Yacht Boat Quotes and Captions for Instagram

If you’re looking for quotes about boats, you’ve come to the right place! Most people dream of having their own yacht that they can hop on with their family and friends to enjoy a day on the water. Quotes about boats are one way to express your love of the water while giving us a good laugh.

Yacht Boat Quotes and Captions for Instagram

You are the captain. Set sail with your favorite getaway and destination.‍

This is one boat in the water that knows how to let the good times roll—plenty of room for drinks, food, and fun.

There’s nothing like relaxing at sea. The rhythmic sway of the waves, the gentle lapping of saltwater on the hull… Now that’s how you live large.

Life is a little sweeter when you’re sailing on your own.

Just when you thought the weekend couldn’t get any better…it did. The office has been replaced by a slip in Marina Del Rey, and the view of Los Angeles and Catalina is breathtaking.

Cheers to the greatest captains on deck. Say it with us: Bring. It. On.

Homeward bound: Your adventures begin with us as you set out to sea.

When life’s a beach, then you better get your summer on.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Your Saturday night plans should include a yacht.

Caressing the coast with the sun on your face, wind in your hair, and your hand on the throttle #yachtlife

Life’s a boat, don’t miss the water. #yachtlife

The ocean is a place of wonder—no better time to explore it than with a small group of close friends 🌊 #yachtlife

Sailing isn’t just a weekend hobby, it’s a philosophy.

It’s the weekend and our boats are out of the harbor. 🚤☀️💨

Hello, sailor. We’re glad you could make it aboard.

Luxury is just a way of doing things.

Hello there, beautiful. We’ve got enough room to carry you and your whole squad.

Summer is the time for friends, family, and good times. May this summer be one for the books!

Life is best when you have time to smell the roses. So stock up your summer agenda with these trips close to home and far away.

And the winner of the office fantasy football league? Team Stubborn! #congratulationsteamstubborns

Even on summer days, keep some umbrellas. Be prepared, cause you never know when it’ll rain

You don’t have to own the yacht ✈️⛵️ to enjoy the trip.

Ahoy there! Yacht season is here again. What are the most important things to do in preparation for your next yacht ride?

Part of the beautiful, fun, and exciting life is getting to sail on amazing boats with awesome people.

Ready to get on your boat, yacht, or cruiser sooner rather than later? We’ve got you covered with our wide selection of marine engines, parts, and accessories.

Things we love: boats, beer, family, and friends. #pleasethankyou

Life’s a beach. Go on, set sail! We got you covered with cold drinks, drinks with umbrellas, and nonstop sunshine ⛵

going on the big lake for a day of water sports!

Summer is over and it’s time to hit the ocean. Let’s get out there and find both seashells and adventure.

Your daily dose of SAGA’s killer views on Instagram, here.

All hands on deck! We’ve got some friends to see.

Summer up your drink game with our new cocktail shaker glass by @bev_rok 👉🏼link in bio 🥂

When that thing you’re always dreaming about comes true, it can really be so exciting.

Spring is technically here and we’re already daydreaming about summer

Rise and shine, good lookin’. The day awaits you.

Taking it top down on a Sunday afternoon. 🌊

Wherever life takes you, make sure there’s a place for the (Yacht) boat. ##

Last day of an amazing season for the #yacht 🛥 And my last day at sea for a while – staying on land to take care of our new little man 👶 #yachtinglife

What better way to start the weekend than a boat ride with friends?

How are you guys going to spend your fall? Stop by and see us so we can go boating together. 😊

Sailing into summer like #nofilter needed.

Your happiness is contagious, and so is the morning sunrise. #BoatMorning

We’re dreaming of a white boating Christmas this year! Whether you’re on the sea or in the city, stay cozy by the fire. 🎄✌️

We’re building memories on the water with friends

Sailing out of this one, looking forward to a fun filled weekend of wine 🍷 and sunshine 🌞☀.

Sail with us for an #EpicSummer! 🚣🏽‍☠️

Treat yourself to a voyage of new eats and experiences in your favorite hotspots this week! 🌮🍟☕and the places you love will thank you by offering up sweet deals 😉.

Gather ‘round. Let’s put the sea at center stage…

Our most premium boats are designed for distinguished world travelers who demand affluence and refinement.

Anyone who’s spent time on the water knows that a boat takes care of its crew.  That’s why we make boats that take care of yours.

Fall in (or fall into?) love with a boat.

Whether you’re sailing around the bay or cruising to a tropical island, we have everything you need for your next big adventure.

We sail abroad because it makes us feel at home.

Let us deliver to you a boatload of fun this weekend. Let’s go out on the water together and have some real time for ourselves! 💙

Turn the frown into a smile with our luxurious, brand new fleet 🚢 🌴 🏙

There’s never a bad time to sunbath and sip cocktail – as long as you have the right island 🌴

Holidays and cocktails just go together—there’s an artistry to each. How will you Garnish Your Gatherings? #GarnishYourGatherings

Royal Americana—we’re all about protecting the aura of a proud, storied tradition.

We know that every new day is always a chance to make your world bigger, brighter, and better. Happy Friday!

Glad we could make the trip a little longer.

Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to make someone else’s day better.

A good evening to be on a yacht with these beautiful people.

It’s about time we add #yachtlife to our Instagram feed

Come with us and explore the never-ending romance of sea and sun!

Sun’s out, buns out, so get that boat ready to go

Bring the edge of your seat thrill of America’s Cup racing home with this incredible footage of Oracle Team USA navigating the Hauraki Gulf.

Starboard! Portside! Stem to Stern, close quarters. The Sizzle of the Sparkler in my glass… Another perfect summer day is here and it’s time for a cold one. Lets sail(er) all night

Happy (almost) 4th of July from Lady America. #bluehorizoncruises

Summer is great but fall is by far my favorite season. Get back to your roots and head to the water.

The ocean calls to us…in most ways at all times.

Good friends, great food, and drink–the perfect combination for a memorable evening. 😊

We’re going to remember this one—for sure.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

Looking to heave-ho your cares away? Let’s sail off into the sunset on a luxury yacht.

Everyone loves an all-inclusive yacht trip—you get the vacation you dreamed of while only having to pack a bathing suit.

It’s no secret yachting is a family tradition in our family.

Every voyage starts with just one step. Explore the open seas with our cruise packages for Greece

First, we set sail for the Galapagos. Then we’re back for our annual Bermuda rendezvous. Until then, let’s enjoy a Tuesday in the city.

The Endless Summer is not so endless after all. This summer, embark on an adventure at sea like no other. Here’s to a beautiful new season of sparkling water and cloudless skies.

Thank you for being you and being part of our Quotes on Instagram community

A day at the beach with friends and family is always a good time. We hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend!

Looking for a perfect getaway? You found it.

Nothing to see here and there. Just an exclusive sneak peek of our summer issue. Dive in…

Summer may be winding down but the weekends are just getting started. Hope to see you on one of ours? 🌊🍹

Fall is upon us, setting sail with a friend are even sweeter than apple butter.

Start your day right with a healthy breakfast

Pictures of boats and yacht captions for your best Instagram moment.

Sharing memories with friends on this luxury yacht is even better than sharing memories with friends on the same phone

Bigger or Better, Sail or Power, Blue or White—we’re about the yacht life. Anything that keeps our weekends free for adventures, anytime.

Calling all sailors, (and wanna-be sailors)  Get in the fast lane. #YachtLife

The Key West lifestyle is a little like the boat—you can sail wherever you want to and as fast as you want to.

The perfect balance of sun and sand, yachts and yachties, rum ‘n’ colas.

It takes a certain imagination, if not outright foolishness, to sail in the first place #saillikeagirl

We’re just as obsessed with these tiny islands and marine life as you are—so grab a cup of coffee and tag us in your #SeasTheDay adventures.

Our sails got way up, just to set the mood. Vibes & beats so come aboard #SummerOfNoRegrets

Our sea legs are keeping us busy this fall in the Med.

Another day, another Horcrux was destroyed.

Set sail in style with Captions and Credits’ super-luxe yacht boat range.

Calling all sailors: don’t forget to check out our new line of sailing apparel and accessories. (Images of Don Draper)

No boat? No problem. It’s September, so we’re taking applications for our new boat owners’ club. Reply with a selfie on Instagram for consideration.

Here on this boat, we are all equal, whether CEO, CFO, or director of human resources—everyone chips in.

Set sail for new adventures this weekend in your finest boat shoe #LoveYourSole

Good morning. While you were sleeping, another big boat slipped into Marina Bay and started bidding on the waterfront. Welcome aboard, Erste Bank!

Join us for a cruise on the lake and don’t forget to bring your smile.

It’s always nice to get anchored by the warmest of friends. Happy weekend, y’all.

Letting go of the days where you stop and think about how good life is.”  – Mike Rowe

It’s time to do some serious yacht boatin’.

Me + my dog, out in the #yachtlife.

The elements of an afternoon on a yacht: the drinks, the sunsets, and the best friends.

Weekends were made for boats like these.

We set sail today, in search of the perfect storm.

Life is always better when you’re cruising with a few good friends.

Float away. Out to sea, we’re going far away. #FloatOn

The perfect day trip for anyone and everyone. Where do you think we should go next?

See how they glisten in just the right kind of sunlight? It’s kinda like shimmering, you know?

Hooray for days when you wake up in a great place and then get to keep exploring all day.

You will love these captions and quotes when you are out sailing.

Come on board and bring your friends along for a great experience on the water.

The sea is a cruel mistress. She can bring great riches or she can destroy you utterly.

You know you’re on vacation when…a pod of dolphins escorts your boat as you meander through turquoise waters.

Before you know it, that summer tan will be a distant memory. Time to book that tropical escape before it’s too late.

Wherever you decide to take us, thanks for choosing us. We’re happy to be along for the ride. #LifeAt15kMilesPerHour

Planning to try out the new Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Drinking Tito’s on the rocks!

Bringing back the good times of summer, one vodka cranberry at a time. Cheers

“A perfect day is when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing in your face.” – Josh Billings

Our office has always been at the heart of our business, so it’s exciting to see how the community has grown and really become an integral part of what we do.

Yacht life doesn’t have to be mega fancy. Have you ever seen a potluck on a yacht? We’re stoked to try it out.

Soak up the last bits of summer and enjoy a personalized, sunset sail with friends or family. Enjoy the breeze on the water and a glass of wine (or two) with those you hold closest.

A vacation on the water is always a good idea. Scope out our waterfront inventory!

It’s always a good time to sail away on adventures with family and friends.

When the sun sets, we’re setting sail. Because tomorrow is never promised.

Life is a barge, and then you moor. Let’s keep sailing.

Summer might be coming to an end but there’s still time for one last epic paddle out. #getouttheway

Beach tans, boat drinks, sunny skies—summer’s the best. Now let’s make it official.

When the day is done and it’s time to unwind, #LetTheDreamSail begins.

Throwback to when I joined the @mirogroup–so proud to be part of this family now.

Good times waiting for you. Come aboard! #yacht

Row or sail into summer fun with the small luxury boats from BOATGUYS.com.

Let’s go sailing in a classic style with a birdbath, with the nice ocean view

When plans come together, the result is something special. Thankfully sailing is like those plans: It always comes together.

Our biggest fans this summer are the sharks 🦈 floating through the buoy lines of these rad sailors. #getfuzzy

No matter which view you prefer, the water looks great today.

Don’t forget to try our new smoothie in the “Peachwave” flavor. It’s drizzled with a melon-kale sauce and blended with a scoop of peach sherbert for an extra juicy taste that leaves you wanting more.

Summer breeze, my lover’s call. Summer breeze, the smell of a thrill.

Life is a cocktail. We may not always get the ingredients we want, but if you shake it up with the right people and pour some time, then anything can be delicious.

Life is too short not to have a little fun in your backyard.

True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island…to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. -G.K. Chesterton

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