Best 120 Good captions for Facebook

Good captions for Facebook are short and sweet. When you’re creating your Facebook profile picture, post, or album, there is a little box where you can add a caption. Using a captivating Facebook caption will increase the number of likes and shares on your profile picture. Good captions for Facebook should be catchy enough to get people to click on them and read further.

Try using “caption contests” where people can submit their captions to win a prize. You can also establish funny “caption themes” like writing one caption about yourself and one caption about the person tagged in the photo.

A Facebook profile picture is the first thing people see when they take a look at your account. It can make or break the impression people have about you. Of course, Facebook profile pictures are not the only thing that matters. The caption you write for the picture also matters. What kind of caption should you write? And how can you find great captions for your profile pictures? We will discuss all these things in this article.

Good captions for Facebook

1. Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about things. Small minds talk about other people.”

2. Say cheese! This weekend is all about the smiles—let’s take a photo together, just for fun.

3. May your day be filled with sunshine as warm as your heart. Have a great day, Mom! Love you. #MothersDay

4. Boo 👻 to summer ending too soon and yay 👍 to fall—this season gets my vote for the most stylish.

5. We’re all weird. And we should all embrace our weirdness.”

6. Happiness is… *Finding a new favorite coffee shop. 🍂 #coffee

7. Fall is finally here, and we’re ready for cooler weather, cozy layers.. and all things pumpkin! ☀☕

8. If you’d rather stay home and take care of yourself, do it. Self-care is self-love. And we all deserve to be happy and healthy in our way. #selfcare

9. This one’s for you. Always.# FB

10. If you could see what I see in you, you’d realize that what we have means a whole amazing universe to me.

11. Shh. . . don’t tell anyone, but I’m still thinking about our recent vacation. ❤

12. This is the climate where all your dreams come to true” ~ Dr. Seuss

13. It’s not Friday yet but it’s always Happy Hour somewhere. Cheers! 😎

14. Gather the closest people in your life for a night of Halloween fun and costume- watching. #halloween

15. What a day. What a life.✌

16. It’s time. I know I made a wish last year, but this is the year that it finally comes true. #getherewithBoeing

17. The new year is just around the corner. Make sure you get your flu shot, book your mammogram appointment, and schedule that dentist appointment. Happy New Year!

18. It has been a year. I know you are thinking: Where does the time go. But, if you think about it most of the days are similar from one to the next. And still, tomorrow will be today, unless this is your last day

19. My grandmother was born the year her countrywomen got the right to vote, at a time when a black woman still couldn’t attend the school across town from her home #WomenHistoryMonth

20. Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world.” I say, let’s get started. 💗

21. There’s no wrong way to do it. Just do it, and have fun… and don’t forget the sunscreen. 😎😎

22. Let’s get lost in the book of us.

23. Celebrate the true essence of Fall: get out of the city, enjoy nature, and collect a whole bunch of cozy sweaters for sunny days ahead.

24. Cheers to the silly faces that make us laugh & the friends that are forever by our side.

25. I can’t believe it’s already October. Fall is always the most beautiful time of year in Minnesota. Thx to this beautiful week that I’ve been given off for labor day I get a few extra days to enjoy fall before school starts again!

26. There is a bright side to every dark cloud. *Sets a glass of red wine on the table. Sips it.*

27. Keep the positive vibes coming our way with a fresh new look for this week! Let us know what you think.

28. Good morning, friend. It’s your birthday. Say something nice to yourself and get out there to make this an amazing year! #HappyBirthdayYou

29. It’s always summer when you’ve got a great book and good friends. #amreading

30. Be sure to keep it nice and dark when storing your coffee beans/ground coffee. Light, heat, air, moisture are all enemies of great-tasting coffee.

31. The time of year when we all cozy up next to a fire and say hello to the season.

32. It’s the season for jumping in leaves puddles, eating pumpkin spice-flavored everything, and getting cozy with a good book. Show us your fall 🍁🍂 pics!

33. Getting my target heart rate up with a half-hour of yoga first thing in the morning leads to a better day of work. #thriving #mindfullyme

34. 🏵️There’s no place like home! Hey y’all, get your farm to table on and come visit us at the market this Saturday downtown! 😍

35. What a weekend… make Monday great again.

36. All that glitters is 👀

37. Happiness is a bowling date with these guys! #MeetTheMoms

38. Fell in love with the City of Lights immediately. You’ll feel like this here too.

39. I am grateful for you, every one of you. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, how so many of us have become these really good friends, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s true: you’re my

40. That feeling when you’re the same height as your boyfriend. 😍

41. Your morning soundtrack.

42. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a walk outside, spending time in nature. “It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” –Charles Spurgeon

43. Your daily habits and the people you have around you are more important than your bank account or job title. Cherish them.

44. Hey there! So sorry I haven’t posted at all in the last few weeks. Writing just became a bit of a nuisance and like a chore for me. (I know, shocking.) This month is my busiest ever so I have been struggling to

45. Sometimes I think we have a rose-colored view of the past. Kidding, though, these cupcakes are amazing!

46. Here’s to the little things — in our lives, and this moment. Deliciously simple food, loved ones, and living life true to yourself — true to your values.

47. Amen. I’m with her. Fight for that women’s vote. #teamwife

48. Life is a journey, to be enjoyed and savored~

49. Make more than memories.✌🏻

50. Pumpkin spice is here with a warm, toasty feeling that makes us happy, fall is the best season! ☀🍂

51. Ever been to one of our events? Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. Only the best hot new artists, right now 🎶

52. Picture this: You’re enjoying a latte and freshly baked pastry on our patio. We told you we’re the perfect place to enjoy the best of both seasons.

53. You’re the anchor that keeps me grounded, and you’re the wings that help me fly.

54. This is my phone. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My phone is my best friend; it is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

55. Welcome to Fall, everyone. We’re so pumped that you’re here with us! We bet you are too 😉 #fallstyle

56. It’s that time of year again. …

57. Feels like summer and fall had a little kiss in the middle of the night. ☀☔☕ #BeCrueltyFree

58. Happy Friday and Happy Fall! It’s such a wonderful time of year, we are so grateful for this gorgeous fall day today – now let’s go out, get cozy and enjoy each other today. 🍂🍁

59. Good morning. It’s a new day. Let’s make it a good one. *smile* 😊

60. When you have two children, sleep is optional.

61. Fall is in the air, even if it’s still 90 degrees out. ☀️

62. There’s a reason they call it First Avenue. Because it’s the BEST! Now that you know the secret, enjoy the most epic weekend with us!

63. It’s the ultimate season for staying in, kicking back, and enjoying the company of those you love.

64. Driving through fall means it’s time to take a drive in the country. Saddle up and hit the road for a weekend getaway…

65. Our Story Begins” is a collection of moments, memories, people — and you.

66. Laughter is the best medicine to keep you fighting fit all year round!

67. There is no need to wait. You can start living your best life today.

68. Celebrate the moment by sharing it.

69 Fall is so much more than a New England phenomenon. Fall happens everywhere, and it feels 🔥🔥 in every place it visits! #nationalforestservice #fall

70. I’m super excited about tonight’s Halloween party. Who is excited with me?!? Let’s get dressed to the nines!

71. Are you going to wear a costume tonight? I’m thinking of a beautiful ball gown with a monster face on the back.

72. Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

73. Your greatest contribution to the organization may be one that someone else never knows about.

74. The Sunday ritual of brunch with a side of football

75. Adventures, including trips to the beach and camping, are way more fun when you have good company…

76. Say cheers to the weekend and your neighbors.

77. May your coffee break be filled with simple pleasures, and may you always have a clean mug for them.

78. There’s a lot of love in the room tonight….and it is one big, giant blanket.

79. We all need our space #OurMoment

80. Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride ❤ #Love of Journey

81. Summertime and the livin’ are easy. Easier when your summer playlist is curated by Spotify.

82. Just an all-around good guy is the kind of person we love to have in our lives. If you know someone ​like that, share this sweet sentiment with them!

83. For the man on the run… who also wants to look good.

84. Pinned to those days when you don’t need a sweater, but can’t bear to leave the comforts of your favorite cardigan. 😏

85. Every day is a great day for a walk in the park and this one was no exception.

86. Mum’s life is busy – but it’s also one of my favorite seasons because it means that football season is back! #gohawks

87. A little wanderlust goes a long way. Share your travels with us by using #mytravelgram and we just may repost your pic!

88. No matter where I’m at in the world, I feel at home when I’m with you. – A.N.

89. Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.

90. Mixing business and pleasure is no problem when you’re looking this good. – Kevin James as ‘Paul Blart’.

91. Let’s go floating in the local river (it’s undammed) at 11 am — we’ll bring you back when traffic is low. I’ll make breakfast. Just sayin’…

92. You’re going to love this full-body workout because I’m not gonna make you run like a man in heels.

93. Freddy Krueger has nothing on the monsters in your closet. Invest in some new staples and give your wardrobe a refresh. 😎

95. On those hazy days when you’re only in the mood for a trashy tabloid, a hopped-up sugar rush, and hot hate – the night is ours.

96. A study found women who post more selfies and pics with friends are happier. So be healthy and happy this weekend guys! 😊

97. One of us could save the world, or at least a few trees. This is Bob and I know he would like you to plant a tree. Plant a tree for the planet. Plant a tree for your mom. Plant a tree for me…

98. To all the dreamers out there, Follow your dreams through for they will never go.

99. Get started on the coolest fall project around—carving a pumpkin. This year, make sure to try our recipes for pie pumpkins and cooking pumpkins. There’s no reason not to eat the whole gourd! 😏

100. I’m a good person because I don’t understand how Instagram works.” — Unknown

101. It is not the color of your skin, it is the way we treat people that matters.

102. Are you ready for a fresh start? Let’s be the change ••• This is where it begins. We’ll get there together.

103. Things are about to get interesting.

104. September means back-to-school, but also back-to-basic ☕☕🍵👌

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