Best 105 + Gym Captions for Instagram

If you’re a gym-goer and an influencer, captions on Instagram are one of the best ways to promote your gym, plus there is nothing better than having a great caption when you are comfortable with your body.

The whole world is starting to be more health-oriented, and getting into the habit of going to the gym is a great way of getting fit. It can be hard to go at first, so here are some captions for Instagram to help you get started.

For every gym bunny, there must be at least one motivational picture that he/she thinks also motivate the other gym-goers. gym captions for Instagram can help a lot in motivating people, but you must also know how to create it properly.

Gym Captions for Instagram

1. It’s time to stop wishing your body was different. It’s time to start appreciating your body for all it can do. It’s time to become the best version of you possible. #fitnessmotivation

2. Fitness is not always about getting to the gym, it’s about what you do when you are there. Never take this for granted.

3. Get back to the basics and find your fitness. Take a Class.

4. Working hard in the gym this weekend. How many miles do you have?

5. It’s time to prove that strength is the greatest form of beauty.

6. Breathe in, breathe out. Push hard and then push more. But remember, rest is important so don’t forget to take time to recharge your inner battery. 💪

7. There is always room for improvement #workout #fitness #fitspo #gym #humorous #gymlife

8. That feeling when your legs are just as long as Ellie’s 😉 #Repost: @xxxxxxxxxxxx #gymselfie

9. Get workout inspo from these #fitfluencers! See how they keep it 💯 with their routines and macros.

10. Work your way up to the best body you’ve ever had. Squat like no one’s watching and the calories will burn like fire. Let this be the year you meet your goals.

11. Getting stronger. Starting over. Never giving up. We know it can be hard, but you got this. #gogreens! 

12. Looking at this photo, we can’t help but think: “Why just push through the limits of fitness? Why not break right through them?” That’s exactly what we’re doing with our new North Central location.

13. Building strength doesn’t just show on the scale, it shows in your active and how happy you are with yourself and what you have achieved. Strength is something internal first, then secondly external—let’s go after it.

14. Be the most you can be 💪

15. The best kind of “crazy” is the kind you make for yourself 🏋🏼‍♀️ Check out TinyGym, an affordable at-home gym that can be used to work on strength, cardio.

16. If you’ve been working hard, then it deserves to be celebrated. It’s the week before Thanksgiving and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than a workout with my boys’ squad!

17. Summer bodies are built in the winter. Or something like that 🏋🏽‍♂️

18. It’s about that time of year where your workouts start to feel like chores, but you’re still going strong! How are you staying motivated? 💪🏻

19. Fit into your old summer jeans like it ain’t no thang 🙌

20. Together our dreams are real !!! 🏋️‍♂️💪🏾💪🏽🙌🏾

21. Six-pack abs or #squatgoals—what are you more motivated to get in shape for? 💪💪

22. Just like a fine wine, you get better with age—work hard and dedicate yourself to fitness. This body isn’t getting any younger, but with every mile you put in, it’ll just get stronger.

23. Gym time when you realize your best intentions of getting in shape might end up really happening. #gymtime #gymlife 

24. Today is a good day to start, [p]articipate in something, make something better. You can reach some of your goals in 30 minutes a day. Today is that day. #GYM #workout ##goals.

25. Just to get you excited, here are a few of our favorite workouts that will help you beat the heat and stay active 🚶‍♂️ 🏃🏼‍♂️ #fitness #healthy 

26. Never underestimate how much you can accomplish in a day. @xxxxxxxxxxxxxx#sundayfunday #getfitwithfitnessmommy #effort

27. One of my favorite parts about running is seeing everyone come alive post-run… Today is no different. Let’s do this y’all.🔥

28. Seeing a better tomorrow takes all of you—your body, your mind, your heart. Keep a healthy lifestyle in 2018 and every day will be the best day

29. Now it’s time to take your workout to new heights.

30. Working out to get the most out of life pah!


Instagram Captions Fitness


31. Shine bright like a diamond at the gym with new diamonds from Diamonds New York ⛈ @xxxxxxxxxx

32. No pain, no gain! We’re totally crushing it in the gym. 😏 Have a great workout!

33. Feels like I’ve been working out my whole life to get here. I go to the gym every day for an hour. It’s just a part of my routine, so it doesn’t feel like a workout. My

34. MotivationMonday is back to get your week started to 💪🏻 Find your perfect gym buddy with Tria fitness. If you want to get fit without doing the work, this is the company for you.

35. Trying some gymnastics on the bar. #legday #squatlife #gymlife

36. Sweat and the occasional fart make for the perfect gym buddy.

37. It’s important to know who loves your body just the way it is and accept that love. But it’s also important to always be adding a love for your body. #kindarevolution 💖 -Kindara Insp

38. The gym makes you a little crazy. That’s why they put all the cardio machines in the same room.

39. When you’re not a morning person but you still want to hit the gym in the morning. Motivation for next morning: #notamorningperson #gymshoes #sweatpants

40. Lifting heavy, sweating hard, and feeling great. Gym time is my happy place 💪 #gym

41. It’s back to work today. Thanks, Coach for always pushing me so hard and making me stronger both physically and mentally. 😁🤙 #backtowork #stronger #betterlife

42. Rekindle your passion for fitness by signing up for one of our programs.

43. You’re only as good as your last workout #GymSelfie

44. Good morning! It’s time to start the weekend strong, with a little #dareto zzune workout motivation. Let’s go 💪🏻

45. 💪🏻 It’s all about that base! Organic plant-based protein at 17g of protein per shake.

46. Be sure to use gym hashtags in your caption on Instagram when you take a picture at the gym

47. Lover. Fighter. Class disruptor. The Bruce Lee of the gym #fiteveryday #gymstyle

48. It’s not just a gym. It’s a community. Showing real people with different body types and how it isn’t about the looks, but the health and wellness from this fitness equipment company.

49. This weekend, we sweated it out: Join us on the bars this Monday🏋🏼‍♀️ in the new-look Physique 57 class. #BePhysique57

50. Keep your cost per acquisition (CPA) low on Instagram by focusing on actual photos of people using and enjoying your product.

51. You can plan, and you can scheme 📝💪 but in the end, there’s nothing like a hard workout to show you who you really are. 💪😎

52. Did your food 🍗🍷🍟 feel like it was on the treadmill today? Get ahead of those effects by working out. Use our app to schedule your week, manage your squad, and track performance 👊👟

53. Gym, sweat, grind ☀😍 _ ✅ In the past month I’ve been able to do things in the gym that I never thought were possible ___ 😮

54. These chunky looking black, green, and silver sneakers are like add-ons to your gym wear😍

55. Workout motivation for when the gym gets old and you need a little encouragement. By @xxxxxxxxxxxx

56. I’m not only making a change in my body but also in my mind. Gym, here I come!

57. With the right motivation and a simple change of view, we can all find our fit. -Caitlin Cahow #gymshark #sweatpants #motivation

58. 🏋️‍♀️ Let’s go! 30 minutes of strength training — arms and shoulders today, baby. If you don’t feel winded, you’re not working hard enough. #weightlifting 

59. ✅ workouts ✔️ goals ✔️ results. It’s all easier with my new go-to gym equipment ❤️ @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #thehappyswing

60. When you start working out again and your legs are so sore it feels like you’re wearing concrete 👣 #gymfamily #sorelegs 💪

61. What’s your workout #SaturdayGoals? Head to @xxxxxx for a smoothie that will fuel all your fitness goals.

62. You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. – Zig Ziglar #gym #getfit

63. This week, we’re all about strength and endurance—and to get that, you need distraction-free time on the treadmill. Get your head in the game and #justdoit. #RocktheShirt

64. Create a clear picture in your mind of what you want to feel like after you work out and that’s what you’re going to get. ☀💪 @xxxxxxxxxxxxx #fitgirls #workout #gym

65. Once you hit the gym, good luck not waking up with 💪 dragging you out of bed.

66. Dynamic duo! @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx gets work done in the gym, while @xxxxxxxxxxxx on her rest day #suhoordiary

67. Working hard and playing hard does have its perks. I’m in shape and feeling great thanks to a fun, clean eating and exercise routine. @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #Gym

68. Text me 📱after you finish 🏋🏽‍♀️your workout. 😉

69. I can do good push-ups and burpees #thankyousomuch #gymshark 💪🏻

70. These quick workouts will help you sculpt a bikini-ready body in time for summer. 💪 🌊


Bodybuilding Captions for Instagram


71. Let’s lift together. Sign up for X category (bodybuilding, Bikini stage competitions, weight loss, fitness training, etc.) 💪🎉

72. Strength. Consistency. *We* are building the best version of ourselves. #Determined2newbeginnings

73. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop #quotes #gymlife #gymgoals #workoutrecipes

74. Went to the gym twice today… I think it’s working lol. #selflove #yoga

75. Sweat. Then glow. That is the only way to describe that feeling you get after a great workout—at @gymet

76. Working out is a form of therapy. It’s like music to my ears. So here comes my solo. Dancing in the gym, I’m like a workout warrior. I can do this all day.

77. When I went to the gym I didn’t realize how big my biceps would get.

78. Go ahead and put that extra butter on your next steak. There’s no shame in rewarding yourself after a long week at the gym

79. Get ready to kick off this week feeling stronger than ever with these powerful workouts 💪 👊 . I want to feel alive! Let’s do this.

80. Fall in love with the great outdoors. Tag someone who needs to check out #TinyGains 👍

81. The struggle is real. Work it out in the gym, at least. Great advice for a fitness-oriented Instagram post.

82. Challenge yourself to a new workout regimen and take your workouts to another level. We’ve got the 🔥 and the 🏋️courts for you!

83. I’m thankful for all the opportunity that these walls have given me #gymlife

84. Gyms for every #MondayMotivation to start your week right!

85. Well, this is Saturday. Doing things. Getting ready for my vacation next week. I might get back to 100% by then. Not sure. Hoping at least. 🏋🏻‍♂️

86. We’re your gym, your personal trainer & your nutritionist. But mostly, we’re your motivation.

86. Let the good times roll with 50% off our Insanity® + XT workout program. #GYM 💪

87. This year I said no more! No more being lazy and living a sedentary life. Like Rocky Balboa, I had to overcome my obstacles. I had to strive for victory, so I joined a gym and got serious about training.

88. Find some motivation to fuel your fitness goals this week. 💪

89. TALENT is more common than you think, GENIUS is rare. Be a genius. Train with us at The Academy. 💪😎

90. Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the sweat is so delightful. Work it to get fit and stay fit this fall and winter. 🙂 #gymdaily

91. GabbyGettingIt 💪 ….. kinda #ootd for the gym @workoutmotivation #gymessentials #workoutstyle.

92. Sweat and muscle are the two ingredients you need for success. 💪 #gym

93. Remember that one time you decided to new Year’s resolution? Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone, but take a second to appreciate the work you’ve been putting in. 💪

94. The best part of waking up is being on top of your game. Feeling strong and powerful.

95. Put in the work—results will come. It’s easy to be consistent when you’re healthy. 💪🏼 #gym #fitness #diet

96. Gym time travel via @xxxxxxxxxxxx 2017 piece. 😴😍💪🏾 #bulkingseason #gymlife #curvesnotcalves

97. I promise you, today is going to be a great workout. Lift heavy 💪 #fitnessgoals

98. TONIGHT we’re having a COUCH FLIP PARTY in the @xxxxxxxxx 💪 Join us for a little 🍿 fun, music, beer 🍺 & fireworks 💥

99. Turn your goals into reality this fall. We got you 💪🏻 #FallVibes

100. Good food for my gym gains 🏋🏼‍♂️ 😎 #fitness #gym #gymlife

101. Hit the gym and turn up with this playlist 💪🏽. Have a workout partner today? Give them an extra high-five for me 👊🏽.

102. When you’re finally ready to treat it like a “gym” 🙂

103. Life is a gym, and the grave is a box of protein.

104. If you don’t think you can, you’re not working hard enough. 💪 @xxxxxxx #gymgoals #foreveryoungpeople A photo posted by Brown University Rec Center (@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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