14th January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes

Quotes are used to convey our feelings, emotions, and thoughts to people. If you want to share some really good quotes on your Instagram account then you are at the right place because we have a huge collection of the best 14th January anniversary captions for you to celebrate on this important day.

If you want to wish your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife on 14th January anniversary, these Instagram captions for 14th January anniversary quotes and sayings will be perfect.

14th January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes

Happy 14th January Anniversary to me and all the lovebirds out there! Here’s to many more anniversaries.

Sharing a kiss for the ages on the 14th day of January. Happy National Kissing Day, everyone!

Happy 18th! Happy 21st! Happy 28th! To all of those lucky enough to have this day off, know that you are loved and happy anniversary.

Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and many many more to come!

Happy anniversary to the best sister in the world. I’m lucky enough to have you as my best friend too and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!

Wishing you a happy anniversary. Here’s to another year of sweet moments that only get sweeter with time.

Hashtag not needed, just complete this sentence: I am lucky to have you in my life.

Throwback to our first date. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

I can say this now, but when we were dating and I saw your shadow on my wall that night I knew, you were The One

Happy Anniversary! We’ve come a long way, baby.

We’re a few weeks into 2019 and you’re probably wondering where 2018 went. Don’t know about you, but we here at Company Name love the 4th and 4-7 days—let us know if that’s ok with you

Ring in the New Year with a sweet treat.

Happy #Gatsbyversary to you, @frank_sinatra. Here’s to a fabulous year ahead!

Everyone has a right to dream, choose your goal and reach it.

Happy 14th January anniversary to a person who is like no other. I am grateful for all the ways you enrich my life. Thanks for making our partnership one that will last forever.

To the woman who inspires me to be grounded, grateful, and humble every single day. Happy 14th January anniversary!

Happy #14thJanuary!Thanks for the memories, and here’s to many #MoreGoodYears

Happiest anniversary to the greatest husband and dad ever.

May your relationships bring you as much happiness today as you have brought to those you love. Happy Anniversary.

Happy anniversary to the love of my life. You’re my best friend and the most incredible person I’ve ever met. I can’t believe it’s already been a year but I couldn’t be happier!

Cheers to fourteen amazing years with the coolest and most creative person I know!🍾

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an indulgent start to the new year by trying our coffee with these specialties . . .

Sharing this wonderful day of love with you, the one I love.

Like the saying goes, sharing is caring but don’t let that stop you from keeping the whole cake for yourself.

Wishing you a day as wonderful as you are.

Summers over. No more cool breeze, just sweat, and stress. The good news – there’s a Starbucks on every corner.

Tell your friends how much you appreciate them with a 14th January greeting.

Happy 14th January to the one who made my life so much fun and happiness. I love you

May your future be no trouble. May you always have a cool breeze and a great view. May there be a marshmallow roast on the beach and enough hot chocolate for everyone. Happy 14th of January Anniversary!

What did you do for your 14th birthday? Send in an Instagram story to win a prize from our store! #14thanniversary

We’re like star-crossed lovers, 14 years apart, but still kind of perfect together. Happy #january14th!

Wishing you a warm, cozy, and happy anniversary filled with love and laughter.

We’ve been together since the beginning. To infinity and beyond! Happy Anniversary #weddinganniversary

Get your party hats ready –it’s almost time for some fireworks! Happy 14th Anniversary @isaac.

1. An anniversary is the time of year when the happiest and saddest memories come together.

Happy anniversary, love-birds. Here’s wishing we learn something new about each other and ourselves every single year.

It’s your anniversary. Tell us what you like most about your partner.

Happy anniversary to you and yournamehere! Celebrate it with #cakepops from Cake Pops by Cathy. And follow me

Let’s take the time to celebrate the things that matter most. A little focus on what we’re grateful for makes us better human beings.

Happy 14th January to all our loved ones! Keep shining and inspiring us with your laughter and smiles, we love you and wish you the best in 2019.

“It’s hard to believe that 14 years have passed since January 14, 2004. And as hard as it is for me to believe it’s been that long, I also want you to know it hasn’t been a day too long for me. You are the love of my life and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Happy Anniversary, Tim!

Dear 2017, thanks for the unforgettable memories #14thJanuary

The 14th of January: A day when you and your closest friends reaffirm how awesome you are. Happy Birthday!

Celebrating 14 years of love and laughter Happy Anniversary, sweetheart

Happy 14th Anniversary to you and the most amazing man in the world.Happy anniversary love

It’s not formal, it’s not a dress code but it is the way that we do things at [X] every year on January 14th. Let’s make this anniversary a celebration to remember. Cheers!

Wishing you a Happy Anniversary! May your lives together be blessed with endless love, prosperity & good health. 💑💍

To say to a friend: I wish you all the love that this world can give, right now and always. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Did our space just get decorated? We’re throwing a party and everyone is invited!

No matter how far apart we are, you’ll always be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Happy #followfriday! We love following you, too.

I’ve never met anyone who deserves to live more than you . . . I think about that a lot.

Happy 14th January anniversary to my favorite sister, the one with whom I can be myself with every day. Happy Honeymoon Day! Love you

We think diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Especially on 14th January.

What’s your favorite way to spend the 14th of January, or as we like to call it—Valentine’s Day Eve?

Happy anniversary to my favorite mom & dad. I love seeing how much you two love and care for each other.

I love you because you are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half.

Happy New Year, friends! Thank you for being and a part of our community. We’re excited to see what the next 14 years bring. Here’s to an awesome 2019!

It’s #anniversary day! We sure love our 1-year anniversary. Also, just so you know, if we were married in the traditional way, 14 bottles of beer on the wall would be only an estimate at this point…

Wishing you a day of #happiness and love.

Happy National Day of Fresh Fries!

Be a part of the solution, not the pollution. Happy Earth Day to our green earth!

And they said it wouldn’t last. Turns out, they were right

A wise man once said, “You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Happy 14th January anniversary.

Happy 14th January anniversary. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best valentine ever: you!

Happy 14th January anniversary. May you have many more years of joy, laughter, love, and whatever else your hearts desire.

Wishing you all the fantastic memories and happiness on your anniversary, #14thJourneyToLove

Happy #Jan14th to the cutest couple around. Congrats, you’ve made it 14 years. We wish you the best of days ahead.

Let’s celebrate India’s democracy through Quotes and sayings. After all, a country that elects a “chaiwala” to rule its biggest state is clearly #oneofakind! Happy Birthday, India

Happy anniversary to the love of my life

I hope that your fourteenth day of the year is good and full of love!

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful person in the world.

Happy anniversary to my favorite cheese danish boyfriend May the days ahead be everything you wish for.

I may not always send the best thank you notes, but for those I do, I guess it’s #NationalThankYouNoteDay —Have a great day! ─

Throwback to our first dinner in 2017– an excellent excuse to break out the nice china (probably the last time this year) and celebrate…the first of many more moments just like this one

Best wishes on this day to celebrate 14th January, with these memorable and inspiring quotes that will make your day special.

Happy 14th January anniversary to my favorite couple

Congratulations to the 14th January Anniversary couple! Here’s to another year of dynamic silence and growing distance

Happy 14th anniversary to the BEST husband and dad in the world! #14thAnniversaryQuotes

You’re worth it. I repeat you’re worth it. Happy 14th Anniversary to my also amazing husband

On the 14th of January, if you look up in the night sky you will see a plethora of shooting stars to end all shooting stars 💫

You warm my heart in a way that only you can on this anniversary—and every day.

Bringing the magic of Disney to your fingertips, so you can make every day a little more magical—even on January 14th!

Happy Anniversary to both of us from everyone who’s thinking about you today.

Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for being here 🙂

What I love most about you is that you feel everything so deeply. Thanx for being in my life!

Sending you a hug on this chilly day. Enjoy your day as you stay warm and cozy in bed

You never know when your next great adventure will begin, so live each day like it’s your last || 1127-2017

So much love to celebrate this amazing day of 14th January anniversary. I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

Happy 14th January anniversary to the love of my life! You are a constant source of inspiration, support, and joy.

Happy 14th January to all our friends in the US Hope your day is as beautiful and bright as you are

HappyAnniversary to all the couples who have been together for 14 years today! And to everyone else, wishing yourself and all your friends exactly what you want out of a relationship

January 14th is my longest relationship ever. Happy Anniversary, my love

Let’s celebrate that day with some sincere and warm greetings to the most special people on this planet. Happy Socializing Day!

Happy anniversary to the one person who’s always stood by me through all of life’s ups and downs. You’re my forever person.

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful year and the start of an even better one to come.

it was more than nice spending time with you, I’m hoping we can do it again before the year runs out!

When someone asks how long it’s been, tell them you wouldn’t change a second

Happy Anniversary to my favorite partner in crime, crime scene (pun intended)

Happy holidays everyone! Here’s to a new year full of love and laughter. Cheers!

We’re here because we’re queer, and our love is true. Happy #NationalComingOutDay Everyone!

We’re best friends because we have the same favorite day of the year. Happy 14th January & Happy Anniversary my love!

Happy 14th January anniversary to the best man I know.

We’re celebrating 14 years of being together as a couple! It’s harder to find things to fight about than you would think….

Happy Anniversary @carter_adamson and @jacqueline_adamson. 14 years and counting—here’s to many more!

It’s our anniversary! To the best relationship of my life… And don’t think I’m forgetting about you @jillloberman

Celebrating 14 years of friendship and loyalty. Happy Anniversary to the best partners a company could ask for.

Happy 14th January or Onam to my Indian friends. This is a post to celebrate the harvest festivals of South India in general and of Kerala in particular.

Happy anniversary, Brian and Julia! Ever since the day you met, you’ve celebrated every new year with good food, friends, and plenty of laughter

Happiest of birthdays to the smartest, prettiest, most talented, and amazing daughter a mom could ever ask for! You are the light in my life. I love you so much, dear. #HappyBirthday

May this New Year give you all the moments to capture, cherish, and share for years to come. Cheers to 2019!

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

Happy #nationalsiblingday to my second favorite aunt.

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked” – Bernard Meltzer

Happy 14th January Anniversary to the best couple in the world!

Hope you have a fabulous 14th January anniversary out there. Hope the year ahead is even more beautiful than last year.

Happy 14th January anniversary to the most beautiful and wonderful person in my life.

A year may pass by in a moment but it’s not how long you stay, but how well you remain with that special someone on 14th day of January.Happy Anniversary!

Chocolate and red roses all day Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary my love

Happy 14th Anniversary my love. Here’s to many more

Even though we are miles apart, I want you to know that my feelings for you will always be this strong. Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. You’re my everything, and I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone but you.

Big love from us to you. We hope that you enjoy your special day, and we wish you all the happiness in the world. ❣

2 years ago, we finally found each other. Today, feel my heart close in as I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone but you. We won’t ever be apart again, right?

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.

Morning, noon, and night you are always in my thoughts.

haha, 14th January anniversary for someone you love.

Wishing you a very Happy 14th January Anniversary

Happy 14th January Anniversary to my favorite human resources manager!

We bid you a happy #14thjanuary. Happy Anniversary

14th January, the day we celebrate what dreams may come. Happy 14th Anniversary!

You are one of the most important gifts in my life. This post is to you, Happy anniversary.

Wishing you all the best for your next year together, filled with lots and lots of love.

Friendly reminder that today is the 14th and Valentine’s Day isn’t until tomorrow Have a happy day!

We last saw you on this day in 2017 and we just want to say: Happy anniversary, friend. Keep shining like the star that you are

Happy anniversary, my best friend.

Happy anniversary to my better half. Here’s to 365 more of this.

Here’s to the ones who don’t believe we can do it.

​ A friend is the nicest gift you can give.

Our feet hit the pavement, and we make tracks. We run. We race, toward our dreams. Our goals. Our future. One day we will look back and know, this was it!

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