Best 150 + Wedding Photo Captions for Instagram

It’s a special day, every wedding is different and there are so many wonderful memories to capture. Wedding captions are not just for the wedding photographers, they’re for friends and family who attended your wedding as well, but might have missed some of the fun moments. Captions are an easy way to share your wedding day with those who couldn’t be there and make the day even more memorable.

A caption for a wedding company that wishes to make the couples feel more confident and beautiful on their big day.

If you were wondering where to get some unique wedding captions for your photos, then you came to the right place! A caption is an important part of every image. It adds a nice finishing touch, without which your picture looks incomplete. Your caption could be as simple as the bride and groom’s names or as detailed as a short story bringing in some traditions of your culture.

Wedding Photo Captions

1. Our wedding, with all your love and laughter.

2. I like to think of each marriage proposal as a new journey, never knowing where it will lead or what we’ll discover along the way. ◾️Harry & Meghan

3. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to have chubby arms with flower tattoos. Thank you, @xxxxxx for making my dreams come true ❤ #weddingdaytattoo

4. I got married to a man who turned my life upside down. He made me feel the way I felt when I was 14 years old, that butterflies in my stomach way!

5. Forever and For Always, in sickness and health, rich or poor, till death do us part—what a long strange trip it’s been. 🌱✨ #wedmegood

6. Celebrating the love-filled day with close friends and family! Happy anniversary to the best hubby out there ❤️😘

7. Happy birthday, honey! I can’t believe we’ve been married for x years. Let’s sit down and write x and two together forever.

8. Thanks for being the best part of my story. #HappyAnniversary 💍

9. Do I really need a reason to celebrate? –Nope! — Fall is the perfect time to get together with family and friends, especially on this rare occasion. Congratulations, husband, 🎊🥂

10. Sending you off with so many wishes for love and laughter. 💘

11. Celebrate our love and our friendship! Be a part of the fun. #wedding #blessed #friendsandfamily @xxxxx A gorgeous fall day for Jessica & Albert’s wedding

12. Tie the knot. It’s time. Cheers to the happy couple on the day they’ve been waiting for. We hope this day is as wonderful as it should be.

13. It’s finally here: the day I get to call you my wife. Thanks for believing in me when nobody else did and for loving me when nobody else did. Here’s to fifty more years.

14. No matter which way the wind blows or the tears flow on your wedding day, we’re always with you #brithdaygirl.

15. Cherish each moment of your big day, and remember to take a pause to live in it. #wedding #burelbulag

16. True love is rare, but marriage is even rarer.

17. No matter how perfect your day looks from the outside, it’s only as good as the love that fills it. True happiness is when you marry your best friend. May your marriage be so full of love and joy.

18. Hello, autumn. 🍁 Can’t wait to show off some new leafy-green-lemon hues on the dance floor this weekend! #autumnwedding

19. It was a perfect day getting to see the two of you make those promises and vows to each other. We love you guys!

20. It’s 2 am. Do you know where your partner is? Happy anniversary.

21. Whether you’re a bride, groom, sibling or guest, we hope our baristas are helping make your day even more special 🎉💐 |||☕

22. Love is not a choice. It’s a feeling. #wedding bells up 💍

23. He said. 🎊 Now get that wedding party on the dance floor!

24. The happiest day of your life deserves the happiest place on earth. Congratulations! #weddingday

25. Wishing you the twist and turns of love, with every sweet celebration in between. Just married 💒

26. Got married in the Fall, and it was amazing.

27. Today is the day! Today is the day we start a new life with each other. Our dream date is to come true, and we are happy! #wedding

28. The person who marries us is the most responsible person for our happiness. Here’s to finding that one person and never letting them go! 💍

29. I’ve made a HUGE mistake. 😱😳🙏 # wedding.

30. Here’s to the start of our new family. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness together. Here’s to the best part of all: that we get it all together.–Audrey Hepburn

31. Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s what you do. Love isn’t Love until you give it away.

32. His: always ready with a smile for you. Hers: always ready to roll her eyes at him because he’s such a goofball 🙂 — wedding Wednesday 💍😊 #WeddingWednesday

33. Wedding season is upon us. Unfamiliar territory? Take a deep breath, stay cool, and be confident in your choice… #couplegoals

34. Say 👱‍♀️🏵️&👦🏻 to the beautiful bride and groom!

35. A couple of hashtags of event followers

36. There’s a reason why all the best love stories include a wedding. Hopefully, our coffee has something to do with it 💕

37. The beautiful thing about social media is it gives you the chance to connect with all the people you love in your life.

38. Here’s to a future of “I Do’s” and laughter ☀️ #burrp

39. Celebrate the love 🌈

40. Our love is here to stay,” – Irving Berlin.

41. The best love stories are between two people who never gave up hope no matter how hard they’ve been hurt in the past.

42. Love is in the air at @xxxxxxx Photography! 💕 #kimberlyrose___weddings

43. May your marriage be full of laughter, adventure, and all things happy together. Congratulations! #weddings #wedishappilyeverafter

44. Love is a friendship set to music #weddingquote

45. You’re the best, absolute best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for saying yes 💍

46. I cherish you every day, in every way. Thanks for always making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

47. Be honored that I have partied with this many amazing people who also got married 😀💍

48. The best part of Fall is when the leaves start turning 🍂 🍁 # wedding

49. Putting a ring on it⭐️

50. A beautiful way to start a life.

Wedding Photography Captions

51. It’s official. #swipeleft ❤️

52. Having the honor of creating wedding vows with my hubby. I’m so grateful that you have agreed to be mine forever, @xxxxxxx

53. I’m getting married in the Fall, and I could not be more overjoyed about it. Here’s hoping for many more years of happiness. _

54. Cheers to the newlyweds! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, friendship, and love.

55. When you feel like the light inside of you is so bright, it has to shine out. 🌻❤️ #weddinginspo

56. Lucky to call this guy my best friend 💍👫 #upintheairwedding

57. Two very different worlds that call for a celebration as big as the one we’ve planned for today. We wish you all the happiness in the world. ❤️#

58. Murmuring prayers of gratitude that have turned out to be more beautiful than anything I ever dared hope for. Thank you for being mine, for all of it: the children and this life and graciousness.

59. We laughed, we loved, and we enjoyed giving you away today. It’s been a beautiful journey, and we couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else. 💑

60. OMG, this is the best wedding ever!

61. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And this one is even more special because it means a lot to us, and we appreciate all of your love, support, and well-wishes. So to our beautiful brides, gro

62. You know you’ve found the one when you can eat anything in front of them, and they never grossed out. 👅 _ #wedding #weddinggoals #wedmegood

63. Love is in the air ✨💍.

64. I will follow him to the ends of the earth,#‎lovewins #‎marriageequality

65. Meant for the world, best friends forever. #TieTheKnot

66. Remember your first look, picture-perfect ☀

67. Every kiss begins with Kiss)❤️. I was made for loving you, My love, ♥♥♥_(your name).

68. No two love stories are alike. But love, this sweet deserves a celebration that’s out of this world. Let our team of wedding pros help you plan your magical day from A to Z because we want to make sure that it.’

69. The number one question asked about a photographic print: “How many did you make?”

70. It’s called love, and it’s an awesome reason to celebrate. 💍 #bridegroombridesmaidgroomsmen

71. Does she do the dishes every day, every night? Yes, but not this one. This is her wedding day! She had something better to do… ✔️

72. Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.

73. She said YES to the most important question; now it’s time for the celebration!!!

74. Life is all about celebrations. -Bridal Affair

75. Happy first anniversary to my partner in crime. 💍

76. It’s all about the small moments that add up to great memories.

77. Ooh, and Ahh, over your #wedding pics! (with this adorable filter.)

78. Every moment is beautiful. Capture and share the beauty of your wedding by sharing photos, videos, and memories from your big day on Instagram with a unique and authentic voice.

79. Sending you all the wedding feels today in this fully customized @xxxxxx wedding experience,” @xxxxx wrote on Instagram. “This day was full of swoon-worthy moments—the details.

80. Our wedding will be so cute with these blush pink flowers. Oh, wait, our bridesmaids are coming—better order more! 😲

81. Wedding season is here! #happyhumpday

82. Marriage is a fresh start with someone you can grow old with. Congratulations on your special day, and may it be filled with good fortune and love 😉

83. Watching Chris and Heidi join their lives together has been a dream come true. To celebrate, I’d like to propose a toast—to love, to friendship, and endless anniversaries to come. Cheers to the new Mr & Mrs

84. She’s found her Prince Charming, and I couldn’t be more thankful she found him in me.

85. It was love, at first sight, ❤ #engaged #newlymrs

86. After six years of being together, love finally took us over the edge.

87. It takes a lot of love to share the rest of your life. Cheers to that. 🥂🍾## Wedding Dream Captions

88. invite you to join us for a joyous celebration of love as we bind ourselves together in marriage. #engaged

89. When it comes to wedding planning, everything’s worth celebrating—even the little things. Here are some of our favorite little things.

90. To love selflessly and intimately, to respect and accept each other in the entirety of our imperfections: this is marriage. -Kyle Coleman

91. Love is patient, love is kind, and she goes the extra mile to make her smile. In other words, it’s a good idea to marry your best friend. ☺️ # wedding

92. Congratulations to the bride and groom! May your new life together bring you everything you wish for. 🙏 #wedding #weddingday #weddingfun

93. You make me feel like a million-dollar honeymoon.

94. Love is the greatest adventure of all, and marriage is the greatest of all adventures. Let’s find the great in each other

95. I hope it’s nice and you have a great time. They’re nice people, and you can’t beat their prices. Love, Mom and Dad

96. 🍾Cheers to the happy couple: new home, new pets, new neighbors, new friends. Here’s to the good stuff in life 🍸💍

97. Wedding season is here. To celebrate the season of love and laughter, take a look at our gift guides for wedding hostess gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and more.

98. Weddings are really celebrations of love! It’s so magical to be a part of it.

99. Celebrate with us and enjoy the best day of your life. Let’s create some great memories together. Let’s make it a day to remember #Wedding

Caption for Wedding Pics

100. A very happy #happilyeverafter from us to you. __ 👰 #weddinganniversary

101. Life is in the details—especially on the big day.

102. Two people. One love. Endless possibilities. 💒

103. If I know what love is, it is because of you. -Herman Hesse #wedmegood @xxxxxxx

104. Weddings are always filled with love, laughter, and a renewed faith in humanity. Congratulations!

105. May your marriage be as cherished and loving as a handwritten note. Wishing you a wedding day full of joy, laughter, and love. #sung #blessingwednesday

106. Today, I married my best friend. ’til death do us part. 💍

107. Love is in the air ❤️ #engagement #wedding

108. I’ll never forget when you stood at the altar and asked me for my hand in marriage. #happyanniversary @xxxxxxxxx

109. A memory of the day I married my best friend—and a reminder to keep growing and learning with you every step of the way.

110. Two coffee drinkers fall in love, get married, share their roasted babies. #coffeerescue

111. I’ve been looking forward to this day since the moment I saw you across the room. I love you.

112. Nothing compares to the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time.

113. That awkward moment when your officiant says, “speak now or forever hold your peace,” and THE WHOLE AUDIENCE START CHEERING. (Really happened). #wedding #eccitewedding

114. New couples always have that sweet hint of awkwardness to them.—and we can’t help but smile at how awesome it is. So here’s to all the new couples out there *clinking wine glasses* 💕

115. You are the quirk in my routine and the passion in my heart. I love you always. Forever ❤️ #wedding💍 🙏

116. Gorgeous floral arrangements are complete when they’re paired with fresh, fragrant blooms. Check out our florals today!

117. Life is not all about love, but it’s really about finding your true love, which you have done today. Just want to say congratulations and a big “I love you” to two newly married people in the world!

118. Hello, Gorgeous!

119. Here’s to finding your center, and here’s to our family growing with two. Cheers 🍾

120. Engaged #Happiness 💍

121. Love never fails! Let’s celebrate with the perfect pair- love, and Joy. Congratulations on your union and many happy returns of the day filled with all kinds of joy. The relationship between you two is just as Robert Frost wisely described, “Love.

122. 💝 _His _Her caption as a wedding photo album, the best wedding day captions images on the Internet

123. Here comes the bride #wedding

124. What started as a friendship is now so much more. Today, we become husband and wife. We are honoured to be able to tie the knot surrounded by those who mean so much to us. Here’s to looking forward to the rest of our lives.

125. Just the beginning of forever. #weddingseason

126. Why should your day be any less special than a Hallmark movie?

126. Today you’re going to marry your best friend. I’m happy I got to experience this joyous occasion with all of you. Congratulations, and may you grow in love every day as much as you have so far.

127. Finally tying the knot this weekend 💍👰☮

128. Decide on forever; then yesterday will become commemorated as the day we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Yesterday’s are overrated anyway. Let’s make today awesome… #love #couplegoals

129. The past year together has been the best year of my life, and I’m so excited to celebrate that and more with you.

130. Time to drink one more before the wedding 👰\_(ツ)_/👰

131. Cheers to the folks who help make our weddings run smoothly: venue staff, caterers, floral designers, musicians, and anyone else who participates in making the day great. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for that post-w

132. Couples who do it together stay together. We just wish we had a wedding hashtag as good as yours. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together. #lwedding💍

133. Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride. #weddingproposal

134. They had us at “I do.” #truelove

135. Start your next adventure with a genuine moment of I Do. #justcaptureit

136. There aren’t enough I love you’s in the world for all the things I love about you. Happy anniversary, baby. 👫 💍

137. Celebrating a decade of memories with my best friend. Here’s to the next decade and a half❤️

138. 💍 So this is Happily Ever After 💍

139. When you look at her, you can’t help but love everything about her. She starts with you, and then the moments become memories ❤

140. You’re the only reason I smile in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. You complete me; I love you with every beat of my heart. xoxo

141. Nothing like planning a wedding weekend to bring out the kid in you. 😄

142. Hello there, perfect day for a wedding 😘 #weddingday #perfectweddingday #beautifulwedding #weddingplanner #destinationweddings

143. Save the dates!…and the drama. We’ve got you ☝🏻️😉 #daughter #bride

144. Congratulations to the bride and groom who came to the altar. and left as Mr. and Mrs.! 😍

145. An engagement is the beginning of a lifetime of stories, love, and adventure. May this be the first of many adventures together. Congratulations! # destinationwedding _

146. Giving us all the tingles 💗 . . 👰#bride #weddingdresses

147. Weddings are a beautiful example of traditions and family heritage. Congratulations to the newlyweds! 💍

148. Til’ death do us part, may we grow old together. It has been the greatest joy to share this life with you, to grow together, and watch our dreams unfold. You gave me children who will know how loved they are; and

149. Sometimes you’ve got to love somebody with all your might. Someone who loves you just as much back. Together we’re invincible ❤💕 #weddingday

150. Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives 👫 #wedding

151. Isn’t it nice when a plan comes together? ✔ #wedding #theknot

152. Castle weddings are the ultimate in fairy tale love stories.

153. Thanks to our photographers for capturing all the special moments from our wedding. Here’s to making lots of new memories together! #newlyweds

154. For the flower girl that will steal your heart. 😍 #wedding #flowergirl

155. Happy birthday, dear sister! You are the most wonderful sister that I could ask for, and I’m so glad that you’re getting married today so that we can celebrate your life with your other sisters and new family members. Love

156. Newlyweds were celebrating their honeymoon on the beach. Summer is about to be over, folks, so soak it up while you can ❤

157. I have a boyfriend who is going to be my husband soon:)

158. How I fell in love with you: Day 1 – You looked at me and made me feel like the only girl in the world. Day 2 – You held my hand. Day 3 -you talked to me about anything and everything. Day 4 –

159. Everyone brings their own experience & viewpoint to a relationship. What matters most is that you keep the conversation going, listen to each other, and grow from it.

160. Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. Oscar Wilde

161. Best Wedding Reception of 2017 by far! #coupleswedding @xxxxxxx

162. Get married at a winery and drink wine from the bottle.

163. You’re in good company. From the wild and wonderful world of weddings, we bring you unusual things and unexpected ideas. Their crazy ideas are our brilliant innovations. We’re always up for a challenge; the sky’s the limit, clock’s

164. We checked our calendars. This will be the last weekend of summer. Please start your Labor Day Weekend right with Bruegger’s Bagels. #brueggerswedding #weddingplanning

165. Grandma and Grandpa have trusted us with your happiness, so please be sure to go steady. #‎love

166. Here’s to the bride who starts her new journey with a can-do spirit. Congratulations, and cheers. 🍾

167. Always be yourself—and if that means you want to party on the bus with your friends instead of being at the ceremony, then do it! 🚌 😎 #marriagegoals

168. Say you’ll stay in love with me for longer than forever? 💍

169. The first day of Fall also means the first day of our happily ever after. _)’_)🐝😍

170. Celebrating the occasion with dear friends, family, and loved ones. Let’s eat cake!

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