Grappling Kickboxing Combat Captions for Instagram

Grappling Kickboxing Combat Captions for Instagram: Let’s be honest! Kickboxing can be fun but it can also be a pretty strenuous sport. Follow these five combat captions for Instagram and you’ll get plenty of likes while showing off your great reactions and remarkable strength. Some of the best captions are detailed and humorous, so take your time (though you don’t have to stress) to find the right caption that demands likes.

We’re taking over your Instagram feed this week! Post your photos using #grapplingkickboxingcombat and we’ll feature you on our page. Tag @grapplingkickboxingcombat too so we can see how well you…

Grappling Kickboxing Combat Captions for Instagram

Just because you’re avoiding the gym doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. Grab a friend and head over to #GMA for some #Kickboxing combat.

Going out tonight? Make sure you’re ready for anything. Check out our grappling classes & get in the best shape of your life 💪🏾😎

The weekend is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start training for that grappling tournament in three weeks. It’s never too late to get started with MMA, Muay Thai, or Kickboxing at Never Tap MMA.

Kicking off the weekend right, with a leg-sculpting class ✋⚜️

We are a family who, under one roof, loves competition and respects each other as we advance through our ranks of belt promotions.

Time to get in the cage with your sparring partner. Remember to keep an open hand and give your partner space to move. Good luck!

Lucky enough to train in this amazing gym today! It’s where legends are created everyday. You gotta check out @team_guru if you live in Jersey…

It’s a Saturday, win or lose we can use the workout. Be careful out there. Protect yourself at all times.

Get a head start on your New Year’s fitness resolution. Our March special unlocks if you start training between now and Dec 31st. Learn more at our website

Feeling like no one can get you down, because you’ve got a little kick in your step.

It takes heart to change yourself. One simple move can reshape your body and transform your life for the better. You only need one heart to change the world.

Hello, darkness, my old friend…You like to make an entrance, don’t you?

Back at it this morning recovering from the Las Vegas Triathlon with a quick little #GrapplingKickboxing drill. Feeling fresh and invigorated knowing that I’m going to conquer a busy week.

Dwain Weston: To lead you and guide you how to do the best combos with your grappling, every class like teamwork!

This good ol’ Tuesday motivation 💪 Get it this fall in our MMA classes, available for men and women. #teamrubidouxmma

Happy Friday! High energy mixed martial art… Just gotta love it.

Let your body be a weapon, and let the combat in.

It’s time to defeat your competition, and have a great time doing it!

[We took down that heavy bag for you, bro]… [No problem, bro. You can take down Harper again next week.]

The best way to get a damn good workout if you ask me!

So nice, you’ll want to punch it twice. 😃🤙❤️

Hello ‘Fitness Friday’ everybody. Do you have a ‘Fitness Friday’ to share? Share it with us! With love-your #GYMWATCHER team

Who needs a pair of eyes when you have 👀 like these? 😎

hi guys it’s the one and only bob

Live without regret and learn without limit.

Join our grappling kickboxing classes now and feel the rush of training like a professional MMA fighter. 😎

Crank up the heat! Grappling & Kickboxing classes are on fire at @academycenterla!!

This Saturday 👊🏼 the grapplers will be out in full force promoting the sport at various wrestling tournaments throughout Southern California! Make sure to tag a friend who is coming out to watch and show their support!

Welcome to old school, MMA, Judo, and Kung Fu mashup class.

Welcome to your new place to train hard and build confidence . . .✅Hang on tight. Classes are happening now!

There’s something magical about our bodies adapting to new exercise and fighting styles. Curious to try it out? 💪🏼

Here at @fighterdojo_, we value the whole of you. Physical fitness, mental health, and personal growth are all important factors in being your best self.

I am not afraid of the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once. I am afraid of the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times. —Bruce Lee 🥋

Let’s get ready to rumble! 😉😁😆

Chop-chop. Make every day a Ramen Bowl 🍜 of awesome

Your hardest battles happen between your ears – that’s why we never quit 👊🏼

Sweat smiles, and lots of water—there’s no better way to start your Monday. #WhatsYourMVP

“And now, you will be happy.” – Morihei Ueshiba. #positivevibes

Looking for something new and fun to do in October? Registration is now open for our Grappling Kickboxing classes starting on Thursday, October 5th. Come join us if

We shake things up with a 1-hour Grappling/Kickboxing class that uses your own body weight as resistance, so it’s perfect for any fitness level. Knockout your stress while working out 😜

Let’s get it #clinching into this fight Friday!

Kick your training into high gear with GRAPPLING training!

The importance of a balanced diet, with a side of kickboxing and Zumba!

Grateful for friends who are always there for fitness motivation! Happy #NationalFriendsDay.☀️🥋 #ChampionFightTeamNL

Tried ⁣rolling back into the new week and I was greeted by those gym vibes that I love so much! 😎

Let’s get it! Get in the zone and focus on your form during training with these 5 pre-workout tips from our lead instructor.

We aren’t too good to help others. That’s why our martial arts program teaches children self-discipline, respect, self-esteem, and confidence.

Kicking it with friends feels good. Cheers.

Just another Sunday morning. #chillin #nofilter

We keep telling you how #trueblue we are, and you’re coming out to prove us right. And that’s how friendship works. #GYMPS

Take 5 minutes to escape from your stress.

Good morning my friend. Do you make a healthy breakfast nutrient-dense? 😉

“There is a time for departure even when there is no certain place to go.” ― Tennessee Williams

This Saturday @abel_helms fights Jordon Powell @jackson_powell !!! Tune in at 9:00 pm EST on AXS TV! #FightingWithPride

Dress like a champ. Act like a champ. Then fight like a champ!

You said you’d the fight of your life before, but now you’ve found ☝️the place to really find your chill.

Follow your passion, you never know where it’ll take you. – Dana White #keepclimbing

kick out negativity, invite in positivity . . . this strong mindset keeps fighters focused on what’s going to happen, rather than what could go wrong. It’s why we work together to achieve positive results that lead to great things for our team and for our sport.

Fitness is a family affair at our studio! Give your kids the gift of fitness this holiday season with an end-of-the-year membership to #blackbeltclub —they will love you for it. This offer is going fast—click link in bio and don’t wait.

That adrenaline rush we all experience, when skin meets leather, is something worth celebrating

Just completed one of our morning community classes—our favorite time of the day with awesome people, great music, and a bunch of laughs. #livehealthy #stayhappy #graciebarra

We don’t quit–ever. if quitting’s not an option, then #youvegottahaveheart

I was able to finally overcome my fear of public speaking. Something clicked inside me. My coach taught me about the art of #focus and now I’m fearless and ready for anything!

”You have only one life to live, and living it is your duty.” – Malala Yousafzai

You can’t rush greatness. Slow and steady wins the race.

Class is in session with this move. Combining a front kick and roundhouse, the Grappling Kickboxing Combat™️ Move will take your low kicks (🔥) to the next level.

Let the games begin! Stick to your fitness goals with this combat kickboxing program. 😋

Get your sweat on. Combat’s about learning, solving problems, and having fun with friends. You’ll leave the Mat a better version of yourself.

Congrats on your hard work! Your combat session was 💪. See you next week? 🤔😎

Hitting it hard in the @americankickboxing 🏋️ Workout of the Day.

Throwback to an epic sparring session with a truly inspiring human being. @serenakkravitz #girlpower

We are where fitness meets fun. No two workouts are ever the same. Come in try a free class

Another spectacular fight for the ages! 🥊🥊

SMASH that like button, throw up comment below, and let me know what you thought about the video👊

Once you enter the octagon, fight to be yourself.

It will be wicked awesome to roll with you before the end of the year!

We’re getting ready for spring with a fresh new look.

Spice up your social media with some kickboxing and boxing classes! 😜

In life, it’s important to defend yourself if you find yourself in a fight. In the ring, however, we use grappling techniques to submit our opponent using control, balance, and leverage rather than to knock them out.

Train your inner and outer self to be the best version of yourself with our #CombatSelfDefense classes.

We train hard so we can look good. 👊😎

Paid my bills with a “few” slams and submissions tonight. Pretty sure I’m the only one in LA who gets paid in bruises. ##

I was always the kid that would rather be outside playing than sitting in front of the TV. I love kicking it old school and getting my hands dirty.

Hands up if you’re still in school. 🙋🏼 #backtoschool

we’re constantly looking for ways to get better, #eveninthefall

Know your limits and don’t be afraid to push past them. Embrace the challenge and meet it head on!

Snuggle up. You know you want to. #noshame

Making the journey from beginner to expert has helped me identify what it takes to be the best. I’ve made it my mission to pass that along to you. You CAN do this!

Our school is about respect, humility, generosity of spirit. Our classes are about learning to defend yourself. Come learn from the best!

Frustration is a daily occurrence in our life. But we must not allow it to become a permanent resident. We must learn how to turn it into positive energy—before it turns us into negative people. Thanks for the motivation!

Come visit us at the gym to learn Grappling Kickboxing! We offer a variety of classes from beginner kickboxing to our advanced grappling program!

The whole gym is awesome, and I love meeting new people here. But the Kickboxing Combat Class is the reason I come back every week.

Do you want to learn our signature backfist superkick? Click the link in our bio for a tutorial👊🏻#combat_mma_mma #MMARadio #punchthematters #Somerville

Thank you for the workout today! Don’t forget to post your workout selfie on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #grippinkickboxergirl for your chance to win a $100 online shopping spree. #awesome

If you’re always fighting with your partner, try a new type of cardio: Combat Kickboxing! It’s based on Muay Thai, so you’ll burn tons of calories while learning how to defend yourself in real life situations.🤸 ‍♀️

Another fantastic summer camp session is in the books. Keep growing and improving! [From their Instagram caption]

Sweating on the mat is the best way to shake some of the stress and pressure of the real world. ❗️#sweatlife #gravitatetowardsgoodness

Training with @grizzly_grip…is like playing with a giant puppy who never runs out of energy and constantly won’t stop licking your face.

TGIF! Kick Ass in your weekend workout 💪🏼

I have the nicest people in my life. They help me out with my growth and I try to return the favor regularly 🙏

Good morning. It’s a beautiful day to feel great, lift heavy and sweat a lot 💪😀

All my friends are here & we’re dreaming of fall 🎃 🍁

End of the week on a high note—or a low one, as it were. 💨

IT’S BACK! For our FIFTH year, we are hosting the Worlds first Grappling Games in LA. The top athletes from around the world will be competing for the coveted World Championship Belt and some of the most coveted medals 😱👊 at @GrapplingGames 🎾 so get your tickets 🎟 before they sell out. As always, all parts of the event are FREE! Event details here 👉🏼 https://www.grapplinggames

There’s a place for everything and everything in its place — just ask the guy in this video, who is a whirling dervish of devastating kicks 👊 (or try this accompanying hashtag to go viral #KICKSPIRATION).

Get your energy high with a frenetic workout on the mats—we promise you’ll leave dripping in sweat and feeling like a champion 😴

Get your daily dose of a superpower with a visit to @combat_training!☠

Here’s what you can expect at our next #kravmagacombat class:

Throw a kick and make life great again

Hey, if you’re looking for some fresh air and you want to hit something hard. we got a class for that.

A trip down memory lane, to those moments in your life where you took the chance and stuck your neck out…then I’ll see you in the Octagon 🏆

Combat is the expression of one’s deepest values. You go through hell together and find a way to be there for one another no matter what comes your way.

Come on over for a lesson from the best of the best. Try out a trial class today. Let’s go!

Keep your chin high, keep your body back, and attack.

I feel great when I use your product, so much so that I feel like I’m in my prime!

We asked our followers what made their heart go STOMP and here’s what they said:

Get ready to do battle! Start your fitness journey with our kickboxing classes 🥊😎

Get in the ring with us and challenge yourself everyday! #teamkickboxing

Tae Kwon do’s all about strength, flexibility, and self-defense. Join in our friendly sparring sessions and learn new moves!

Don’t be afraid to get into a clench & throw a few knees! ☕️

We were built for this. There’s something about the scream of a heavy bag that evokes pure emotion. Now’s the time to be heard, to let go and get out all that frustration. Will you?

Rise and grind it out. Kickstart your day with some fierce workouts and a freshly brewed cup of coffee ☕✌🏻

You can’t control what happens to you, but you can always control how you react to it. Roll with The Punches.

Get ready to unleash your secret ninja.

We believe that every woman can be a warrior. The strongest and most powerful version of herself. Join us to learn how to discover your #powerwithin

New MOVE 🤸‍♂️Happy Tuesday! #happytown #rockfordfitness

Send your worries home with a side order of whoop *ss.

Honoring our past, working on the present, and dreaming about the future. Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸 !!!!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Your gains. Your gains who?! Your gains are knocking on the door of your fat loss goals.

Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate, or spice things up with a mug of hot spiced cider! It’s time to snuggle in.

Warm up your week with some highlights from our annual Renzo Gracie Invitational Grappling Kickboxing Tournament! #RGI2017

Showing off your strength and skills at #grappling is only half the battle… The other half is sharing them with everyone, and we love seeing what you guys have been up to. So stay at it, push yourself harder, and show us your best.

Let your inner Hulk out with @ufc gym at home. The most efficient cardio workout to lose belly fat and gain your confidence back 💪👊 🍏

Throwback to my days as a high school wrestler and love this. Hey, @wrestlingfans #wwfdc 👊🏽

The way you’ll feel after a killer workout #💪

Let’s find your perfect match 👊🏽////////// start your journey today!

Remember you are never too old to be a good friend, reach out and text a good friend today! Thank you for following us @RXFitness

Beach volleyball, scuba diving, canoeing, or stoking the campfire…make this fall the one to escape.

The cold. The rough. The painful. #Fall is in the air. To get you through, we’ve got some upcoming events to get you warmed up. 😈

Sweat, friendship, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

If you are living your life to the fullest, then you should be training your body as much as you train your mind.

Kick it and move it! Here’s a super easy way to break up your routine, increase your heart rate and get some great cardio in, with grappling!

You can never train too much. That is why we are here to help you stay in shape, teach you the proper technique and give you the motivation to keep coming back. #combatkickboxer #martialarts

This weekend, we’re not just sparring—we’re going to grapple each other into the ground. And yes, that means something different than it used to.

Get excited about a sport that’s unlike any you’ve seen before.

Let’s get this party started, who’s ready for some self defense?

The best way to relieve tension is a hard workout and no better way than to take out that frustration on the bag 🥊☠️

It’s always a good time to treat yourself to a new hairstyle. Be bold, be beautiful, and #MakeItHappen with @kobrandcosmetics

Parents, when your kids say they have a fight after school, this is what they mean. 👊🏼😱

Happy (belated) Birthday big boy! Keep doing you. Love you @ iamskaterboy

{ Be SILLY tonight } Why let other people have all the fun? Let loose, play, and enjoy yourself.

Can’t wait to show everyone our new floor. We feel it’s the best in Iowa!

It’s time to turn some frowns upside down. This week, we’re challenging you to take a selfie with a genuine smile. #frownsmirksmurfsday

“It’s not what you take when you’re there. It’s what you leave behind.” -C.R.

May the week begin with a new energy and new hope

Because strength is the greatest nourishment, (^_^)v

Grab your gloves and let’s go! We’re open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with classes starting every fifteen minutes. Sign up here! #goking kickboxing #goking #combat #kickboxing #training

Abs are made in the kitchen. ✌️__Doing Martial Arts makes those abs pop and helps build a better physique overall. #Grappling

Bold. Fresh. Competitive. That’s the Grappling team. Training together for years, both at the academy and in the cage, our fighters have developed an amazing camaraderie amongst advisors, students, and practitioners alike. Join us if you’re bold enough!

Challenge yourself. Protect what’s yours. Show up for it! #JJGrapplingChamps @jjgchampseries

Beat your goals–whatever they are–at the end of this week’s #CombatKickboxingFridays session. We want to see you smiling, so bring a friend!

Don’t just dance, let #GrapplingHands inspire you to be more than you thought possible!

Sunday Funday with the regulars at @hypekickboxing all around the world! So let’s start week with this ball punching training workout #hypekickboxing

If you’re a man and you’ve never been in a fight, somebody gave you an option. And you took it. #gfcchallenge

Join our class today and let’s get your body and mind back into fighting shape 😎

We’re one of the oldest schools in the country and we still get down in the ring.

Warm up by loosening up your abs, legs, and arms. Never warm up with a cold drink #ShakeItOut

You don’t have to be a superhero to be strong. Be fearless and never settle for less than you deserve. #ownyourstrength

Lately, I’m feeling the urge to experience a new physical activity.👊🏼

The best way to keep a friend from drinking too much? Bring more friends. Or, you know, just this one friend … 😉

Our fitness facility is an amazing place to train, grow, and be a part of. Use #grapplingkickboxingcombat and share your experience with everyone!

Weekend plans? Ground yourself with two grappling kickboxing combat classes for one at our Stillwater location. Book now – 0505704242

We are looking for grapple to get your blood pumping? Come check us out at Powerhouse Gym today! #Grappling  #kickboxing #clinchfighting #combat

We have some new faces in the @grappling__kickboxing class this week. Over 30 first timers signed up for our camp, so let’s welcome them. Let’s work with a partner to practice defending against the clinch, and escaping from side control. #gkibc #newfaces

Always bring a towel—you’ll need it after class. 👌 #grapplingkickboxing

Get a taste of our Muay Thai training here!! And if you’re interested in doing it with us, register now for our next session! contact us at

Add to your #yearofhustle with a little side hustle of your own. Learn everything you need to know about combat-themed classes 🥊 🥊 🥊 🥊 🥊 at [this school].

Can you handle a little MMA in your Monday? We’re always down to throwdown! Hit us up with suggestions for future videos!

There’s a lot more to our kickboxing classes than just kicking and punching. Come find out for yourself at our next open house!

Gear up and find your inner warrior. Welcome to our family. #blackbeltrenegade

Have a great week! Here’s to getting strong and beautiful together with @shakdawg84! 💪🏼

Great week training! Thank you!

Practice makes perfect.

Neither you nor they can stop me from the pursuit of happiness.

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