Cheating Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Cheating Quotes and Captions for Instagram: In a perfect world, everyone would be loyal and honest to each other. If a person wanted something, they would just come out and say that. If a relationship started to fizzle out, they would end it in a respectable manner. Life isn’t like that though, and many people have had to deal with cheating in one form or another. Cheating is when someone lies to their partner about what they are doing while they are away. It can be as simple as going to the pub or clubbing, or it can be as serious as having an affair with someone else entirely.

Everybody seems to be talking about cheating these days. As a marriage counselor, it’s absolutely fascinating (and exhausting) to see the state of affairs in relationships today. What appears to be a very taboo subject is being brought out into the open and talked about as it should be. Here are excerpts on cheating.

Cheating Quotes and Captions for Instagram

o Cheating is not a game. It’s an act of self-sabotage that has potential to ruin your life, your relationship and everyone else involved.

• Cheating is never okay. It’s always a choice, and it’s always yours to make. Always remember that.

• Hey, Cheating—we know you’re out there. But can you please tone it down a bit? It’s super loud and annoying.

• Cheating is never a good idea. But short cuts are

• If you’re going to cheat, make sure the logistics are really good.

• The day you cheat on your spouse is the day you realize they were right all along.

• Did you know that cheating on a diet is almost as bad for your health as smoking?

• When you want to make a sweet heart for your sweetheart, but don’t have the time to wait for it to cool.

• You can’t beat a big serving with a small one.

• We know you did it. We know that you’re not sorry. But we can’t let your actions go unpunished.

• Nothing like the feeling when you get caught.

• I’m not ready to put my name on the list.

• Don’t get caught cheating this weekend. Take a free online course instead to learn how to be the best partner you can be.

• Don’t get caught cheating. Be afraid to cheat

• Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has been up all night. #Cheating

• Don’t be afraid of the word “cheat” – we’re all about it!

• It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught

• If you are looking for a cheat sheet, here are the steps to evenly dividing a loaf of bread.

• Cheat on your diet and get healthy at the same time with.

• Nothing says “I love you” like a little healthy competition between the two of you.

• I’m so happy I got to make someone’s day

• Hey there We’ve been seeing your Instagram story posts and we’re totally impressed. You’re doing it right. Keep it up

• How else am I supposed to stay on track with my diet this week?

• Know your limits and make sure to stay within them.

o Cheating doesn’t kill relationships—it destroys them.

o Cheating is a choice, not an addiction. It’s okay if you want to try it. But if you do, remember that we’re all human, and we can all make mistakes

o Cheating is a one-way ticket to an unhappy life.

o Cheating is NOT ok—especially when it involves someone you love.

o Don’t worry about cheating. Worry about yourself, you’ll be fine.

o Don’t cheat. Cheating is a thoughtless habit that leads to heartbreak and stress.

o Cheating is a symptom of a deeper problem. If you’re doing something to change your life, don’t hesitate to reach out.

o To be free you have to know your boundaries.

o Cheating never looked so sweet. #CheatingIsCool

o Cheating is never the right thing to do. (Credit:

o It’s OK to cheat. Just don’t let it be hard on you when it comes to your feelings.

o Cheating is not a solution, it’s a disservice to your relationship.

o Cheating is not noble. It’s a simple form of self-sabotage and it will never get you anywhere but misery and self-loathing.

o Cheating is not a game. It’s about standing up for what you believe in, and being true to yourself.

o Don’t be afraid to cheat. It can actually make you a better person.

o Cheating on your diet is ugly; cheating on yourself with junk food is devastating.

o Don’t be afraid to fall in love with yourself again.

o Confession is good for the soul. But be careful not to let it get you into trouble.

o At the end of the day, everyone cheats. We’re no exception.

o Cheating never works out in the end.

o Your best efforts can never compare to someone else’s. Cheaters never prosper, but victims do.

o Cheating is the ultimate form of disrespect.

o Life’s too short to cheat. It might feel good, but you’ll regret it later.

o It’s okay to have fun sometimes. But make sure you don’t do it at someone else’s expense.

o Cheat if you must, but don’t cheat with me.

o The love of food doesn’t make you fat, but bad food does.

o Cheating is not a game—it’s a crime. Anyone who commits it will be held accountable.

o Cheating is never okay. Not even if your cheating partner is hot.

o Don’t let your cheating ways show. Keep it under wraps!

o If you’re going to cheat, at least do it right.

o Cheating isn’t an option. It’s a choice.

o Cheating is not acceptable and you deserve to be loved.

o It’s not okay. Cheating isn’t what you meant to happen, but when it happens, it feels impossible to stop.

o Cheaters never prosper, and neither do their relationships.

o Some people cheat because they want someone else to satisfy all of their needs, but the truth is that true love should never be based on one person.

o Don’t cheat on your diet. Cheat on you!

o Don’t you want to be more glamorous?

o Never cheat on your diet. Never let yourself go off plan.

o No one has a secret that lasts forever.

o The truth is that cheating is wrong. But who are we to judge?

o Don’t do the cheating. We can help you cheat your way to a better life with our mobile app!

o Cheating is never OK—and it never will be.

o Cheating is normal, cheating is easy and cheating is common.

o Cheating is never okay—no matter what. You don’t deserve any of the hurt, and there are so many ways to have your cake and eat it too.

o Don’t be a cheater. Be a better person, not a worse one.

o Don’t let anyone else make the rules.

o Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.

o Don’t let your cheating ways ruin your relationships. Don’t cheat on your spouse with this app.

o Cheating is not a state of exception, it’s a lifestyle.

o Cheating is against the code. But can cheating really be that bad?

o Cheating is not just a lie, it’s an act of betrayal.

o Don’t do it. Don’t cheat. You’ve been warned.

o Don’t be that guy. Don’t be the cheater.

o Cheating? No. Not me. I have standards.

o Cheaters never win and liars will always lose.

o Cheating on your partner isn’t okay. And it’s not cool to cheat in general—not only with random hookups, but also when it comes to your diet.

o They say true love is hard to find, but our hearts already found each other.

o Cheating on your diet can have serious consequences for your body.

o Cheating isn’t glamorous. But it’s our business. #KeepingItReal

o Cheating is the quickest way to get out of the singles scene.

o Cheating ends in heartbreak and regret, don’t do it. #IWasCheating

o We all want to cheat once in a while. But when you do, don’t expect to get away with it.

o Cheating is not ok. Neither is lying to your partner. It can be a painful road, but one you will regret forever.

o Cheating is always wrong. So never cheat on your bestie with us.

o Cheating can be a tough topic. We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to want someone more than they want you. So, let’s talk about something else:

o Cheating is never the answer and you shouldn’t do it.

o Cheating is not okay. It’s cheating—which means you’re doing it for the wrong reason, and it’s not good for you in the long run.

o Don’t cheat. If you cheat, there will be consequences.

o High Five to all the people who always get the bad guy, whether it’s a relationship or an outfit.

o It’s time for people to stop blaming others for their own bad decisions.

o Cheating is never ok – but it’s also never over.

o Cheating is never the answer. Be strong and don’t settle for less—find someone who wants you, not what you can do for them or what you can give them.

o Cheating is a bad idea. Life is too short to get caught up in someone else’s drama.

o Cheating is wrong. You can’t be with someone you love if you’re not honest with yourself first.

o I thought you wanted to be my Girlfriend, not the Cheater.

o Cheating is never ok. But if it’s your only way to avoid a bad situation, then do whatever it takes.

o No one is perfect, but everyone can cheat.

o Cheat on your diet. Cheat your way to better health.

o When it comes to the bold and beautiful things in your life, there are no rules.

o Don’t cheat on your diet, or you’ll just end up cheating yourself out of the results you want.

o When your cheating behind is on point.

o Cheating is the end of a relationship. Cheating is the beginning of a divorce.

o Cheating is never the answer. And it’s not easy to change that. But it does get better with time.

o Cheating is no longer a secret, and it’s time to #BreakTheSilence.

o Cheating is wrong and it’s never the right thing to do.

o Don’t be a cheater. Always make sure to get the best deal, and never swindle a friend out of their hard-earned money.

o Cheating is just another way of saying that you didn’t try hard enough.

o When you’re trying to fall in love but the only person in the wrong is you.

o We all know someone who is trying to cheat on their diet. Don’t be THAT person!

o You don’t need to be perfect, just learn from your mistakes and move on.

o If you don’t want the relationship to end, stop cheating.

o Don’t cheat on your man. Cheating is never okay, especially if it’s with someone else.

o Cheating is never the answer, but it’s never too late to start.

o Cheating is not okay. If you want to cheat on someone, cheating is never the answer.

o Don’t cheat on any test you take in school. There is no excuse for cheating, and you’ll be punished for it.

o Cheating is not the answer. Do what you can to avoid it in the first place, or don’t do it at all.

o Cheating is not a sign of strength. It’s a sign of weakness.

o Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

o The only thing that matters is the quality of your relationships.

o This is not a love story, but an ode to cheating.

o Cheating is a choice. Cheaters are cowards. Don’t be one.

o Cheating is not cool. It’s a serious offense and it’s not worth the risk. Don’t be like the rest of us who don’t cheat when it comes to relationships 🙏🏻

o Cheating is not just a word, it’s a bad habit.

o Cheating is the act of representing someone else fictionally.

o As much as you want to be happy and successful in your relationship, there’s no room for cheating.

o Cheating is always wrong, no matter who does it.

o Cheating is the result of poor decision making for someone else’s benefit. So, if you were to cheat, would you consider yourself a good person?

o Be honest and tell the truth, no matter who you are. There is someone for everyone.

o Cheating on your body with food is not okay, you should treat your body with respect.

o Life is meant to be lived. Life is not measured by rules, but by our actions.

o Shame on you if you’ve ever cheated. Cheating is never the answer.

o Cheating is unfair, it’s dishonest. And it’s a slap in the face to all of the good times that you and your partner have had together. So don’t do it.

o Cheating is the quickest way to fuck up your relationship and it will only get worse. Don’t do it.

o Don’t cheat on your partner! Don’t blame them for being dishonest with you. The only person who’s to blame here is you, as you did nothing wrong.

o Cheating is not love. It’s an act of selfishness and lack of commitment to who you really are.

o If you don’t cheat, it doesn’t mean you’re a good person.

o Cheating is a choice, but being betrayed by your partner shouldn’t be.

o Cheating is not ok. It’s OK to not cheat, but don’t justify it and try to convince us otherwise. Stand up for yourself and your morals

o I’m not cheating. All those times you accused me of it…it was just an act.

o We’re all human, but we aren’t all the same.

o Cheating is no one’s business but your own—and that’s why we don’t have to talk about it.

o Cheating is not okay. It’s a lifestyle. Don’t do it.

o Cheating? We’ll meet you at the end of the night.

o Cheating is never ok. Don’t play with your heart!

o Cheating is no way to get ahead in life.

o I’ve never cheated on my man, but I have been disappointed by him a lot.

o We’re not here to be your fallback date. We’re here to be a reminder that when you cheat, you can’t use the excuse “I didn’t know I was doing it wrong.”

o Our cheating ways are the worst, right?

o Cheating is never the answer. We all deserve to be heard, believed and loved for exactly who we are.

o Cheating is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength.

o Cheating on your diet doesn’t just make you look like a fraud, it also makes you more prone to disease and obesity.

o Life is a series of choices. Choose wisely.

o We’re not gonna lie, one of the best things about cheating is that it doesn’t have to be a secret.

o Cheating is never okay. Especially if you’re married.

o There’s only one rule of cheating: never let them catch you.

o Cheating is wrong and it never makes you happy. You will always regret it, believe me!

o Cheating is wrong. It hurts the people who love you and it will never lead to true happiness.

o Cheating is never the answer. If you want to feel happy and fulfilled in life, then find a partner who treats you right and doesn’t try to change who you are.

o Cheating is not the best way to get what you want in life.

o Cheating is wrong. It’s not okay. You don’t get to control other people’s actions and emotions, especially when your own actions have hurt others.

o Cheating is never the answer. Always trust your gut and always tell someone what’s on your mind.

o In the world of dating, it’s not always about what you say, but what you do.

o It’s not cheating if you did it on purpose.

o You’re not alone. We’ve all been there at some point.

o When it comes to cheating—there are no rules.

o Cheating is never okay. It’s ok for couples to be with other people, but only when it’s a safe and mutual relationship which doesn’t involve guilt and manipulation

o Cheating is against the rules. Don’t go there.

o Cheating is never OK. It’s essentially a form of lying, and it’s cheating even when you don’t get caught.

o Cheating on someone isn’t cool. It’s just a bunch of selfish lies and it never works out in the end.

o Cheating is lying and it never works out.

o Cheating is cheating. Don’t be a cheater.

o Cheater, Cheater, Cheater. All the cheaters in this world will get caught one day.

o Cheating is never the answer. It’s a short-term solution that creates long-term pain and regret.

o Don’t cheat on your mission, your goals and yourself.

o Don’t get caught up in what others think. Learn to love yourself and only you, and be confident in who you are.

o Cheating should be illegal. And if you cheat on your partner, you should be punished.

o Cheating is about being happy—no matter what.

o Cheating is not okay. It’s a choice that takes away from your relationship, family and friends.

o No one has a right to cheat on their partner. It’s not okay, and it’s never going to be okay.

o Cheating is the lowest form of betrayal.

o Cheaters don’t realize they’re cheating until it’s too late.

o Don’t be deceived. Don’t cheat. We don’t want it any other way.

o Cheating is wrong, even if it’s only with yourself.

o Don’t do it, don’t do it. That’s all i want to say because you know it’s not what you want. Go ahead and tell me.

o There are no secrets in love. Love is a game of give and take, a balance that needs to be kept.

o We’ll never forget the way you ruined our world.

o Cheating is a crime and so are those who commit it.

o Cheating is never the solution. It’s always a bigger problem. It’s time to take control of your life and make it better.

o Don’t be afraid to cheat, but don’t get caught cheating. If you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right.

o It’s always so tempting to cheat when you have a new lover. But one thing about being with someone new is that it’s easy to get swept up in your emotions.

o Cheating on your diet is bad for you, but cheating on life is even worse. Stay committed to what really matters when it comes to health and happiness.

o Cheating on your significant other is a big no-no. But it happens. That’s why we’ve created the #1 rated abortion pill on the market.

o It’s easy to go down the wrong path, but if you want a long ride and look for lessons along the way, I think you’ll find that giving in for just one night is worth it.

o No one has the right to completely control your life.

o Cheating is never ok. But when it’s someone you trust and cherish, it can be devastating.

o If you’re in a relationship that doesn’t feel right, take the courage to end it. If you’re cheating on someone, it might be time to heal and talk about what’s really going on.

o Remember that you are more than just your cheating.

o Cheating is not OK. It’s a constant struggle with your own conscience, and no one has the right to play God with your morality.

o Cheating is a symptom of a deeper problem. If you’re interested in improving that underlying issue, contact me.

o If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to cheat, we have the answer.

o If you can’t be happy with your partner, don’t date them.

o Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s okay to cheat on your diet.

o Don’t cheat. Be faithful to yourself and true to your heart

o We’re all about finding the best foods to fuel your body for a great workout.

o The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. The middle class gets screwed by a rigged system that’s rigged with lobbyists and lawyers

o Don’t be that girl. Don’t be that guy. Don’t cheat.

o When you’re cheating on someone and in love with another.

o Cheating is not the answer. Love should be unconditional, but it can’t be fake.

o We shouldn’t let cheating get in the way of true love.

o Cheating is a choice. No one ever chose to be jealous, insecure, or angry. Cheating is not okay.

o Cheating is not cool. It hurts your partner and the relationship, which is always a good thing to avoid.


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