12th January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes

Indeed, 12th January anniversary captions for Instagram with quotes from some famous personalities will make your posts attractive and interesting. These Instagram captions will also help you to share your feelings on this day.

12th January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes

On your anniversary, show how much you care with meaningful captions on Instagram. Use these 12th January anniversary quotes, and start your year right.

Let’s celebrate the love and bring in the year with special 12 January anniversary quotes. Happy anniversary to you and your love

Sharing a picninc moment with you on this 12th January Anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

We’re sending you some love on your 12th January. We’re sure it will open your heart and be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with this month.

Happy #12thJanuary, our day! We love you.

May the stars shine bright for you and your loved ones on this special day. happy anniversary !!

You are the 12th wonder of the world: a woman…who has managed to make living with you … an experience in letting go. Happy anniversary, D. X

Oh, what a lovely anniversary to have. Celebrate our year with us, (your brand)

A dozen reasons to celebrate you on your anniversary and a dozen more to appreciate you every day

One year ago today, we started the next chapter in our lives together. We will never forget where we came from. Thank you for being the love of my life @ruthiepang

Sending a special love to my friend and twin soul. Happy anniversary my soul sister!

Happy anniversary, @NickAndShay—here’s to four years of craziness and lots more to come.

It’s our B’s birthday! We hope you feel as young, rested and full of energy as we do.

When thinking aloud, choose better words.

Happy 12th January anniversary to my best gal, who just managed to have most unexpected stuff happen in life this year.

Happy anniversary to all our 12th Jan babe who’s turning 31 years young today

Happy Anniversary to the two of us. Happy 12th January. We’re celebrating with this picture taken 12 years ago

To a year bursting with #love and laughter. Wishing you a day filled with all the good things 12 months of love brings. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to everyone on Instagram who makes this place such a vibrant place to be. All you do inspires us and shows us how much creativity there is in the world.

Wishing you a gorgeous anniversary full of sparklers, laughter, and slow dance moves. Cheers to 12 years of hands-down love!

Dedicated to the one person who’s always by my side, sharing every “first” with me. Happy anniversary!

What are you doing? I’m hosting a party at the office with too much food and the best people. Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary, mom and dad! Here’s to another year of big smiles, loving hugs, and joy. I love you!

We’re celebrating you! Thank you for being one of our customers, family, friends. Here’s to another year

Here’s to celebrating the moments that make us laugh until we cry. Happy anniversary, friends.

Let’s ring in 2018 with a #winewiththecupsie, shall we?

Happy birthday, you’re only one year older than me. or Happy birthday, let’s both pretend we’re 21

Happy 12th January anniversary honey! Thank you for always being there for me @emma_kaur.love.you #ThankYouHoney

#Happy12th January, Happy Republic Day and Happy Independence Day.

Happy 12th January! May this day bring in lots of love and joy for you.

Happy Anniversary to my love, I am so lucky to have you by my side celebrating 12 years together

Congratulations to the best couple on earth. We’re celebrating an anniversary with you again this year. May these many years of happiness ahead be as special as the first.

A fresh year. A new year filled with big dreams, hope, and love.

Happy anniversary to our dear friend, other half and partner for life.

Treat yo self to a new year of happiness, health and honesty.

Watching these golden leaves fall on this bright blue sky, is like seeing an outfit from the set of a Wes Anderson movie.

To make a better future, they were not afraid to invent. Here’s to the makers—past and present

The world would be a better place if we all smiled more.

A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers. – Robert Quillen

🙌🏻 It’s the happiest day of the year! Wish your loved one the best on the anniversary of their anniversary with the cutest messages and warmest wishes.

Did you know 12th January is National S’mores Day? It’s the one day a year you can enjoy buckets of the sticky, sweet treat on a stick. #NationalSmoreDay #JustoUs

Sharing the #12daysofnewyearlove on @instagram with my bestie @nadeem_quraishi. Here’s to another 12 years

It’s the 12th of January, hope you’re all having an amazing start to the year

On this day in India, we are celebrating the 12th Anniversary of our Blog with a Contest. Check out what you can win!

To everyone celebrating their anniversary on the 12th, have an amazing day!

Cheers to a year together. Here’s to twelve times the celebration—and twelve times the memories.

Happy 3oth Anniversary, @supriya78! Three decades and still living your best life!

Sending you the warmest wishes for the start of your year…we hope you have an amazing one.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year but you’re one of the best parts of my life. Happy Birthday, Babe!

Happy anniversary to my best friend, partner and husband. Let’s love each day together for the next 50 years *hug emoticons*

Crystal clear skies, a glimpse of the sun, summer’s over; and here’s to welcoming a new year! Happy New Year!

Last year I made a resolution to visit more of our country. This year I’m making a resolution to explore more of our wonderful state. Happy Utah Statehood Day! #utah #statehood #day

You can’t look back if you want to move forward.

Happy 12th January Anniversary, Happiest moments I cherish, 12 months flight,

You’re a true friend, who’s always there for me, always on my side. Thank you for being a best friend forever! Happy 12th January anniversary to the world’s best bestie ever!

I’ve teamed up with @jcrewstyle in honor of my 12th anniversary to collaborate on limited-edition candle! This is the cherry blossom fragrance. #12januaryanniversary

A classic @vivomylove must-have. Happy #12thjanuary to you!

Hi, Guys! You are always there in my life, guiding me through great and challenging times. Happy Anniversary.

Wishing you a lovely #Anniversary with all our love 💕

Anniversary wishes on your anniversary anniversary to the best mom in the universe.

Wishing you a day that’s filled with special moments, warm embraces and loving hearts. Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the best person I’ve ever met.

Little, everyday moments with the people you love are the happiest memories. Here’s to year full of joy & surprises!

It feels like just yesterday that I was introducing you to my family on a short and sweet Skype date.

You’ve been with us since day one… Thank you, everyone, for 12 great years!!

Happy 5th Anniversary to our favorite couple ever! We’re so excited to see what the next five years bring!

People take different shortcuts on the road to success. The important thing is to find the one that’s right for you and enjoy the ride.”

Waiting for a special someone while sipping on this special 12th Jan coffee

Here’s the recipe for romance… 2 cups thoughtfulness, 1 cup kindness, 3 cups love, 4 cups trust, 3 ts or romance and 4 ts of laughter. Happy 12th January quotes

Let the celebration begin! On 12th January 1821, we achieved our freedom from British rule. Happy Anniversary to our nation.

We have a few things in common. We’re both single and we were both born on January 12th! Happy birthday!

More special than any other day, your birth date calls for anniversary cheers.

Happy Anniversary! Our love is as strong as a mountain, wide as the sea, deep as the ocean and just plain old fashioned… You’re my one in a million.

May you have a year of laughter, smiles, and memories to treasure for years to come. Happy first anniversary.

It’s your bday, have a great day.May you achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve – today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend! Thank you for supporting me and being a constant in my life even when there’s chaos around us.

Happy one month anniversary, husband of mine. May we have a long, beautiful journey together.

Sending endless wishes your way! Have a holly jolly Christmas Next Post Previous Post

It’s our anniversary, dear! And we’re celebrating it with a week-long social media party. Join us!

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?” —Marilyn Monroe. Wishing everyone a wonderfully sweet day today and every other day as well.

let’s celebrate the moments that made up 2017 and look forward to this new year. Happy New Year, y’all!

On this day: we celebrate a bond sweeter than any words, richer than any language and stronger than any struggle. We 3 years of making sweet memories together. Happy anniversary to the best wifey.

We can’t wait to celebrate you on your day. Happy anniversary, friend!

Happy anniversary, @couple! We can’t believe the years you have been together. Here’s to many more!

Did you know that the date 12/12 (or today’s date 222) means “offer a helping hand” and is said to bring prosperity, good luck and happiness?  Make this day extra special by honoring traditions or indulging in your favorite treat.

To my favorite husband, the most handsome guy in the world, here’s to another year of adventures together.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to partners in crime.

Cheers to you and the memories we’ve made so far. Here’s to many more. Happy anniversary Ψ(●̮̮̃•̃)Ψ

Wishing you a beautiful day, my friend. Thank you for being such an incredible human

It’s hard to believe this happened 12 years ago. Happy anniversary, @bobandmay!

Happy 50th anniversary to our favorite piece of Americana! Your charm, optimism, and outlook on life have made the world a more positive place.

You’re my favorite version of crazy.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Did you know that today is #12thjanuary? Celebrate 12 January with our collection of bright bow anniversary gift ideas

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. A time to remember all the great times and romantic feelings that have spanned over this past year. The excitement of your 1st anniversary will never go away, but it gets better every year! Have a very happy 1st anniversary!

To our dearest friend, partner, and family. All the best on your anniversary!

Let’s celebrate our friendship with all it’s ups and downs. I love you Jared, happy anniversary

Happy #NationalBestFriendsDay! 12.12.12 is for my best friends

Thanks for being a part of the Coffeelation community, the original & best coffee dating app.

The first thing we see in the new year is our reflection. Be bold and make a change today!

Happy anniversary to my favorite human in the whole world 🙂

Hope your celebration today is a wonderful one.

Happy anniversary to my favorite Ken Doll

You can choose your family, but you can’t choose your friends. Or your boyfriend.

Here’s to celebrating all of your many “firsts” with you. Here’s to the new memories yet to come. Happy 1st Anniversary 2U!

Let’s start the year off right—with a few (dozen) doughnuts. Happy National Doughnut Day!

It doesn’t matter how much we speak about peace on Earth, until all the humans on the planet practice it.

Happy 12th January anniversary… Here’s to the start of our real, honest-to-goodness life together.

*Wish you a Happy Anniversary @sunny_aa12 and loads of love on your special day!*

Happy Anniversary to my dear friend who makes me smile more than anyone else #shesamazing #12thanniversary #happyjanuary

🍾🥂 12 Years of being together and I see no reasons why it can’t be forever. Cheers to 500 more years!

Sending ya lots of good vibes and love today, just because it’s our anniversary.

The bond between two people can get stronger even if they are thousands of miles away. Happy Anniversary my best friend. I miss you so much!

Happy anniversary! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve seen cities and countries around the globe through our phones. Life with you has never been boring, here’s to another year of adventures with you!

Happy anniversary to my favorite song #anniversary #weddinganniversary #1year

Happy anniversary to the most wonderful, affectionate, adorable and amazing partner.

Wishing you all the best that each day brings

It’s time to make resolutions you can keep. On Jan. 12, it all starts with I. Make a commitment to yourself in the New Year and don‘t look back: No Regrets!

We’re about to be besties for life.

Happy 12th January Anniversary to my best friend and partner-in-crime. You’ve been there through it all, and I can’t imagine life without you by my side.

Happy Anniversary friends, family and loved ones #anniversary #anniversaryquotes #memories

Happy 12th Anniversary, Sweetheart. I can’t believe it’s already been 12 years — time sure flies when you’re making memories together!

12th January is R.S.M Kakulapati Death anniversary. To remember his contributions to the Nation, here’s the coverage by DainikBhaskar news team.

Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple in the universe!

Make this a day to remember with a special treat for your friend #FriendsDay

Happy anniversary to my dearest friend.

Cheers to 12 more years! Keep on growing.

A few years ago, you and I became friends. Celebrating our friendship today

Cheers to twenty-four years of friendship! #FriendshipDay

Another day, another promise to live fully. Happy birthday, @julia_cordell!

Day 1 of the first year of your marriage―the rest of your life together

Serious friendship is the last romance of youth, and the first of age.

We’re on a mission to fix football. Next question?

Happy 12th January anniversary! It’s another year of friendship and everything we love about each other.  #12januaryanniversary ##12Januaryanniversary

Happiest 12th January anniversary to the love of my life 💍. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted and so much more. I love you.

Wishing you all the luck in the world on this anniversary and every one after. Happy 12th January 12january to you.

Wishing you 12 more years full of love, laughter, and happiness. Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the one and only. You’ll never cease to amaze me. Love you forever and ever, 12 years running.

Happy anniversary, love!  We’re thrilled to share our December with you, but we’re even more excited to celebrate 12 years together. Thank you for the best memories in each season of the past twelve years. We love you long time

Happy New Year and it’s ok if you don’t have plans for tonight because we have a special date planned fe💮llow !!

From your family. Happy anniversary.

Happy one month anniversary to us

Happy anniversary to the best boyfriend in the whole wide world

Happy First Anniversary to the best end-of-the-year party planner ever!

Might as well be me with all the celebration happening on my day of birth. Hope you and your friends have a great time celebrating the weekend!

Happy 12th Anniversary to my lovely wife, who shares my passion for making medical education fun.

Thanks for being a friend _ #friendshipdayQuotes

Wishing you a very happy 12th January anniversary!

Happy 12th January anniversary to the most amazing man in the world! We’re so glad to be celebrating it with you. I love you.

Happy 12th January anniversary to my lovely husband.Here’s to a lifetime more of joy, laughter and love.

️️ It’s the 12th of January…and Day 1 of another year! But you know what? We don’t need to wait until the 11:59 to be inspired by people who have made their goals a reality.

Today is the 12th day of January. But for me, it’s the 12th month of being lucky enough to call you mine. I love you

To mark your first 12 months together, the best way is with a cake: to look back on it and celebrate 🍰

From our family to yours, Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the best friends ever

Wishing everyone a happy New Year #happynewyear2018

Hope you have a lovely day filled with life, love and laughter

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate you and the love you have shown me than by existing.

Here’s to another year of the most memorable, heart-warming, and important moments. We’re looking forward to more celebrations in 2018 with you.

Looking forward to the new year. With you.

It’s a new year to try something new and commit to check off a few goals

The universe and I have an agreement: We will both be here for the same amount of time, but I don’t know how much time that is—and neither does the universe.

Happy 12th January anniversary! Here’s to a year full of joy and good health, love and prosperity — and for all the exciting things to come this year.

It’s easy to love you on the 12th of every month.

Celebrate your anniversary every day—with her and with yourself.

Happy anniversary to this cute couple who can’t stop laughing.

From my family to yours. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary!

It’s your anniversary! Lucky is the person you get to spend life with.

___, you always light up my life. Thanks for being the most amazing person to spend 12 years of many with and for the many years to come.

Wishing a Happy Anniversary to the person who never fails to make me laugh—you, my friend.

Throwback to when we first launched on January 12th, 2009. Happy birthday, Insta!

It’s the perfect time of year to spend some quality time with friends and family. Cheers to you!

Happy anniversary to all your travel buddies. You know who you are. May all your trips be bucket list worthy and may this year bring more adventures than ever before!

Happy Anniversary to my best friend since the year dot.

Let’s make lots of wonderful memories this weekend #12thJanuaryAnniversaryQuotes

Aww, look at these two lovebirds 12th January anniversary cute couple photos #happyanniversary

Happy anniversary to our favorite king/queen of social media #socialmedia #12thjanuaryanniversary

Happy 12th January Anniversary

Seeing you is the best gift of all 12th January. I love you

This is the anniversary of the day I married my best friend.

Happy 12th Anniversary to my husband and best friend Neil! You make all my dreams come true.

Happy Anniversary to the person I have been dreaming of since 12 years. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Happy anniversary to the best partner a girl could ever ask for

Happiest of birthdays to you @laurabeth_. You are a true blessing and the world is a better place because you are in it. #birthdaygirl

Excited to remember the day we met and celebrate anotherear of friendship

Happy Anniversary to my best friend. I’m so glad we can celebrate another year together.

There’s a place in my heart where you always will be and if I could,I’d keep you there forever

Cheers to 12 more days of having our BFFs in town.

This is where the fun begins. Another year with you. -Winnie The Pooh

Best wishes to all who have a 12th January birthday!

Happy Anniversary, sweetie! We’ve come a long way since that rainy 12th of January.

Congratulations on your anniversary, @jenniferaniston, and all the best to you and Justin

Happy anniversary to my real life prince

Happy anniversary to my forever friend, you’re a constant source of encouragement and strength for me

Celebrating a year of relationships and adventures with @jane.ann . Who else is celebrating the one-year with their crush?

Happy Anniversary to my favorite (blank). Here’s to many more years of making memories together.

Happy anniversary to the best big sis a little sis could ask for. Love ya!

Some friendships are forever. Happy anniversary.

Hey there, hot biz babeI hope your year gets off to a roaring start.

Cheers to spreading GOOD vibes & making your community a brighter place.

This caption is for a beauty brand with the aim of capturing beauty and friendship

Happy Anniversary to two of the best —and funniest—people I know. Here’s to being around your fascinating, awkward selves for many more years to come.

May there always be a star twinkling in your eye.

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