My Dog Is My Bestie Quotes and Captions for Instagram

These are some of the funniest dog quotes and captions for Instagram, cool dog quotes, and dog captions for Instagram. These pics perfectly describe what it’s like to be a pet owner!

My Dog Is My Bestie Quotes and Captions for Instagram

My dog is my best friend and favorite adventure buddy. What’s your best quote?

They say my dog is my best friend and I’m inclined to agree.

I know you like dogs and they’re so adorable! If you ever want to pet mine, just let me know 😁

Borrowing some of my dog’s best quotes, check out these fun and funny taglines.

My dog’s 1 favorite thing in the world is sleeping Sit for hours on end, but 2 get up and walk around at all hours of the night.

I love my dog, but I don’t always like my dog.

“Everyone says they love dogs… but most people don’t go out of their way to accommodate them.” -Carol Kline

Lucky to have this guy around! Between us, he’s a one-stop shop for great quotes.🐶😂

What’s your favorite breed?

It’s hard to stay angry when there’s so much cuteness around

Living with other people means you have to share them with the world. 😁😘

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver 🐾🐾

Whatever you’re doing, whatever problems you might have, forget about them. They are not your true and happy self.

My dog is my best quote because he tells me I’m a great person.

my dog is my best friend quotes

My dog is my best friend.

My dog is my best friend. You can always tell if a person has good character by how they treat children and animals.

If you don’t post anything on social media, at least share something about the best dog you know: you’re 🐶!

Things my dogs say to me: *I love you *You’re my best friend *Weirdo *Get lost

Life is full of little treasures, and I have the best treasure of all—my dog.

This is why dogs are man’s best friend.

If you don’t want your dog to eat your food, get another one.

Happy birthday, buddy. We love you more than the moon 🌚 and the stars 🌟.

October 1018: Ollie is getting really annoyed with Halloween costumes, and he’s now knitting us sweaters to wear inside the house. 😶

Don’t worry about bad etiquette—those training cups are MADE for sharing. 🎉

My dog isn’t my best friend. My dog is my best quote.

My dog is my best friend. I love it, so do you have.

my dog is my best friend, and even my human friends can’t top that.

My dog is my best friend and it’s true that dogs are man’s best friend for a reason.

When you run in @thefollownews, one of these is bound to happen. 😂 #mydogiscutest

My dog is my best friend. I ask so little of him and he rewards me with boundless love.

“My Dog Is My Only Kids” – Audrey Hepburn (1955). The quote is about how one sometimes needs a dose of inspiration and love to keep life exciting.

True story: my dog taught me how to ice skate. I’m a total natural now, have you ever seen someone push off the rink walls before?

If you are a dog person, you’re a dog person. When your friends start copying.

Meet Gucci, he loves snuggling, treats, and being stylish. He’s my best friend!

The best thing about living with a dog is that you have a friend who always wants to play.

We’re rare dog parents who live for Saturday morning snuggles. What about you? 🐶

Every dog likes to smell flowers. Every dog. #positivevibes

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective. (via @nyheymag)

My dog is the absolute best ⇣❤️

my dog is my #best friend, my shoulder to lay on, my whole world’s 🌎 🐶💖

Use the hashtag #mydogismypaininthebutt for a chance to be featured on our page.

My dog is my best friend… Of course, I don’t have many options with this one.

My dog isn’t just my best friend, he’s also my ride or dies.

I’m a dog person. I could say it’s because hair doesn’t live in my teeth. But that’s not true. It’s because I love unconditional friendship. Everyone should have a furry best friend!

My dog is my best friend… and I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m hers. 😊

My dog is my best friend, so I take him everywhere with me—including on my bike. ☀👍

Just hanging with my girl Bella. Who’s your best? #bestmadewithwags

I don’t need a lot of things… I have my dog, which is all I’ve ever wanted… (The Office US)

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

The weirdest thing about having a dog is realizing that, even though he considers you his entire world, he will never truly know or understand you.

Not just a best friend. My best friend. 🐶

A caption to reveal the love between a dog and its owner.

Some of us spend a lifetime searching for our purpose. My dog found it in my shoebox of loose change.

I have a theory that if you buy enough holiday sweaters, eventually you will have a dog dressed up in all of them

It’s been a rough week, so thanks for making me laugh with your witty captions. Love ya and miss ya.

Friendship is the purest form of love. – Steve Maraboli.

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we

I share my bed with my cats and my girlfriend, so a dog is out of the question. But I have to say, I’ve been missing the sound of a dog’s excited bark lately.

I don’t always look like this, but if I don’t feel cute, then I won’t leave the house.

I’m not the type to trust people with my feelings. But I’m done resisting the fact that you make me feel something good.

We’ve all been there, and these quotes will help you say what you need to say! 😁

Some mornings aren’t meant to be taken seriously.

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

My dog is my best quote of all time.

My dog is my best friend, come join the fun!

He’s my best friend, My Partner In crime. The best dog in the world. He’s a mutt, with 4 legs and fur.

who wants to see my dog?

Hey guys! Today I wanted to do a video about my favorite quotes about dogs. I hope you enjoy it!

Some people are scared of dogs. Not us. Our dogs are the reason we can do what we love.

Got a pet? Tell us what they’re best at—and don’t forget to tag us! 😍

Excited to announce our first ever Global Dog Day. Join us in celebrating the role dogs play in our lives and make a meaningful difference for shelter pets.

Summer is great and all, but man I can’t wait for this puppy to shed again!

No one can ever replace you.

Okay, but can you blame me?

What makes my dog the best is pancakes and bacon!

Did you know that my dog is my best friend and we spend a lot of time together? Well, now you do!

🐶 “My dog is my best friend.” #funnydogquotes

People from around the world are connecting with my dog every single day.

Sometimes I think my dog is my best friend because he doesn’t care what people think of me.

Things I’ve heard my dog say: 1. I regret that decision. 2. Wait, what did you just say? 3. Now you don’t see me… 4. My bad! 5. Oh gosh no! 6. Let’s go!!! 7. I’m late!! 8. Are you staring at me? No… 9. Please talk to me 😬 10. Did you just call me fat? 11. Please don’t throw that 🙄 12. This is my

Labrador Retriever Quotes – 70+ Labrador Retriever Thoughts, Quotes & Memes Are you looking for a cute lab quote such as “My Favorite Breed? Labs!”, then I have you covered. I made a list of some of the best Labrador quotes out there.

We all have that one, best friend. Someone who is always there for us when we need them most. That’s our dog 🐶 .

Real men don’t own cats, they own dogs. I missed my dog when I was overseas. If you love dogs and coffee, your SOUL MATES are here waiting for you.

The best part of my day is when I get to hang out with you.

Sneaking in some fitness with my girl. Just trying to keep her fresh for the summer! ☀🐶

It’s never a bad day when I get to spend it with you.

Every dog reaches a point where he finally understands what his owner has been saying all along.

It’s not lonely at the top, it’s lonely at the bottom. You want to know why? It’s a long way down.

My dog is my best friend. There’s no feeling quite like snuggling up to a furry friend for a good night’s sleep.

My dog is my best friend—I call him Mr. McSpoon, I’m his other best friend, so they call us Mr. spoon 😆

“If you don’t want your dog to eat it, don’t knock it on the floor.” #MyDogIsMyBestFriend

I can’t even handle how much cuter my puppy is 😍😍😍

No human being can fully understand a dog, he observes, and I agree. My boxer dog is a reflection of that understanding.

What’s the best part of having you as my pet? I get to hear stories like this all the time.

These dogs couldn’t be more perfect if they tried! 😍

Don’t forget to tag me in your dog adventures 😉🐶

There is someone in this world who thinks you’re amazing.

Coffee and Cocoa…But don’t mix the two #bestfriendgoals

Happiest of birthdays to this little cutie pie.

Coco Chanel said, “I like a man who has friends” and she wasn’t referring to him. 😂

I have figured out love. The thing is, to love you must also be willing to be hurt.

My dog is my best friend. I love him more than cake.

My dog is my best friend. He doesn’t care if I am rich, smart, or cool. He only cares about me!

“My dog is my best friend. I don’t have to explain anything to him. He just listens to me and loves me no matter what.” ― Sophia Loren, The Question of the Week

My dog is also really bad at Instagram captions.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of my dog, asking him to please stop licking the camera lens 😜

You’re cuter than all the other dogs put together.

Let them know how much you love and care for them.

“If you don’t know a person, beware of his dog.” — Kahlil Gibran

You feel me’s & peanut butter melts donuts 🐶

The adventure is calling and I must follow. 🐾

“We are so near to happiness, but yet, so far.” ~Joy Williams

My Dog Is My Best Friend Love Pet’s Dog Lover’s Pet Lover

my dog is my best friend because she follows me to the doggy park.

My dog is my best friend and I always want to be the best for her!

Hey there everyone, I’m the sweetest and most cuddly dog you’ll ever meet.

Sooooo #tbt-ing to this summer night I discovered my dog was a photographic model. You’re welcome 😂😂😂 #dab #dogsofinstagram #hillsdale

“I don’t want a dog that will remember me. I want one that will forget me.” ― Truman Capote

Every dog has its day, but mine on the better days are when I get to see you. Happy Dog Day!

When you see two or more dogs together, a conversation is happening. Dog language is alive and well.

Two best friends enjoying the day 🐾

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Challenge accepted, buddy.

One of my favorites from the book: “My dog is my best quotes.” -Anonymous

My dog is always rooting for me. He gets so excited when I finish a task or complete a project as though he has accomplished it himself. @mydogismybestquote

Funny dog quote: My dog is my best friend…isn’t yours?

My dog is my best friend because he makes me happy. He always finds ways to play with me even when I’m feeling down.

My dog is my best friend

My dog is my best friend. I can talk to him when I’m lonely and he doesn’t talk back… Much. 🙂

“My dog is my best friend, he’s my world, he makes me happy when I am sad.” – Unknown Author

If you’re a pet parent, chances are you love sharing pictures of your four-legged friend 👨🏼‍🎤 (I’m a firm believer that every dog is met to be an Instagram star!). I found this image from

Oh, hey! I’m talking about dogs. Dogs are great!

You are such a good puppy. You’re the best. If only you could me understand when I talk to you.

Woof. Family is everything.

We can’t get out of bed. Our lives are so good right now.

Words of encouragement for those times when it feels like the most challenging task on earth is to simply get out of bed.

Your dog won’t care if you’re a model and she’s just your pup. Take a break from the serious world with some laughs from these #BeYourOwnBestQuotes pics of dogs being themselves. 😜😂

My dog is my best friend. I go to work at midnight and she waits for me at the front door ❤

My dog is my best friend because she makes me smile, even when I’m feeling blue. 😊

My dog is my best friend because she can’t talk back, which means I can be as loud as I want when I’m upset 🐶

My dog is my best friend and I don’t have time for people that aren’t. 😍

My dog is my best friend, and my best friend is my dog.

My dog is my best friend. And best friends never bite me #corgi

Many people say that their dog is their best friend. In my opinion, my dog really is. 🐶

Things I do with my dog: laugh, smile, enjoy, relax …….

“I really want to work.” – My dog.

You’re my one and only boo, best friend for life.

I literally can’t even with this morning! I woke up and my little baby was on my head. 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌

I’m on a journey to discover new things. Who’s with me?!? 🐻

Let your hair down

My dog is my best friend. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him ☺

My dog is my best friend. I was lonely and depressed before I got her. Now when I get home from a bad day, I hug her and she licks me and we go on an adventure.

My dog is my best friend… he doesn’t care if I’m rich or poor if I’m cool or a loser. When my dog loves me, he loves me without raising an eyebrow.

My dog is my best friend—he’s the other half of me. I don’t need to be a complete person, and I wouldn’t want to be.

My dogs are the best. They make me feel loved.

I love my dog, and I don’t care who knows it! ♥︎

Go grab a (nice) cup of coffee and scroll through these photos from, the cafe that only serves delicious drinks for dogs 😸

Hello, fellow dog people.

So my dog is talking to me … but she won’t tell me what she said.

I’m a pretty chill pup. I like to snuggle and hang with my humans as much as possible, but I also love to go for long walks and run around in the woods.

Happiness is a warm puppy.

“I’ll hold my tail up high even when I’m old and grey. I’ll always be your puppy dog, Mommy!”—Moments with Max

All dogs go to heaven.

I may not be able to do much. I might not be the fastest and I don’t jump that high. What I can do is try my best, just like you

Pleasure is the source of all happiness.

my dog is my best friend, the best medic, a psychiatrist, and the greatest companion. Get yours on the link in bio 😋😊😆

My dog is my best friend.

I want to spend all my weekends in bed with my dog. Probably because he’s the best.

My dog is a better parent than yours. #dogfilms

When I get home, my dog isn’t going to care that my hair is a mess and I’m gonna kiss him so hard.

I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs. I mean, that’s okay if you’re allergic of something or if you just can’t stand them, but if you genuinely hate them…meh. That’s a deal breaker for me. 😎

Treat your pup to the bone-shaped dog treats that dogs go wild for; made with all-natural ingredients, and are available in chicken, peanut butter, and pumpkin flavors.

Hey, this is Petey! He’s pretty good at lifting weights… 😖 #dogsoftheday

I’m on a never-ending quest to find a home that has dog treats and extra early-release magazines.

Anyone who doesn’t like dogs is sleeping with the wrong one. – Unknown

This is me when I’m hungover and she’s being all cute. 😴😴

You have no idea how happy you have made him, thank you from his f

treat yourself to some me-time this weekend.

“The only time I talk to my plants is when I’m watering them. Otherwise, I assume they’re on vacation.” – Rita Rudner 🌻

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