Crazy Friend Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Do you know the one friend who can say the most hilarious things that made you laugh the hardest? We all have that one friend who we just like to hang out with and laugh at, rather than laugh with. That’s why I made this list of crazy quotes and captions for Instagram. It’s always good to have a few captioners on hand when you want to post a picture of you at dinner.

Crazy Friend Quotes and Captions for Instagram

These are the best friends that you could have.

Crazy friends who have traveled the world, and are now home again.

I’m a friend that’s always here for you. I got your back!

I’m at a loss for words. There’s no way to describe how amazing this friend is

The best part about summer is having a friend who can be completely irrational and self-destructive at the drop of a hat.

This is the best friend you could ever have. She’s crazy, she’s hilarious, and she’s always there when you need her most.

My bestest friends are the people who make me feel like a human again.Happy birthday to you, crazy friend.

Life is so much better when you’re surrounded by people who have your back. Happy birthday to my crazy friend who never lets me down with her crazy antics!

These are the best friends you can have. This one is my twin flame, we both share the same birthday, and we’re not afraid to show our love for each other in public.

Throwing a party? We’ll help you throw the funniest one yet.

I used to think that I didn’t have any friends. But then I found you and now none of my friends are the same. Happy Birthday!

Nothing beats the feeling of going out with your best ones.

My crazy friend thinks this is real and that we’re going to the super bowl

Crazy friends do crazy things, but they also do amazing things.

When you’ve got a friend like this, who are we to judge?

A friend you’d trust with anything, even if you know they’ll never let you down.

I’m the crazy friend who comes to your house unannounced and leaves without saying goodbye.

When you’re with a crazy friend, there are two types of days: good and bad. But today is gonna be good.

I know it’s crazy but we’re actually here to help you put your best face forward.

The best friend who says the craziest things and makes you laugh the hardest.

Don’t be a crazy friend…but if you are, let’s be friends involved in action.

Life is better when you have lots of friends with crazy stories

Crazy friends are the best kind of friends, they make you laugh, think & take risks. #mycatigarchadavid

You’re a friend like crazy. And you truly know how to make me feel amazing! I love you, crazy!

Don’t worry, be happy. And if you’re wondering what that means — ask your crazy friends.

I’ve got an insane friend that loves Oreos, loves _____ , and keeps me up at night talking about our future adventures.

I’m so over the mundane. Let’s get crazy about it.

Crazy is okay. We’re all human and share a lot of common ground with those that call themselves crazy.

You’re the only friend I need to remind me that anything is possible and this world is a beautiful place.

If you’re looking for a friend, look no further than your crazy friend.

You know it’s crazy when you’re actually jealous of a photo.

If you’re having a crazy week and need a friend to talk to, we are here for you.

Check out your Instagram story to see what I got up to today

I’m a crazy, fun and vibrant person that always has a smile on my face. I love to laugh, adventure and explore.

Confident as a lion, fearless like a lioness, curious as a lion cub. A typical little lion.

The last time I saw you, we were both so high. We had this whole conversation about your life and mine. Now I just call you when I’m lonely.

A crazy friend is cool until they make you lose your mind.

This is what happens when you make a friend that likes to go on adventures and live life to the fullest.

Life is full of crazy moments, but if you love your friends, it does not feel so mad.

Wake up, it’s your pal and his bagel, time to go out and get down.

‘Friends are like chocolate, hard to figure out but so sweet once you do.’

Life is all about the people you meet and the conversations that you have with them.

You’re always there for me when I need you, no matter what.

If you’re ever feeling down or blue, just remember my fabulousness!

You have a crazy friend who never stops surprising you.

From my crazy friend to yours, I hope everyone has a truly amazing week.

I got two crazy friends who will do anything for me. You?

I’m a crazy friend, but you love me because I’m always there for you.

When you’re friends with someone so crazy, that it’s hard to tell them apart from a dog.

A friend is someone who knows the right thing to say at the right time.

They say she has a lot of crazy friends, but I really think it’s because she has a lot of fun friends.

I can’t believe how crazy our friendship is, you take care of me like no one else does.

Hey, what’s up? I’m feeling so crazy right now… I can’t even recognize myself.

The best friends you never knew you had until they’re gone.

The best part about my friends is that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

You can’t be mad at me, the world has enough people it’s always going to be better with you in it.

I think we should all be friends with a couple of crazy people.

You’re the only friend I know that’s so crazy, I feel normal.

your friend is the kind of person that you can trust with any secret, and they always keep their promises.

Let’s do it! I have a crazy friend who wants to go to the beach. Can you come with me?

You are my crazy friend, who keeps me from getting bored. You make me laugh, smile, and feel all warm inside. Thanks for being there when I need it most.

“What? I’ve got a little bit of crazy in me—that’s why I’m such a good friend!”

There’s no time like the present to make a new friend.

I’m too cool for school. But crazy enough to be your best friend.

Why settle for a boring friendship when you can have the most unusual ones to be shared with?

I don’t know why you’re so chill but I’m crazy, act like it!

A friend is someone who gives you their umbrella when the sun is shining, and takes yours when it starts to rain.

“I don’t have time for a relationship, I’m way too busy. We’ll keep hanging out though :)”

We don’t know how you do it, but we’re grateful for it.

I’m going to help you by whispering in your ear, but if you don’t hear me then that means I’m not talking about you.

I feel like a crazy friend when I’m with you.

I’m a crazy friend, who says the things you don’t but need to hear.

When you’re friends with a crazy person, they’re always right.

Crazy friends who do the kind of crazy things together make life so much fun!

You never know what crazy friendship looks like until you see it.

You never realize how much you take for granted when you have a crazy friend.

Crazy is right. I’m gonna do the impossible and make you laugh out loud.

The most loyal friend is the one who keeps your secrets & the ones that have solved all your problems.

You’re never off limits to the crazy ones. Love you!

You’re the one who makes me the luckiest person in the world.

No matter what you’ve been through, all is not lost. I’m here for you, buddy.

Sometimes you just gotta have a friend who knows how to be crazy

I have a crazy friend. She’s so cool, and she has no filter—she says whatever is on her mind.

We’re a bunch of crazy friends who keep each other accountable and motivated.

The craziest person I know, is the one I’m with.

I’m a crazy friend who is always up for adventure, so come join me.

Let’s be friends that laugh together and talk about crazy things.

You are my crazy friend. I hope we never stop being friends.

What’s up with this friend of mine? She’s like a “magnet for adventure.”

Life is full of crazy, let’s be the one who makes it fun!

I know you’re busy. I’m crazy and I want to be alone with you.

We are the crazy ones. We are the fearless ones. We are the happy ones.

Friends are like legs. They’re there to support you, but if you ask them to dance, they want to lead.

Let’s be real here: Your crazy friend is just really cool.

The best friends are the kind that know you’ll say yes to anything, no matter how crazy it may be.

When you’re with friends who do crazy things, it’s OK to be a bit crazy yourself.

You’re the only friend I have who’s crazy enough to post from her front yard.

You are the most entertaining, unpredictable and un-f*cking-believable person I’ve ever known.

You’re the one friend who makes me laugh hard and cry harder. You’re always there for me when I need you most.

They said “you can’t do it,” they said “what if you fail.” But I did it, and now it’s time to win.

When your best friend is a crazy cat who does not believe in gravity.

Crazy friends, who always understand and know when to be there for you.

When you’re best friends with a crazy person, life is pretty damn good.

When you have crazy friends, the best thing is to just go with it.

Crazy is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

Crazy friend: the one who kept coming up with ideas to go to the beach, even in January.

When you’re with your bestie who’s down to do anything, anywhere and everywhere.

Life is too short to live in neutral. It’s time for you to take a leap of faith and join the great people on the other side.

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find yourself getting what you need.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I was present for the fall of the Galactic Empire.

A friend who always wants to be there for you when you’re down.

When a friend makes you laugh so hard, you start crying.

The best thing about having a crazy friend is that he or she will remind you to laugh and have fun. Happy Wednesday from us at Always Coffee!

She’s like a little black hole that sucks in friends, loves and creativity. Love you, craziness!

We’ve all been there, down the rabbit hole of internet craziness.

The best part of being friends with people you meet on social media is that sometimes the conversations turn out to be about your favorite things.

There are so many things I don’t understand and so many things I do. But my best friends know that it’s all the same to me.

You are the reason I sometimes wake up in the morning. You are the reason I smile when life hits my face

Don’t you want a friend who is so crazy that they’ll do anything for you?

When your crazy friend just has to post their latest outfit on Instagram.

When friends are like family and your crazy can be entertaining to watch

Your friend, the person who makes you laugh at every awkward moment

The best friends are the ones you can bounce crazy ideas off of.

Crazy friends are the best friends, they make you laugh when you’re done crying and they always have an opinion. And they always have a bag of chips ready to go.

My crazy friends are the best and so fun to hang with. Cheers to all of our friends!

No matter how crazy your life gets, there’s always someone crazier than you.

I know you think I’m crazy, but everything happens for a reason.

A friend is someone who can go fishing with you, hike Mount Everest with you, and then still be there when you’re done.

Let’s be less afraid of the crazy ones. Let’s be more afraid of the regular ones.

Best friends forever, even when they’re crazy, and annoying.

I couldn’t get through a weekend without my crazy friend

What a crazy friend you are. I’m so glad I have you in my life.

I’m currently thinking of crazy ways to help my friend move.

Crazy #friends, who are always there for you and lift you up. Who make things happen.

I’ve got the craziest friend in the world, and I refuse to apologize for it.

I don’t know what you said, but you made me laugh so hard I cried

The best ones are the ones that make you laugh out loud while they’re on your mind.

I have a close bond with my best friend. He always makes me laugh and we have every single one of our secrets.

Life is short, trust me. Those who promise sunshine always take you to rain

“I’m gonna get drunk and watch TV all day. I think that’s the best way to spend the weekend.”

Hey, you’re looking good today. I would love to grab a drink and chat, but I have to be somewhere else right now. You should call me later or something

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”

When you’re hanging out with Crazy, it’s best to just let go and have fun.

I’ve never been so happy to see a friend in my life!

If you haven’t gotten to know me, chances are I am crazy. But in a good way…

I’m on a roll, I’m on a tour, and I’m already halfway there.

It’s crazy how much @heyyitsroji and I have been through. We’ve had so many ups & downs, but we always found a way to make it work

Nothing is impossible. Anything can be done if you have the right attitude and work hard.

Crazy but true, this friend is always up for a good time.

The best kind of friend is the kind that would do anything for you. Crazy maybe, but fun!

The best thing about friends is that you can talk to them about anything.

Me & my best friend have been friends for over a decade. We can do anything together and have the best time!

The trick is to always be yourself and make sure you always do what makes you happy.

“Stress is when you’re trying to do too much, not too little.

Nothing says “I love you” like a crazy friend and a selfie.

I’m a crazy friend who will always be here for you.

Crazy friends are the best kind of friends and let’s keep them around forever.

???Your best friend with a big heart and a big smile, who’s always there for you.

You’re not crazy—we all love it when you’re crazy!

My so called friend is pretty cool. He’s always there when I need him, even when he probably doesn’t need to be there.

It’s my birthday, and I want to buy you a chicken.

Don’t let me be mad, I don’t wanna be mad. Don’t let me be sad, I don’t wanna be sad. If you can make me smile, then you’re perfect!

It’s all fun and games until someone drops a deuce on your dress

Who you gonna set your sights on now that we don’t follow the rules?

I’d rather have a crazy friend than someone who’s boring.

Just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean you have to be

It’s a crazy friend thing. When you’re on a high from a quality night out, you gotta do it big.

The funniest person I know envies me every day because she wants to be my best friend.

The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backward.

We’ll fight to the end and when we die, we’ll die together.

You can’t tell me what to do. Who am I to tell you how to live?

When you’re having a bad day but your crazy friend says something that makes you laugh.

If a friend is the one person who can make you laugh at yourself, then he is surely your best friend.

Crazy friends don’t care how close you stand together, as long as you lean on them when things fall apart.

When you’re out at a bar with your friends, everyone’s a little more crazy. The good kind of crazy

Good friends are like super powers. You always know where they are, and they always have your back.


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