget to live in the moment, enjoy every second, and have fun!

• Happy 15 + 1! I’m sure you’ll have a blast at the DMV getting your provisional license.

• You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.

 Funny 16th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Sister

• You turn 16 today, my sister. You have successfully passed the dreadful age of fifteen. Birthday greetings!

Enjoy your birthday, sis! I hope your sweet 16 is everything you could have imagined, no holds barred.

• Happy birthday to the most amazing, stunning individual I know. Although you are 16 years old today, you will always be my baby sister.

Happy Sweet Sixteen! Being your brother makes me feel more than proud. You deserve to have the best birthday ever because you’re such a great person.

• Happy birthday to my sister, who still drives me crazy and with whom I grew up!

• Happy 16th birthday to our family’s biggest celebrity!

• Happy birthday to the most wonderful sister I could ever want for. What happened?

• Congratulations on turning 16; you are now a year closer to becoming independent!

• Wishing someone who is as sweet and lovely as the cake a very happy birthday!

“Happy sweet 16!” On this beautiful day, I hope you receive all the cake and chocolates you deserve.

• You have 16 candles on your cake; you have 8 more years to bake!

The Sister, You’re such a beautiful person and a special sister. You have a happy 16th birthday!

• Happy birthday to my courageous and tenacious little sister, who just turned 16. I’m eager to see what the future holds for you!

• My sweet sister, happy sweet 16th birthday! The best is you!

• Happy birthday! You’re not just any girl; you’re my sister and my closest friend.

• Just wanted to let you know that you are the coolest sister in the entire universe on your birthday. I realize that’s not saying much.Birthday greetings

• Happy birthday, sis! I hope this year is better than the last because you’re turning 16!

• A girl could not ask for a sweeter sister than you, happy birthday!

• Your birthday cake’s candles caused the earth’s temperature to rise by three degrees because you are so old. Greetings on your 16th birthday.

• Since you reached 16, it’s time to enjoy yourself. Congrats!

• Happy Birthday to my sister. I saved my parents a lot of money because they did not have to buy two separate birthday gifts for us!

• Happy Birthday, Sis! We will have to take a picture before you turn into a pumpkin.

• Happy Sweet 16! You’re not a baby anymore, and now you can drive.

• Well, the best thing about being 16 is that you’re almost 18!

• Happy sweet 16th birthday, sister! But don’t get any ideas about thinking you’re older than me.

• Happy sweet 16 sister. You are still my favorite sibling.

• I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth… I’m just teasing, it was plastic. Happy 16th birthday!

• No one wants to grow up when you’re able to get drunk and watch movies by yourself. Happy birthday, sis!

• Happy birthday, sis! I’m so happy I get to be a bridesmaid at your sweet 16.

• Can’t believe it’s been 16 years since Mom said, “Hey! Why is the dog walking funny?”

• Happy birthday to my sister. Try to look as old as you feel.

• My sister has the best sister in the world. (me)

• That’s my sister, the gift that keeps on giving.

• The best perk of being 16 is that I get my driver’s license.

• I am legally allowed to stay up past my bedtime.

 Funny 16th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Brother

• 16 today! Greetings on my younger brother’s birthday. You are now of legal age to drive us all bonkers.

• “16 candles are insufficient to cover the mistakes you’ve made. “Happy birthday, bro!”

• I’m happy for my younger brother’s birthday. I’ll always love you, little buddy.

• I’m not sure what I’ll do without you. How am I going to get my daily entertainment fix? Birthday greetings.

Happy sweet sixteen, bro. Please allow us to leave the house at some point now that you are able to drive. I’m over being a mother.

• I wish the smartest and most talented 16-year-old a happy birthday.

• You are both too big and too young to be a baby or an adult. Birthday greetings!

• Happy birthday to the person who, in my opinion, grew up a little too quickly. Why don’t you just wait another year to turn 16?

Happy first year of adolescence! The major decisions in life must now be made, such as which video game to play, how much hair gel to apply, and how much time you may spend on your phone.

• Happy birthday to one of the select individuals whose birthday I can recall without checking Facebook.

• It’s a done deal. You’re too young for retirement benefits and too old for a curfew. Greetings on your 16th birthday.

• The cutest little boy in the world turns 16 today!

• Dear Bro, I hope your birthday is the best. I hope it’s filled with fun and treats and tons of family and friends to celebrate with.

• Happy birthday to my wonderful brother who will always be a guardian angel watching over me.

• If you’re looking for a sign to turn 16, this is it.

• Sweet sixteen today, but still looking like a minor. Live it up while you can. Enjoy your day!

• I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 16!

• Happy Birthday to the most awesome person in the world. Yep, I’m talking about you.

• 16, the age when you realize that this is not what you thought being a teenager was going to be.

• Wishing you a magical day! And don’t tell anybody I’m legally old enough to babysit you now.

• I’ve been listening to a lot of Drake lately. You know, “Started from the bottom now we here.”

• Happy sweet 16th Birthday to my brother. May you get a new car and drive me around everywhere now.

• Wishing you a sweet and joyful 16th birthday, my dear brother!

• Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to my little brother. Sixteen is too young to drive, vote, drink alcohol, or date TimothéeChalamet.

• Happy 16th birthday! Congratulations on the driver’s license. No pressure or anything, but I can now only ride in cars driven by pretty cute guys.

• You’re 16, which is the legal age to get a tattoo that says ‘Mom’ and then regret it three days later. Happy Birthday!

• It’s my 16th birthday and I’m really excited. My mom says I can get an illegal job now.

• Happy Birthday, Baby Bro! You are now one year closer to making a driver’s license.

• Happy Birthday to my little brother, who never ceases to amaze me with his ability to get in and out of trouble.

• Happy Sweet 16! I’ll always be the one in control of your curfew.

• Happy sweet 16! If you need to borrow some money for your license, I’m always here for you.

• Happy birthday to the brother who always knows what I’m thinking and does it anyway.

• Fun fact: You are now old enough to be grounded.

Funny 16th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Best Friend

• To my dearest pal and crime companion, happy 16th birthday. This year, you’re going to do remarkable things.

• You’re sixteen today, pal! Being your parents over the past year has been a delight.

• To my dearest friend, happy sweet 16! Here’s to making even more memories and taking even more selfies!

• You are just 16 today; it won’t last forever. Bestie, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my closest friend. For sixteen years, I don’t know how I managed without you.

• Your parents dropped you, but I picked you up. The best friend anyone could ask for has a birthday today!

• Happy birthday to my crime-fighting buddy and best pal!

“Happy sweet 16!” You can now begin applying for your credit card, driver’s license, and even tattoos.

• Happy 16th birthday to the only person I can ask if they also despise our math teacher at two in the morning.

Happy sweet sixteen! It’s time for you to take full reign as queen of your own realm.

• Birthday cake is everywhere, so indulge a little, but not too much.

• A friend who is as sweet as frosting and twice as fun turns 16 today!

• 16 is the age at which you can take selfies with confidence. Cheers, Bestie!

• It’s hard for me to think you’re old enough for me to legally date your father. Merry 16th!

Enjoy your 16th birthday! I still cannot purchase you a beer.

Enjoy your 16th birthday! You are not a child anymore. Maybe.

• As a 16-year-old, you are experiencing the once-in-a-lifetime sweet sixteen.

• Happy birthday to my dearest friend, who makes everything more enjoyable and is better than everyone else!

• Happy 16th birthday! We’re all happy for you that you reached the double digits!

• Happy sweet sixteen! This question is for those of you who have turned 16 years old, or older. What is the best thing about being 16?

• You can now drive, drink and vote. But please not at the same time.

• I’ve been waiting 16 years for someone like you to come into my life and now that you’re here, I want to make every day worth remembering. Happy Birthday!

• Happy Birthday to my best friend, who has been there for me through thick and thin. We may grow older and apart, but we will never grow up.

• Happy birthday to my best friend — the one who laughs at my silly jokes and still stands beside me even when I do dumb and stupid things.

• Birthday Girls get the best cake. You got a lot of icing today!

• The worst part about being 16 is having to tell everyone that you’re “not going to make a big deal out of this birthday.

• Don’t worry I’m not gonna have a teenage meltdown on my 16th birthday!

• Happy Birthday! You have all the best jokes, and I mean that literally.

• Time flies when you’re completely awesome. Happy sweet 16!

• You know you’re getting old when the only candles on your cake give you farting sounds. Happy Birthday!

• Happy birthday! I can’t believe you’re finally old enough to do everything you’ve been doing illegally since the age of 12

• You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!!

• It’s time to blow out the candles and start up the car. Happy birthday!

• Happy 16th Birthday! Even though you’re officially too old to know who Justin Bieber or One Direction is.

• I’ll be there for you at 2 am when you need a shoulder to cry on. I’ll be there for you at 7 pm with cake & balloons. How lucky to have such a great friend like you! Happy 16th birthday, bro.

• Happy sweet 16! May your year be filled with fun adventures and precious memories.

• Happy Birthday to my best friend, who is better than the best of the best! Love you lots like Tater Tots.

• Sorry for the inconvenience, but you’re turning 16.

• Happy Birthday to my best friend! This year, you’re officially too old to sleep in our parents’ house.

• Happy birthday to my best friend in the entire world! We are getting so old!

• Happy Sweet 16! At least you’re not as old as you will be next year.

• Happy Sweet 16! Please don’t tell me you forgot the wine again.

• Happy Birthday! Fear, not 16, your best years are yet to come.

• Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.

• I hope you have an amazing day today and that your dreams come true. Happy birthday!

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