How to Write Food Captions Instagram Quotes

We spend a lot of time writing the perfect food Instagram caption for our photos, but tend to forget to write captions for them too. This is super frustrating when you’re scrolling through your feed and want to know what a certain post was about. The problem is that a photo without a caption doesn’t provide any context to the story. It only shows the visual side of what was going on behind the scenes.

How to Write Food Captions Instagram

Oh hey there, October. Food is our first love, and you’re looking just as good as ever. 

Treat yourself to this gourmet chocolate chip cookie dough without the guilt—enjoy every spoonful 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack… no matter the time of day or night, we’ve got you covered. 

A two-ingredient dessert that packs a lot of punch. Prepare to fall in love!

Milkshakes are always worth the wait.

Everybunny is getting into the Halloween spirit – even these sweet treats from #spicebunnies

Caught in the act of looking like I’m an adult – drinking coffee at work.

Endlessly shareable, irresistibly snackable, and undeniably addicting.

This crispy, bite-sized snack has the sumptuous flavors of Fritos and Cheetos—in one crunchy treat. #PringlesMixd

Channeling culinary school vibes 🍴 #foodstagram

*screams* It’s almost the weekend! Reward yourself with one of our most #Instafamous Burgers for just $6 this Friday. Available at selected outlets ✨

Let your meals amaze you with these mouth-watering recipes loaded with our crispy fresh produce 

Fall is here, and so is our new menu. Come try our new fall/winter menu at your nearest Chili’s restaurant.

How to make a perfect pot of chili? Serve it with some oyster crackers, crisp corn tortilla chips, and beer! 

Wake up and smell fresh coffee. And doughnuts. And maple syrup. It must be…S’mores Season.

Looking for #SundayMotivation? We’re fueled by the ‘grams: see how some of our favorite @xxxxxxxxxxxx are using theirs to make us hungry.

Sweeten your summer with a new breakfast fav—maple and bacon sandwich 🍌 #OJSandwich

Waking up from a food coma is always the hardest part about fall. 🍂

We’re ready to turn your favorite sandwich into a portable wrap. #wrapyourway

Not just any sandwich… This is a waffle sandwich. And it’s a good one too. #yum

A morning pick-me-up that’s as tasty as it is pretty. #hoildayfun

As you plan out those three meals each day, consider snacking on some of our #proteinbars to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Be sure to stay hydrated!

Because the only thing I love more than pie is pie and cookies. 

Let’s get that ensemble started with some good eats 

Thursday is practically hitting you in the face this week, so here’s a way to kick it off. 🍗 P.S. It’s National Meatball Day – yours for free today with any beverage purchase with promo code MEAT

“Two things you wouldn’t think go together, are actually delicious when they do!”

Coming at ya with a 3-part snackathon! Fresh from the oven 

If you want to find the perfect combo of ⁉️sweet and⁉️mellow, we got some ways to help. ️ @ Starbuck s › Image via Wikipedia

A perfectly paired craft cocktail and shareable pizza at @xxxxxxxx. Perfect for an after-work get-together on Friday night. We should go

Looking for the next bingsu, tres leches, or ramen spot? We’ve got the scoop on where to go in your city 🍣 #food

Spice up your life with an Indian dinner at #AshokaNYC. Available for #dinein or #takeout in Midtown Manhattan.

What’s your go-to short-order cookout meal? We’ve been known to throw some jalapeño and pineapple on top of burgers or into our tacos 

Good food and good company is all you need to make any day better.

What’s cooking this Labor day weekend? 

Make magic happen this weekend with these fresh and easy spring recipes. 

Celebrate the season with all-natural flavors and artisan baking. “

Step into the season with this fall warming dish. Warm, tasty, and ready in just 25 minutes.

Let’s make days like this last forever. Thank you all for being here with us today. We are so grateful to have you in our lives. #peachforgood

If you haven’t already tried our Fiesta pizza, you should! We’re really proud of the work that went into this: combining two of America’s favorite things—Mexican food and pizza!

Can I get an amen for these fall eats? Yes, please! 

Treat yourself to a weekend of watching cheesy movies and eating all the snacks you can get your hands on.

Here’s to a weekend that’s the perfect formula: two parts friends, two parts good weather, and one part well-made cocktails.

Baking season is here. Time to pull out that vintage apron and grab some fresh ingredients. Let’s #BakeSomeMagic today!

It’s almost brunch time, can you hear the champagne bottles popping?

Hey, #minneapolis #SMMW16 attendees—don’t forget to stop by the @xxxxxxx booth for your free sample!

24 hours away from this deliciousness. The countdown is real. Friday, 10 am PST only at #Wendys  #SpicyChickenMonthly

The only thing better than a good meal is a big plate of good food. 

We’re not saying you can’t make a taco on Monday. We’re just saying you can’t make it with old salsa. #MondayFunday

There’s a new kid in town—and it’s everyone’s favorite breakfast sandwich, now served on an everything bagel.

Couldn’t ask for a better breakfast than one with the ones you love most. 

Yes, we’re on a roll. That’s because innovation, precision, and endless taste possibilities is baked into everything we do.

It’s no secret that we’re pretty obsessed with food. If you are, too, check out Food Network’s network of channels to get your fix of craveable cooking shows and celebrity chef interviews.

Mmmm fall is the best time to cozy up and cook with your favorite ingredients 

Slinging breakfast sandwiches since 2021—that’s 10 years, friends. To celebrate, we’re giving you a chance to win your very own Waffle Taco.

Roasted sweet potatoes drizzled with avocado oil, smoked paprika, and lime juice. A fresh blend of Latin and Mediterranean flavors is highlighted by the brightness of cilantro.

Everything you need for game day snacks 🍗🥓#gameon #spreadthegains

Leading you to feel the excitement and anticipation of a new dish or product release.

My current obsession

Fall is on its way, and we’re bringing it a new cookie to try. Introducing Chocolate Chunk Brownie Cookies 

It truly is the most wonderful time of year as we get excited about the beginning of baseball season—and all its rich and delicious food.

Grilled chicken is the ultimate go-to protein. It’s lean, available in a million delicious ways, and packs just enough juicy flavor to be the perfect blank canvas for whatever sauce you choose.

It’s about the food at This or That, where you can enjoy tapas-style small bites or a gourmet pizza made to your specifications. They also have a great selection of craft beer.

Enjoy a sweet and salty treat on the go with our new Handcrafted Caramel & Chocolate Popcorn Bars

Hello, my name is a milkshake and I like burgers. 

Cool 🍉… the only thing better than this ice cream sandwich is a scoop of Cold Stone Creamery Salted Caramel Cheesecake in between two chocolate chip cookies. #dessert #icecream

Combining the best of the classic chocolate chip cookie and today’s trending brownie, we created a truly delectable dessert. @thebakedmagnifique

The only thing better than brunch is a mimosa with your BFF. 🍾

Warm. Fuzzy. Aromatic. Comforting. Fall is filled with fun-sized portions of #goodfood memories.

What should we have for dinner tonight? #chicken

Treat yourself to a night in with some tart, tangy, and tasty apple sauce

I could really go for some sushi right now.

Thanks to #GFSummit, I now know that you can’t spell Massachusetts without Chocolate

Somewhere between the cheese and donut, you’ll find me.

Do you guys know what today is? It’s National Cookie Day! Happy cookie day everyone

Print this recipe to make delicious savory crêpes for your next weekend brunch! 

Food tastes better when it’s cooked in this toy-sized skillet 

Get your Grub on—chicken salad, turkey Reuben & more. Today’s special? It’s you.

What’s not to love about eating cheese and drinking wine on a patio on a beautiful summer night? 

Your weekend coffee table is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Enter to win the ode to Italian food, cookbook, and photographer Gabriele Corcos’ love for his home country, Da Vigna. Enter before September

Waking up this Sunday with a serious craving for bacon & eggs.

We’re as passionate about this chopped salad as we are about everything else we create. Good food. Amazing ingredients. Real possibilities. That’s our kind of cooking. #choppedsalad #choppinwiththestewarts

Try a bite of this crisp, delicious apple and you’ll never go back to the store-bought stuff again.

Brown the butter and whisk. Sauté some garlic and shallots. Find the freshest pappardelle you can. Then get some cheese on that pasta 

Get your chops around these new opening specials at @xxxxxxx. Cheers to all-day breakfast and more lunch options!

Food has always been at the center of my life. Food brings people together. You know you’ve found the right friend when they adore all of your favorite foods ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Is anyone else craving leftover pizza for breakfast right now? 🍕 #foodporn #pizzagram

Bringing the fall harvest to you. It’s not too late for 100-calorie packs of our best LTOs. Available now for a limited time in flavors like Sweet Maple Bacon, Pecan Pie, and Real Pumpkin.

These ones are for the chop-sticking-out crew. Find out how you can get yours, only on AUrate ===##

Savor the last of this summer to make room for even more flavors. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into these deliciously seasonal cupcakes.

#Foodporn gives you a taste for all the must-try dishes of the year. Food Caption

Honk if you’ve ever eaten a cookie in the shape of a cow 

It’s absolutely essential that I have an incredible breakfast sandwich for the morning of my flight. I can’t choose between a steak and egg or bacon and egg, so I got both! 

Once you go Brussels sprouts, you will never go back. 

Making favorites like @xxxxxxjohnston’s banana bread and my turkey meatballs for the family over the long weekend 

When the dog days of summer just won’t die, whip up a bag of these bad boys.

That time of the year when you have to hide all the Halloween candy so people don’t touch it… unless they’ve earned it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Food isn’t just a way to nourish our bodies. It’s a catalyst for bringing us together with those we love, over the table, each and every day.

Have a meal that is as big of a deal as you are with our #MonsterStack of crisp salads, spicy meats & melty cheese 

Sweeter than the sweetest treat, our new Meal Deals are the ultimate guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth 

‘Tis the season to gather around with your favorite people and gobble up all the good food.

When you crave to feel good flavors that are made from the perfect ingredients for tasty goodness that feel good.

When it’s time to take a break and play, try our autumnal Dessert Bowls. They’re a part of every meal 

Sunny-side up eggs, spinach, and spring onions on ciabatta toast—the perfect simple breakfast. #cookingwithplants

Time to celebrate the weekend and make it brunch time with friends 

All I want for fall is farmer’s market, pumpkins, housecoat weather, and warm soups 

Your taste buds are about to be transported right down the block in a flash by @eat-ny’s heaven-sent aromas. And for just 20 quid, too! #noshplacebo

Come join us at Sweetgreen’s pop-up market where you can find some of the best food

Bon Appétit to fall with these cozy warm dishes made from seasonal ingredients 

Breakfast, just like you make it. Fresh sweet cream and local berries on soft-baked oatmeal streusel. Just for you.

Heat up things with this #cookingwithfire challenge for summer. 

Breakfast spreads from coast to coast. Where will you travel today? 

@xxxxxxx isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the kitchen. Check out their sweet potato hash with poached eggs alongside kimchi, spinach, and avocado 

When the stars align, and you find yourself at a fish taco special event, surrounded by your closest surfer bros.

New special: apple pie cheesecake pancakes, served with maple syrup and freshly ground cinnamon. #BreakfastOfChampions

Grab your friends because tonight we’re all having dinner at The Brownstone.

It’s almost ridiculous how good this salad tastes straight out of the refrigerator for lunch.

“Brown bag lunches are better with a Lifefactory bottle and Square Sandwich Cutter.” – Martha Stewart

Breakfast for dinner is a no-brainer.

October is the perfect month for cozy, chilly days and delicious food. What are you up to?

It’s Friday, let’s get this weekend started right.

Foods that will help combat the Wonka 🍫 of getting older.

A sandwich is a gift from the culinary Gods, meant to be enjoyed any time of day.

Cooking and baking is a bit of an unconventional love story, but it’s ours.

These biscuits will make you welcome friends and family into your home. They are the ultimate Southern, comfort food 

Fall is finally here and that means the return of one of our favorite things: the pumpkin spice latte.

It’s no pumpkin pie, but we’re not complaining. Enjoy the last #tandooritos of the season with this chutney!

The perfect way to kick off fall: good friends, good food, and good music 

It’s true: Fall is officially here. Bring on the cozy sweater weather, fall flavors, and weekend plans. 

Turn your frowns upside down with the perfect pancakes, omelets, and salads to accompany your coffee.

What’s up with brunch? We have everything from Chilaquiles to Pancakes, and we can’t wait to see you at one of our 26 Jersey restaurants. 

Friday night means pizza, beer, and Breaking Bad—not necessarily in that order. 

There’s nothing irrelevant about an extra ketchup packet 

This Saturday, we’ll have 3 cookies for you in your Starbucks Rewards account—these chocolatey chip, chocolate chunk, and oatmeal raisin.

There’s just something about the cheese plate. 

An ice cream that’s so good, you’ll forget it’s healthy.

Good morning from our kitchen to yours. Here’s the recipe to try it at home 

Working on my appetite while cleaning out the fridge to make room for all of the delicious options for National French Fry Day this Friday. CNB.

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. You can’t beat these crunchy little guys in any kind of sandwich. Or just straight up with a sprinkle of salt 

To all the avocado toasts out there Yup! That’s right, we love ourselves some avocado #avocadotoast

Eatin’ like its happy hour all day, every day. Because it is.

Tree-ripened avocados are here! Perfect in salads, or just add them to your favorite tacos

There’s no place like home* + + *and HomeGoods is where you’ll find one-of-a-kind home decor & much more.

Fall into the season with new flavors like apple crisp and caramel, and a glass of red wine.

It’s always party time. No matter when no matter where no matter who. It’s just the way it is. Let’s throw a dip. 🍋

For those who like to take a walk on the wild side (think salmon rolled in rice and seaweed crisps or a tuna bagel with spicy mayo, yuzu pickles, and wasabi cream cheese).

Need a little midday snack to boost your energy? Grab a salad 🥗 at the drive-thru

The scent of cinnamon makes everything just a little better. Warm-up with new Cinnabon Delights and save $1 when you buy any 2 with this coupon. 

Wrapping your hands around the mug in the morning and remembering your friends that are going to get some of this pumpkin pie 

Fall: the season for apples, squash, and eating until you feel comfy in your own skin. Hey, it’s OK to be a little squishy.

Fall is in the air…we can smell it. Join us for a pumpkin spice latte before it’s too late.