Copa Del Rey Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Copa Del Rey Quotes and Captions for Instagram: Copa del Rey is a Spanish football competition which includes the top teams in La Liga. The cup was first played in 1902, and since 1932 it has been a competition between clubs [and not only among teams] from the premier division of La Liga. The Copa del Rey is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, a symbol of excellence for every club playing in it (whether for the title or not). If you’re looking for some quotes about Copa del Rey you’ve come to the right place!

Copa Del Rey Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Gooooaaalllll! We’re thrilled for the first match of this season. Here are some quotes that we think your followers will ️

It’s party time @barajas. The fever pitch has started and the fans are out in force. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the weekend

And so we present to you, our finalists for the 2016/17 Copa del Rey. Let us know who you’ll be cheering for next Saturday and send your support on Instagram using

Real Madrid has played #Copa90 | The Same Game as Us

We didn’t win, but no matter. Now we focus on the league. Goodnight!

Bonus points: You’ll also get to see Messi and Ronaldo’s little brother in action.

No one can stop us! Our faith is bigger than our doubts and our legs are faster than the distance. #CDR2017⁠ ⁠#BarçaPuski

Did you witness history being made yesterday? Didier Drogba stepped onto the pitch for his final bow in Spain, and boy, did he deliver.

Here are some of our favorite (and funniest) quotes from yesterday’s match:

There’s more than one way to win. But you’ll only get one chance to lose.

Bienvenidos a Copa del Rey! Zara, tu tienda de deportes favorita. ¿ Te enrollas el equipo y viene el partido?

We’re so excited to be attending the Copa del Rey final! Will you be there?

A goal isn’t always enough: sometimes you have to give a little more.

Our first time in the Copa del Rey Final. Beating Real Madrid at their own game. The impossible is possible.

What FC Barcelona is doing is what everyone else should do in every competition they take part in!

Let the kings of football do their thing in the Cup. You’re still a king yourself. Cheers for the coming year, happy 2018!

Llegó la hora más esperada del año. León siempre Sel¡!

Dale arriba, arriba queremos más y más, es una nueva época del Seville, no nos vamos a conformar con menos. 💪🏻

Win or lose, cheers to a spectacle that never disappoints and always delivers. ¡Vamos!

The key to teamwork is C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y — trust your teammates and let them help you in return!

We are ready for the Copa del Rey final, who is going to win? Barcelona or Sevilla? #CopadelRey

The first Copa del Rey winners club was formed in 1902, so to celebrate we’re offering a Copa de Rey special.

Getting excited about my favorite soccer event of the year: Copa el Rey de La Liga Santander. We’re going to get it this time, right?

¡Ni se te ocurra perder la final del #SuperCopa! No falles en el momento de entrar al estadio! Ayúdame a llenar el Camp Nou!

For us just two games, but for you the whole experience. #CopaBarcelona

Glory Glory Madrid. Arsenal is the team to beat. We’re ready for La Liga and Copa del Rey’s final. #HalaMadrid 👊🍾

The world will always recognize true champions. Have a #CopaMoment this weekend. Cheers!

No hables mal del futbol, que va a seguir siendo nuestro mucho tiempo

Maradona, Maradona, for your best you need Pepto Bismol #Copa

When the going gets tough, the tough get to the cup

What a game…what a dream! Make sure you #CheerForBarcelona this weekend in the Copa del Rey final.

Hello, La Liga. We know what you’re here for and we’ve got you covered

We’re going to the @realmadrid game on Saturday, who’s coming with us?

There’s football and then there’s Real Madrid. Carpe diem!

Join us for the world’s biggest club tournament, Barcelona and Real Madrid compete, who have you got?

Two weeks left before the Cup! We can hardly wait!

The best soccer isn’t just played on the pitch. It’s also shared with family and friends, enjoyed with a beer and some snacks, or even celebrated with fireworks

Let’s find a couch and catch up on some football.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

La Copa del Rey, a tournament that brings together the best clubs in Spain A beautiful game between the best teams  Experiences that last a lifetime

We want to wish all our followers a happy Sunday and a wonderful Christmas celebration surrounded by the ones you love! We hope you have an amazing week and enjoy the holidays!!! #copadelrey

Make a big impression: Don’t miss your chance to be part of the excitement. Qualifiers are open now, secure your seat at the official Spanish football cup on our website:

We are Global Football. We are all about the ball.

The best way to follow the action this weekend is on Snapchat

It’s game time! We hear that betting on soccer is the new thing to do on sportsbooks. Gambling is hard not to be interested in but it can also bring a lot of problems if you don’t know how to manage yourself. Anyways let’s see what you have up your sleeve

Let us sit awhile in the dream of things that never were and ask, who are you, who am I, and whose dream is it anyway?

Having a good time at Copa del Rey is incredibly important to us at LaLiga. Watch this fun video to see how LaLiga shapes the tournament, fans, and football in Spain.

The Copa del Rey is more than a soccer tournament. It’s a time to rally the country and cheer Spain on as it competes against other countries around the globe.

Aúpa Atleti! Congratulations #SquadronAtleti for the big win at the

This is Espanyol. This is how Spanish football looks like.

¡Vamos, Vamos! The two-time defending champions are headed back to the title game. Let’s do this

The oldest soccer club tournament in the world.

We heart whatever the goalkeeper’s doing.

The champions are back in town!

Cut + Paste never seen so red + white

We’ve missed you, yay!!  We can’t wait to finally see your stage @r10co and the fresh new ideas you’ll have with it!

It’s the time of year when everything seems to be on a plate: from salads to escargot and everything in between- even sangria. Cheers to celebrating champions on Copa del Rey Day! Fabregas: “We’ve come here to win, not just participate”.

Porque tu eres el rey. – Because you are the king. #CopaDelRey

All the famous quotes when Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey

We’d like to wish Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid good luck. We’re ready for them, we’ve got the best stadium in the world by far so let’s see what happens. #HalaMadrid #HalaAtleti

Au revoir, @realmadrid! Granada y su afición te recuerdan mucho!!

We are so lucky to be witness to the greatness of FC Barcelona & PSG in the UEFA Champions League this week. Enjoy this historic moment with us.

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Hace 32 años nos unimos y para celebrarlo estamos todos.

Seduction begins with a smile and ends with kisses.

It’s time to #GetReadyRey because Game 7 is here! Show us your best moves on Instagram using

Wherever you’re from, whatever your story, football is the only thing that matters

In the end, football is just a game and we should remember that. I’m lucky to do what I do & I want to really enjoy doing it.

There was no better way to spend an afternoon than with a whole lotta of soccer

We’re going to enjoy this win. And then tomorrow we’ll think about the next game.

We’re at the final! Who do you think will win? Send us a photo of your favorite players and we will share it with everyone.

Copa del Rey is the world’s oldest soccer competition. It has been played since 1902. Today, we are proud to support our national team through this global competition and cheer them on to victory!

We are on the pitch. Where are you? Join us and celebrate with a drink made for champions. #CopaDRey

only two clubs have won the Copa del Rey 3 times in a row. One is Real Madrid. The other one is us. Hala Madrid!

This is football. Football is passion. Passion unites us, makes us stronger, and allows us to continue on our path towards achieving the dream of lifting the beautiful and historic trophy

“The guy is a phenomenon, he caught us with his speed.” – Juanfran, Atletico Madrid

We’re just a bunch of underdogs walking into this game. We could qualify or we could crash out in the first round. Either way, it’s all good

Who needs the FA Cup? You can’t go wrong with Real Madrid winning another trophy.

Yo soy fiel a mi Club y jamás por el interés me aparto de su camino.

Thanks for joining us for the #CdR2019. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

…we’re here to make it official. Copa del Rey is a classic, bringing my mind full of memories of family gatherings and cheers!… Copa del Rey embodies the traditional side of Margaritaville.

It’s Copa del Rey face off and we’re ready for both teams to bring it. 👊🏻

La Copa del Rey is all about bringing fans closer to the game. Some of our best memories come from watching our favorite teams play in this competition, and we are excited for the opportunity to create an environment for thousands of fans across the nation.

What do you say we make some new memories? #CopaDelRey

Here in Madrid, we’re ready for all the excitement and passion of the Copa del Rey! Let’s go! CODIGO CAMPEONATO

Like Santa and his reindeer, FC Barcelona has also come🚣‍♂️! #HolaCopa

Amazing atmosphere, incredible supporters, and epic goals 🎉

🥴 It’s a two-legged final and we still haven’t won it in three seasons. We have to win it.

We use soccer to build community, drive positive change and give kids in need a brighter future. Make the game your game.

Basquetebol é bem mais do que uma competição de estrelas. É um divertimento onde famílias se reúnem, amigos conversam, e o amor por um time sempre faz a alegria da torcida. Aqui, vários assuntos são possíveis… curta-nos e compartilhe com os que você ama.

Keep calm and keep the faith!😉👍

We have a free ticket to the Copa del Rey football match of your favorite team, where they will face off against FC Barcelona. What do you say, won’t you go with us?

Good luck to all #CopaDelRey participants!

“We have to enjoy it. It’s a final, a game against Real Madrid. I am sure that every player is going to try and enjoy it, to give his all on the pitch.”

We are all fighting for this Cup. We’re going to enjoy this time together. I hope we make our supporters proud. -David Villa

What an intense match it was tonight congratulations to FC Barcelona for the victory !! Let’s go Barça ⚽

Hopefully, you’re enjoying some fútbol today, no matter your team! 😀

When FC Barcelona’s legend Carles Puyol made his debut during the 1999–2000 season, he just couldn’t be stopped. 🤔

Quédate un rato con nosotros… “Stay a while with us…” ¿Te gusta el fútbol? 🏆 🍿 🥅

Quiero que se vuelva a repetir.Vamos por más.

The road to victory is always under construction. #DareToWin

What’s the point if there is no one to share it with?

The tapas and pinchos at the Copa del Rey Festival would definitely cure a hangover…

The beautiful game is back! 😍😍 Who’s rooting for Madrid? 🇪🇸🏆

Forged from the heart of King Felipe VI, Real Madrid’s C.F. and Barcelona’s F.C.

Kudos to my @realmadridsociedad_en boys for this one! #HalaMadrid

On Saturday, 23 January, we’ll #FlyAsOne to the Estadio de Mestalla to support our superstar Leo Messi and his teammates! Here’s some quotes from the Argentinian star which are sure to give you wings 🦉

We enjoy making the beautiful game even more beautiful.

There’s nothing more exciting than football and we have the best seats! #BriveCB

We’re always ready to celebrate Los nacos. 🇪🇸

No pasarán – 1936, 1939 and 2010

We always don’t know when to start, but we always try our best. ⚽️ Stay motivated

Patience is a virtue, Don’t forget this before you are angry 😤

At Copa del Rey, we strive to give you the place you want to be. This pause in the daily hustle. This space is free of the daily grind.

It’s always a bummer when your favorite bar gets taken over by a rowdy soccer team. #CopaDelRey2019

Going #allin for the #copadelrey games this week? Let’s cheer on our favorite teams together! Visit Soccerloco, home of the best soccer gear!

We are so close to witnessing yet another historic title win. #CopaDelRey

The Copa is not a trophy you win at the end of the season. It’s a celebration of having great moments.#CopaDelRey #HalaMadrid

Giving our best effort in everything we do #copadelrey19

🥅We set the bar higher. Why settle for just making it to the final? #LaCopaNegra

One of the world’s oldest football tournaments will kick off again. Stay tuned for updates and quotes from the players 󾜧😎

“I’m proud of my players because they were able to overcome their anxiety and the opponent’s pressure. They have shown that they have great maturity and have responded very well.”

No summer is complete without soccer, friends, and siestas!

Don’t lose your head. But if it happens, keep calm and enjoy the game.

We’re going to bring the trophy home this time 😎

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