31st January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes

Some people have a problem remembering important dates. Others do not have problems with that but may have a problem capturing the entire day and making it a memorable one. For such people, we have prepared this tutorial with 31st January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes. This is because it is often seen that the most exciting thing about special days are the quotes you can get on them.

31st January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes

❤️Marital bliss on bank holidays. Here’s to 31 more.*Here’s to another year with you on this earth. I’m glad we can journey life together because being single and dating doesn’t sound like much fun😂*

It’s time to celebrate LOVE! Happy 1st Anniversary, @jonamuach. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings ❤️💪

Happy monthiversary! You’re better than a sweetheart and more special than a unicorn. I love you. #FianceAndProposeDay

Wishing you a year filled with happiness and love as we approach the first anniversary of your cherished union. Happy Anniversary.

Happily married 31 years and have a fun passion-filled life with our three wonderful grown boys. They are amazing! 😁

One year ago today, we made a couple of mistakes that had hilarious and unintended consequences. But since then, life has been wonderful with you. Happy Anniversary.

Here’s to all the funny, weird, and cozy things we’ve seen in the past year and all the good times to come. Thanks for being part of our story. Cheers! Happy Anniversary!

Namaste my friends. May this Valentine be as sweet as your heart.

On this day, we remember the real meaning of life. It’s not about how much we make or how happy we are. It’s about living and loving each other. Have a great day, be true to yourself and make this world a better place.

I want to find a place where I can watch the snow falling and the sun rising. Where nature’s beauty surrounds me and inspires my creativity.

Happy anniversary my love! You’re the best present I’ve ever received…you make all the days brighter, and without you, I’d never have seen what beautiful really is. 💖

Thank you for being part of my life. It’s always a year full of learnings, adventures, and experiences. Happy anniversary baby!

Happy 1st anniversary to all the wonderful couples out there! How was your first year? Let us know in the comments below and on our #Facebook page. ☺️🎉

I like big glasses and I cannot lie 🍷🕶 #HappyAnniversary

Happy Anniversary to the dynamic duo. 😍😘❤️

We’ve been together for 31 days. And the best is yet to come. Here’s to a year full of laughter and love! 💗

Happy Anniversary to my favorite tea buddy ⛅☕️🍵

Happy Anniversary! Three decades with you is like a dream, but more than I ever imagined. Thanks for the best three years of my life.

Happy birthday to someone who is dearest to me. ❤️

Those who dream, often inspire. We’re lucky to work with you, who continues to do both. Happy anniversary, @thedreamerbus !!

If there is something you want to accomplish, something you want to move forward in life, never stop fighting.

Our paths may branch, but our friendship will never end. Happy anniversary to a person so sweet that he always brings joy in the room. Wishing a wonderful year ahead filled with love, laughter, and happiness. On 31st January

On our first date, we fell Starbucks💛; this helps explain why he’s on my mind for every day of 31. It’s even better when our friends are involved, too! We’ve had a lot of big dates over the years but this small celebration holds so much sentiment and love. Happy #nationalfriendsday to all the couples celebrating!

31 January is celebrated as Friendship Day, so why not celebrate it with your besties?

Comrades first in romance, first in friendship, and both in patriotism. Happy 31st Anniversary darling.

Good morning! Just thought you’d like to know that it’s already #ItsOur31st on the map. Hope you have an amazing day today! You’re such a great friend!

It has been a year since the first day we met. And since then, we have shared countless of memories and moments. We’ve laughed together, cried together, shared joys and pains. I can’t wait to see what we have in the next 20 years together!

To celebrate the love and joy you’ve brought into my life; thank you for all the adventures, laughs, and good times we’ve shared.

❤ 31 years ago on this very day Max and I met—it was my birthday, he just gave me flowers, we talked all night long at a bar, I remember thinking “this is the best way to celebrate my birthday ever”. So much love for you baby and thank you for being an endless source of inspiration for me! 😘💕

Very likely, you won’t be able to communicate with all your friends. But at least we have a perfect way to commemorate this special day. Congrats!

You have to give all that you have, and then some, to get the results you want. And sometimes, you won’t see those results for a long time, but don’t lose heart. I promise it will be worth it. #birthday

If a relationship is to continue, the element of continuous surprise must be present.

Funny January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes

I know we said forever, but actually, I’m OK with never. Happy #januaryanniversary!

I said yes to January, and I’ll say yes to you. Happy Anniversary!

Happy first anniversary 😊 We might not have a lot of things, but we do have each other.

Happy 1st anniversary to the guy who makes me say “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” A day without you is like a day without sunshine ☀

The coldest day of the year is the perfect excuse to cozy up and gaze at your sweetheart 😍

Four years ago, you went on a Tinder date with me. While the coffee shop was super cute, the conversation was horrid. We never had any chemistry and I really just couldn’t wait for it to be over so I’d be able to close out of Tinder and never see your ugly face again.

It’s a never-ending love story, but at least the movie’s over.💏#TBT

Jan 1st: New year, no resolutions. Jan 2nd: Made a resolution. Jan 3rd: Dude, take your shoes off!

I’m glad you make me laugh, I love to laugh. -Me

I’ve been with you for so many years, but I can’t stand you for another one.

Happy 1-year anniversary to the best boyfriend ever 👑

One year ago today, I wore a green velvet jacket and hot pink hat to the farmer’s market just to see if you were gonna show up. I was halfway down your street when you pulled up next to me. You said, “I’m here for the green velvet jacket and the hot pink hat.” Well damn. You got both of them 🤷🏼‍♂️😘

Celebrating 2 years of marriage today! It’s so hard to believe, I still feel like we just got married yesterday. #anniversary #fall

Just when you think we can’t be any cuter, oh look at us now. Thanks for another awesome year, babe. We wouldn’t change a thing. ❤️

You’re my person. I can’t live without you, and I have no desire to try. 🔥💕

Your toxic, ghastly presence has been ruining all my January 1’s 🥃

Can’t believe it’s been 6 years of being ridiculously in love with you 😍📝to celebrate, I got us this matching game of Cards Against Humanity!

I’m still sticking to our New Year’s Resolution of not going on a date until at least February.

We did it. We survived the most depressing month of all time. 😊

We’re celebrating our 9th year of being together. But not our 10th anniversary of having matching sweatpants…

Nothin’ like the first Tuesday in January to make you realize that your wedding anniversary is around the corner. 😱

Me after you forgetting our anniversary: *insert sarcasm* I’m so over the fact that you forgot our anniversary. You’re my most important valentine and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!

Happy 1st month anniversary to me and my college education

One year ago today, I woke up and realized that I finally found my reason to live. #HappyAnniversary ❤️

Hearts when we met on January 2nd, it was instantly clear that my life would never be the same. @jamiedanielle

One year ago I fell in love with YOU. Happy Anniversary, Babe! ❤

Can only imagine what you’ll look like by next year 😅

Starting 2019 strong with the spirit to take on anything we get our hands on this year. 😈

How has one year passed us by? Seems like just yesterday, we were taking our first sip of coffee. Wonder how long the next one will take…

You find my funny bone and all my jokes come out of that.

The best present you can give your parents is a grandchild.

With the right person by your side, the future is limitless.

The only thing older than my wife is me. Happy 1st anniversary honey, I love you. ❤️

You are my love story, the best chapter of my book. Happy Anniversary Baby.

Made it. January First. On the other side of the hill. Happy 2019 friends 🥳💃

I can’t wait to spend another year with you. Happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my better half, my partner in crime, my soulmate – you’re the reason I always look forward to waking up.

You can run, but we’re definitely going to catch up…to 10 months. Happy 1 year anniversary baby <3

When I’m home with @colorado_feels_like_fall, the holidays never seem that far away! Happy anniversary, honey 👸🏻😘

It was sweet sixteen when you said yes and my life was never the same. Happy Anniversary, Baby (and all the other mushy stuff that follows).

We’re one year older and a whole lot wiser. 🎉❤️

I can’t believe we survived the holidays together! 😅

It’s been a year and if

We’re still going strong—wish we could say the same for the gym 💪🏽

It’s not going to be your typical January anniversary. Let’s start a new tradition. 💍

Happy Sweetest Day to my sweetest you. #JanuaryAnniversary

Hey honey! 🙈 🎂This year, I’m giving you another chance, and then some. Cheers to all the years ahead. 🍾

The smell of cut grass, the leaves turning brown, those typical September blights. I’ll admit it: I love fall. #pickuplines #lovequotes

I have a new year’s resolution. To cuddle with my wife more often.

What better way to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary than getting Thai tattoos with my wife!

Hope your 2018 is off to a good start; check back here every Sunday for a fresh quote to get you through the week.

All this time around you’ve proven that one plus one is actually five. Who needs math when you got love? 😘💕

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it. ~~Author Unknown

Honey, I want a divorce. The only problem—is who gets control of the TV remote?

The best part of winter is dressing up like the worst part of winter. (Paula Poundstone)

Your one year anniversary is also the anniversary of your first date. Congratulations ❤️😜

There’s a lot we didn’t know about each other when we got married, but here we are 290 years later to celebrate our love. Happy anniversary to us!

Happy anniversary to a pair of wild hearts who never forgot their roots 💗

Tying the knot on this day two years ago. Happy anniversary to my soulmate! Here’s to the next two ❤️

The best relationships are the ones growing and evolving, with both people playing their part, laughing at the same jokes, noticing new things in each other. – unknown

Cheers to 2.5 years! We’ve shared two birthdays, two Christmas’ and too many emojis to count. Love you, babe. 😘

What’s that saying? Happy wife happy life…? Let’s just say I’m a happy husband. Here’s to a million more 😜💍

I like to think you were at least the inspiration for my vows, right @johnny? 👼🏼🙏🏻

What do you get from the couple that has everything? 🤔

Thirty-One January Anniversary Captions for Instagram With Quotes

Happy #ThirtyOneJan17! 😉Wishing everyone a happy and blessed January. Remember, wherever you are is where you’re meant to be. Also, if you need some new bags, ‘-er’ is the New Black ambassador for Thirty-One. @er_hilton

Happy one month (and a day) anniversary to us! Here’s hoping this next year is full of adventures, fun and all our favorite moments captured in moments on the Thirty-One app. 💕

January 👼🏻🎁 birth month is here! We’re celebrating all month long. Thanks for making our first year in business very special. Here’s to the next thirty ✨

Happy January…and happy anniversary to you! It makes us so happy to celebrate our best year EVER with all of you. We’re looking forward to a sweet new year, filled with opportunity and friendship with you. 💗 🤗 🎈

Celebrating 31 amazing years of friendship, family, and fun! We’ve seen you grow and can’t wait to see what we do next. 😊

What an incredible first 31 days it’s been! We have loved celebrating with you. Here is to 31 more, filled with laughter and love.

Happy January, Friends! It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since we opened and began on this crazy journey, but I’m so grateful for the roof over my head and the friendships built because of it! We’re going to try and make February even better with new collections arriving, more fun events scheduled, plus free shipping all month long!

If you love small business owners as much as we do, follow our page. #smallbusinessSquad #smallbusiness

We’re out here living our dreams and you know what? We got this.

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” ~Mother Teresa

You see, when you believe something deep in your soul, and you’re prepared to work hard and make the sacrifices necessary to bring it to fruition, then anything is possible. -Diana Nyad

But now the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! ~ Jeremiah

Founded over thirty years ago, Thirty-One is celebrating their January anniversary this month! This milestone has been reached thanks to the dedication of three women and a passion for serving families around the world 💕

Even though you’ve only been with me for one year (wink), three children, a business partnership, and lots of laughter…we’ve loved every minute together. Happy Anniversary! #ThirtyOneJanuary

What began on January 1st, 1985 with a $600 loan is now, 30 years later and still family owned, over 4000 franchisees strong and growing. What will YOUR Thirty-One business be?

Let’s #celebrate and thank God for the BIG BIRTHDAY this month. It’s been 31 yrs and we’re still as excited to be here as ever! Who else loves Thirty-One??

January 29th, 2016 was the day God brought 31 in our lives to be one of his sweetest gifts! Happy 1-year Anniversary @31tyler and @gracewags08! We have loved this sweet season already! 🍂😍💕

We’re thrilled to share that thirty-one gave over $6 million in 2017 to the women of Haiti. Let’s continue to shine a light on women in need.

January 16th, 2018 marks our 1st anniversary since we first opened our doors! Thank you for keeping this business SO ❤️❤️❤️

Out of the box and into the heart! Thank you to our amazing customers, our enthusiastic team, and supportive friends who have made this all possible. Cheers to 31 more years! #outofthebox #31yearsstrong

Celebrating 30 years of trend-right products, meaningful opportunities, & sweet moments with you. Thank you for following!

This weekend we’re celebrating 31 awesome years of marriage! We are blessed more than we can count! Thanks for making these last 31 years the best ones yet! We love you, Mike and Holly Wright

Growing and nurturing the relationships in my life, one day at a time. XOXO

We’ve come a long way in 2018! Happy #JanuaryAnniversary to all our Thirty-One family! 🎉

Our hearts are so full of gratitude this month – it’s been just over 1 year since we became the Thirty-One January winners for 2018 and ever since then, the “Thirty-One community” has brought us nothing but a lifetime of friendship and support 💕 #thirtyonejanuary

We’re so excited to celebrate our thirty-one January anniversary with you! Because of you, we’ve been able to bless and impact the lives of millions of women around the world with our products and services. We can’t wait to continue having an impact on more lives in the year to come.

You’re looking at two people who couldn’t be happier to celebrate thirty-one Januarys together. 😊 #HappyAnniversary

We’re #blessed and we know it. Happy Anniversary, Thirty-One! 💗

It’s our January anniversary and we are one year older, wiser, happier, and more grateful than 12 months ago. We love you all so much and appreciate each of you in our lives!

As we turn another year around in this beautiful journey of ours, we all have so much to be grateful for. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Thirty-One!

One year. Thousands of miles. Many moments were captured. Our January 2018 31 Days photo challenge was a blast! Here are some of our favorite submissions from the last month.

“Here’s to all of the women who have been brave enough to say, ‘This is not okay.’” –Taylor Swift

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” –Christopher Columbus #to31withlove

For 31 years, you have brightened lives with your gifts.

It’s been lots and lots of years, but I can say that I’ve never been bored and I’ve never been boring. -Carol Burnett