Choritos a la Chalaca Captions for Instagram

Choritos a la Chalaca stands for fried pork intestines with potato and cilantro. The snack can be prepared using either intestines or stomach, ground meat, or pork chunks. Both of these ingredients are cooked, filled with starchy mashed potatoes, then stuffed with chopped and seasoned cilantro and eaten along with a spicy sauce made from salsa roja, and some lime juice.

Choritos a la Chalaca Captions for Instagram

Choritos a la Chalaca – spicy crispy chorizo with a sweet and smoky flavor.

Try these choritos a la Chalaca for some new Mexican flavors.

Choritos a la Chalaca are the spicy little tortilla chips that make your mouth say ooh-LA!

The spicy, crispy goodness that is our chorizo a la Chalaca is the perfect summer snack

The only thing better than a chorizo is when you can eat it with Chalaca sauce

The crisp crunch of chorizo paired with the rich, spicy flavors of jalapeños and pico de gallo.

The best way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is with our crunchy chorizo.

A chorizo that tastes just like a taco, but only better because it’s wrapped in a corn tortilla.

Got a craving for chorizo? Try it with these lightly fried tortilla chips and chunky salsa.

Savor the taste of fresh, spicy chorizo that’s made with real ingredients and served with a side of colorful corn.

The way to my heart is through these spicy tortillas.

Our choritos are made with the finest ingredients, including our secret blend of spices & chili peppers. Serve them with a glass of your favorite beer.

We raise the bar when it comes to choritos. With our unique spicy and smoky flavor, you’ll be sure to love them!

The Choritos a la Chalaca are back. Get it before you can’t get it anymore.

A truly Mexican tradition: choritos a la Chalaca. The perfect snack to share with friends, family and co-workers.

Fresh Chorizo with a kick. Fresh Chorizos a la Chalaca from the grill and ready to serve up with tortillas, avocado, tomatoes and cheese

The spiciest, most addictive chorizo you’ll ever taste.

The only thing better than a bag of chips is a bag of chips with Chalaca sauce.

Get some choritos a la Chalaca tonight. Get your kicks on, because tomorrow isn’t promised.

This spicy, smoky chorizo has a kick that makes your taste buds go crazy.

They say it’s the flavors that make choritos a la Chalaca stand out. But you know what? They’re right.

Discover the best chorizo and pork tacos in town. Get your chalaca on at Chalaca during lunch, dinner and late night hours!

Chorizo is pretty much synonymous with Mexican food. We’ve got you covered on all the chorizo you can eat, from steak to tacos

We’re not calling it a story, we’re calling it a masterpiece. A masterpiece of flavor and texture. That’s what chorizo is: a masterpiece of flavor and texture.

Choritos a la Chalaca are deliciously spicy, crunchy and salty treats you need to try. They’re just the right amount of heat!

Our delicious choritos a la Chalaca are a must-have for any party. Order your crunchy nachos today and we’ll deliver them right to your door.

No matter what you call it: Choritos a la Chalaca is the perfect snack to share with friends.

Chorizo a la Chalaca is a spicy and delicious recipe that will leave you wanting more.

A crunchy, spicy, and filling snack that’s perfect for any occasion.

The only way to eat the deliciousness of choritos is to dip them in homemade guacamole and eat them in a tortilla.

Biting into a chorizo is like being hit with a bag of marbles

Go big or go home, we say. This spicy chorizo is sure to bring your taste buds to a whole ‘nother level.

Choritos a la Chalaca! Made with fresh, local ingredients and cooked in our kitchen, this is as authentic as it gets.

Choritos a la Chalaca is exactly what you want it to be. It’s spicy and savory, with a kick that will have you craving more!

Choritos a la Chalaca. To follow me is to fall in love with authentic Mexican food.

When it comes to chorizo, you can’t go wrong.

Packed with Mexican spices, chorizo and roasted poblano peppers. A spicy, bold taste for the tacos you love.

The spicy taste of a chorizo is a welcome change from all the blandness.

The king of street food. It’s a chorizo that tastes like it was made with fresh salsa picante.

The perfect little topper for your next taco or burrito.

Choritos a la Chalaca is the best way to say it.

Choritos a la Chalaca, the perfect snack for any occasion.

Don’t wait – get your choritos a la Chalaca while they’re hot!

Choritos a la Chalaca. Tastes so good it’s almost illegal.

Perfectly crispy choritos stuffed with our signature creamy guacamole

A spicy, aromatic and a unique twist to the classic chorizo.

Taste the taco of your dream, in a spicy chorizo sauce.

Those are not your ordinary Choritos. They’re spicy and delicious, but don’t let their spice fool you. They’re a great chip alternative for salsa or guacamole.

the perfect balance between spice and saltiness with the crunchy texture of chorizo!

A spicy and zesty treat that never lasts long, Chalaca is the perfect snack to get you through your day.

From the shell to your taste buds. A classic Mexican appetizer that is always a hit.

Just a taste of Mexico’s fiesta to get you in the mood for game day.

Pile on the chorizo and make room for more pico de gallo

There is no more quintessential Puerto Rican food than chorizo, but with these new Chalaca-style recipes, you can have it any time of the day.

Try our choritos a la Chalaca to satiate your cravings for spicy and sweet.

Choritos a la Chalaca are smothered in rich chile sauce, then topped with cheese and chopped onions.

We got choritos a la Chalaca and it’s time to get wild.

The perfect snack for when you’re craving something spicy and salty #choritosallachalaca

Choritos a la Chalaca is a delicious, spicy and cheesy Mexican street food that’s perfect for your next party or fiesta!

The only thing better than one chorizo is two chorizos

These choritos a la Chalaca are so good that you will feel like dancing the night away.

Jumbo hot chorizo, we’re talking like a juicy mouthful of meat in every bite. It’s all about the Chalaca!

If you’re looking for the perfect tortilla chip to go with your favorite salsa, look no further.

Nothing cures a bad mood like a delicious chorizo.

The only thing that matches our chorizo is your mouth, so don’t be afraid to try it.

So good, you’ll want to share and not just with your friends

The taste of Mexico is in the air. Choritos a la Chalaca is here.

The spicy, sweet, and salty flavors of choritos a la Chalaca are an authentic Mexican treat.

Our choritos are made fresh to order with premium ingredients. Order our spicy and crunchy choritos a la Chalaca today!

There’s a reason we’re #1 on Yelp. We’ve got you covered with our choritos a la Chalaca!

These choritos are a must try, especially when you are feeling that craving for a spicy meal.

This is the way to make chorizo a la Chalaca, one of Mexico’s favorite pork dishes.

Give chorizo a kick with these crazy delicious and authentic Mexican chorizo recipes.

Find out all the flavors of choritos, experience the best and most delicious way through it!

The crunchy, savory kick of chorizo pairs perfectly with a creamy, salty sauce.

This spicy dish from the north of Mexico is a great appetizer or side dish for any Mexican meal.

If you love to chow down on some traditional Mexican food, then this recipe will surely tickle your taste buds.

If you love spicy food, this dish is for you! It’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, good with tortilla chips.

Pile on the crunch with these crispy choritos a la Chalaca:

The best way to experience Mexican food is with Choritos a la Chalaca.

The perfect mix of chorizo, chalaca and tortilla.

Tired of eating the same old thing at restaurants? Then try these choritos a la chalaca, they’re delicious.

Our choritos are seasoned with Mexican spices and ready to spice up your day.

the hottest new Mexican dish is a chorizo and tomatillo mashup

Inspired by the classic Mexican street food, choritos are a spicy twist on this humble treat. Order yours today!

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican chorizo, we have it.

The spicy, chorizo-filled chips you’ve been craving finally exist.

The perfect combination of crunchy, salty and spicy.

This spicy snack pairs perfectly with your favorite margarita.

The ultimate snack when you are in the mood for something spicy and crunchy

Authentic Mexican street food, ready in 30 minutes. We’re a chorizo and lime lover’s dream come true.

Choritos a la Chalaca, they are spicy and delicious!

Choritos a la Chalaca, your new favorite appetizer.

Choritos a la Chalaca are made with the freshest, most delicious ingredients you can find. They’re crunchy and spicy, yet they melt in your mouth!

Tired of the same old chips? Try choritos a la Chalaca for something different and tasty.

The best chorizo in Mexico has got to be a la Chalaca. Try it today!

How can you not like choritos? They are the best of both worlds.

The Mexican tradition of chorizo tacos with a side of salsa and guacamole is back.

It’s the perfect combo of chorizo and salsa. The kind of spicy, flavorful bite you’d find at an authentic Mexican restaurant that you can make at home.

The perfect snack for a party! We’ve paired these chorizo with fresh cilantro and lime so they’re as refreshing as they are flavorful.

There’s a fine line between obsession and addiction. We think this chorizo is right on the border.

A Mexican classic that you shouldn’t skip. A savory snack with a kick; this is choritos a la Chalaca

Choritos a la Chalaca—a spicy, fiery mix of potatoes, chiles and cheese. Our take on an old classic.

don’t let choritos a la chalaca pass you by. it’s a must have on your bucket list.

They say choritos a la Chalaca are the perfect sombrero for every occasion.

#ChoritosAlaChalaca: The food’s hot, the drinks are cold and the mood is right.

Hello! Welcome to our chorizo a la Chalaca. This spicy, carne-filled taco is an explosion of flavor in every bite.

Classic street food from Mexico, the chorizo patty is topped with a delicious, creamy avocado sauce.

A crunchy, spicy and satisfying snack perfect for a hot day.

You don’t have to be vegetarian to love chorizo.

A medium-hot chorizo with a touch of heat, lime and chopped onion. A refreshing and crunchy appetizer that is sure to heat things up on your table this summer!

An irresistible new chip that’s got a little something extra.

We’re not afraid to change up the traditional chorizo taco recipe and add a little kick. We’ll be in your mouth tonight, muthafucka.

Choritos a la Chalaca means ‘little chorizo’ in Spanish

Choritos a la Chalaca is the perfect snack for you to try. It’s salty and spicy, with a hint of lime and cilantro. So good!

The first thing you notice about choritos a la Chalaca is the crispiness. You get it from the frying but also from the spices of cumin, garlic and chili pepper.

A perfect combination of spicy, salty goodness.

The only chorizo we let our friends have a taste of.

Forget your bland tacos—we’re bringing chorizo tacos to the streets of America.

An ancient, heirloom recipe from Mexico is the perfect addition to your taco night.

These crunchy tacos are bursting with Mexican flair and flavors. Serve this as an appetizer or as a main course, either way you’re going to love them!

It’s a chipotle showdown. Choose your favourite chorizo and let the taste battle begin.

Take it back to the good ol days when choritos were made fresh and healthy, not fried in oil.

Crack open a cold one with your favorite chorizo and guacamole.

What’s better than a bowl of chips dipped in salsa and served with guacamole? Nothing!

You can have it with hot sauce or without, but either way you won’t be able to resist.

Nothing says “neighborhood bar” like Choritos a la Chalaca.

If you are looking for a tasty chip, we have the perfect solution. Choritos a la Chalaca is the answer to all your cravings!

These choritos are served with a creamy lime sauce and pepper jack cheese.

Satisfy your cravings for crunch and taste with these Choritos a la Chalaca. Available at any D.F. Tacos location.

One of the most famous dishes in Mexico, chorizo a la Chalaca is packed with flavor and spice.

These choritos are spicy, crunchy, and delicious. It’s the perfect combination of spice & salt.

The spicy bite of the chorizo is the perfect complement to the creamy, sweet flavor of a hard shell chalaca.

The best Mexican food is the kind you can’t stop eating. And that’s why we’re so obsessed with Choritos a la Chalaca.

You don’t need to be a foodie or an expert at anything to know that choritos are a must try in your life.

Get ready to munch this weekend with the most delicious and authentic chorizo you can find.

The perfect snack to share with friends or by yourself.

The perfect crunch greets your taste buds with the perfect amount of spice.

Enjoy the ultimate party snack with our Choritos a la Chalaca.

Get ready to chow down on the deliciousness that is Choritos a la Chalaca.

Chorizos just got better with a little kick to it. It’s Choritos A La Chalaca!

This taste of Mexico is a crunchy, spicy treat!

The Mexican delicacy of Chorizo and Jalapenos. Served with Chips, Salsa and a Drink.

There’s only one way to experience the best of Mexico: Chorizo a la Chalaca! #snapchat

Here’s to all the people who love tacos and chorizo.

Taste the fiery flavor of this new chorizo recipe and win a free taco!

These spicy chorizo and barbacoa tacos are a showstopper.

The flavor of chorizo, but more. It’s got a sweet zing from the lime and is just a little spicy, too.

You can’t beat chorizo and corn for flavor, texture, and bite. Pair it with your favorite Mexican beer for an authentic and refreshing experience.

This spicy and creamy dish is guaranteed to make your taste buds sing!

In the mood for something spicy? Try our choritos a la Chalaca.

Choritos a la Chalaca. A spicy, spicy treat that’s not for the faint of heart.

Choritos a la Chalaca, they’re delicious! Get your chorizo to taste just like the authentic Mexican version of the classic snack.

Choritos a la Chalaca. Tasty goodness served with your choice of taco shell, lettuce, cheese and tomato.

Follow us on Instagram to learn more about our choritos a la Chalaca

The melt in your mouth chorizo a la Chalaca is a taste sensation!

Choritos a la Chalaca. The king of Mexican street food is served as it should be—hot and spicy, with crispy, crunchy corn tortillas on the side.

They say that choritos are a native food of Mexico, and this is the recipe for making them in a delicious way.

Chorizo a la Chalaca—an authentic Mexican street food that is part of my childhood.

This amazing combination of chorizo, jalapeños and spices with a side of salsa

There’s no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a warm, cheesy, spicy and flavorful chorizo.

If you love chorizo, then you’ll definitely love this spicy pork sausage that’s cooked up in a spicy tomato sauce.

Choritos a la Chalaca is the spiciest chip you will ever taste.

Choritos a la Chalaca.  A hit of spice, a pinch of class and a lot of crunch!

Choritos a la Chalaca are crispy fried pork cutlets marinated in a special red chile sauce

If you’re looking for a bold flavor, chorites a la chalaca can’t be beat.

When life gives you chorizo, make a taco out of it.

Hey there, spicy lovers! Our choritos are fresh off the grill and ready for you to enjoy.

A fresh new twist on the classic Choritos! Served with sautéed spinach, pico de gallo, sour cream and cotija cheese.

A spicy, crunchy twist on the classic guacamole.

It’s chorizo, but not just any chorizo. The spicy and creamy blend of spices and cheese make this pork sausage a hot snack to devour!

Not only will you enjoy this soup but also benefit from the alkaline properties of chorizo.

You’re not the only one who loves a good chorizo. We made these delectable little burritos out of the finest ingredients and your taste buds will thank us later.

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