180+ I Love California Instagram With Quotes

California is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. From Huntington Beach, with its golden sand and azure waves, to Big Sur, which boasts everything from tiny, endangered wildflowers to majestic redwood trees. The people are laid back and the weather is perfect. The phrase “In like a lion, out like a lamb” doesn’t apply here because no one seems bothered by whether it rains or shines. California has it all and I love California Instagram.

I Love California Instagram

My love for California is older than the feelings of someone who found me annoying yesterday and a little more complex than the feelings I have for any close friends or family.

I love this state. The native Californian in me knows it’s ridiculous to love a physical place. But I don’t care. I do. It’s the most diverse, spectacular state on the west coast and probably ever.

I absolutely love California. The people, the culture, the lifestyle

I love California, where the mountains are so pretty. I miss my home-y, home state. 

California is an amazing place, filled with breathtaking scenery and unique people. I am so blessed to call it home. #CaliforniaLove

California is like a magnet to people from all over the world. Come discover what makes California so #Instagram worthy.

Hope you enjoy this week’s travel tips for your California vacation. #lovecalifornia

What a warm welcome California gave us, we’ll take another round of Golden State sun please 

Sometimes you don’t realize how beautiful it is until you move away from it. These days I’m constantly thinking about how much I miss California—the songs, the sunsets, the outdoorsy water activities, the fresh produce

What could be better than a nice glass of wine in California in the fall?

California isn’t just a place, it’s a lifestyle. There’s so much to explore—from our wine country to our coastal mountains and deserts. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Just like that first bite of perfectly ripe peach, the taste of great California wine lingers on your tongue long after it’s gone.

You can’t spell California without a little bit of U R. Happy National Selfie Day! 

#Cali: where great weather, beautiful beaches, and awesome hiking trails are just a short drive away. 

And So it Begins… Signing up for another year of California sunshine 

Add a splash of California to summer with this refreshing and hydrating summer drink. #pumpkinlatte

California here we come, beaches, palm trees

California is always a great inspiration for creative work.

California is the starting point; our diverse land, Sierra Nevada, and the central coast. This state has also been an endless inspiration when it comes to design.

This California native loves this beautiful state.

I love California, especially the ones with less traffic. 

California has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the US. Even the most basic snapshots can look like they’ve come straight out of a travel magazine. So share some of those magical moments this summer on Instagram.

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than California in the summertime, am I right? 

Just sitting on the patio, with the breeze blowing and enjoying an adult beverage. #california

This feed is for highlighting the best of California. This is where the Golden State comes alive.

Happy birthday to our favorite Golden State! Separated at birth? 

Ain’t nothing like the San Francisco Bay. And ain’t nothing like my home. Near the coast, you feel a deeper connection to nature, you smell the brine in the air, and especially at night—you hear the sounds from the

Fall has always been my favorite season. Cooler temps, fashion trends I love

Feeling the West Coast vibes #californialove

California, those sunshiny days make me so happy. 

California Gurls, we’re back! We missed u 

Hello, California. Hello, dreamers. Hello, future.

Living at the beach in California is like living in a dream. The sun and sea are always calling.

What you stand for is more important than what you’re against.

California isn’t all great weather and golden coastlines. There’s a lot more to it than that. Explore the vast landscapes and share some of your favorite moments with the hashtag 

I love California because people don’t pry, they don’t gossip.

You gotta love California for a whole lotta reasons, but the way it holds onto summer is ours alone.

With lush forests, rugged shores, and fertile valleys, California is a state of many faces. Let the sunshine in. Rewarding moments, great weather, extraordinary views the golden state boasts all of these things. Come for the weekend.

Giving up my New York lifestyle for a California one. I’ma be alright. 

Immersed in the culture, surrounded by a beauty we can never recreate. I love California.

This is what it feels like to be California fresh. We’ve got the sunshine, the beach, and the whole enchilada. #gocals ✔

The light, the warmth, the ocean—there’s a reason so many people call this state home. We wanted to take a fresh look at the reasons why California is on a lot of people’s minds lately. So we’re kicking off an initiative

Whether I’m walking, biking, kayaking, or driving—I love how I feel when I’m on California roads. This is a state to get out and explore. California. Here we go!

Coming home to California feels like coming home. Of all of our Calexico daily motion videos, this one is our favorite.

For most of us, the beauty of California has been a lifelong source of inspiration. We created our new collection using everyday Californians as our muse.

Happy hump day! Ready to rev the weekend in a crisp white tee and our California Summer fragrance 

There are some serious health benefits to living in the Golden State. 

The East Coast is still my creative muse. The palm trees, ocean air, and light are very inspiring to me, but as I expected… the West Coast is changing me and my photography. Because we spend so much time on the road.

Let the good times roll with fresh-pressed juice at Just Juice ‘N’ Smoothie.

I love California, especially the little pieces of it that I share with you. BZ

What a difference a year makes— 12 months from now, I’ll be saying hello to spring in Cali.

Playin’ hooky and cruisin’ down the coast with the top down, enjoying every last drop of this summer 

I love California… The Sunshine, The smell.. the flavors the vibes. I love who I am here & who you are here as well 

Capturing the feeling that we are all living in a Don Draper-era of self-promotion so let’s go for it. #womeninadvertising

Your favorite tee always looks cool when you’re wearing it and is flattering no matter what you pair it with.

When it’s 70 degrees at the beach and you’re like, “When is fall coming?

Sometimes you just need a skip and a jump to make the day better. 

Happy birthday California! We’re just as psyched about your 150th as you are—in fact, we made you some happy hour deals to celebrate.

Your next road trip is waiting for you in California – loaded with long stretches of golden coastlines, majestic greenery, and big-city culture. We can’t wait to share our hometown with you so come #visitCA and #livetheCA

California, you are looking so beautiful right now. It’s rainy and chilly here in the East. We miss you!

There’s always something exciting going on in California be it a new hike, an inspiring art exhibit, or an amazing new restaurant. Whatever the case may be, this place is one-of-a-kind.

I love California—especially in the fall when the weather starts to cool down.

It’s not that we California girls have it all together, but we do know a thing or two about organizing. Happy #MondayMotivation!

Enjoying a sunny day in California with my husband, son, and dog. 

Glamorous sunset walks on the pier this evening. Living in California is always a good thing!

When you love your home state so much it never leaves your heart.

You’re not from Cali if you don’t know the feeling of a California sunset. #californialove #goodvibesonly

Grateful for these moments of clarity that come as the seasons’ change, reminding me to take more time to reflect on all that I’m grateful for

There’s something about this Golden State of Mind. I get that California Love.

Get out there and explore. Inspiring people to explore the state of California

California dreaming, got me feeling grateful 

In the tradition of classic California outdoorsmen, we camp for days. We work hard. We play harder. Because life should be fun in a place where you can’t stop looking at the view.

Bravo, California! The Golden State has produced the sunniest of sunny skies for you and me.

Cool shot of the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy morning. You’re not really living

“To you, California has always been a discovery” #tbt Present a sense of nostalgia to followers with pictures of sun-washed beaches and palm trees.

Hey California! Show us your Cali pride. Post a shot of the Golden Gate, the beach, or some other California dreamscape.

There’s still time to get your hands on one of these blazin’ California Women’s Collection tees. 

Here in California, we cannot stop the feeling. 

Cool off and get a taste of that famous California dreaming when you’re in Portland. 

It’s Friday! #california #summervibes #fridayshouldfeellikefriday

California is to me, the most beautiful place on this earth 

California is my happy place. Don’t live there? Be here. Click to shop.

Look at those mountains. We’re just glad they’re in our backyard. That sip is saying, California will forever be my kind of climate

When your brother from another mother can’t make it to the party because he’s gotta work.

I love California because everyone here is sexy and they know it.

I love California because it’s filled to the brim with amazing memory-making experiences. From its local music scene to its breathtaking scenery, there’s always something exciting to experience

Californians, we’re celebrating you all this week with new (and old) ways to experience and share your favorite state. Check out our latest Starbucks obsession—California Blend Coffee. Ever had a Strawberry Blueberry Cream Frappuccino

As the state’s flagship, I personally oversee our 60 million strong. Some missions (to achieve) can be accomplished from my desk, but I like to get out once in a while. 

Oh, California! You’re like a park and some palm trees in the middle of the desert. And I also love you. 🙏 #california

I can show you the world- Cali style, California dreamin’ #california

Never miss a beat of the California lifestyle—take a look at these Instagram captions and get inspired.

California…the only place where I can be barefoot and still make it work.#california #elsauses #goddess

I’m a California baby…but hella Out of Towner.

Let’s take a road trip in my California style truck down the California coast

California. The world always seems a bit brighter here. 

We’re making it official: Cali is my most heated love affair. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

California – there’s something about this state that keeps you coming back. The weather, the coastlines, the people and so much more. 

Holiday decorations in California are undeniable

Adventures are calling, and we’re answering with this golden mix of California, the country’s best-sourced materials for sunglasses.

California always inspires us to be at our best. Here are some thoughts on how to do that.

California, bring it on. Hiking, biking, eating Brussel sprouts I’m up for anything you’ve got.